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  1. Space Ranger

    US Interior Green

    I think Tamiya XF-4 is too green, myself. Just add some black to yellow a bit at a time until you get the shade you want. Interior Green is nominally FS 34151, but can vary widely. To quote one anonymous author on another forum: "The interior skin and structural parts of all aircraft, from T-6 trainers of WW II, to B-2 bombers today and every aircraft in between, is coated with stuff to prevent corrosion. For most of the last 60 years, that has been a coating that is tinted with green pigment. There are almost as many shades of that green, ranging from a mostly yellow color, to bright green, to dark green, to clear greenish-blue, which is the modern coating, as their are types of airplane. Take your pick. But the unfailing bottom line answer to this question is, find photos of your subject, check the color of the interior coating, and mix your paint, or if you're lucky, buy the right color off the shelf."
  2. Space Ranger

    Anyone seen anything like this

    I've never used Vallejo Model Color or Model Air, but this sounds like a bad batch of paint to me.
  3. Space Ranger

    C-54G to Canadair Four - is it possible?

    I would suggest that you obtain Aircraft in Miniature's Transport Wings North Star conversion packs from Hannant's: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWC72019 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWC72020 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWL72019 They should make the job much easier than what you propose.
  4. Space Ranger

    Southwest 737-800 or MAX 8 decals

    I have the 8adecs set. They are very nice, but there was a mailing problem; took me two tries to get them to me. I'll probably pick up Jenning's set as well.
  5. Space Ranger

    Piaggio P.166 1:48 Scratchbuild

    Any chance of getting copies of those assorted plans? That's a favorite airplane of mine, as well. Something about the gull wing and pusher configuration. I have a 1/72 Broplan kit of its amphibious cousin, the P.136L, an aircraft which was sold/manufactured in this country back in the 1950s as the Trecker 'Royal Gull."
  6. Space Ranger

    Sea King question.

    Thanks for pointing that out. I am by no means an expert on the Sea King or its Westland brothers.
  7. Space Ranger

    Sea King question.

    Fujimi released some Sea King kits in past years; 4 different boxings. None was specifically an HAS.1, but all were nicely detailed, and one might form the basis for an HAS.1.
  8. Space Ranger

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    I don't think so. You can, however, place items on backorder, and once they are received, Hannant's will automatically charge them to your account (provided you have created an account and set up a preferred method of payment) and send them to you. Or, once you have been notified that the items have been received, you can move them from "backordered" to your shopping cart and add any other items you wish at the same time and pay for them all at once. But they will not hold things for you indefinitely.
  9. Space Ranger

    1955 colour film 'Out of the Clouds'

    I may try that. I can also buy a region-free DVD player for around $30 US.
  10. Space Ranger

    1955 colour film 'Out of the Clouds'

    Rats! The only DVD of this film is "Playback Region 2" only (meaning it will NOT play on US & Canadian players.
  11. Space Ranger

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    Mine's been shipped!
  12. Beautiful work. Where did you get the foil? Is it a commercially available product?
  13. Space Ranger

    Fokker pair

    Wizardry, I say. Sandbagger is another graduate of Hogwarts, and that's a real engine which he has miniaturized with the "protypicus reductus" spell.
  14. Space Ranger

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    And here are the pix, shot 9 May 2012 at Gainesville Municipal Airport, Texas (GLE):
  15. Space Ranger

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    Yes! How'd you guess?