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  1. Great looking Storm Eagle I have just started building this kit i am going to be painting it in death guard colours and as you say the resin parts are badly warped had to put them in boiling water several times to try and get them back into shape and as for the instructions they are a complete waste of time just of few badly printed sheets of A4 paper for a kit that cost over £100 I was expecting more I have also watched a few you tube videos on how to put this together. Nice Top Gun reference and is that a Sundowners reference on the rear wings.
  2. Finished this one last month Warhammer 40k Nauseous Rotbone, the Plague Surgeon.
  3. Another model from the Warhammer Indomitus Set this time a Bladeguard Ancient.
  4. Great looking Lt. I like the shading on the sword and the face is really well done.
  5. Great looking build, paint and weathering are excellent.
  6. Finished this set a few days ago, Lord Felthius (Lord of Contagion) and the Tainted Cohort (Blightlord Terminators)
  7. Bladeguard Veteran Squad from the Indomitus Box Set.
  8. Nice Eradicators, i'm working my through the Indomitus Set i will be onto these soon myself, i have just finished the BladeGuard Veteren Squad.
  9. Great looking model and excellent weathering.
  10. Excellent looking model and good job with the weathering.
  11. Thanks for all the kind comments forgot to say i used e z line for the rigging.
  12. Excellent build. I have one of these in the stash somewhere might have to be my next build after seeing this.
  13. Great looking build lovely and very different colour scheme
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