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  1. Fine for things like undercarriages, ordinance & other small details but I wouldn't recommend painting ANY airframe parts before gluing, filling, sanding etc.
  2. Just completed & probably the best fitting model I've encountered!
  3. Love it! I'm on the home straight with an "A" model & everything you say about the fit I agree with!
  4. IIRC Xtracolour provide these colours but as enamels.
  5. Two lovely models! Fond memories of nailing both these together as a kid!
  6. Currently working on the original release but will grab one of these!
  7. The Mark I was a rather agricultural looking plane with a 3 piece (?) canopy & square topped fins & rounded wingtips. Thereafter, the canopy changed to a two piece affair. Mks 2&3 retained rounded wingtips, thereafter square tips. On the later marks, the only really visible differences may have been weapons carried (i.e., bombs/rockets/tanks). This ignores "foreign" Vampires such as Swiss (which you mentioned) & the French. Others may know more or other subtle differences but HTH in the meantime.
  8. Lovely. Is that Light Aircraft Grey? Unusual scheme I've not previously seen on a Meteor.
  9. Brilliant job! I can't believe that is brush painted! How do you get such a uniform & smooth surface?
  10. Wow! Brilliant! (wish I could weather )
  11. I wasn't aware of this stuff but I use their gloss black all the time for metal finishes base coat & if it's as good as that it's worth a try - especially with an anti-flash finish V -Bomber as a possible next project! As you can see I've used Xtracolour here over the bare plastic - takes a few coats but acceptable! The landing gear I first sprayed gloss black to provide bit of "preshading" which all but disappeared beneath the white!
  12. Tamiya 1/48 F-14A & there's a LOT of white to paint. I pretty much lay awake last night dreading the fact that I needed to get this done today. As it happens it wasn't as bad as I feared but still took the best part of two tins of Xtracolour to achieve an acceptable result!
  13. Lots of fond memories from 30 or so years ago of the Hasegawa F-14 kits. I remember that they were a bit of a struggle in places. Now of course we have the Tamiya kit which I am currently building & it goes together like a dream, however, I do miss the option to build it with dropped slats & flaps that you got with the Hasegawa kits! Suppose you can't have everything!
  14. I'm at about the same stage with mine - just attached the intake trunking to the fuselage. I have to say that although the fit is generally excellent, I do find the detail in the cockpit - specifically the side walls & panels - a bit on the "soft" side & not really what I'd have expected from Tamiya. Just me?
  15. I remember that flight deck ladder because many years ago as an ATC Cadet, I was standing at the top of it- totally unsecured! - behind the flight crew of a 115 squadron machine out of Cottesmore when we landed!
  16. Built MANY Hasegawa F-4s & NEVER needed nose weight!!
  17. I built this earlier this year & it is a REAL struggle - especially around the jet pipes! Nice job you're making of it!
  18. Well, while the chances of Airfix doing it are slim, the chances of a Tamiya, Kinetic or Hasegawa Scimitar have to be VANISHINGLY small!
  19. Aha! That's good to know, I didn't actually LOOK at the parts, just the instructions! Cheers!
  20. Looks good, first one of these KITS I've seen built for a LONG time!
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