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  1. Well it is 2020 so I'm expecting a 1/32nd Hughes Spruce Goose to be announced at any point soon.
  2. It's green I believe, Armstrong Whitworth Siskin very similar as an example! There are a couple of other aircraft that have black uppers such as the Fairey III, Bristol 138, Westland Wallace etc and as far as I know it was often used on FAA aircraft such as the Blackburn Shark etc.
  3. Neil, I'm not questioning whether Mike and Co have been in Comms with HKM merely that it's going to take a huge amount of pre orders before any company is going to be willing to invest the vast sums of money required for a completely new tooling, no matter how badly needed it may be. A decent case in point being the Airfix Nimrod, people had said for years what a bestseller it would be, a year or two after launch and even up until a year or two ago you could pick them up for less than £18.
  4. I honestly think you'd have more luck trying to get Airfix to commit to up-scaling the new Buccaneer kits!
  5. Not included in the voting list but a Fairey Fox Mk.1?
  6. A few more nearly at the finish post! Frog DH.60 & Bristol 138 and a Matchbox Swordfish. The sharp eyed will note that the 138 is awaiting the decals to be sun bleached and it's main wheels attaching whilst the Swordfish is missing it's torpedo, lewis gun, windshield and tailwheel which are all waiting for me to add glue! Again not rigged but I'm working up to that and built mainly OOB less DH.60 roundels and the Swordfish decals . Painted with Halfords/Citadel rattle cans, Tamiya/Vallejo/Citadel/Revell airbrushed and brushed acrylics.
  7. Stunning finish there mate, I will get round to rigging something soon!, or at least I should as I spent £7 on Mig rigging thread. My advice would be to get hold of a decent jig, mine held the kits upside down securely which gave me both hands free to hold the struts steady whilst the superglue kicked in!
  8. Wowzers, that's amazing work there mate! Have you 3D printed the sets etc?
  9. Not overly sure to be honest mate, I haven't spoken to him in ages. Last time I saw him was in BATUS 2012 and he'd been picked up for cadre at Sandhurst? Could be anywhere now or out?
  10. Not too sure which Bn mate, they're based in and around Blackpool or where when I last spoke to him. He was a stripy in 2012 so he must have joined 00-04 if he was flyer?
  11. Oh my days this is relay porn! The band heads, Sys Mods and RRIE look exactly how I imagined they would if I had the first idea about 3D printing or Cad. Have you got plans for EOWs and SHF sets RACAL/PU12s etc? I had RR830 at 202 nearly 20 years ago and had always dreamt of converting the Takom kit but I'm an IT mong so just secretly hoped that someone might produce one, for now I'm happy to watch yours unfold! Mega work mate, now we need to chat about a Bedford SCRA(C) in 1/35th........
  12. Stunning build only bettered by the back story and personal link. I've a mate called Tiny Miller who is Lancs not sure if you've ever met him but he's a bloke you wouldn't forget! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Looking grand so far, I'm in for this one!
  14. Thanks for the heads up mate I'll go and have a butchers! I was 202 which was at the time the only armoured Sqn in the Regiment. Bulford had a really bad reputation at the time as a bit of a departure lounge for the Corps but I really enjoyed it, I was a Bulford orphan though at weekends and a fully paid up member of the Stickys appreciation society and the Salisbury all day sesh brigade via the Kiwi ovs!
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