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  1. I have the Finish Specifications from the B-17G Erection and Maintenance Manual in PDF format. Send me a PM with your email address if interested.
  2. Posted on Facebook today, 19 May 2022: “For the time being, going forward, the Lone Star Models website will remain closed. The B-10,O-47 and others will be posted here for sale and here only. “I will make a post with kit pics and this will include price, taxes, shipping, and any other needed information. I will make a small number of these kits before I post them for sale. This will lessen my workload by giving me more control over what comes in. Once each sells out I will post that they are out of stock and not take in any!!! new orders till I replenish my stock of that kit (whatever it is).” Line Star Models’ Facebook’s page is: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057032036635
  3. I am really looking forward to this new DC-8 kit. As for a name, I suggest “UModel” with a logo in blue and gold. Best wishes for your success.
  4. I drill holes for rigging before doing any assembly at all.
  5. Welcome! I once lived in Cincinnati, and across the river in Florence, KY!
  6. I propose that “one TheBaron’s thumb” become the Britmodeller standard scale reference for Work in Progress photos.
  7. You do NOT need to use a gloss coat. The surface that you apply decals to should be smooth, but does not have to be shiny. If you use matt paints, you can smooth the surface after the paint is dry by gently polishing it with a micro-fiber cloth, a piece of worn denim, or even a paper coffee filter. For the best decal application tutorial ever, see here:
  8. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/lone-star-models-1-48-xf4u-t530865.html As posted elsewhere on this forum, the proprietor is caring for his terminally ill wife while developing new kits/remolding old ones. Accordingly, he has temporarily taken his web site off line and will announce when sales re-commence. As a friend of his, I’m reposting his messages here for those interested and with the moderator’s indulgence.
  9. New Hyperscale post by Lone Star Models 9 May 2022: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/lone-star-models-1-48-xf4u-t530865.html
  10. He still plans to put the Cobra line back in production.
  11. He has deactivated his website for the duration but will re-activate it when he has new items ready for sale. One of the new items is a 1/48 B-10 bomber. I’ll try to re-post updated info here as Mike posts it on Hyperscale. Thank you all for your understanding.
  12. The proprietor is a friend of mine. His wife is terminally ill, and he’s caring for her at home while trying to master new kits and make castings, so cut him some slack. He will re-open his web site for orders in a few weeks if all goes as planned. All this information has been posted on his Facebook page and on Hyperscale, if you had bothered to read it.
  13. One technique is to paint a base color such as a light tan, allow it to dry, then use oil paints to create a “grained” look, then, once the oil paint is dry, apply a clear orange semi-gloss varnish. There are several tutorials on the Interweb; search for “simulating wood grain on plastic models.” There are also wood grain decals that might work in your situation.
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