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Found 160 results

  1. Hi folk's coming to the end of my Matchbox GB entries with the Buccaneer,as with the other's OOB wheels up on the stand,kit decal's didn't attempt to correct the poor fitting canopy take it as it is a piece of 1970's nostalgia,many thank's for taking a look.
  2. Hi Guys, today a recent Build of this nice little Bird which was a real Pleasure to build. Superb Decals and a nice colourful Version Revell offered. Paints are Agama Silver and Alu from Model Master, done by Brush as allways. I hope you like this Bird. Kind Regards Stefan
  3. Lightning T55 55-714 RSAF (ZF595) BAe Warton. c/n B1/95027 Built 1/2/68 as 6-27-73. 22/3/68 Coltishall coded D/212 it was delivered to the Royal Saudi Air Force Jeddah 11/7/69
  4. Hello everyone. Here's my entry from the recent Flying Boat GB. This is the old and wonderful Matchbox kit, modified here in order to represent M7+YK - a D3 variant of the Dornier 18 from 2/Kü.Fl.Gr 506 and one of the first Luftwaffe casualties of WWII shot down by the FAA on 26th September, 1939. My interest in the subject was piqued back in the summer by coming across a valedictory HMSO book published in 1942 on the Ark Royal (after she was sunk) that had a page of incredibly evocative contemporary photographs taken from HMS Somali of the downed seaplane. There's further details and reproductions in a rather lengthy WIP here. Those of you familiar with the aircraft will no doubt wonder about the inclusion of the large antennae on the gondola! It is the night/blind flying apparatus that is detailed extensively in two of the handbucher for the D variant. It appears to have been a collapsible item and stored in the cargo space when not in use, (in which a series of batteries were also positioned to provide power for it via an electrical circuit leading up to the top of the gondola). I have not discovered a single photograph demonstrating this gear in operational use but as the aircraft here is seen in a maintenance pose, I thought it might be fun to include it as part of a systems-test being run by the ground crew. Notes on process The kit itself has been made many times and was a pleasure to work with. In terms of broad dimension and shape it yields an accurate rendition of the aircraft, but did need significant remedial work on the bow, propellors and sponsons. Aside from fuselage, wings and struts, the rest of the kit (including flaps and ailerons) was discarded at the start as too crude for a decent representation. Having bought the original Lufwaffe handbucher (in digital form) I had the necessary parts and maintenance volumes to enable me to construct an accurate interior and add whatever detailing was necessary to the airframe out of brass and plastic. I won't bore you here by repeating a full list of those things (which are fully covered in the WIP) but the main elements I wanted to achieve as much accuracy for were: Drehkranz gun mountings -3D printed, with the mounting rings themselves built out of brass watch parts. Propellor assemblies were hand built from scratch (the blades themselves being canninbalized from a Lancaster and reshaped) I vacformed a new canopy and scratched all other from glazing transparent packaging. Flaps, ailerons and all hinges/acutators scratch-built from brass and plastic. The RLM paint-scheme was homebrewed from Tamiya acrylics and mixed directly on the aircraft itself using a technique I've been developing. All aircraft markings (aside from unit badge and hakenkreuz which were custom printed), were masked and airbrushed on. Working up the overall visual 'finish' involved experiments in salt-fading and the production of a variable lustre using polishing tools. On with the pictures then! Interior Sunshadows
  5. Another one from the Matchbox group build. A few years back there was a thread with a pretty convincing argument that several Heyfords were used for trainers in WW2 and at least one was painted in trainer colours, with yellow undersides. Well, here it is, best as I can make it. Matchbox PK-605 1/72nd Handley-Page Heyford, acrylics by Tamiya, rigging by ez-line, plenty of putty by Tamiya and Perfect Plastic Putty.
  6. Westland Wessex HU.5

    From the Matchbox Group Build A straightforward kit made needlessly complicated by me overthinking it - aftermarket decals, marines and a plywood/sandpaper base
  7. Morning folk's,hope you don,t m ind indulging me in one last little Matchbox build for the ongoing GB,Revell,s re-box of the AA version of the white half track,as usual the base is supplied as per the original,as there is no figures I decided to pose it damaged and abandoned in a winter scene,thank's for looking in. One last photo pre the "snow storm".
  8. PK-126 T55 Lightning

