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  1. Zvezda Bf109G-6 1/72

    Thanks, not a kit I've built in the past. John
  2. Zvezda Bf109G-6 1/72

    This is a kit I hadn't come across before, recently acquired from Ebay. I did wonder if it was a snap-together, like the recent Bf109F, but it's of conventional construction: This kit doesn't seem to be getting much of a circulation outwith Eastern Europe, which is a shame because it looks quite neat. This one has had the rear section of the canopy come adrift, but that's hardly fatal. John
  3. I think the base is finished, at least in terms of adding more detail to it. The wire has been toned down with Humbrol 173 Track Colour and a wash of the basic craft acrylic, with the odd shiny bit showing through: I'm pretty happy with it, especially the barbed wire - quite effective in this scale. J
  4. I've been doing a bit more work on the model- feels appropriate today of all days. Grandpa passed away at Christmas 1977 and the plan is to have the model complete and on display by this Christmas. I've added some extra discarded items of kit from an ICM sprue and started adding broken sections of barbed wire. It looks quite effective but it's clearly far too bright and will need toned down quite a bit. I was in Falkirk yesterday and bought the little poppy pin from the Poppy Scotland stand. It will make a nice decoration on the base. John
  5. I haven't had a huge amount of modelling time recently but what I have had has gone on this kit - and it has needed it. It feels like this wee beastie is fighting me every step of the way. I had major problems getting the wings to seat properly on the lower surfaces and ended up with a bit of carving and finishing with Games Workshop Liquid Green Stuff: I'm not entirely sure but I think the cockpit tub might not have been properly fitted. That's all I can think of that might have caused the problem. I opened out the slots in the wing roots that the spar fits into as they were very tight and in fact pulled the spar off the bottom wing before I fixed it. I've also decided on a wheels-up stand mounted model, and the closed main wheel well doors need a bit of fettling. The fitting of the nacelles has been commented on elsewhere. Once again a bit of carving and making good with Liquid Green Stuff: I broke the pitot, like I've done on just about every new 1/72 scale Airfix aircraft I've built. Next step is to chuck some primer at it and see where we go from there. John
  6. Jet Provost Colours

    Humbrol 174 is satin 537. Humbrol 238 is gloss 537. HTH John
  7. Airfix 2018

    I always expected the next Matchbox 1/32 scale kit to be a Gladiator! Given the range of markings options, I'm a bit surprised the mainstream hasn't looked at a large scale kit. John
  8. PK-17 Bf 109 E

    When Ray Rimmel built his Battle of Britain collection for the RAF Museum back in 1979-1980 he used the Matchbox Bf109E in preference to the Airfix kit. It certainly looked the part when he was finished with it. John
  9. PK-1 Hawker Fury

    The evolution of Matchbox kit colours is a subject in itself. I loved my orange and white Zero! The quote is indeed Ferdinand. Orphan Black was a bit mind boggling in places but it was a great series. John
  10. PK-1 Hawker Fury

    I'm sure mine was bright blue and a sort of buff grey, if I remember correctly. John
  11. Got one today - very nice indeed. John
  12. Glasgow IPMS show

    Excellent show, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We liberated a couple of AZ Hurricanes, MkIId with RAF and Soviet markings for me and a MkIV with SEAC and Yugoslavian markings for Andrew. J
  13. Glasgow IPMS show

    On the train to meet my son in the city then heading out to the show. Looking forward to it. John
  14. Boeing P-12E

    The prototype/mockup Alpha Jet in its first red and white incarnation was reasonably close, but there weren't many others. J
  15. PK-82 T-34, Finished!

    My memory of the first release of the T-34 is that it used a much less vibrant blue, but the sprue colours of Matchbox kits is a topic for discussion all on it's own! J