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  1. I have a large Douglas model drawing of the Series 30 variants which does include the sections. However, it is in very poor condition and would probably not survive a pass through a large format scanner/copier. If I can get it restored to a reasonable and sound condition, I’ll post a scan of it.
  2. What did you use for your black base (which really isn't necessary, by the way, in spite of all those copious threads)? Sounds to me like that is where the problem may lie.
  3. So, if I understand the Stanley blade tool, one makes what is basically a tweezer by bolting the two blades together? The side view in the photo does not make that clear.
  4. As to outer and inner frames, the usual solution is to: (1) Mask the kit canopy (2) Paint the frames the inner color and allow to dry (3) Paint the outer color. (4) Remove mask. Alternatively, you could use painted strips of decal on the canopy frames. Either of these techniques work satisfactorily in the smaller scales, in my experience.
  5. You can find the official Douglas display model drawing for the Series 61 through 63 here: https://postimg.cc/N56QD1Gr Unfortunately, Sheet 1 is missing, but this does show plan and profile views.
  6. One word: Tamiya Fine White Primer. (Okay, that’s really four words... ) Use directly from the spray can or decant for airbrush use.
  7. Excellent! Looks like a real engine. The Atlantis re-release relies on the original Revell instructions, which are much better than the simplified ones in the Revell re-release.
  8. I have that issue! In fact that is the very issue that my Dad brought me back in 1958! I had just celebrated my 12th birthday.
  9. I've also read that Woolworth's funded some early Airfix kits in exchange for those exclusive rights. When I was a kid I was home sick from school for a few days with chicken pox and very bored with nothing to do. I had read every book in the house, so I asked my dad to buy me some aviation magazines and bring them to me when he came home from work so I would have something to read. He did, and among them was a magazine I had never heard of, much less seen before: R.A.F. Flying Review. Wow! What an eye-opener! Not only did it have photos and stories of aircraft I had never heard of
  10. The original White Ensign was struck many months ago. The WEM resin kits and 1/72nd and 1/144 scale accessories are now available from Atlantic Models. Colour Coats paints are now sold by Sovereign Hobbies. The WEM photoetch sets are now available from whiteensignmodels.com. tmw.wem@gmail.com
  11. On my first visit to the USAF Museum, in 1976, I walked around a corner on the Museum floor to find the B-10 in process of assembly! Quite a surprise.
  12. Love the arrow markings: "This end up"? "Launch this direction"?
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