    Another one missing from the list, Matchbox's 1982 PK-126 Lightning T55 I have a soft spot for the Lightning. I can remember being taken to Gaydon with my grandfather, laying next to the runway and watching in awe as the Lightnings came down the runway at what seemed like zero feet, and then hearing the roar... I bought the kit 6 years ago and have only just opened it. The previous owner had stuck in the rear wall to the cockpit and painted it grey. My work on the pilots.
  9. Hi Guys, today, I would like to show you a recent build. This Bird is mostly ooB, The Bomb is Revell, the Bomb-carriage is from Academy, Stencils and Roundels are from the "Spare-Department" out of the deep of my Stash. Paints are Agama, done by Brush. It represents a Plane from the 250th Squadron, Italy, 1944. This Squadron uses not repainted Birds, that's why this Plane carries US Camouflage and no British Camouflage. The Kit could not hide his age, so please be patient. But it has two-coloured plastics......... Best Regards Stefan
  10. Matchbox RF-101B Voodoo

    Hello everyone. As I have never participated in a Group Build on Britmodeler before, I'm not certain what I must do. I have not "registered" or signed up anywhere special, and am not certain whether to post here, or in the regular W.I.P., which I have frequented from time to time. If I am in error, please advise my next course of action. But for now, I'll begin here. For some reason, I had it in my head that this build would start Jan 1st, so I am late to the party! I had already determined to add my Matchbox RF-101B (kit PK-411, IIRC), because I needed a new variant for my collection of USAF VooDoos. I have had this kit laying about for decades, and as with many other folks', it was definitely the lowest on the F-101 totem pole of builds. That being said, I felt that this would be a quick, easy build, with another build in the books. As you will see, when I actually got into it, various gremlins reared their ugly heads... To begin, the kit at first looked like this: I had long ago tossed the old "loose ends" box for fear of losing some parts. (This was to be prophetic, but not a salvation!). The fuel tank halves had been glued together, and almost the entire airplane had it's panel lines re-scribed, as was the fashion in the early 80's. I had decided to go with a made up cockpit, as the kit's was really way too simple, and again, I was going for an easy "quickie". The first mod was to drill out the little light window on the left side of the rear cockpit, which was then opened to size with various tiny needle files: Next, a piece of old clear plastic kit stand from the spares box was sawed up to provide a lens piece. When nearly the precise size, the edges were sanded at a slight bevel, so that the lens would fit down into the hole, yet protrude a bit above the surface. This allowed me to apply liquid cement only to the edges, and keep it off the lens face: Later, it would be sanded down and polished smooth, as shown in the next pic. Meanwhile, using white canopy cement, I glued the resin cockpit tub into the right fuse half, along with some lead fishing sinkers (Figure "A"). (About 20 years ago, I bought a couple hundred pounds of 70/30 lead solder bars, as the old automotive body men used to use, for around $.50/lb, for casting lead soldiers. I still have enough left to skoff at the lead police!) Figure "B" represents a plastic card structure to hold the cockpit tub level, while globs of white canopy glue were heaped to hold everything in place: I decided to use an old resin F-101A cockpit tub that I had laying about. I also have a Revell F-101B kit to build, and since I had bought a resin cockpit set for that, I will use the Revell instrument panels, their decals, ejection seat, control sticks, etc., on this kit, which will hopefully upgrade the kit a bunch: Well, that's it for a start. Next time, I'll get into my boo-boos, and how I hope to solve them. I hope I can get this "simple" project done by the end of February! Later, Ed
  11. (Yet another) Tempest

