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  1. Really nice build. I'm quite getting in to Mirages at the moment!
  2. TBH I don't know but I THINK it's the antenna for a ground-mapping radar or terrain following radar. Others may know more!!
  3. Good work so far. It's odd but there are so many on here decrying the fit of this kit but I built one a few months back & I certainly don't remember it being THAT bad!
  4. Being a bit of a Francophile, I’ve always liked the look of the Mirage IV. This was an eBay purchase a while back & came with a Neomega cockpit & a rather nice set of Reskit replacement wheels (never heard of Reskit before!). I have no idea how old this kit is but I’m guessing maybe 40 years since it was first issued & it shows. Frankly a bit of a struggle with rather “iffy” fit throughout - especially the rear fuselage “pen-nib” around the jet nozzles where I had to apply more filler than I can ever remember with any other kit! My other major problem was the plastic itself whi
  5. Bad news, I hope the situation changes for you & for the best. I've ALMOST finished mine & I have to say that while its a good looking jet, the kit is an absolute MONSTER to build!
  6. Can't see Sylvia Simms either!
  7. Beautiful job! Great painting & weathering especially!
  8. Remember flying in a Monarch Airways Britannia from Luton to Italy when I was a kid - maybe 1969 or 70? What a beast & rather noisy! This is a great build!
  9. Gordon Bennett that's a fantastic improvement on the basic kit!!
  10. I have one of these coming from Mrs T as my Christmas present & will be delighted if it turns out this nice!!
  11. Brilliant in all regards - build, conversion, painting & decaling!!
  12. I am in AWE of your photetch skills!!!!
  13. Two superb looking models there!! I always feel that trimotors were a bit anachronistic even at that time but the SM79 bucks the trend for me! Possibly the best torpedo bomber of the war!
  14. Thanks for the responses! A few years back I built a Mirage 2000 & used RAF Dark Green & Dark Sea Grey & I'll probably do do again here as it looked OK to my eyes!
  15. Will be making a start on the 1/48 Heller kit over the Christmas break. I have the kit, Neomega cockpit & replacement wheels but only the kit decals & colour call-outs! Can anyone advise regarding good matches for the Grey & Green airframe colours, also the basic cockpit interior colours? I'm sure I read before that RAF Dark Green & Darks Sea Grey were close enough for the camo - is this correct!
  16. Watch out for the current DPD text claiming that you have missed two failed parcel deliveries & asking for your bank details in order to take payment for a third attempt!!!
  17. Just finished this. If the PR9 was the "GT" Canberra then for my money the NF14 was the "GT" Meteor NF. There was a lot of speculation a while back that this might have been an unreleased Classic Airframes kit; certainly it is extremely reminiscent of CA in the box - the hard glossy grey plastic, the surface finish/engraving, the way the parts are laid out on the anonymous sprues, the large sprue gates etc. - probably enough to suggest that there was some common thinking or even personnel involved. Having built several CA Meteors in the past I can say that this builds up in a similar manner
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