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  1. Hasegawa B5N2 in 1:48 scale

    Keep going mate, it's going to be worth the effort! I vote for torpedo, looks great on the Kate.
  2. That is lovely, awesome job on that. Looks like the main landing gear needs reinforcing though.
  3. They're supposed to be, that's how they come in the box.
  4. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    @Tony Oliver is doing one here
  5. FAA F4U Corsair

    Nothing wrong with that. Plus you finished it, which is more than many of us do!
  6. There's a corsair for sale on this very site, with aftermarket to make it FAA and at a bargain price. I was tempted myself just to get the MDC resin.
  7. They sadly weren't around in WWII
  8. Airfix do lovely Seafires Mk XVII and FR 47 that come with folded wings options. Or their new tool Walrus. Tamiya do a corsair that I believe you can get aftermarket to make it a Brit version. Trumpeter do a Sea Fury (Airfix kit due this year too) though perhaps a little too late for your timeline. Eduard do the different types of Hellcats. Classic Airframes/Italeri do the Avenger ( you'll need aftermarket for the fold though). HobbyBoss do the Avenger with fold included. I like folded wing aircraft, the above are either in the stash or waiting to be. I'm sure there are others and someone else will come along with some other ideas.
  9. Shame about the decals, still, at least you didn't have to do any remedial work if you had risked it!
  10. Hawker Typhoon Mk. 1B

    Teeth! Consider that scheme stolen for when I get round to one! looks good to me.
  11. I want Airfix to do well, as a British company, who make British subjects. That said, if it's an awful kit then I'm not spending my hard earned cash knowingly, on rubbish, that would just be silly. I've bought a few Airfix kits recently, all in 48th, such as the new Ju-87 and Hurricane. I'm not very far through the Hurricane (just getting the cockpit together) but construction is almost complete on the Stuka and the fit was Tamiya good. Care needs to be taken when painting, I avoid painting any mating areas as the tolerances on the kit are that small that a layer of paint hinders the fit. To me this isn't a problem, I just plan the build accordingly and is part of my enjoyment. Thats what I wonder, are most people "painters" rather than "builders"? Is that why it frustrates people more if fit of a kit is a problem, as it holds up the process of which you prefer more, the laying down of colours and finishing? I enjoy fixing things (I do it in real life too) so those sorts of issues don't tend to bother me so much and offer me a sense of achievement. With regards to the 262, I saw some go for £13.50 at the Farnborough IPMS yesterday and some for a few quid cheaper. I personally think that's expensive for a 1/72 kit of a fighter, but people were rushing to buy them so what do I know?! I saw (and should have bought, but I already have one) Tamiya's 1/48 262 for £15. Now don't get me wrong, that's a bargain for that kit, but it just seemed pertinent on the price argument. I obviously have read horror stories of fit and QC on Airfix new kits, even the kits I've taken a risk on (Hurricane & Stuka) but I've not experienced these problems and I'm in no way a "quality modeller" (as was most evident from the show yesterday, some of the work was just incredible) so I have to just judge for myself as and when I get a kit. I want to build a Spitfire lineage, so I'm after a reasonably priced 1/48 Airfix Mk I, as to me, it looks good, the reviews I've seen are mostly positive and other than the Tamiya kit it's pretty much the only one around. When it comes to a Mk IX, I'm not even contemplating Airfix, I'll get an Eduard Profipack. So I'm not a fanboy you see. Disclaimer: This is in no way a aggressive post nor opinionated, it is a genuine thought and question.
  12. I don't think I've seen that scheme before. I especially like your weathering under the wings.
  13. I like it, looks very nice. Great work on the cockpit too!