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  1. it's actually a very good kit for its age; accurate in outline and easy to build. The only drawbacks are (1) the odd scale, (2) a lack of landing gear, and (3) the engraved paint scheme and markings. It's still the only injected styrene kit of an Aero Commander. But you must remember it's at least 60 years old.
  2. We will be here, waiting (im)patiently for your triumphal return.
  3. Hmmm. And here I thought that "white spirit" was what our British cousins called "mineral spirits." Plain ol' hardware store mineral spirits have always worked for me. Must be the low "odour" additive that causes the trouble.
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. I haven't sprayed any fluorescents in so long I can't remember who made them — probably Floquil, and for that I always used their Dio-Sol thinner.
  5. Since learning how to airbrush, back in the Dark Ages when I had to grind my own pigments and provide my own air, I've always used a 50-50 mix of mineral spirits and lacquer thinner for spraying and 100% lacquer thinner for cleaning my airbrushes. I use generic mineral spirits and xylol from the hardware store with Humbrol, Xtracolor, and White Ensign enamels.
  6. A preview of Eduard's forthcoming B-58 interior details: https://www.72news.eu/2019/05/eduard-b-58-172-italeri-pe-set-incoming.html And more on that fancy ejection seat/capsule:
  7. There's an idea. Maybe you should pass it on to Boeing. "Ladies and gentleman, the captain has turned on the seat belt sign. Please make sure your seat backs are in their fully upright position and that the ejection handles are armed."
  8. I would also be interested in purchasing a set of your resin castings.
  9. I thought it a simple but elegant solution to a problem. Theoretical physicists would call it "beautiful." I intend to adopt it myself. It will come in handy when fine tuning the trans-substantive matrix coolers on my patrol cruiser.
  10. That's an interesting tool holding the model. Our Intrepid Modeler appears to be a graduate of the Angus McGyver School of Engineering. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
  11. This is a myth propagated by the sellers of gloss varnishes. I refer you this video by Paul Budzik, a man whose models and modeling techniques rank among the best. His video on surface primers for scale models is also relevant.
  12. Just the Martians. They make up the bulk of the Space Rangers' Investigative Division. Their motto is: "To boldly sniff out the facts."
  13. Unnecessary, as Mars was a co-founder of the United Planets, and we have several Martians in the corps of Space Rangers. And, contrary to popular belief, they do not have tentacles. Just don't call attention to their proboscises, however.
  14. If you mix matt and gloss paint of the same color/manufacturer, you will get a nice satiny semi-gloss paint which will be smooth enough that you will not have to apply a gloss varnish before applying decals.
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