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  1. Thanks, I'm clearly a bit out of touch with my modern British Army finishes! J
  2. Is Deep Bronze Green still the colour of choice for British Army vehicles?
  3. Looks like there's an alternative now to the Light Stone desert camouflage. J
  4. Many moons ago, in the late 1970s, Revell introduced a series of 4 single-engined WWII fighter kits. There was a very well received late model Bf109G, along with a Spitfire II, P-51D and a P-40E. As far as I know, and I never built one when it came out at first, this kit is based on that P-40E mould with an extra sprue to add detail. This seems to be the original Revell plastic: and this is the new sprue: Looks good. I don't know when the last time this kit was available was but the Bf109G and the Spitfire are still in the Revell range today. The P-51D seems to have been retired in favour of the Monogram mould, which was probably a good move. John
  5. I've had a soft spot for the P-40 since I was a kid. I blame the Airfix Kittyhawk kit. It was a must-have when I started getting interesting in building modes in the second half of the 1960s: the exotic colours; the shark mouth; the box art flying over a burning Axis convoy on a desert road - what wasn't to like? I clearly remember having one in its bare silver grey plastic with the markings stuck on, and another later example finished from my dad's stock of gloss Humbrol enamels that he kept in the house. No matt paints, only gloss, so the chances are the colours were something like 9 Tan and 10 Service Brown over 47 Sea Blue, or perhaps some of the now discontinued but equally inaccurate shades in the grey check-pattern tins. The smell of vintage gloss Humbrol enamel still takes me back to that newspaper covered kitchen table... I also had a 1/72 Revell P-40E, in US Army markings: AIRCRAFT/PROPELLER/Revell P-40E Curtiss Warhawk 1-72 '60's.jpg?m=1362192280 It had a sliding canopy - that was cool. Curiously, I didn't know Revell GB had released this kit in RAF markings until I saw one a couple of years ago. I have no recollection of this at all, because I certainly would have invested my pocket money in one if I'd come across it: Then - wonder of wonders - I was given the Aleutian Tiger boxing of the 1/32 Revell kit as a present. It had an engine, sliding canopy, retractable undercarriage and that amazing tiger on the nose. Wonderful: H271 P-40Alut.JPG Over the years I've dipped in and out of the P-40 kit market, building a couple of the Otaki/Arii/Airfix 1/48th kits and the Hasegawa 1/72. My interest was restarted by the new Airfix P-40B/C kits, and in a fit of nostalgia I dragged my ProModeler kit from deep storage: There's no box shot because it's a long time since it had one but it looked like this: I also have this decal sheet bought in contemplation of finishing an Otaki/Airfix kit with it, but that never happened: I might be able to do an homage to my long gone Aleutian Tiger. Anyway, I thought it might be interesting to put this together along with the Airfix P-40Bs I'm working on. John
  6. The Model Engineer in Stirling was a great wee shop. The "curse of Beatties" affected local model shops in a lot of towns and many never recovered. Falkirk never had a Beatties, although they did look at renting a unit in the local shopping centre, but we still have a model shop. Another shoutout for Scott's Models in Glasgow too. John
  7. I think many GP practices, especially here in Scotland, are actually too small. In Falkirk we have a few 1- and 2-doctor practices who must be under pressure to provide even a working hours service. My practice has 8 GPs, and I've never had a problem getting an appointment when I need one. They're also open to 6 most evenings. John
  8. That's a pity. It wasn't the greatest but it was always somewhere else to go to pick up bits and pieces. John
  9. Resurrecting a zombie thread here to say that the boy and I were in WH Smith in Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow yesterday afternoon and the ModelZone branding has gone, along with most of the kits. There are a few left on clearance. What's the situation elsewhere? John
  10. It did have a 3ml pot of 157. Unfortunately... John
  11. 157 Azure Blue isn't (as yet) in the Humbrol acrylic range, which is a pity. There's a major gap in the acrylic market here. I think mixing is the only reliable way thus far. If you have the new Humbrol enamel, I would try matching it by adding some of the brightest blue you can find to white and just a spot of a strong red. John
  12. And it's another beauty: J
  13. I haven't had much modelling time this last naturally I went and bought another P-40. Actually I wanted to do the USAAC option from the Xtradecal sheet as well. My new kit was bought directly from Hornby online and it displays a couple of interesting differences from the first one. The instructions have shrunk: Original on the left, new on the right. Also, there seems to have been a bit more care taken with the moulding of the newer kit. Ejection pin marks are less apparent, including the annoying ones on the undercarriage liners: These needed just a touch of Games Workshop Liquid Green Stuff rather than the full superglue-and-accelerator treatment of the first ones. Also, Archie no longer looks like he stopped a 20mm round with his groin, which is no doubt a relief for him: In other news the Ultracast seat has had a coat of Halfords Primer prior to painting: I used the new Humbrol 36 Matt Pastel Green for the yellower than Interior Green shade for the second kit: As before the Yellow Zinc Chromate is HD4 Zinc Chromate Primer. The Neutral Grey is from an ancient pot of HU3 Neutral Grey 43, which seems to capture the proper dark tome of the colour. John
  14. My memory of Humbrol Authentic Middle Stone is that it was a bit dark and not yellow enough. I remember having to add a fair dollop of yellow to it to get a decent contrast with Dark Earth. As Nick has mentioned Humbrol 225 is available both in enamel and acrylic, and is a good visual match against the RAFM chips. John
  15. My son met Brian Cox (the Hannibal Lector one, not the scientist) in Wonderland Models a couple of years ago. They were both killing time before a performance of Waiting For Godot in the Usher Hall that Brian was performing in with Bill Patterson.