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  1. Is this a Pratt & Whitney Wasp-powered Whirlwind or an Alvis Leonides-powered Whirlwind?
  2. Testors has discontinued the entire Model Master product line. No more Metalizer, no more Metalizer sealer, except for those few items that might still be found in hobby shops and on-line.
  3. I don’t think there is a US dealer, but you can order direct with confidence. I’ve placed several orders with Aerocraft. Items are well-made, packed carefully, and shipped quickly.
  4. Blue 15044 is correct per T.O. 1-1-4.
  5. And as we all (well, those of us who don’t attempt to get airborne in the things) know, helicopters don’t really fly in any conventional sense; they are simply so ugly and weird that the earth repels them.
  6. I am by no means an expert on this particular aircraft, but it appears as though the kit might be of the S.O. 9000-01 Trident-I and NOT the S.O. 9050-003 Trident-II, or perhaps a composite of both:
  7. Where did you find Pactra “Weathering”? That’s been discontinued for years.
  8. That box art depicts the little-known Lightning F.5 7/8.
  9. Forced perspective has been a technique of artists for years. But for a diorama it only works if the objects diminish in physical size from front to rear, not from side to side.
  10. For about the last ten years it was owned by an investment group which had no knowledge of the hobby industry and hired C.E.O.s with no knowledge of the hobby industry. It had also put itself in a poor cash flow situation due to aggressive expansion and acquisitions of other hobby businesses (Aeromaster and Scalemaster being just two), resulting in an inability to pay many of its vendors and the subsequent refusal of those vendors to supply their products (Tamiya being just one). The lack of inventory caused long-time customers, both wholesale and retail, to buy elsewhere and discouraged new c
  11. Me, I don't get it. I don't wish the new owner ill, but why would anyone go to the expense and effort to resurrect a business and brand that has had such a bad reputation for the last several years, especially without those components that made it unique? It just doesn't make sense. The old Squadron is dead. It's been dismembered. Without Squadron/Signal’s books, True Details resin parts, Superscale decals, Czech Models, Encore kits, and even Squadron putty, the “new” Squadron is just another hobby retailer competing against the likes of Sprue Brothers, Kitlinx, Hannants, and HobbyLinkJapan, t
  12. Howdy from Texas!
  13. Here's a pic of a Renwal Aeroskin kit as originally issued. The airframe coverings, complete with insignia and other markings were to be cut out, leaving a bit of excess around the edges. They were then to be laid on the plastic moldings and liquid cement brushed over the "fabric" to permanently fix it in place. When dry, the excess around the edges was to be removed by filing with a file or emery board. If done properly, the Aeroskin over the heavily molded ribs left a fairly good impression of a fabric-covered wing. Renwal also released some similar 1/48 kits. The kits were later
  14. It was originally released as an “Aeroskin” kit, hence the exaggerated rib detail designed to be covered. I had one.
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