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  1. D-Day: 75th Anniversary of Normandy Landings

    Count me in too please!
  2. Lovely stuff!
  3. That is great, love every bit of it!
  4. Very nice indeed, excellent photography too.
  5. Wow, that really does look good, looking forward to watching your masterclass on it.
  6. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    I’m planning on doing Trumpy’s...
  7. T-55 STGB @ 20

    Count me in too please, I’ve been putting off buying Tamiya’s Enigma for years now, it really should be done!
  8. Flakpanzer E-100

    Top job, very much like that.
  9. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    Good stuff, I look forward to seeing it come together.
  10. Boeing 737 STGB chat

    Hi there, I thought you chaps and chapesses might like this (it’s not me, I’m just a fan!)
  11. Help with identifying this Bf 109 f-4? /G-2?

    Understood, thanks all for the explanations, consider me educated.
  12. Help with identifying this Bf 109 f-4? /G-2?

    Thank you both! Right, so we’re talking about the section under-connected to the flap. This would be missing off the G and would just be the upper part of the flap?
  13. Quick build

    Very cool diorama, containing it in a shoe box is just inspired. So was your daughter up for the 5 hours?
  14. Help with identifying this Bf 109 f-4? /G-2?

    I’m obviously blind, I can’t see the difference!