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  1. Space Ranger

    NACA Aircraft Advisory Circulars

    There are 223 of these documents available in PDF format for download from the University of North Texas library. These publications are about 10 +/- pages in length, some include pictures, others have drawings, three views, and photos, but all give a fairly detailed description of specific aircraft that were of interest to NACA. This series continued until November 1937. NACA describes them as "... Mimeographed reports about foreign aircraft and engines. Each circular deals with one kind of airplane." For the most part this is true, but you will find a/c built by American companies Stinson and Lockheed and others in the mix. NACA (the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) was the precursor to NASA. Here is the link: https://digital.library.unt.edu/search/?fq=str_title_serial:"NACA Aircraft Circulars"
  2. Space Ranger

    1/72 - Spot On Designs resin kits

    See here: http://www.whatifmodellers.com/index.php?topic=43565.0
  3. Space Ranger

    Cutaway airliner kits ?

    Dragon did a 1/144 747-100 and 747-400 with a partial clear plastic fuselage in several color schemes. It may still be available. Here's a VC-25A (Air Force One): https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Models-Boeing-VC-25A-747-200B/dp/B005ZGJ37U Years ago, Revell did cutaway fuselage versions of their 747 and L-1011 kits in 1/144. They sometimes turn up on ebay.
  4. Space Ranger

    1/24: Apollo 11 LEM

    I wonder if this will be available to US subscribers.
  5. Space Ranger

    Humbrol paint range reductions

    I've always thought Humbrol was lead free; it was advertised as "non-toxic."
  6. Space Ranger

    Humbrol paint range reductions

    According to Humbrol's web site (https://www.humbrol.com/us-en/about-us) they have been made in London and Manchester since 2012. The original factory in Hull closed in 2006, and the manufacture was shifted to China after Hornby acquired Humbrol in November of that year.
  7. Space Ranger

    Humbrol paint range reductions

    There's a new brand of enamels here in H.M.'s Former Colonies: True North Precision Enamels. Distribution is limited at the moment, however, and I've not had a chance to try them. https://www.truenorthpaints.com/ Another new brand of paint in the last year is Tru-Color, an acetone-based paint, so I don't know whether it's an enamel or a lacquer: http://trucolorpaint.com/ I've not had a chance to try it either, but it seems to be a descendant of Scalecoat, a brand which concentrated on railroad colors and which I have used. And with Colourcoats becoming available here through a well-known Interweb retailer, U.S. modelers who prefer enamels seem to have plenty of choices. I just wish Xtracolor was available.
  8. Space Ranger

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    Aha! An Automobile Association for boaters. We could use something like that in The Colonies. We have too many idiots in boats on area lakes. Every weekend we hear of someone drowning or injured in a boating accident, in spite of lake rangers and police. There is often alcohol involvement or failure to wear life vests. The only good thing that can be said about them is that by removing themselves from the gene pool, they are helping to advance human evolution.
  9. Space Ranger

    Albatross, Get Your Albatross Here!

    If it's not the Martian Voluntary Service, then what is MVS? Mobile Vacuum Systems? Monetary Valuation Summations? Marine Vessel Sanitation? Musical Variety Sensations?
  10. Space Ranger

    Humbrol paint range reductions

    I agree completely that Humbrol should do something about quality control. Most of the paint I have acquired have been discontinued colors from their regular range for which I have a use, as well as many from the Authentics range. And the quality of these has been excellent. Some of the paint is over 50 years old and as fresh as the day it left the factory. That says a lot about Humbrol's control of quality in those days when it was an independently owned manufacturer and not part of some conglomerate.
  11. http://culttvman.com/main/a-modelers-guide-to-painting-the-starship-enterprise-by-gary-kerr/ http://culttvman.com/main/a-modelers-guide-to-painting-the-starship-enterprise-pt2-by-gary-kerr/
  12. Space Ranger

    Humbrol paint range reductions

    I have two recent but undated Humbrol color charts. "Humbrol Enamel Paint and Conversion Charts" (P1158) lists 168 and the Luftwaffe colors 240 through 253 but omits 250. "Humbrol Paints and Accessories" (Chart code AZ2155) lists 168 and 250 (but calls the latter "Desert sand") and omits the Luftwaffe colors. Sometimes I think that not even the powers that be at Humbrol know what they've got! I've gotten around the quality control issue by buying up stocks of new old stock Humbrol paint, including Authentics, where I can find them and on ebay. I now have over 600 tins, including such discontinued colors as Eau-de-Nil 1 (11 tins!), Pale Cream 6, Yellow 8 (5 tins), Sky Blue 13, and Sky 28 (pre-1974; 6 tins).
  13. Space Ranger

    1/72 Revell Sikorsky H-19A "Chickasaw"

    I refuse to eat or drink anything that starts with "pis-"!
  14. Space Ranger

    1/72 Revell Sikorsky H-19A "Chickasaw"

    Yay! Nigel's back! And with delicious food items! You know, Britmodeller really needs another forum: "Cooking with Nigel."