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  1. @Longbow thanks very helpful photos and much happier with results in natural light. next phase will be decals and weathering
  2. Thanks @IanC was not aware so will run along and take a look
  3. A few shots in the sun Barrel mold line removed looks better in natural light
  4. Thanks for the advice have attacked the barrel line and may wrap in foliage camo. Will be doing some filters and washes to being out details yeah, very nervous about the whole oil paint bit as never attempted before. Will have a go what's worst that can happen this is one of my pics used for track idea says April/ May 1945
  5. Thanks for all the comments, have some revel weathering powders to try out. @Das Abteilung at this time spare tracks are not stuck and the idea was taken from photos of earlier war panthers with the added tracks to turret sides. Was attempting to give the look of a veteran tank who's highly experienced crew have scavenged from the less fortunate to continue the fight. nothing stuck on yet just put in place to give overall appearance.
  6. Thanks @Pigpen no need stand in a corner lol. They look a lot lighter in daylight. Will be using oil washes and pigments for first time on these so any tips before I trash a model greatly appreciated
  7. Hi y'all hope all ok I need the advice of modelers far better than myself to help with the camo on my below panther and Jagdpanther. Question is do you think the camo on Jagdpanther is too light or too much. Have seen pictures of the late war diagonal pattern but the red brown bands seem to look much darker than mine. Dark yellow ran out as well. No weathering done yet Thanks for looking
  8. Hey y'all I have been playing around with the layout and changes things to give a bit more interest from different angles Let me know what ya think in comments and as always thanks for looking
  9. I saw a picture somewhere with flatter front wheels, them standard cast ones are a lump. On another note m F-14 has arrived but seems to be missing its canopy . So many planes not enough space lol
  10. Sounds good on the wheels They are just some I had lid about and the ones from the Mack looked but too big for my liking and a wrong style
  11. Hi @danbuoy that's the tanker part from a kenworth like you said about just removed from its chassis. I have removed part of the tractor unit just behind the cab. the trailer chassis was butchered to salvage the under chassis pump box and the rear crash structure with round rear lights. A box will be made with plasticard to go between cab and tank. Wheels are from a 1/76 Oxford truck model.
  12. Hey y'all so I have now confirmed the layout of how things will look the high walls will actually only be raised groundwork but gives and idea of what trying to achieve I have taken @danbuoy advice on the Mack and from this photo don't think it looks too bad Scale seems ok in comparison to the HAS and F-15c and one finial pic of everything @bar side thanks the idea of the hard standing to one side really came out well
  13. Sounds like a awesome project. In terms of rail lines Look at Upper Heyford has a main line run just past end of runway. No actual line into base but could spur a track off
  14. @danbuoy have taken your advice and also ordered a Mack R from Corgi with tanker trailer in US Army Green for less than a 5 quid all in from a well know auction site. Will make a go at a conversion as well.
  15. Looks good really like the plasticard frame. Think priority 1 is to finalize ground work and then add bits as it grows
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