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  1. Canopy time. masked around the canopy, then airbrushed yellow around the edges. then using 1mm masking tape I masked around the edge, then whole canopy airbrushed black. then I unmasked to see my efforts, the good side. Note I've unmasked the white metal nose ring. the bad side I don't know what it is but I was left with some marks on this side and the masking tape has lifted a decal. After trying everything in my arsenal to get rid of it, I finally got most of it using 80% ethanol but
  2. Small update Weathered......Waded through lots of pictures and my books for reference, it might be a bit too much? What do you guys think. I can tone down/touch up a few areas. Its had a coat of matt, still have a few panels to paint underneath, I want these to look like new replacements. Cheers Darren
  3. Small update Decals on, coated in clear. I've started the initial weathering underneath, just used graphite pencils so far. Time for washes and pastels. Darren
  4. Small update Masked 2 panels on top 1 NMF panel either side of the fuselage Once painted unmasked it was onto a coat of Clear. Leave it to harden then onto decals That gives me time to go dig out the car Darren
  5. Yeah picture hides it, but trust me it looks worse. Wasn't sure what to do with it, so last night I brushed a thin coat of clear on the grey and left it. Haven't been able to get to the bench today (the wife had me decorate the living room instead), so much for my time off Anyway I've just been and checked it, it's got its colour back, I guess the coat of clear worked. hopefully you can see the difference between the pictures from before. A few more panels to mask and paint, unmask then a coat of gloss ready for decals. Dar
  6. Major bench time today. Got stuck into doing the upper camo that I forgot to take photos, but here it is unmasked. Whilst I'm happy with the green the grey is AWFUL, it was darker!! but when I lifted the masking tape, it's lifted some paint and is matt and really patchy. And looks brush painted?. I used Xtracylics RAF Dark Green and RAF Dark Sea Grey. So perhaps my grey has gone off? Going to have to figure how to darken it up, be it wash or overspray? not sure going to leave overnight and think about it. Cheers D
  7. Corgi metal Spitfire, Yeah got it from a boy at work just sits on my desk. Small update A coat of Tamiya Flat Aluminium underneath, followed but adding different browns and black heavily thinned coats on different panels, Barley grey belly and missile pack panels also painted. Not too bad leave as is just now, decals and later on washes/pastels and varnish will tone it down. Next move onto the upper camo. Cheers Darren
  8. Another small update. Decided to give the muzzle flash deflectors a go, drilled 0.3 holes around the edges then use 0.3 brass wire shape to what I need. from the front under a coat of primer, not perfect but will do me, Final coat of primer Leave to dry and harden, then the fun begins.......painting I'm leaning toward a 11Sqn patchy/beaten Camo machine with a touch of low viz greys parts Cheers Darren
  9. So canopy on, sprayed black then a coat of primer over it. Not too bad a few little areas to touch up. Wings have been attached, good joint on the top slight work needed underneath sitting next to Airfix F3 Leave it to dry overnight then some MORE clean up to do. Darren
  10. Small update, Ejection seat painted. Installed, the small l shape tabs have glued in place, this will help with fitment of the canopy. Canopy successfully cut out, masked and glued in place, a few small gaps nothing major. onto the wings, added the small metal parts for the refuelling probe. added brass pins to the over wing tanks, mmmm picture highlights a bit more cleaning up on the tanks required. Leave things to dry, clean up around the canopy then get on with attaching the wings. Darren
  11. Back to it, I wasn't really happy with the nose ring connection and panel placement, so I decided to correct this. I glued small Evergreen rod strips in place, when soft pushed firmly down to ensure no gaps. added the tail Whilst waiting on this to dry, I started to assemble the over wing tanks, Once it was dry it was sanded down, I'm a lot happy with it now, New panel lines scribed, you can make out the old panel lines for comparison. Under a coat of primer, a sand down to take th
  12. Hope to get back to this starting this weekend, got 2 weeks holiday from Friday so plenty of time. Yeah I know it's not resin, Its some of the toughest plastic to sand down. Being the tan colour I've just got used to calling it resin. Yeah I googled it too but no pictures, only built models. The decal sheet says its similar to the scheme on the gate guardian, so without any proof pictures of an operational one I think I might just leave it. A good ole RAF camo version me thinks, maybe a Grey machine, never done a grey lightning before. Darren
  13. Sorry there has been no updates for a couple of weeks. The Father in Law has been unwell for the last 2 weeks and unfortunately he passed away on Friday. I will get back to this at some point in the next week or so. Darren
  14. With the cockpit installed, it was time to finally put together. Cockpit installed once buttoned up it was put aside for a day to set, it was time to start on the wings The wings once cut out, along with the 3 resin parts making up the rest of the wing. The fuselage behind has had a coat of Halfords primer, still work to be done. The completed wings, some clean up required then a coat of primer to see what they look like Couldn't resist Taped the wings to the fuselage along with the tail, finished the c
  15. Latest work Dry fit Dry fit Dry fit Dry fit Having the sub assemblies installed and taped up, found I had some issues .......to many gaps/mis-alignment . Time to find out why? Front end: intake trunking to nose ring off to an angle, so remove from the ring and bullet nose gear section, touch up and re-glue. Problem is with taking it apart I've lost the moulded slot for the ring to attach!!!, so my solution is to use a strip of 5mm thin paper masking tape with a bead of thick super glue weld underneath. This forms a good bond....all's straight. Rear end
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