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  1. Gosh, I've only gone and finished it! Will upload some WIP pictures at a later date. But basically all I did was carve the moulded nose cone out, replace it with some wire mesh. Same with the radiator grille. Body was airbrushed in Tamiya flat red acrylic, then glossed with 2K clear gloss. IMG_2003 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr IMG_2016 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr IMG_2022 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr Not a bad result from a very very basic kit... :-)
  2. Well, I got the two halves of the body shell glued together last night. Looks like a fair bit of filing and filling will be required.... But at least it's starting to take shape now
  3. Ah, sadly this build has been on the shelf of doom for a long while now, since my attempt at hand lacing wheels was an absolute failure..... Must do something with the kit...
  4. Lol, I got nowhere near getting the body shell primed & painted. Instead I gave myself more grey hair by modifying the kit radiator with some woven wire mesh..... Kit radiator: Cut the radiator section out, and drew a template for some wire mesh: Wire mesh test fitted, will need some method of securing it neatly... trim made from some jewellery beading wire, glued in place on the front: Mesh was fitted, then a trim was made for the rear as well. Some superglue / microballoons were used for a filler between the edge of the wire, and the edge of the plastic... And here is what the radiator looks like, dry fitted. Should look OK once painted Certainly better than the kit radiator...
  5. Hopefully I should get a bit more work done on this build, at least get the bodyshell primed and painted. Although that seam between the two halves might be tricky to deal with...
  6. Here is one of my current work in progress builds. A bit of a "retrospective" post over the past few montsh, as It's been sitting on my shelf of doom for over a year.... A Mister Craft Hobby Kits, 1:24 1950 Alfa Romeo 'Alfetta' First of all, what can I say, but the kit is pretty shocking in quality. It seems to be a reboxing of an old Smer Kit. Obligatory Box & Sprue shot: And the sprues (not many parts!) Rather basic engine, slapped together: And painted and cylinder head covers chromed using a Molotow Liquid Chrome pen The kit wheels are shocking quality, basically two parts, with a clear disc with "spokes" moulded in: However, I did find some spare "alloy" rims from an earlier build, which were a good fit with a bit of fettling: Dry fitted: And painted! The nose cone is lacking in detail... But I had some spare woven wire mesh from an earlier build. So a quick modification later: And some wire mesh popped in. Still to tidy up the aperture: And here we are so far (as of last Saturday). A bit of a basic kit, but should look OK with a bit of work...
  7. Hi All. I was a regular poster on Brit modeller a fair while ago, but recently I'm getting a bit fed up of all the politics going on within social media based modelling groups. So I thought I'd get back to posting in here. So hello everyone again I'm based in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.
  8. Here is my build log for my Revell 1:24 1953 Corvette Roadster: Obligatory Sprue Shots Kit copyright 1982! Almost as old as me! Engine slapped together: And the Chassis: For this build, I'm going to try and assemble as much as I can, then paint, rather than painting every single piece individually, and ending up with a paintey glue mess when assembling! The carbs in some bleach, to remove the kit chrome plating:
  9. And we are finally finished before the end of 2017! A wonderful kit to build, and now I have to build the rest of the kits in this series! But who to buy first? Catwoman? The Joker? The Riddler?
  10. A small update, due to being busy at work I hadn't touched this for a couple of weeks. I figurd that would be enough time for the oil paints to fully dry, so I risked applying some trusty Pledge Multi Surface Wax mixed with Tamiya Flat Base to flatten of the skin tone. This worked, although was still a bit to satin. So I've just brushed on some Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Matt Varnish, which, fingers crossed, should work OK seeing as I have sealed the oil paints. Quite pleased at how this model is turning out now, with any luck it should be finished before the year is out! IMG_0673-800 by BTIPhotography, on Flickr
  11. Thanks, Crayons. The complication will be that Batmans face has been painted with oils, and the rest of his hood with acrylics...
  12. I've let the oils dry for over a week, but they still have a somewhat glossy sheen to them, which makes Batman look sweaty! I take it I need to use a matt varnish suitable for oil paints, rather than an acrylic matt varnish?
  13. I thought I'd share how I did the eyes: An off white painted into the eyesocket: Black which will surround the iris painted in: The iris painted in, with a black dot for the pupil, and a smaller white dot for the catch light: Looking a bit squint eyed: So a quick repaint of his left eye, then paint the upper eyelid with a dark skin tone: Then paint the lower eyelid & surroundings with base skin tone (Vallejo Model Colour Beige Red): A thin black line painted on to represent the eyelashes: And then the eyes glossed over with the trusty pledge multi surface wax:
  14. Thanks for all the replies! I certainly think the oil paints are easy to work with for creating realistic looking faces. I definitely found it easier than the vallejo model colour face painting set. With any luck I'll get this build finished before the end of December 2017. Which is a bit slow considering I started it in December 2016..... And yes, the original TV series Batman was camp and over the top acting wise. But a lot of fun compared to the almost Goth like Modern Day Batman movies! :-p
  15. Slow progress on this build, but some results at last. I had tried painting the face using the vallejo model colour face painting set. Here is my initial attempt, which looks rather too red: Rather than strip the whole face and start again, I thought I'd have a bash with some oil paints. I mixed a dark shade colour by mixing Burnt Umber with Burnt Sienna. Mixed it onto a bit of paper to let the excess oils leach out (I hadn't have bothered, as the oil paints were a bit dry inside!). I then applied small dots of the shade in the face creases using a brush moistened in low odour thinners, let it dry for a few minutes, then smoothed it over with a mark 1 finger. I did the same with Titanium White. Moistened the brush with some thinners, applied some spots of white where I thought the face needed it, i.e on the chin and jaw line. I let it sit for a few minutes, then smoothed it over with a mark one finger! A bit too much contrast, so I mixed up a skin tone using Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Scarlet and White. No idea of the exact mix, I just added a bit of each till it looked like a skin colour. Using the edge of a dry brush, I then dry brushed this over the face, letting it sit for a few minutes, then smoothing it over with my finger. This seemed to tie the shadows in with the highlights. Probably totally the wrong way to do things, but this was my first time using oil paints.. I've added some photos. From left to right, the face painted with the vallejo model colour face painting set (Acrylics). Middle picture, the face after applying the oil paints. Right picture how the face looks with the face mask in place. Certainly much more lifelike! I would imagine that the sheen from the oil paints should disappear once the oil paint dries. I'm unsure how long this will take though, as I've never used oil paints before. A few hours? 24 hours? a week? Also, is it worth while applying a matte coat over the oils, or are the oil paints likely to adhere OK to the underlying acrylic base coat? I certainly think it was easier to get a nicely blended / shaded face using oils, rather than acrylics. And here is the face after messing about with the oils. I'm not entirely happy with the lower eyelid / cheek / nose area, however that is cunningly hidden under Batmans' mask, so won't be seen... A bit better I think!! Is a matt coat required over oil paints to improve their adhesion over the acrylic base coat?
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