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  1. Hoping for a reissue of the Scimitar, eBay land seem to think £70-£100 is acceptable for this kit.
  2. There are definitely 1/48th kits in the Smer/Merit/Randall kits out there, they are IMHO inferior to the Pyro/Impact/Lindberg/Lifelike kits of old having raised markings etc as was popular at the time. There was definitely a two seater Bulldog kit produced in the past, I'm thinking it was vacform or resin and can't be certain of manufacturer though. There is also the stunning but scarce and usually very expensive 1/32nd Silver Wings kit to consider if you can find it. Hope this helps.
  3. Cheers Chris but I only posted another link as the original one didn't work for me. Mike is the one who found these little gems.
  4. https://www.agefotostock.com/age/en/Stock-Images/gloster-gladiator.html
  5. As said I'm just relaying what I have seen myself. And to be honest I'm not surprised that as said people have lept to their defense. Unfortunately the keyboard commandos that happen to frequent the groups seem to delight in the bullying of others and in this day and age where mental health issues are at the forefront I personally find such behaviour abhorrent. I'm not sure how this has ended up almost hijacking this thread but I'm sure that this isn't the place to continue it.
  6. Troy, unfortunately the Veteranus group seems to have a hardcore of groupies that can be outright bullies if anyone has an opinion that even slightly differs from that of the Admin and I would go so far as to say it's almost encouraged, I've watched the group several times and it's a reoccurring theme I'm afraid. I'm sure that there will be some that will leap to defend but I'm just reporting what I have personally seen. I definitely agree with your sentiment regarding finding homes for the paints and tools etc, I believe there was a group set up called Models for Heroes that would be greatful for any donations.
  7. Sorry to hear about your brother mate, it's always a knife to hear about the passing of a fellow serviceperson. The best way to clear the kits I reckon will be eBay/Facebook Marketplace/Gumtree etc. No doubt someone will be along shortly to rave about groups like Veteranus auctions which are in my opinion a toxic closed group or indeed the traders like Kingkit etc who tend to offer pretty silly amounts as they 'have to do all the legwork'. It's all a question of how near to the actual value of the kits you want to realise I think, whichever way you do it I hope you do well with it mate.
  8. Chris did you ever get any further with this mate?
  9. I've just bought one myself and will be following your tips and tricks!
  10. Tom, did you forget to finish this again mate! I've been waiting for the updates!
  11. I had to bin myself mine, they were OOR and a bit water damaged I think.
  12. Standard in so much as it's different from a Wallace so I'm lead to believe, the Wallace PV6 was converted from the Westland Wapiti to serve a purpose which was to fly over Everest. The modifications included a different engine and prop to scrabble at the hugely thinner air at that height and a pressurised cabin for the observer but not the pilot as the most noticeable. The production/converted Wallace were different again in being armed etc. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westland_Wallace
  13. I don't think it ever did come to anything due to the deadening silence! Never mind, it was a nice thought. Coincidently does anyone know how much a sheet would cost to commission and if it would be financially viable to get some run off?
  14. Literally thread resurrection! Did this ever come to anything? I've just started a PJ Productions T.7 conversion and would love to do it in the Blue Diamonds scheme.
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