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  1. Space Ranger

    DH 91 colors and markings

    That appears to be a link to your hard drive. That's not gonna work for the rest of us!
  2. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    Agree on all counts (although I know zilch/nada about raising children, as I have none).
  3. Space Ranger

    Pan Am Boeing 747

    No argument there.
  4. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    I have since learned that no obituary was published because none was ever written; she was cremated, and no memorial service was held. But I also learned that she was blessed to have had a close friend and roommate for seventeen years, a registered nurse who took care of Marie when her health began to fail and was with her to the end. Her friend also told me that when they met, Marie had been living in a group home/halfway house in a small town, divorced, estranged from her only child, and all alone. She had worked as a lab technician but had had to retire early due to a disability, and possibly as a result was also in financial distress, because there is a public record of a bankruptcy. Marie had two sisters and a brother, but they never informed her friend of the exact cause of Marie’s death, and while there was talk of a memorial service, the family members never got around to it. I am distraught beyond words over the setbacks and heartbreak she had suffered in her life since I knew her. This sweet, loving, gentle woman deserved much better. I was able to compile a brief obituary from available public information and published it on my Facebook page. I am no longer affiliated with any religious denomination or have any religious beliefs, but because Marie was Catholic, I went to the nearest Catholic church one afternoon last week and lit a candle for her. And then I sat in the chapel for half an hour, alone with my thoughts, staring at her photo on my cell phone, and bawling my eyes out. If you love someone, tell that person before it is too late. There may not be another opportunity. I thank all of you who replied for your expressions of condolence. They have really helped me deal with this. I now return you to our regularly scheduled programme.
  5. Space Ranger

    Pan Am Boeing 747

    That's correct. At one time the "shadow" of the removed American Airlines livery could be seen on NASA 905 when the light and viewing angle were just right. For all things airliner-related, head on over to Airliner Cafe (http://www.airlinercafe.com). Lots of airliner experts there.
  6. Space Ranger

    Navy-ating Bucc's fizzing nicely

    A vibrating massager also might do the trick. I'm told it has other uses as well.
  7. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    Thanks. I talked briefly today with the nurse who was her roommate and caregiver at the end. What I heard was not pleasant. I'm calling back tomorrow to learn more. I have some info from public records, but there's not much available.
  8. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    I'm not having such a good week, myself. I recently discovered that my college sweetheart of 52 years ago, a beautiful, sweet, gentle, loving young woman whom I almost married but broke up and lost contact with due to a misunderstanding, was now in an assisted living/nursing care center in a small town less than a three-hour drive from here. Three weeks ago I wrote her a long, heartfelt letter hoping to reconnect as friends. After receiving no reply, but the letter not being returned by the postal system, I called the nursing care center yesterday. I learned that she never received the letter. She died two years ago. Her obituary was never published, so I have no idea where she was laid to rest. I feel absolutely gutted. Fortunately, my wife is an angel who understands and is helping me process the grief I feel.
  9. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    And 35°F here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as of noon. BRRRRRRRRRR! Sumpin' ain't right.
  10. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    Once at a party, half snockered, I introduced my then wife as "the future ex-Mrs. S.R." The other guests thought it funny, but she left in a huff. Turned out to be true! She divorced me a year later. Some women just have no sense of humor,
  11. Space Ranger

    From Failure to Failure

    I have one of those snazzy assembly jigs as well. Like most of my models, it, too, is unassembled!
  12. Space Ranger

    Navy-ating Bucc's fizzing nicely

    And I believe I'll have another drink! It's always 5 p.m. somewhere.
  13. Space Ranger

    Help and Advice - Modelcollect 1:72 B-2 Spirit

    Those masks are available directly from New Ware (I don't work for them either, but I highly recommend their products): http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/indexmasks.htm
  14. Space Ranger

    Help and Advice - Modelcollect 1:72 B-2 Spirit

    You really should use Micro Set in conjunction with Micro Sol. Micro Set is a wetting agent; that is, it makes your decal water 'wetter' and helps you position the decal in the right spot. Micro SOL softens the decal and helps it shrink down into panel lines and other surface irregularities without silvering; it is this that helps the decal better adhere to the model. Using one without the other is pointless, in my experience, and I've been building models for approximately 65 years. And no, I don't work for the the company that makes the stuff. As to the angular panels, New Ware offers two sets of painting masks which should help: And for anyone attempting to build this kit, I submit the following from Paul Boyer, former editor of FineScale Modeler and now a kit reviewer for that publication. He's working on a review for an upcoming issue, but in the meantime posted this to the 72nd Scale US Military Aircraft Yahoo group: "Guys, here is the scoop: The new ModelCollect B-2A Spirit is 1/72 scale. I agree that $149 is pretty high, but realize that any new kit of this size is going to cost at least that much. "I can’t give away all the info since I’m building the kit for FSM review, but I will tell you this: ModelCollect has a long way to go for improving their instruction sheets. This is one of the worst I’ve seen. The parts that show from the outside - basically the center portion and the wings fit quite well together and will make a sharp-looking model. All the cockpit detail they give you is wasted plastic and effort (both on the kit-designer’s and the model-builders part) as you can see only the panel cowl and the top of the seats when the model is assembled. The gear bays and bomb bay interiors are OK, not great. But those instructions! Poor illustrations with no explanations, no coloring guide - a clear case of the right hand not knowing what the left has given it. Far cry from the marvelous instructions from the new Airfix and standard Tamiya. It all goes south when building the interior components and trying to figure out which pieces go where and how they should sit in the main airframe. Lots of test fitting and flipping around. No precise-fitting parts anywhere in the interior. Aaargh! "My overall impression is that this kit is half baked - rushed. A better company would have sent the test shots back with instructions to add pins and slots, alignment tabs, and fit refinements. Even the instructions for the excellent TwoBobs/Cartograf decals were missing number codes. Sure it looks fine now, but this one is trouble. Full story in the July FSM." Good luck! you're gonna need it. I'll stick with my Testors kit.
  15. Space Ranger

    New kits arrive on the bench...

    LOL! I guess that's your story and you're sticking to it!