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  1. Pk-6 FW-190A

    I'm not going to have this finished in time for the Gallery this evening, but I will complete the build and post the results here. It's scrubbing up really nicely: FW19011 by John Walker, on Flickr FW19012 by John Walker, on Flickr FW19013 by John Walker, on Flickr It needs some finishing touches and some tidying up, as well as the markings applied. All in all though, a very satisfying little kit. All colours are brush painted Humbrol acrylics: 245 RLM 74, 246 RLM 75 and 247 RLM 76 for the main camouflage and the light mottle 240 RLM 02 for the wheel wells and legs 241 RLM 70 for the propellor RC407 BR Yellow for the theatre markings 32 Dark Grey for the exhaust stain area 56 Aluminium for the exhaust panels John
  2. RLM Alternatives

    Humbrol do these shades in acrylic and enamel: https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/247-rlm-76-lichtblau-matt-14ml-enamel-paint.html https://www.humbrol.com/uk-en/253-rlm-83-dunkel-grun-matt-14ml-enamel-paint.html John
  3. British bomb colour query

    The yellow colour is Light Buff, so something around Humbrol 7 will put you in the ball park. John
  4. Pk-6 FW-190A

    Some paint on and showing a few areas that need tidied up: FW1909 by John Walker, on Flickr FW19010 by John Walker, on Flickr Paints are Humbrol acrylic RLM 02, 75 and 76. Scrubs up nicely. John
  5. Nearly finished but not feeling the lurve at all with this kit - if it hadn't been for this GB it would have been deep-sixed by now: Final grief was the decals not coming off their backing paper cleanly and ripping. I'm not blaming the kit decals for this as the box has been in the garage for a few years but it didn't help... Then I made a mess of putting the wing markings on. John
  6. PK-31 Matchbox Curtiss P-40N Warhawk

    Nato Olive is Revell paint No 46 so that would seem to confirm the pedigree of your kit. J
  7. Pk-6 FW-190A

    This one looks quite handsome: FW1908 by John Walker, on Flickr John
  8. This is mine, delivered on Monday from Wonderland Models: SFury1 by John Walker, on Flickr To be honest, it's not something I would have given a second thought to. John
  9. Pk-6 FW-190A

    Examining the kit in a bit more depth it seems to be a neat if simple depiction of an early short-nosed radial 190. Maybe we can do a bit more with it in the time available than just strictly OOB. I have this Xtradecal sheet for JG5 aircraft: FW1907 by John Walker, on Flickr that includes among other interesting types a couple of early 190s based in Norway. Interesting... John
  10. ...and presumably your favourite purveyor in the near future. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-arrivals.html Really must pick up a Fokker to go with the BE2 I got for Christmas. John
  11. Dassault Mystere IV PK-47 - Complete

    Completed and in the Gallery. Final thoughts - if I hadn't been building the He70 at the same time I would say that this is comfortably the worst-fitting Matchbox kit I've ever come across. It's certainly the only one I've had to use Microstrip on to fill a wing root gap. I'd have to want a Mystère IVa really badly to build another one. Scrubs up nicely though. John
  12. Matchbox Gallery

    Pk- 47 Dassault MD.454 Mystère IVa Out of the box apart from an Airfix pilot. Kit markings, Humbrol enamels. Painted to represent a hard-worked Israeli aircraft undertaking ground attack missions during the 6 Day War, June 1967. MIVA17 by John Walker, on Flickr MIVA18 by John Walker, on Flickr MIVA19 by John Walker, on Flickr MIVA20 by John Walker, on Flickr John
  13. Dassault Mystere IV PK-47 - Complete

    A hard worked Israeli Mystere IV sets out on a ground attack mission, June 1967: MIVA14 by John Walker, on Flickr MIVA15 by John Walker, on Flickr MIVA16 by John Walker, on Flickr It needs some tidying up, then it will go into the gallery. John
  14. 1/72 Beaufighter TF X

    Superb. John
  15. Pk-6 FW-190A

    Battle commences OOB like the Zero - hopefully a less fraught and more straightforward build than the He70 is proving to be: FW1905 by John Walker, on Flickr Colour scheme options: FW1906 by John Walker, on Flickr I'm not a big Luftwaffe modeller but even I know these aren't correct. The StG.1 option in 74/75/76 appeals though. John