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  1. That was a truly beautiful machine, even in its warpaint days. Thanks for sharing!
  2. I once had that model but everything I opened the box it scared the **** out of me! Sold it on a couple of years ago but regret it now having seen this beauty.
  3. Wow, I'm about 10 again! Have you done a "bit of work" on the u/c bays or was there more detail on the kit than I remember?
  4. Genuinely enjoyed it but agree that the 3rd ep. was not up to scratch with 1 & 2. Best line in any programme I've seen recently? "I'm undead, not unreasonable"!!
  5. A lot of faults with this kit but a bit of effort makes it well worthwhile. Leaving aside the too shallow cockpit, the tail is for me the issue that spoils the appearance of the Academy Hunter but it is very easy to address. Cut 3mm off the end of the tail "bullet" & reprofile it back to a rounded point (as the cutting will expose a "hole" in the end you'll need to plug it with filler or scrap plastic) . Remove 3mm from the FRONT of the locating table for each of the horizontal tail surfaces & fix them as far forward as you can in their locating slots, this will bring the trailing edges of the elevators in line with that of the rudder which is as it should be. HTH
  6. Just had notification that Airfix have taken payment for my preorder so hopefully this issue will soon be available!
  7. Currently building /converting the Eduard/Hasegawa Sabre into an F4 but I'd still buy the Airfix kit, plus the Vulcan but I'm STILL awaiting the promised Hunter F4 from 2019 so not holding my breath.
  8. Well that's just Dandy Typically I'm in the middle of building/converting the Eduard (Hasegawa) kit at the moment!
  9. Thanks. I used Xtracolor Dark Sea Grey, nice gloss finish for the decals followed by Humbrol satin varnish.
  10. Black it is then! Thanks chaps.
  11. By the way, just noticed the gap at the starboard wing root - the wings are not glued on but fit perfectly when pushed home fully over the twin spars.
  12. Just about to start a build of the Eduard "Ultimate Sabre" kit as an RAF F4. The instructions claim that the cockpit can be either light grey OR apparently black. Black was AFAIK never used for US built a/c of any type but would be right for most RAF a/c of the time & might possibly also have been used by Canadair for their licensed builds of the Sabre(?) but can anyone confirm what would be correct? If light grey, can anyone point to the best Humbrol colour?
  13. Last completion for 2019. Nice model that builds up into an impressive replica. Seriously, don't waste any time on the fuselage interior aft of the cockpit as it won't be seen & is in any case pretty sparce. My biggest issue was with the transparencies - the starboard side cockpit window went completely opaque, the port side one is in back to front (I really don't see how that was possible but I managed it!) & the portside after bubble window disappeared inside the fuselage when everything was buttoned up. I managed to get it out but it can't be fitted from the outside so I have simply used Kristal Kleer which of course results in a flat rather than domed finish. I REALLY wish model manufacturers would design kits in a way that allowed clear parts to be fitted from the OUTside at the end of the build because in addition to the above problem, it would avoid the risk of the clear parts getting sh1tted up with detritus from sanding etc. - ah well!
  14. Revell kit so only their paint refs, three of which have to be mixed for the main colour!
  15. Title says it all! Guidance please before I make a big mistake!
  16. Right! That's decided me! My Hasegawa F-104C will be the next one on the bench. Beautiful job.
  17. Auto-land system default setting is "Running out of fuel"!
  18. Great builds & conversions. The old Matchbox NF14 scrubs up pretty well shapewise I always think!
  19. Thats a superb finish for an all white machine. Sincerely wish I could replicate it!
  20. Less time has elapsed since the time of Cleopatra than elapsed between Cleopatra & the construction of the Great Pyramid. My dad is 99 in Feb, born in 1921. Napoleon died in 1821. It is JUST feasible that just before he died, he held a new born baby that lived to be 100 & could have held my dad when he was born...............I've lost track of where I was going with this.......
  21. You're a nut-job! I nearly had a go at this kit with the GM improvements. Looking at this, I'm glad I didn't & offloaded the kit itself just to make it hard to change my mind!
  22. Watching......watching. Got this to do soon. It's quite hard to find nowadays. I had an example about 5-6 years ago but foolishly let it go. Searched for a reasonably priced replacement for about 4 years.
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