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Found 38 results

  1. Mk. V Panther Single type build

    Hello everyone ... To prove to myself that I am certifiable. I still have the Proposed British AFV group build going. I also have the Patton Single type build in 2019. So I figured why not pour gasoline on the fire and see what happens. I must be a glutton for punishment. I am proposing another Single type group build covering the Mk.V Panther and all of its progeny. If anyone is interested please give a shout out or raise your hand so to speak. The general idea being actual vehicles no whifs. No paper tanks to me if it never left paper it should count as a whif. If a physical prototype was built and tested then it counts👍. As always all scales are welcome. Simply put I dont know everything about Panthers so please ask me or the co-host and we can research and determine if a particular version counts. 🔹Standard build rules will apply including the 25% rule. * I however understand that some of the aftermarket tracks take time to assemble. That might classify its own build ? INTERESTED MEMBERS 🔺1. Corsairfoxfouruncle - Skorzenys M10 clone 🔺2. Sgt.Squarehead = co-host 3. SimonT 4. PlaStix 5. vppelt68 6. Panther II 7. SleeperService 8. Arniec 9. Ozzy 10. Mike 11. trickyrich 12. Joss 12a. 14. 15.
  2. RMF Panther G

    I just came across this, looks like a third company investing into the panther, and its interior. From the specs given, it looks to be a seriously detailed model. I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place... Between investing in the 1/16 panther, takom's panther(s), and then RMF's (I didnt include Meng since it doesn't include a full interior). https://www.flickr.com/photos/140207497@N02/24167237737/in/dateposted-public/
  3. Hi all Panther Ausf.D from Zvezda 1/35. Painting for the customer. Best regards, Martin
  4. Hi guys, here is Panther Ausf. D from Academy I've finished recently. It's the first element of the Eastern Front diorama I'm working on. I've made some alterations to the original moulded model like open hatches replicated in resin or the side skirts made of thin sheet of brass. No crew for now, they will come later. Thanks for viewing
  5. This is my Dragon Panther A which has been shuttling between the workbench & the shelf of doom for over 10 years. I made most of it then decided it needed Zimmerit. I tried Milliput but wasn't too happy with the result. Back on the shelf, fast forward a few years & I bought some Eduard etched Zimmerit but had to remove all the parts I'd stuck on the hull - exhausts, pioneer tools etc. Back on the shelf again. Finally got it Zimmered up & re-attached the parts. I decided to go with a winter whitewhash & decided to replicate the application in the field. I used off white artist's Guache slapped on with a brush then scrubbed with a stiff brush to simulate wear. Sealed & weathered with oils, Mig pigments & ground soil from the garden. Can't say I'm uber chuffed with the results but glad to see the back of it! Figures are Alpine. Any comments or criticisms welcome. Pete Thanks for looking.
  6. Meng and Takom Panthers

    Here are some more pictures I have managed to find on Meng's and Takom's Panther. Heres some pics for Mengs's Panther. From the looks of these pics it seems that Mengs will not contain an interior with the kit. I have heard that they are making an interior for the Panther but they will be selling it as a separate kit like they did with their KT. From the looks of it, Meng is further ahead in production than takom, but I could be wrong. Hopefully, they do not release on the same date otherwise I'll be broke. Mark
  7. Topdrawings 43 - Sd.Kfz.171 Panzer V "Panther" ISBN : 9788365437549 Kagero via Casemate UK This book is not a reference book on the Panther per-say, but a collection of plans and colour profiles designed to help the modeller. All the plans are in 1.48 with a 1/24th scale rule on the pages as well. In the centre of the book is are three A2 double sided pull out plan in 1/16th scale as well,one each for the A, D & G models.. An extra is a set of masks for the German Crosses, they say 1:16 on the masks but look distinctly 1:35. All text in the book is in English & Polish. Conclusion If you're interested in these tanks and intend to model a few then its worth investing in one of these publications. