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  1. Awesome video Can't beat trip to Lakenheath
  2. Wow Thanks massive yeah always looks too small when setting things out as I'm rubbish at getting area for HAS apron correct size etc lol
  3. Thanks for all your help still a long way off at this point but good too know going forward. Next step plan out where all gonna go on base and maybe another board to add space
  4. Thanks for reply twigs is good plan would look more natural as well
  5. Quick Question to diorama builders In relation to trees 1/72 scale. Do you use model railway ones or some other method. Not done a diorama before so all advice welcome
  6. Thanks my eyes were done in cutting such thin bits plastic lol
  7. Yeah have seen that one It's very impressive and like all the added groundwork he has done. The HAS came with the clamshell doors but was rather tight with F 15 so made attempt to build blast doors. Happy with how turned out.
  8. So all started with the awesome Build a HAS by @bar side on this site and wanted to have a go myself. I started with the 2 old airfix control towers, cut an shut to make the one seen below and the great @Amera Plastic Mouldings HAS. I modified the shelter and scratch built some doors more like the ones at Lakenheath. Very early days and will be a slow burner but hope y'all like the start. A few F15s in the pipeline too. Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  9. For the 2003 op Iraqi freedom challenger 2 the level of paint flaking was unreal. Some very green areas especially around turret access. when first slat armor arrived it was green on desert color tanks for interesting contrast, some still had the canvas skirts remaining in places as well.
  10. Thank you for your reply That is a huge help. Th e casemate side my idea was like the crew adding extra armour, for added protection but never seen photos.
  11. Hey hope y'all doing ok I know that officially they were never fitted but for arguments sake, a Jagdpanther built by M.A.N would there be any reason not to fit last station rear steel wheels like they did on the panthers. Had thought about idea of veteran crew salvaging from knocked out vehicles and field upgrades. Also anyone know if Jagdpanthers ever had spare tracks fitted to side of fighting compartment like on panther turrets ??? thanks in advance for your thoughts
  12. Welcome along you will find some of the most helpful and knowledgeable people on here, not to mention some works of art disguised as models
  13. This is awesome. Any tips on the white wash camo always put me off doing asp any tips welcome.
  14. That's the one absolutely outstanding thank you so much
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