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  1. Oooooooooh, very nice result Bill. That looks great. The first attempt didn't look at all bad, but you've really nailed it this time around.
  2. Hot toddies. Lots of them. Doesn't do a damn thing for Covid, but after a few, you don't care anyway. PS. Hope the lurgi passes quickly and you're back to your normal self soon
  3. you may end up using it way more than you think Mark. Italeris decal sheet is littered with spelling mistakes. "NO AND HOLD" springs to mind ( should be no hand hold obv.)and there were numerous others which I don't think they ever bothered to fix. Luckily I had bought a decal sheet specific to 28 Sqn and it had a lot of what I needed and Italeris sheet went in the spares bin as a last resort. she does look fab now that she's got some clothes on.
  4. So there's no turquoise, or vermillion, or saffron then? S'all just greys with a smidgen of black then? Where's your sense of adventure man? delightful airbrushing G
  5. all that extra detailing will be worth it in the end Mark - it's looking great and should really look the business under paint. There's a myriad of greebles on a Wessex and no-one, least of all me, gets them all, and gets them all right. Just build to what makes you feel good and what you're comfortable with. Going by your past builds, I am sure this is going to look fantastic when you're done The thing about those thugs is that you can a) ignore them, and b) get them back on their own threads.
  6. Take your time with the coloring in Ced - we don't want Giorgio overwhelmed or to come over all dizzy, like.
  7. I'm sure whatever you choose will be the right decision Bill. (It doesn't look that horrible from here)
  8. nice neat work Colin. It's a real shame Italeri made such a pigs ear of the Wessex, but on the other hand there is lots of enjoyment to be had adding missing greeblies and correcting stuff.
  9. I'm right behind Bill at the bar waiting for him to get the beers in. Great project and some nice interesting challenges. Not wishing to complicate matters (and you've already forked out some moolah) but have you considered belt drives? By using one central motor driving timing pulleys, you could eliminate the 90 degree gearing and using toothed drive belts would also synchronise the rotors. I had a quick look on the web and the pulleys are only 3 or 4 bucks each. I'm not near my CAD machine just now but could sketch it out for you if my wild ramblings above don't make any sense *edit* just remembered the Chinook has counter rotating blades so it's not as simple a problem as I first blabbed about. One side would have to be a cross belt drive to achieve the counter rotation.
  10. great choice CC - that is a fantastic kit to build. Nice engineering and great quality - by far the best kit I've built. I used that as the base for my Audax build (WIP kicking around here somewhere) The only thing to watch out for is the cabane struts.
  11. Seems like you're getting back into the swing of things Ced.
  12. that's a kick in the wotsits with the stickers Johnny. I've never seen that before. Is it definitely the stickers that have bubbled and not the gloss globbing up on the surface of the decals?
  13. lovely update Bill. You got a good result with the finicky little aerofoil supports on the undercarriage - a task well worth doing.
  14. interesting experiments with the resin Giorgio. That does open up some future possibilities, and if my brain would wake up I might be able to figure out what some of them were (only on first coffee of the day) Okay. That counts as paint I suppose.
  15. memories? more like nightmares
  16. maybe only one half of the tire was prone to slipping then? A nice choice Tony. I'm not a great fan of silver for chipping/wear as if it's that far down to the metal, any aluminum is going to oxidize and turn greyish. Other metals maybe not so much but unless it's a fresh scar it just isn't going to be silver, or shiny. I like yon undercarriage - just the right amount of patina.
  17. It is Mark. It's one I built 7 or 8 years ago now. Here's a link to the RFI and there's a link to the build thread in there as well in case you ever get bored The RFI just contains the Wessex, the build thread turned into a bit of a diorama as due to certain members of this forum I was goaded into adding certain items such as an AP, clipboard and pen, Kimwipe roll, cans of MEK and even cans of 7Up & Coke. Be warned Mark - several of those thugs are lurking in this thread Very kind words Mark, thank you.
  18. If you're going to be fitting the winch, best offer it up and check. Italeri got the position of the winch hatch (the big pe panel) wrong. That hatch is designed to open up over the winch as the Trans deck door is opened. Italeri have it too far forward if I remember correctly. It should be able to open up over the winch like this
  19. Isn't it just like riding a bike Ced? i.e. You fall off. Skin your Knees. Slide off the seat onto the crossbar. Get punctures. Lots of pain really. Remember and tuck yer trousers into your socks! Carry on.
  20. I knew there was a reason we kept you around on this forum Steve. That is an excellent idea - thanks.
  21. I use the same method as BIll has here but my material of choice is cig liner paper which is thinner and more flexible. I had tried the wine foil method previously but prefer the liner paper. I'm sure Bill has it under control though
  22. Oh my. how embarrassing. Thanks for the info Ian.
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