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  1. There is a Cessna T-50 Bobcat inside that thing, screaming to be let out. The identity of the unfortunate Bobcat has been lost to history, and the FAA's file on Horton's monstrosity (N39C) contains very little substantial information.
  2. You can mix your own Interior Green by adding a bit of black to yellow. Just adjust the proportions until it looks right to your eye or matches the box art. If you want to match Kaki, here's a mix from the old Humbrol Colour System Manual: 25 parts Humbrol No. 9 16 parts Humbrol No. 3 6 parts humbrol No. 60 3 parts Humbrol No. 34 When dry, overcoat with Humbrol No. 49
  3. What I meant is that they were painted the correct color of RCAF Trainer Yellow. Titanine RCAF Yellow. And yes, I have documents.
  4. Nice photos! The camouflaged Cranes are particularly interesting. RCAF Cranes were painted Trainer Yellow. Cessna originally got the dimensions and proportions of the markings wrong and had to correct them, but they used the correct shade of paint. I assisted Squadron in the development of the Czech Model 1/48 kit and provided some historical notes to KP for their kits. I am awaiting delivery of a shipment of the KP kits as I write this. I'm also working on a book which will include the history of every Cessna T-50 built (AT-8, AT-17, UC-78, JRC-1, and Crane) and will post some historical info on those Cranes illustrated in your photos later. The photo of 8807 is particularly interesting, in that the airplane should have had its RAF serial (FJ156) applied instead!
  5. Those would make great bases for Star Wars or other sci-fi models as well.
  6. Preiser makes aircrew and passengers as well as others (infantry, tank crew, civilians, etc.; even farm animals) in 1/72, many of which can be adapted. See here for a comprehensive listing. Note that there are 3 pages: https://www.reynaulds.com/catalog/dept_366.aspx
  7. A wonderful tribute to an amazingly talented individual. I wish I had known him. I have taken the liberty of posting your remarks on the Hyperscale forum. Others need to know of this man. My condolences on the loss of your friend.
  8. I'd suggest you look at these Boeing drawings and compare them carefully before making a decision: https://postimg.cc/w7cxkc0W https://postimg.cc/hfbT6YST Note that the 707 is the -320 variant. 707s had three distinctly different wings. See here: https://www.airlinercafe.com/page.php?id=72 You would be best advised to seek out a 727 kit.
  9. Okay. What is the date of this photo? Judging from the serial number, this could have been an aircraft that was camouflaged before the order to eliminate camouflage was implemented.
  10. I agree. However, the best available photographic evidence seems to indicate that those of the 320 Air Transport Sqn were silver doped at the time in question.
  11. Easy. There was a war on. Aircraft were badly needed. And some aircraft left the factory already crated for shipment overseas.
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