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  1. Yeah good to see, typical Leuchars Airshow day....Wet Wet Wet Great to see the 228 OCU NMF Javelin on film only ever seen pictures of it, particularly like the Leuchars Lightnings but only a short film.
  2. This kit has the worst etch ever, really cheap more like a Pot Noodle lid. Apart from that it builds into a nice kit. Darren
  3. Count me in, hopefully complete this group build this time . Going with the UKs designed "Interceptor" another Lightning, Maybe another Leuchars machine. Another Lightning to build Sword T5, Aeroclub F1A, Airfix F3 still on the bench. Darren
  4. following along, see what tips i can pick up on your build. always wanted this kit as a kid, Was given one from a friend a few years ago and got stuck in, It is the Revell boxing and was warped quite bad, and trying to figure out Revell's painting instructions. this is the first Ship model ive atempted so after 18 months i'm at this stage. didnt know about the decking thou so a bit late to sort that, as for being black on the bottom of the hull i can still change that. seeing your build has sparked my interest again. Darren

    Phantom FG1

    I think Hasegawa just re-designed the rear and bottom wing assembly for making the British Phantom leaving them with Generic parts for all their Phantom kits. Obviously saves on cost. (The pictures help show it better than trying to explain to people) Darren

    Phantom FG1

    Compare the FG1 at the top to the F-4J below, you can see the difference in the angles from the intake going rearwards. its one of those things that not many people notice, but once you do you can see it in a lot of pictures. Darren

    Phantom FG1

    The Hasegawa FG1 kit is nice, but a lot of parts are generic, it lacks the correct shape intakes due to this (its missing the correct slope down towards the front of the intake from the middle of the body). But can it still be made into a great model. Darren


    Hi John Great set of Pics, that will help a lot thanks. Darren


    Hi John The link you've added doesn't seem to work for me. Darren


    Mmmm looks like rare as rocking horse poo and hens teeth then


    Hi Folks I'm planning on building the old 32nd Matchbox Sea Venom, but plan on doing the NF3 of 151 Sqn, RAF Leuchars option. But since the RAF NF3 wasn't fitted with ejection seats i was wondering if anyone knows or has any pictures, diagrams of the seats fitted in place of the ejection seats, internet searches come up short. Any help would be most grateful. Cheers Darren
  12. I've been using Tamiya XF-65 Field Grey and NATO black, its a good enough match for me especially once a couple of washes are applied. For me i'd never use NATO green as its too green for British vehicles. Darren
  13. Will follow your build, I have the T5 in the stash, nice kit but some weak panel lines in places and some fictitious panel lines in other places. It fits perfect when mated to the Airfix F1/3 fuselage and the Airfix nose ring and rear ring fit perfect in the Sword kit. Cheers Darren
  14. I will be following your build I have this in the stash with the same decals, all part of my aircraft to build from RAF Leuchars. Strange thing is that they operated the Mosquito from RAF Leuchars but also flew Catalinas from Woodhaven on the banks of the River Tay. I like the Brass barrels they are a big improvement so i might invest in them. Darren
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