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  1. Well done all, was an excellent GB with classy entrants all round!
  2. Totally agree with Russ. Great model.
  3. Great Dios and write up, all very interesting and loads to see in each scene. Top job!
  4. I thought I'd have a go at doing my own camo masks so I followed the Tamiya guide and cheated in some bits: This evening, I got a chance to spray the white-grey from Hataka. It seems good to me, but I struggled to get the right psi as my usual 15-17 didn't quite cut it. Hopefully the paint will shrink back and if necessary I'll go over again in a light coat. This is how she looks as of 10 minutes ago: As I expected, sadly, she won't be finished in time. However, the positive side is that it's really got me back in to modelling. It's been great fun watching everyone else do so well and it's a real inspiration. I'll keep plugging away and updating the thread until she's done. I'm looking to join another GB or two with subjects a little more in my comfort zone too.
  5. Rich has given me the hurry up, so I stole 20 minutes and started to pre-shade the aircraft (primed a few nights ago). If I'm lucky, I can start masking tonight for the white-grey and may even get time to spray it...
  6. that looks awesome, great job!
  7. Ahhhhhh....
  8. Nice find, thanks for sharing!
  9. Only just noticed this, masterclass on that wheel bay, definitely keep up the good work!
  10. That's looking great, hope you get hold of the decals your're missing.
  11. Yep, congratulations, another stunner!
  12. That's looking great, can't wait to see the whole thing!