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  1. Maybe they learnt their lesson from producing that single operator 1/72nd glorified Comet that was quite big and at the time no more expensive than some of their other more recent offerings (Valiant/Victor etc)?
  2. You don't suppose this "BIG" announcement due at Telford could be the Poseidon MRA.1 "Pride of Moray" do you, coinciding with the delivery of the first UK airframe and also having markings/extra bits for the RCAF/RAAF/RNZAF/USN??? What an absolute money maker would that be for Airfix?
  3. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there is no mention of it on their Facebook page, a few ropey kits for sale, a few requests for master makers for 1/72nd and a notice that they have taken on some older masters for ground equipment kits. Nothing really exciting to be honest.
  4. The "Sale" is pretty pants to be honest, a fair few of the reduced items have appeared in their advent calendar already and in light of the fact they didn't have a blow out sale on Black Friday/Cyber Monday I am disappointed with Airfix this year. They are on extremely thin ice as a company and putting up a poor Christmas sale with items that can pretty much all be bought elsewhere cheaper either on eBay or in the shops is a bit of a cop out if you ask me.
  5. I love it when someone announces a new kit like this, you can almost hear the howl of despair from those who have been looking forward to getting a frankly outrageous amount of money for something that isn't actually a brilliant kit but is discontinued. Tanmodel have swooped in at the perfect moment here, I just hope that they do the old girl justice.
  6. Hi all, Just announced on their Facebook page, Tanmodel are to produce a 1/48th Blackburn Buccaneer to complement their previously announced 1/72nd kit! Let the good times roll, I may even be tempted into one. No news on which version but I imagine that we can expect the RAF S.2B first probably followed by the RN S.2 and maybe even an S.1 in the future if you are lucky. Cheers Alex
  7. Happy days, I thought I would never get to build one of these, the prices that the CA kit go for are ridiculous.
  8. I have the same kit and conversion in the stash, are you planning on doing a WIP? If so I will be watching!
  9. I assume that these kits are 1/72nd? Could there be a 1/48th kit on the horizon?
  10. Is back in the UK!! Trust it to be the week after SMW, oh well there is always next year.

    1. azureglo


      Get your airbrush cleaned out, you've got 16 model airs coming your way...

  11. I can see this selling very well indeed, it was only the other day I commented that there was a UK Phantom shaped hole in the market. Depending on how much these sell for you may be able to get two for the price of the conversion set that commands the same price as a vial of unicorns tears on eBay!
  12. Agreed Bill, One of the issues I had was with statements such as "If you want accuracy, stick with the Airfix kit" Is this the as yet unseen by anyone Airfix AEW version, or just the MR version that as yet has not to my knowledge been reviewed or handled by anyone either?? Even the sprue shots of the Airfix kit are inconclusive of the AEW versions accuracy. Making huge sweeping statements like this are in my opinion just plain silly.
  13. I too will be keeping an eye on this build, I fully intend to build the Airfix kit as 558 when I get home early next year. I haven't managed to get hold of the intakes or U/C bays as yet but they are on my wanted list! I do however have the Flightpath PE set and the Heritage U/C, how much of the PE I actually use remains to be seen though.
  14. It seems that some have completely written off the forthcoming Revell release already, there are derisive comments on both the corresponding Airfix thread and on here. These seem mainly based around the shenanigans that occurred whilst both companies were conducting research, and centering on the access given by a certain preservation group to their own airframe, or not as the case may be. I am pretty patriotic, those who know me will know the inns and outs of this and I fully support Airfix, especially with their recent and forthcoming releases being the standard they are. However I am also fully aware that there has not been a main stream IM kit of the AEW released ever in 1/72, and to have several options available in the coming weeks/months will be pretty amazing, and nothing short of very wishful thinking 3-4 years ago. I won't be writing off either kit or indeed trashing them prior to release at any stage, I will however be looking forward to having the option of building multiple versions of the "Growler" from a modern tooling and thus retiring the Frog/Novo/Frogspawn/Modelcraft/Revell etc etc kit and Aeroclub AEW conversion to the mists of time! I also think as an aside if John were to re-release his excellent AEW decal sheet at any time in the near future then chances are it might sell very well indeed.
  15. Is watching, Reaching for the skies on Youtube. Wow, what a blast from the past, even the music stirs boyhood memories!!

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