    My Bf-109 is nearly finished and it's time to think of what to do next. I've always liked the Tempest (not as much as I like Spitfires mind) and, as my Academy MkV has just been written-off after receiving Cat E damage in an accident involving wrapping paper, it seems like a good idea to join the Tempest fun. (Needless to say, it didn't cost 45p) Sprues: Decals: A bag of goodies from a scrapped Academy Tempest. I'll definately use the cockpit bits.) I'm undecided as to whether to do a MkII or a MkVI... I have an Xtradecals sheet that has some nice MkIIs (but no MkVIs). Luckily, I'll not have to make a decision until Wednesday. Thanks for looking.
  12. The P-47 was nicknamed ‘Jug’, short for juggernaut, or ‘The Flying Milk Bottle’. The 56th were the first unit to be equipped with P-47Cs from July 1942. This is s/n 16224 LM*X, which was based at Wittering, Northamptonshire, from 13th January to 5th April 1943. The 56th Fighter Group became one of, if not the, most famous Fighter Groups of the Eighth Air Force. It achieved the highest number of enemy aircraft destroyed and had the greatest number of aces of any Group as well as the two top pilots in the Eighth. It was also the only Group to fly P-47’s throughout the war. Built basically OOB (just a little detail added to the cockpit - not that it can be seen) Painted with Tamiya, Vallejo and Humbrol acrylics Markings salvaged from my decals spares box - Airfix, Techmod and some unidentified
  13. Hi Guys, today a really old Kit, with some improvement's. I used the Frightdog conversation kit with new Propeller und underside cowling to display a MK IV, Tanks are out of the Spare-Box, Seat is from Italerie, also the Wheels, The Roundels, as nearly in every RAF Kit from Matchbox, where out of Register and replaced. Stencils also from Spare-Box. Paints Agama, done by brush. Hope you like this old girl.. Best Regards Stefan
  14. Hi all,another build in the Matchbox GB is the Swordfish,same as the other's OOB like we used to with hopefully a better finish than we did as kid's I got the kit given it's a second edition boxing with poor decals I replaced the roundel's but lost the starboard codes so made the port ones from an old fin flash and may have got the sequence wrong and left of the rigging in the spirit of the build,Aircraft in a night scheme I believe this aircraft was based on the continent late war and used in anti U-Boat patrols,many thank's for looking in.
  15. Hi folk's been a good few month's since I finished an Armour subject so here's Revell's re-box of Matchbox's Jagdpanther one of a couple of armour build's for the ongoing GB,two of the guy's have built this kit in both box schemes so I changed the number round and tried a scheme found on some late war German armour,great fun these little kit's,less than four quid at my LMS,thank's for taking the time to look.
  16. Just off the bench a couple of days ago is this Matchbox Spitfire Mk IX. This is an original edition from the 1970s and not the revamped version. I replace the canopy and wheels and added, more like forced, an Eduard photo-etch cockpit. The easiest part was using the wonderful AML masks. It was finished with Tamiya paints. There is a minor error with the Czech insignia, and I'm looking for a replacement set. The white should be up. Comments welcome
  17. PK 61 HMS Ariadne

    Although I've already got one entry into this Group Build, with Peter Hall releasing the etched set for HMS Ariadne I couldn't resist entering my second ship. Ariadne is in an original but very battered Matchbox PK 61 box. I only bought Ariadne quite recently as my interest in the class had been piqued after reading an article on the class. Ariadne will benefit from Peter Hall’s Atlantic Models new etched set. I have Warship Profile no. 38 as primary reference plus whatever references I have in my library or has already been gleaned from the web. Improvements will generally follow what is in the etched set although she may need some additional work depending on when exactly I’m going to depict her. A colour schemes has yet to be decided. Other details to be added could include 3d printed light AA if needed plus crew figures, these might etched or 3d printed also. By all rights she should be belting along as the class were renowned for the high top speed. I might add some extra hull below the waterline to depict her heel as she turns. I will also need to add some flags. These might be hand painted or use Mike McCabe’s excellent Starling Models flags.
  18. Hello! As promised, here part 2 of my little Sabres. I built them in parallel, made 2 out of 3 kits, but this one i finished earlier in September 1994. Windshield, rear fuselage and most decals are from Matchbox. Now i found out, the etch was early eduard 72-008, here i used the slats on the different wing. Miss Louise did not live long, was part of 4th FIW, 334th FIS. Written off 29. May 1952. Take off accident at Kimpo K-14. Pilot Jimmy L. Schneider had more luck. I hope you like the tiny missie!
  19. Hi Mates, tonight, inspired by the on going Group build, I would like to show you my Helldiver, done several Month ago. Next to a lot of sanding paper, and Stencils of the superb Academy Helldiver, I used some Rockets delivered by an Academy Hellcat, Exhausts are from Quickboost.. Paints, as always Agama, done by Brush. Hope you like it. Best Regards Stefan
  20. Torbeau Beaufighter

