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  1. Thanks I just sent you a message regarding the photo etch sheet.
  2. First step- give the print a clean, to get rid of any powder left on it. I just used soap and a brush. Since making this model I've used automotive filler primer instead or MrSurfacer (I use the one Halfords sell): a few coats of that sanded down with micromesh gives a nice smooth finish from printed parts. It sticks better to the printed plastic I find, and it's a lot cheaper to use. Over that I painted it in gloss black, which was an enamel (again from a Halfords spray can). This was my first time trying to get a metallic effect- since then I've also airbrushed Mr Col
  3. I've just finished this one It's an amazing kit, and falls together perfectly, but I found it really hard to paint with so much detail. It's the Tamiya IX kit with Kagero decals for a 316 sqn aircraft, flown by Gnyś. Other extras were the Barracuda cockpit parts and stencils with an Ultracast pilot.
  4. With the kits fuselage fittings, I'd maybe make an exception- or at least modify the way they attach, otherwise there's a good chance the tension will pull them out of the corners eventually? When you choose what fishing line you use, I'd try to get something with as much elasticity/stretch as you can find, while still being close to the right thickness. To get the charring out of the ribs, I just rolled up a small bit of sand paper... it took ages.
  5. Thanks For the rigging I used fishing line painted with vallejo model air silver (it sticks to the line better than you'd think it might). Something like elastic might have been better on the wings (to get the flat cross section for flying wires) but I think it needs something that would be more structural than that would provide. A few years later and it's still all fine- no problems with the tension changing over time. The only problem I had was connecting up the rudder. Adding enough tension for it to work properly put too much strain on the rudder pedal connection- I had to bra
  6. Most people gloss over the matt finish, decal and then finish with a matt clear, so I have wondered why the camouflage colours aren't just provided in a gloss to start with (no need for triplicate finishes)? As for zero uplift in sales, wouldn't it offer a competitive advantage?
  7. I was watching this a few weeks ago, certainly highlights BMW's role: https://youtu.be/b9ztUlve9jc
  8. To be honest I think I misread your first post, and thought you were saying BMW weren't involved in the design. But interesting to see just how much of the work was done by Rover- interesting article, thanks!
  9. Car companies seem to have all moved on from using the great design firms (Pininfarina, Bertone etc), and moved towards branded themes with broadly the same design cues across the range. Which I think is a big shame (the new Alfa Giulia... meh), but the Mini brand is built up around one very recognisable car design, rather than the heritage from an entire company... so it's maybe not surprising that it's lost it's way already? I guess it doesn't help either that Frank Stevenson is busy designing McLarens these days.
  10. Are you sure? BMW bought Rover Group in 1994, and the first Mini came out in when, 2000? BTW I like the first version,- but the direction it's taken with the Clubman and Countryman.. Might have been better to keep it under the Rover brand (owned by TATA now I think), then there wouldn't be the same level of expectation for what the cars should stand for.
  11. Thanks very much for posting those photos- great to hear a bit about the build process too! I'd love to be able to build something like that myself, but it's quite a daunting thing to take on... The finish you have there looks incredible, definitely worth the effort! It's one of those car designs where you can't really pick anything that would make it look better- it's a shame that modern car design has moved so far away from that kind of elegant simplicity, one of the reasons the Elise S1 was special, I think.
  12. Two of my favourite car designs there! If I had the option to have a replica in the garage it'd be either an RSK or Dehavilland Dino. Would be really interested to know more about that RSK replica
  13. Thanks for all the comments! :) The difficult bit now it resisting making the FRS1 too (IMO the best looking Harrier, especially in EDSG/white!)- trying to make myself finish all the in-progress kits before I start anything new...
  14. I liked the idea of having a full Harrier lineup for 800NAS, so started this one just before the new Kinetic kits came out. But then it sat on the shelf of doom for the last few years (got distracted by F1 kits)... started it again a few weeks ago and finally finished it today :) It's the 1/48 Hasegawa kit Extras were: Aires nozzles PJ productions pilot Pavla cockpit Airframe decals (which were really impressive, definitely worth getting) Flying Leathernecks MDC It's a bit of an over engineered kit, but fun to put together all the same.
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