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  8. Hi, Here we have a little scene with two Armourfast 1/72 Panther G's. This was created so I could play with Mig's weathering washes as it is the first time I have tried to use them. I would really appreciate any feedback and I would like to hear of any improvements you think I should make. I'm happy with how its going but I could do with a little bit of help adding those final touches to make it look like a real war scene. I am planning on adding a few bushes in front of the tan/brown Panther and maybe one between the tanks to make it look like it is more of a woodland scene (any suggestions of where to get good but cheap 1/72 bushes would be amazing). The thing in front of the green/brown Panther is supposed to be where a mortar has landed, I'm not sure I like how it looks. My biggest issue is making the green/brown Panther look as though it has been properly knocked out. As you can see from the pictures below there are two shots that have penetrated, one in the hull and one in the side of the turret. The idea was that it has only just been shot and so the bare metal would still be showing, hence the silvery colour to the holes, however I'm not sure it looks right. What do you think? I am very happy with the damage from the ricochet's though. With the dark colour of the tank it was hard to make the washes show up properly. However on the tan/brown Panther the washes show up much better. I think I might also add some German soldiers to liven up the scene a bit and I will add a bit of mud to the tracks on both tanks. I wasn't really going with historical accuracy with this one, just trying to learn some new techniques and skills. So if you have any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated (Hopefully the pictures show up now, apologies to those who couldn't see them before) NOW WITH BUSHES Thanks for looking Shaun
  9. The new project is finnished - PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. D . The manufacter offers 2 variants of Pz.Abt. 52, operation "Citadel". But my choice are different models, always . This command vehicle equipped with three antennas, coded "I 01" of Maj. Siver's 1 Battalion, 15th Panzer Regiment, 11th Panzer Division; Ukraine, late 1943. Paints -Tamiya. Weathering - AK-interactive, Ammo. Pigments - Choma. Thanks for watching! Konstantin
  10. Hi, You probably know this, you don't complete anything for months then two in two days. I finally finished the second aircraft in 1/48 for my Korean War collection a Grumman F9F-2 of VF111 Sundowners, operating from the USS Valley Forge in 1952. My first was a Corsair F4U-4 flown by Thomas Hudner who won the Congressional Medal of Honour whilst flying with VF32 from USS Leyte. Great simple kit to build, enhanced only by Eduard's PE set. The wing fold mechanism is represented well in this set, however I chose not use it. The decals were from Victory Productions' F9F-2 Panthers sheet (VPD48008) which offers markings for 12 aircraft. As I stated on my F-100C post yesterday, the next kit in line is a F7F N3 in 1/48 by Italeri in Korean War markings. See the pattern that is developing here?
  11. Hello All, The latest completions - Nashorn, Panther G and a kitbashed Jagdpanzer IV L/70 all 1/144 scale from DML's armour series. Finished in Gunze Acrylics and MiG acrylics. Weathering in oils, inks, pigments and Tamiyas weathering compacts. Thanks for looking. Thanks for looking, Ian
  12. Hi, I'd like to share my Tamiya Panther G, (and the old Chieftain), my second (and first, but can't find most of the pics i took) finished afv builds for many many years. It's been a different and fun experience compared to my more usual aircraft builds, got a bit bored of the latter (temporarily) a while ago so found some cheap second hand deals on 1/35 stuff. Been enjoyable experimenting and learning with different paint techniques and weathering especially. Now a small stash has grown up - nor rivaling the pane stash yet, but you never know. The base, as you can see unfinished, for the Panther is from Miniart. Look forward to all constructive feedback, Take care, Matt
  13. 1/25th Tamiya Panther?

    Quick question with maybe a complicated answer? Last week I rescued some boxes of kits from my Mum's attic. Mostly they had been there since the mid seventies when I left to join up. Amongst the Spitfires etc was a large Panther tank. Painted in Humbrol matt white it has a motor inside, suspension and is about 28 x 14cm. I'm sure I acquired it built and as is. I have learnt that it may be 1/25th scale, new to me. I was going to use it for parts for Sci fi scratchbuilds but wonder if it's actually worth anything to someone? One exhaust is missing and it needs a good refurbishment but looks fairly good (to me). I will be grateful for your thoughts. Cheers Pete
  14. Firstly, excuse the poor background of these photos, I will try and get better tomorrow weather permitting. This is a dragon kit, reboxed by italerie. it was painted in tamiya and Mr hobby acrylics (which are rather nice I must admit) I had some problems with the individual tracks links so unfortunately had to resort to rubber band tracks. after a coat of mud they look ok to me. it was a very nice kit, with lots of etch and no fit issues. This was also my first winter camo attempt and I'm really happy with it. feedback welcome (just not on the photos!Lol)
  15. I hope this time the poll works with the photo below... So you know what to vote what you see. Tiger I = was made in the last century 1995 Tiger II = also .....but in 2012 repaint it! Panther & Vk4502 both i made in 2014!
