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  1. With the cockpit installed, it was time to finally put together. Cockpit installed once buttoned up it was put aside for a day to set, it was time to start on the wings The wings once cut out, along with the 3 resin parts making up the rest of the wing. The fuselage behind has had a coat of Halfords primer, still work to be done. The completed wings, some clean up required then a coat of primer to see what they look like Couldn't resist Taped the wings to the fuselage along with the tail, finished the c
  2. Latest work Dry fit Dry fit Dry fit Dry fit Having the sub assemblies installed and taped up, found I had some issues .......to many gaps/mis-alignment . Time to find out why? Front end: intake trunking to nose ring off to an angle, so remove from the ring and bullet nose gear section, touch up and re-glue. Problem is with taking it apart I've lost the moulded slot for the ring to attach!!!, so my solution is to use a strip of 5mm thin paper masking tape with a bead of thick super glue weld underneath. This forms a good bond....all's straight. Rear end
  3. Following along I have both kits in the stash only my Typhoon is the 2 seater version, both to be Leuchars machines 111 Sqn and 6 Sqn. Darren
  4. It wont annoy too much (says that now but don't want to suffer from "Should've done that" later on) I think your right, I'll try the Etch first and take it from there. Darren
  5. Another small update So got the intake trunking and rear exhaust trunking together last night but forgot to take photos, here they are assembled. and sitting in the fuselage I drilled out the gun openings Since RAF Leuchars Sqns (11 and 23) was the first to receive gun packs on their F6's, I was going to do an 11 Sqn machine but since checking my references I've noticed a difference between the kit and the real thing. Firstly early gun openings And later on version with muzzle flash deflectors added What I have,
  6. Decided to cut out a few vents, particularly the large one on the left side fuselage replaced it with some evergreen tubing, some clean up to do but looks a lot better. The other vents and holes blanked off inside. Added some of the internal supports, and cut out front gear bay and cockpit area. The blobs of filler you can see on the inside of each fuselage is for drilling out the guns, giving them more depth. That's all for now., get cracking on later tonight with intake trunking and rear end. Darren
  7. Cockpit is a simple affair not many parts, not really accurate but it will do since you wont see a lot of it with the canopy on, Consists of 9 white metal parts and 2 resin parts A little clean up and assembled, I wont be using the Aeroclub ejection seat as I've an Aires resin seat for this build. Just paint and it's ready for installation.
  8. Glad your following along Markus Vac-form kits can be quite challenging, but once you've done a couple they get slightly easier. We've got used to Tamiya "shake n bake" style kits, so sometimes it good to have to put the hard work it to get the end result. I've built several Aeroclub Lightnings over the years and enjoy them (so much so I snap them up when being sold at reasonable prices). I like Aeroclub's Lightning, to me it has better proportions than the Airfix Lightning, ok it doesn't have the fine engraved panel lines but its not as anaemic in the fuselage department and the bel
  9. Just a small update been watching the F1 and BTCC all day (lazy day) Got the nose ring and tail end sanded down so they fit snuggly, the tail ring sits slightly proud of the fuselage but this will be blended in better later on. Still to check everything still fits when the intake trucking with the bullet radar/nose gear bay is attached to the nose ring and and pipes to the rear end. Darren
  10. Cheers Col So on with the build. Firstly I separated the fuselage in to 2 pieces, and with a fine Sharpie marker I marked around the fuselage, then with a new blade I scored at a 45 degree angle around the fuselage. I carefully snapped off the waste plastic and went onto the sanding board, carefully sanding away taking care not to sand too much away. Note I keep the ends on at this stage, this keeps the rigidity when I apply downward pressure during the sanding. Finally happy with the sanding I taped it together and added the nose ring and rear en
  11. A BIG thanks to fellow member keith in the uk, I can go ahead with my original chosen subject for this Group Build, Aeroclub's BAC Lightning F6. The Box The contents (ignore the decals, from Aeroclubs F3 version) The offending Yellow canopy on the bottom and replacement from keith in the uk top, This will be out the box build, I might replace the Ejection seat with an Aftermarket one, markings for this will be 11 Sqn RAF Leuchars. Darren
  12. Been a while since i've uploaded a picture. So Testing...testing...123 Great its working, ready to rock. D
  13. Since my Aeroclub Lightning Canopy is no use, I'm going to build Classic Airframes Vampire NF10 instead. D
  14. Was going to go old school and build an Aeroclub Lightning F6, but having just checked the contents just found the canopy has gone Yellow. Don't suppose anyone has a spare canopy lying about? D
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