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  1. Cool! I started some drawings of the Rotodyne Z some time ago, based on what few references I could find, but the project got stalled part way through.
  2. At last TheBaron’s modeling secret is revealed: a Crazy Cat pillow!
  3. Bandsaw, if this modeling thing doesn’t work out for you, you just might have a promising career ahead as a writer of noir crime novels: ”Bandsaw Steve and the Case of the Bulging Mirage”
  4. Thanks for those box art images. Don't know why I didn't think to check the Airfix Tribute Forum; I'm a member!
  5. On my very first visit to the USAF Museum in May 1976, I walked around a corner between two other exhibits to find the B-10 being assembled, with the starboard wing still lying on the floor, like a big model!
  6. I have wanted one of those it seems forever. How do you distinguish between the ‘70s boxing and earlier releases?
  7. Second those. Alclad would be good too, but only if you have an airbrush.
  8. I'll second that, with the disclaimer that I've not tried Halford's, as it is impossible to obtain here in this corner of the Solar System.
  9. I have factory 3-view scale drawings, with dimensions for the following Aero Commander models: 500S (1970 model) 520 680 680FL Grand Commander 690 Turbo Commander 690C (Jetprop 840) If any are interested in copies, send me a PM with your return email address.
  10. Also, the B-52 is already wired/plumbed for eight engines, although some of that will obviously have to be replaced.
  11. Love how the colors of the Lego jig complement the colors of the model. Extra points for that!
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