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  1. Me, too. Like Moa, I have a spatter nozzle for my Aztek airbrush but have never used it, not even for (dare i say it?) camouflage of the German air arm that must not be named.
  2. Imagine if the toilet were to be dislodged while a passenger was using it.
  3. This reminds me of the story about the patient of a psychiatrist who kept banging his head against a wall. When the doctor asked him why he did it, he replied, "Because it feels so much better when I stop." Scratch-building can be therapeutic like that!
  4. Fun fact: Most Interweb browsers have a “Save page” option that allows you to save a web page with or without all the images on the page. So get yourself in the habit of saving the page with images and not just the link. You never know when a site might simply vanish for various reasons. Once you save a page, you can open it in your browser as if it is on the web.
  5. If this model thing doesn't work out, there's a career in Interplanetary Diplomacy waiting for you. It is my understanding that the United Worlds of the Solar System are seeking a new Ambassador to Mars. Use me as a reference.
  6. He'll be bookmarking that site in due course, no doubt - that is, if he hasn't already! Moa could probably write the definitive history of aircraft toilets for Squadron: Aircraft Toilets In Action. On second thought …
  7. Any silver lacquer should be tough and durable, as compared to silver enamel.
  8. Do not worry. Space Rangers are patrolling Moa's sector.
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