  16. Missing Sprues

    Good Morning. Sorry to bother you through the BM forums (I have also sent an email to the Colindale store in regards to this issue). Last Thursday afternoon, I drove down to Hannants' Colindale to buy a few airplane kits and a few accessories, the items purchased where as follows: Tamiya flexible curve masking tape - 2, 3, & 5mm Eduard EX214 masking for Trumpeter F9F-2P 1/48 Airfix 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter TF.10 Hobby Boss 1/48 ME262 A-2a/U2 Hobby Boss 1/48 J-29B Trumpeter 1/48 F9F-2 Panther Unfortunately on opening the box to the panther this morning, there is a sprue missing, and an additional sprue which on closer inspection states "Wyvern S.4". The missing sprue is sprue D, the clear parts. Obviously without this part, the kit is unable to be built. Obviously, as the retailer, my initial point of contact to resolve this issue is with yourselves. Therefore I am asking that you provide the replacement sprue as soon as possible please. (please respond by PM for my address) Many thanks John Brooks
  17. Hi Folks. It's been a while since I did a WIP post and a little while since I got stuck into a well detailed project, so, with the trigger finger itching so to speak I've delved into German armour in the form of Tamiya's excellent Panther G-early. As is always the case when one suffers from that most terrible of afflictions, the dreaded AMS, I have plumped for several aftermarket items to help pop the kit out into something a touch more special. Items can be seen in the photo below and they are: RB models turned aluminium main barrel. RB models aerial mast and base. Attak resin zimm. Eureka models tow cables. eduard exterior detailing and Schurzen. Bronco working tracks. I've got the absolutely incredible Culver & Feists Panther in detail book as reference and I really cant stress how good this book is. There are no plans on a dio for her at the mo I'm just going to see how the project rolls along, same goes for crew. I'm skeptical about the Bronco tracks too and may end up with Friuls, again we'll see how we go. Any way I'm itching to get started so more progress to come. As always, advice, comments and criticism welcome and thanks for following along. Wagons roll! Ben.
  18. Hello, this is my long-winded Panther with Pz IV turret (for those that don't know German!) This particular tank is from the s.Pz.Abt.653 in Russia, 1944. Kit built OOB, except for some wire replacing an attachment for the turret spaced armour, as the original part was lost to the carpet monster... And I'll have to resist turning the turret, as the turret was welded on, and used as a command vehicle on the real thing The kit is what you'd usually expect from Dragon, nice detail and small parts. It was Airbrushed with Tamiya XF-59 Desert yellow then I brush painted the camo. It's a bit messy, so I'll use the excuse that it was painted on by the crew (Even though it probably wasn't ) For any more info, just ask Bit cloudy today, so photos aren't great. http://i628.photobucket.com/albums/uu7/SJLR_1/P1390559_zpsn3ipxgef.jpg Ooh, what do we have here?? Turns out the Kit also supplies parts for a 'normal' panther, so why not make it?! I will be using this tank for my 'Somewhere in France' Diorama too
  19. Hello all. Well, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and since I can't think of any words, I'll start with pictures..... Base plan with makeshift road... Probably use some sort of putty to smooth out cardboard. Thinking of putting PVA glue with fine sand for bitumen. I dunno how accurate that would be, but eh... With panther and figures for a test fit. Ground work will be painted a different colour, it was just left over from a desert base, so I used it More info on the panther will be posted when it is finished 100%, will be up in AFV RFI. The plan is to have a dead hedge behind the panther, some ruined building or equipment near the figures. Stuff I was going to use for a dead hedge. Dead grass btw. Stuff I was going to use a grass. Once removed of... err... 'impurities' I will have to apply it somehow.... hmm All for now, and thanks for looking
  20. Here it is,the Zvezda's Panther D that I was building for the last two months.All in all its a great kit for the money,much like all other new releases from Zvezda.
  21. Here's what I got for my birthday from my best mate (well I got more stuff non related to modelling): Q:"Don't you do only aircraft?" A: "No,I don't". However I will not start working on it till my AB arrives and till I finish the Phantom.And taking in consideration that school is starting in a few days that will take a while .
  22. Morning folk's,I have been watching some of the superb armour builds and soaking up the methods you use and brought them to use on this project.I looked for a cheap fairly large subject to try out these methods on and for ease of construction and good quality I knew it had to be a Tamiya kit and at only twelve quid at my LMS this old and fairly basic kit fitted the bill,OOB build the only thing that let,s it down are the track's which don't rest on the top of the wheel's if not "tinkered" with,I dropped them in warm water and gently stretched link by link which gave me two link widths over the untouched track.Many thanks for looking in.