    Hi Folks, Here is my latest project for the GB The Beaufighter TFX. One of my Fave Matchbox kits, which i no doubt mangled back in my youth! It a Revell/Matchbox issue in the black box, and didn't come with a stand... IMG_2576 by G DSC, on Flickr The contents..... IMG_2575 by G DSC, on Flickr Progress pic.s, which have taken place over the last week... IMG_2577 by G DSC, on Flickr As you can see, next to nothing in the pit ot observers position, i'm doing this one OOTB IMG_2579 by G DSC, on Flickr Builds up pretty quickly with no fit issues... IMG_2581 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2587 by G DSC, on Flickr Paint going on... IMG_2588 by G DSC, on Flickr And thats where i am as of tonight. Great little kit, which has been a joy to build. Shouldn't take that much longer.... Thanks for looking, cheers Greg
  21. M-19 tank transporter 1/76

    Hello, may I join the party? This GB seemed like an excellent excuse to start on this gem I picked up a few months ago at Hobby HQ in Melbourne: the M-19 tank transporter. I well remember a Matchbox (metal car) catalogue of around 1980, which had an image of a diorama featuring this tank transporter carrying an M3 Honey, and the LRDG set. It was probably a vital element in taking me from metal 'toy' cars into models. Although I'm a plane guy, I like to get around a bit, so let's get into this! Same old box top, the mud is pretty accurate for an M-19 in the Low Countries in 1944-5, or many other bits of Europe at other times. These must have been hell on the roads. Instructions that are easy to follow and all on one A2 size page. How is it that so many manufacturers can't meet this standard today? The parts are also more or less consecutively numbered on the sprues, so it's easy to find the parts. A three-colour kit. Look-shurry! Parts are only a little bit 'soft', but it's almost as good as vehicle kits today. The sprue gates are amazingly small. When I was a kid I usually just broke the parts off, or used a razor stolen from dad, removed from a disposable razor blade. Next time, we build!
  22. Hi folk's,more nostalgia for those of a certain age,Matchbox's Hurricane built for the ongoing GB.Again an OOB build no addition's just built the way we used too,the Decal's were usable as it was an eighties boxing but I used some Airfix spare's I will definitely do another in the future in the box scheme. thank's for looking in.
  23. PK-128 BAe Jaguar T Mk2 ETPS

    So in a moment of 70's fuelled Matchbox nostalgia, I'm also throwing my hat in with this one Bought in another moment of nostalgia from an online auction site a number of years back. Matchbox Jaguar T2 PK-128 Box top by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Love that box art on the back. Omani scheme is cool. Matchbox Jaguar T2 PK-128 Box rear by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr The second hand contents were carefully repackaged... Matchbox Jaguar T2 PK-128 bag by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr But everything there and accounted for. Decals look ok but will put them in the window for a week or two. Matchbox Jaguar T2 PK-128 contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And a rub of a pencil to reveal it's 1973 origins, probably the single seater kit? Scalemates has this as a 1983 release.. Matchbox Jaguar T2 PK-128 close up by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr I'll be honest, I have very low expectations of this one...but I can't resist that ETPS scheme and I've always liked the Jaguar and Matchbox. Wish me luck - I think I'll need it! Thanks for looking and good luck with your Matchbox builds. Dermot
  24. I had originally intended to do good old PK-18, Grumman Hellcat which I started the other day, but partway into the build, I realized the replacement vac-form canopy in the kit was not correct for it. It looks like a Corsair one, so it was pushed aside for the Helldiver. After seeing Tony's (@tonyot) build I thought I would also jazz up the cockpit a little. It won't be as funky as Tony's but I will hide some of the gaping gaps in there. Pictures soon. Oh and if anyone has an old spare canopy to fit the Matchbox Hellcat I will happily take it off your hands
  25. 1/76 T-34 in the snow

    Hi all, This is my first armour model in years, certainly since joining BM and it's the old Matchbox T-34. I have built this as part of the ongoing Matchbox GB and mine is not the only bit of armour being done for it, though some more would be nice. I know it's not a super accurate kit but was built as a bit of nostalgia and fun and I really enjoyed building it, and it will not be my last armour model either. Anyway here are some pictures; And for those of you who are interested here is a link to the build. Thanks for looking in. Craig.