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  1. Not overly sure to be honest mate, I haven't spoken to him in ages. Last time I saw him was in BATUS 2012 and he'd been picked up for cadre at Sandhurst? Could be anywhere now or out?
  2. Not too sure which Bn mate, they're based in and around Blackpool or where when I last spoke to him. He was a stripy in 2012 so he must have joined 00-04 if he was flyer?
  3. Oh my days this is relay porn! The band heads, Sys Mods and RRIE look exactly how I imagined they would if I had the first idea about 3D printing or Cad. Have you got plans for EOWs and SHF sets RACAL/PU12s etc? I had RR830 at 202 nearly 20 years ago and had always dreamt of converting the Takom kit but I'm an IT mong so just secretly hoped that someone might produce one, for now I'm happy to watch yours unfold! Mega work mate, now we need to chat about a Bedford SCRA(C) in 1/35th........
  4. Stunning build only bettered by the back story and personal link. I've a mate called Tiny Miller who is Lancs not sure if you've ever met him but he's a bloke you wouldn't forget! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Looking grand so far, I'm in for this one!
  6. Thanks for the heads up mate I'll go and have a butchers! I was 202 which was at the time the only armoured Sqn in the Regiment. Bulford had a really bad reputation at the time as a bit of a departure lounge for the Corps but I really enjoyed it, I was a Bulford orphan though at weekends and a fully paid up member of the Stickys appreciation society and the Salisbury all day sesh brigade via the Kiwi ovs!
  7. Looking really good there mate! I've got this kit and I bought it with every intention of turning it into a 439 Ptarmigan Radio Relay detachment to mirror the det I had on flick at 3DSR in Bulford nearly 20 years ago now. Someone did make a conversion set but at over £90 I couldn't justify it. I'm still based in Blandford although with a blue beret now but I keep telling myself to go down to the 439 outside the Corps museum and measure it up before we leave. Keep the updates coming mate, I'm enjoying watching this unfold.
  8. As far as I know the only available kit is the Merlin or Pegasus offering but from what I can gather it takes a huge amount of work to produce an acceptable result. Again many thanks for your kind words, it's much appreciated and I'll try not to keep you all in suspenders too long before I serve up the next installment.
  9. Thank you all for taking the time to cast your eye over my formative builds and leave a little feedback, it's nice to hear from a few old friends too! I'll endeavour to crack on with the next batch (oddly enough it seems easier to build them in batches!). I will also try and best the Matchbox Walrus, I have attempted 2 over the last 12 weeks and both have ended up in the bin with the exact same issue of the engine pod being nigh on impossible to go together properly. Onwards and upwards.
  10. I know they're not rigged and that the paint could have been better thought out for a clear demarcation between silver doped linen and highly polished aluminium panels but these are the first five of around 55 interwar kits I'm going to be concentrating on. I'll be building several more of each of these in different Sqn markings as I love the bright colours etc. Mostly simple builds but one or two fought me all the way (Bulldog and Demon) and I learnt a lot from each kit so hopefully each one more I build will pick up on the mistakes of the first. Finally I apologise for the pictures, I'm no photographer and haven't got the snazzy studio stuff that some have so these are taken in my garden on our patio table. All kits are built OOB and finished using a combination of Halfords and Citadel rattle cans, MRP & Vallejo airbrush ready and Revell/Citadel brush paints. Next up will be the Fairey Swordfish, Bristol 138, De Havilland Gypsy Moth, Vickers Vimy and the Blackburn Shark. All old Frog/Novo/Matchbox kits but still nice subjects and definitely kits I wanted to get done before moving onto the AModel/AZ Model/Kora/Aeroclub etc kits that were more expensive. As always all comments, questions, suggestions, queries and complaints are most welcome.
  11. Could these be possibly provided from the original Frog kit? Less the cockpit interior etc, wheels could be sourced from Aeroclub parts that are still available here and there.
  12. I'd be interested in giving this a go! I really need to dig into 3D printing a little more, I'd like to give 3D printing interplane and cabane struts a go although I'm not quite sure whether this would be possible in 1/72nd.
  13. Looking very promising mate! Thanks for the update, as I have the same kit and have had the same plan for conversion I'll be watching this closely to try and gain tips. I had also thought about the engine but had settled on the idea of sourcing an Aeroclub version but that's not materialised yet!
  14. Hi Pinback, did you ever get this conversion started?
  15. Thanks Patrik, I've just had a quick look. What a nicely finished kit you ended up with, well done mate.
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