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  1. sorry for the unit insignia delay, simply found no time to post these 2 day old pictures , did the "cut-out of the unit insignia from the white decal sheet" version in the end the white is very dense and is not transparent, quite satisfied actually !! hope you are as well everybody!! did they turn out a bit big?
  2. absolute tonktastic model! so you can build this one with spoilers down! great to know! looks like a perfect Tornado representation! time to by one....
  3. not looking bad from this angle! they should have had a good example from Tarangus to check shape, no? and it carries some ordnance! what do the shape experts say?
  4. Frufru Kh-58 Kilter set now also available at hannants http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FFM48017 apart from that, Smer seems to be re-releasing the PK kits! http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234981745-148-smer-is-to-re-release-oezkps-su-7bmkbkl-su-1722m-3m-4-su-25ububk/
  5. hi Tom, yes you are tight the launcher looks slightly different... did not see that at first! here a comparison (sorry, borrowed the Wingman Models pictures for that purpose...)
  6. very nice! one question: anybody knows if this release contains the full and all Kinetic Mirage sprues? Wingman Kfirs did not... Peruian Mara (Mirage 5P3, 5P4 ) with AS.30 anyone? (were they called Mara in Peru before, or only after 10 were sold in haste during the Falklands/ Malvinas war?)
  7. Hi Tom and everybody! thanks for the color update! browsing the net I just found those.... of course after I have finished my Sakr rockets they are supposed to be for the Fouga Magister, but look exactly? like the ones on Egyptian MiG-17, 15 and I suppose Vampires as well only 2 pairs of suitable launchers though (right side, in front of the tanks...) http://www.shopofphantoms.com/rhino/Pulsar/de_DE.Shop.displayShop.8176./wmf48026-israeli-cm-170-magister-Bewaffnung maybe for a future build what do you think?
  8. very nice looking AMX , great modelling! seem to confirm the AMX`s shape overall! :)
  9. thanks Tom! lets try to get as correct as possible! that is the interesting stuff after all the research after all! email blue turns out more e-mail related stuff then what I am searching! I guess enamel blue would be something like slightly turquoise white? so on the other points, the more complicated way it is:) repainting the Trumpeter bombs to olive green (feared that already, when I put them on for trial...) the others will be used on other planes later... (Su-7? Su-17? Su-20?.....) maybe Trumpeter follows up their Su-9 with more! white back-grounded unit insignia - the most complicated of all options just black - transparent decals only blue (or any color that white) background - transparent decals only white background: transparent decals and exactly cut-out white background disk i.e. double layer or more likely exact cut-out of the unit insignia from the white decal sheet... lets see how it works! thanks again for all your answers!
  10. thanks , lets look for the bright future of superb pictures of old, historic Airforces! :) did anybody else apart from Egypt use this fuselage mounted bomb pylons? would have been also handy on Polish LIM-6s e.g.!! another bomb question can't stop trying out things.. sorry! left in olive: Advanced Modelling FAB-250 230, in grey Trumpeter FAB-250 46? personally I like the green color better...but hardly any Soviet bombs are green, no? so no IFF antenna for the F but PF: IFF and other aerials mounted: nice nad stylish shot on its own wheels: , printed decals today!!! :) her is my assortment, on transparent and white decal paper.... lets see which one looks better! I also added a light blue background on some samples... some photos of the 31st squadron markings look definitely like having a white or blue disk in the background (black and white photos...) detail... a bit too much blow up for the photos here.... in reality the blue ones look a lot nicer!
  11. interesting info! would not have fought that aircraft would be parked that close together after the 1967 war .... look at the Starfighters at Udorn please! thanks everybody for the excellent pictures!
