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  1. Hey! This is supposed to be a G-rated family-friendly forum! None of that racy talk!
  2. Nice to finally have a photo of the Shaolin Modeling Monk! But which is which? Or more properly, who is who? Neither resembles your avatar!
  3. Sorry, but her homeworld Godthab Omega is outside the jurisdiction of the Corps of Space Rangers. You'll have to speak with Silver Surfer; I understand he knows her quite well.
  4. Looking great! However, I have found it's much easier to achieve a correct "sit" if the wheels are glued to the landing gear ("undercarriage") and allowed to fully harden, then place the model on a sheet of sandpaper and gently move it back and forth to flatten the tires ("tyres").
  5. Seems like you re-invent the wheel (and for the better!) with every model you build! I would gladly take some of your cast-off wheels.
  6. Another stunning Moa'sMiniatureMasterpiece!! Who would have thought that such a little gem could come from a Pegasus kit!
  7. Related to the ejection pins, as I recall. Even after the problem was "fixed" there were kits released with scars from the ejection pins on the upper fuselage. My one example has such defects, but in this case they are not so bad that they can't be easily repaired.
  8. You forgot the whack on the head with a copy of Jane's All the World's Aircraft.
  9. Another of Moa'sMiniatureMasterpieces®! Why, I can almost see Orson Welles waddling off it!
  10. Well, the cockpit door might have cracked and fallen off … https://www.mgexp.com/article/crack-of-doom-repair.104 The only body problem I had with my GT was a sizeable dent and crack in the aluminum ("aluminium") hood ("bonnet") caused by a grapefruit-sized hailstone ("hailstone") resulting from a Texas summer storm. A new hood ("bonnet") had to be ordered from the UK ("blighty") as there apparently was none to be found anywhere in the US ("HM's Former Colonies"). That took 6 weeks ("3 fortnights").
  11. Band is not in 1-1-4. My ex-USAF friends tell me it was probably specified in a SAC regulation. So far a copy of this regulation has not turned up.
  12. That is without a doubt the strangest landing gear I have ever seen. Even if it did have to fit in a thin wing, I'd like to know the designer's rationale for coming up with something so weird. Was he on drugs?
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