  23. All Below are some pics of the first batch of German AFVs I've built since returning to the hobby. As with my British submission these are all quick build kits. As you'll see they're not up to much compared to a lot of what's on here, my German camo needs more work and the weathering was is a bit hit and miss but I've got to start somewhere!! Any observations, comments and constructive criticism will be gratefully received. Andrew PS in addition to the models below I got 2 Armourfast leFH 28s and a Zvedza 88 that need finishing off at some point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz251 - 4 variants This was the second kit I bought when starting up again and for me it was a great buy. I'm never going to be building vast quantities so the opportunity to build several different versions was appealing. The kit comes with 4 models and you can build 4 x 251/D halftracks or one each of 251/8 Mortar Carrier, 251/9 Stummel, 251 /16 Flamm and 251/7 Pioneer - or a combination thereof. It also comes with 37 crew and a huge amount of spare equipment and stowage - which with having absolutely none to start with a big bonus and some of it generic enough to work on Allied vehicles I ended up mounting the mortar and crew on a very impromptu plastic base rather than mount on one of the vehicles. I also now realise that their uniform tops/smock are should probably be the camo variety but being naive I was following the box art. Needless to say I will be revisiting the base....but it was my first attempt. Amourfast Pz IV G Below is a pic of one of two I have built but the weathering didn't quite work as I was hoping. This one has some stowage from S and S Models on it. Armourfast Stug III This is one of the two I have. For some reason I didn't put any stowage on, so they look a bit bare.... Armourfast Panthers x2 These were actually built by my young daughter. She also did the tarpaulin on the back made from tissue paper covering sprue off-cuts. You'll also notice the lack of weathering and additional stowage. They are sort of her's and she didn't want them looking all cluttered and dirty!! She is a girl after all!! The figures are taken from PSC's German figure and stowage pack - if there are any newbies out there like me with a lack of stowage and crew, then the kit isn't a bad buy. The cupola mounted MGs were spares from Armourfast German MG Team pack. The brackets to mount them were made two of my plastic aerials glued together to make them stronger, sanded down to make them smooth, cut to length and bent slightly.
  24. As a side topic to the 'what should Airfix be making' and the inevitable 'why?' and 'why not' posts that follow can you list your personal wishlists in 3 categories: Near term - those you feel are likely to come to fruition in a year or two, even if you won't be buying it Medium term - within say 5 years, and can include those models You want to see that are a faintly realistic proposition. Long term - when you will be planning a release from your cryogenic chamber. (note: whilst the long term plans may include unlikely makes or marks, or even a corrected version of a current bestseller please try keep them fairly realistic - I doubt Airfix will be making a Tibetan homemade glider at any point despite the clamouring for one) .... Ok I'll start off (and I'll try to keep it as new kits only not rereleases) Near: Single seat Vamps P-47 (razor and bubble) D3A Val (extending the pacific WW2 niche) Buccaneer (a big UK seller and the old one is aged) Meteors (including at least 1 each T & NF) 2 seat Lightning (so many fighters, needs a matching trainer) Medium: Whirlwind (the forgotten WW2 fighter) DH106 Comet (4s please, RAF & Dan Air schemes) Victor (much demanded to replace the aging Matchbox) F-4 Phantoms (a European sized hole will persist unless FujiGawa get cheaper, or Revell add to their F) Panther/Cougar - (expanding the USN theme in to post war) Long: Vulcan (old mould is creaking) Wellesley (Forgotten type, fits with a WW2 desert theme) Gazelle (hard to find, simply needs updating to modern standards) Wasp/Scout (a missing link so long oop) Viggan (actually pretry much any Saab as the reborn Heller seen reluctant to mass market, and non-Gripens aren't commonplace) *I reserve the right to change my mind if I think of new options (and given time I could extend to top 100s!)
  25. This project was made as part of the D-Day Group Build and I had originally put it in the Armour Vignettes and Dioramas section. A key feature, though, was the Typhoon so, when I saw this new section I thought I could post it here as well. This was my first ever diorama and it's made up with a lot of other firsts. First Typhoon, Panther and Tiger kits, first tank(s) for many, many years, first plane kit in flight, first use of a Prop Blur, first use of aftermarket decals (for the Typhoon) and first 1/72 figures. Nearly everyone who contributed to the WIP thread helped with ideas for the building of various elements of the project so a big thank you to them all - it wouldn't have been possible without the help of the BM team. Also it was seeing Kallisti's Typhoon base that got me thinking about doing a diorama - so thank you to Kallisti for the idea. Typhoon: Airfix 1/72 Mk.IB Typhoon (new tool version) - MN526/TP-V - No.198 Sqn., 123 Wing, 84 Group, 2 TAF B10/Plumetot, France - July 1944. Panther: Dragon 1/72 Ausf G with Zimmerit, no. 135 of 12 SS Pz, Tiger I: Dragon 1/72 Ausf E with Zimmerit, no. 131 of sSSPzAbt 101 German and British troops from Ceasar Miniatures Baseboard: Softwood, Sundela, MDF, filler and various leftover scenic materials from model railway projects made a long time ago. The WIP can be found here The RFI for the Typhoon can be found here The RFI for the two tanks can be found here Time: early evening, July 1944 - Location: somewhere northwest of Normandy This last photo shows the actual diorama and the background I used to give it depth. The background is actually the display shelf I made for my Spitfire builds but it seemed to work well as a backdrop - I thought it would look better than just a plain wall. Although this project is finished as far as the D-Day Group Build is concerned I've still got some ideas for developing this diorama further but I'm going to make a couple of Spitfires first! Thank you for looking. Comments and suggestions welcome. Kind regards, Stix