  12. evolution of the Sakr rockets: Smer mold to live rocket model if the stabilizing rear fins should be just grey or if my natural metal would be possible I have no idea... but I think at least it could be possible on some batch As far as i know, Egypt was the only country to use this kind of unguided rockets (indigenous Sakr rocket based on some Western model) they are only included (together with the necessary launchers!) in the Smer (and Airfix and Heller re-boxes of course) MiG-17F kit. Hobbyboss does not provide them (or any accurate ordnance) so many of the newer Egyptian MiG-17 builds out there show S5 rocket launchers on inboard wing pylonsonly which were never? operated by Egypt or no weapons at all...
  13. Hi, I think there are many, many, many fantastic MiG-17 builds out there! and the more you get into the subject, the more you find.... It is just that the necessary information is not out there that easily! that has to be researched quite the hard way! thanks again for the invaluable help of yours and your books! there is so much left unclear, concerning weapons load out of MiG-17, as there are hardly any contemporarian photos with live weapons form the 50ies to the 70ies available . might have something to do with the countries were they operated in... ! thanks ! nearly forgot this one! on he F as well? Smer instructions tell me not to put one on the Egyptian one, but on the other Fs in the kit to do so...
  14. thanks Tom for the info on the stencils.... lets wait and see if I put some on on the PF! updates: wing pitots not painted yet from Master are an absolute must nowadays! really nice! a different one for left and right even! : ) canon muzzles form Master model and fuselage pylons for the bomb load: and PF: only 3 23 mm cannons here! not that spectacular as the 37 gem on the F! as a intake radom color I chose some mix of grey.... some aerials still missing,...
  15. The kit is of the Su-17M3 and Su17M4/Su-22M4 The Su-22M3 is the one with the different (way fatter, R29 same as MiG-23) engine! (operated by Hungary, Peru, Libya, and Iraq and Syria maybe) the Su-22M is shapewise the same as the Su-22 M3 questions? some more info e.g.here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978319-su-22-148-kp-special-edition-karaya/ thanks! those (and many others of the line!) would be really great in 1/48! the old KP MiG-21 is available on ebay very often and quite cheap! no need for a re-release is seems! people try to get rid of them! (I keep mine for nostalgic reasons, as I like the big 3 view plan included!)
  16. this is an interesting and different to the norm loadout: M2000D with 3 Mk 82 Airburst + targeting pod: centerline pylon empty! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:M2000D_avec_3_Mk_82_Airburst.JPG
  17. absolutely stunning model! :) any special significance of the fully upward deflected stabs ?
  18. http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/it/kit_it_2686.shtml this is the Kinetic kit indeed. If you ask Mike V above he could tell you the many issues with this kit as well... mainly a really wrong looking nose section.... depending on price, and your main focus, all the mentioned kits offer something! Tamiya is said to be the best, but only for a C version (PW and GE engined depending on boxing), accurate weapons for the provided markings Hasegawa very good shape wise and meanwhile available in all versions! A, B, C, D, E, F with PW and GE engine and intakes. generally little and not up to nowadays standard detail. (wheel wells, nozzles, cockpit, etc...) and without great payload. lots and lots of aftermarket items though to correct all this! Kinetic and Italeri (D and above mentioned C Barak)/ Eduard re-boxes : lots of weapons, GE and PW engined, lots of detail but in my a really wrong looking nose section...(actually 2 different kind of wrong looking nose sections, as they retooled the nose after the first boxings (Kinetic A "Nato fighter" and I think the Italeri D versions )) original Italeri ones as mentioned above: not funny looking but not very accurate either there are out even more F-16 kits form Academy, etc. which are not worth mentioning at all.... have fun with whichever kit you decide and post it here on BM for the enjoyment of all of us please! :)
  19. just today alone news/ rumors on L-39, Mi-8/17 and Mi-24! Super Etendard is an older rumor! lets wait and see!
  20. the original Italeri kit is not terribly accurate, but has for example a closed PW nozzle with incorrect feather count tanks are a bit rounded generally unmistakenly looks like an F-16
  21. great mode you did! I especially like the cockpit / canopy painting! :)
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