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  1. Great job. The weathering looks good to me.
  2. Following a long break I managed to get a bit more done on the Grant, the interior is now finished and closed up, I will be working on the engine and engine bay next.
  3. Thanks Ed I am fairly pleased with how this has turned out considering I have not done any weathering on a interior before. I will have to get this build moved to the AFV WIP thread after the end date so I can continue to show any progress over the next few months. Stu
  4. Another update on the Grant, a lot of the main interior is now finished just a few smaller parts to paint and fit. I am going to try and make a start on the engine over the week end and try and get it finished and fitted before the end date.
  5. A bit more weathering on the interior I think the chipping seems to have helped improve the overall look of the interior. Overall progress with this build is slow, as I thought it would be but I am managing to do a little bit of work on it most days but will still need another couple of months yet to finish it. Before an after second stage of weathering
  6. I have now started the weathering of the interior not something I have ever done before so not sure if I may have over done it a little bit. I plan on adding some chipping next and some more grime and dirt to the floor areas. This is not going to be finished in time but would like to think I can get the main interior finished and closed up so at least it will start to look like a Grant.
  7. I have tried using the one shot primer before and not found it very good keeps clogging the airbrush and it doesn't seem to recommend a thinner to use on the product as it is meant to be used straight from the bottle without thinning. I personally find it to thick to spray I use a H&S airbrush with a 0.4 nozzle and needle at around 20psi but it clogs every time yet I know others that use it all the time without any problems so not sure what I am doing wrong.
  8. Thanks Ed they went together quickly once I worked out the best way for me to assemble them.
  9. Hi Bertie I didn't notice that you had started another build, but it is looking superb with all the extra armour you have added.
  10. I have now finishing the assembly of the tracks and have started to paint some of the interior detail, it should be ready for a few coats of clear sometime this week and I will be able to start on weathering the interior.
  11. Looking very good Ed, the weathering and baggage look great. Stu
  12. Thanks Stix a bit more done today all the parts that I had previously primed have been painted white and I have made a start on the tracks.
  13. Looking very good Ed and the tracks look great. Stu
  14. I have made some good progress today managed to get some primer on a lot of the parts and started to clean up some of the parts for the tracks.
  15. A bit more progress with the Foxhound engines and intakes have been fitted into the lower fuselage and the upper fuselage and wings have been attached to the lower fuselage, wheels and one part of the exhausts have also been painted.
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