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  1. OK, one more just because I'm a big P-40 fan and this is the only one of my 4 entries I've never built before. It got a bit of a negative vibe when it came out at first but we'll see: John
  2. Don't write off the Matchbox decals too soon, they're remarkably resilient. I used an original Matchbox set on the Airfix Marauder a few years ago and they worked perfectly. John
  3. Thanks for that. My main memory of the engine panels is that the edges seemed to have a subtle curve, rather than being flat, and you couldn't get them to fit together cleanly. The gun bays must have been OK - no traumatic memories there John
  4. Agree with Giorgio about the Middle East MkXVIIIs. I'm sure some enterprising soul will sort us out. John
  5. I spent quite a bit of time in the company of the Montrose museum example a couple of Summers ago, minus most of its fuselage fabric. I can see me getting one of these. John
  6. Having built the FROG, MPM and Rareplanes kits, it would be rude not to... John
  7. One of the very few Matchbox military vehicles I haven't built so I'm following along with great interest. John
  8. The structural detail on the wings is lovely. John
  9. Very nice. I've never seen this kit before so I'll be following with great interest. John
  10. A nice quick build of the airframe: You can see the filled joins in the upper wing. The wings aren't a particularly good fit, the joining face of the wings seems to have a slight curve. This needed a bit of filling but it's all on the underside. First thin coat of Humbrol 27 Sea Grey as a primer. Doesn't half show up the depth of the Matchbox panel lines. John
  11. I had a buddy who spent many a happy hour chopping the noses off these behind the cockpit and replacing them with the front bit of the original Hasegawa F4J kits, then finishing them with Modeldecal markings. I think he eventually got through all the operational RAF squadrons and colour schemes. I believe there was a bit of a retooling done to address the slightly squashed appearance of the nose but I've never seen one. John
  12. Righty ho then, let's get going. Wings first. The engineering leaves a gap on the top surface and on this example at least, it leaves quite a gap: My favourite method of filling long thin gaps is to let in a bit of Microstrip: Much better! I'll go on with painting the other parts. Apart from the markings this build will be OOB. That's the plan. It may well change John
  13. It's a lovely little kit but one thing that really needs doing is to drill out the jet pipe a bit - otherwise you get a seriously constipated Sabre John
  14. The Rareplanes Victor was state of the art when it came out, although I do remember having to straighten out quite a few white metal axles. It did seem to take an inordinate amount of time from announcement to actually turning up, and I can well imagine Gordon Stevens being a bit put out when Matchbox announced theirs. Either way it was a seriously good vacform kit. I got the Matchbox kit when it came out but I ended up donating it as a prize at the next Scottish Nationals, partly because I would be hard pressed to accommodate 2 built Victors and partly - whisper it - I didn't think the surface detailing was as good as the Rareplanes kit FROG 50p decal packs, yes I had a few of these. An Airfix MiG-21 in FROG Iraqi markings sat on my shelf for years. It looked much better than the Hasegawa/FROG kit ever did. John
  15. That's pretty much how I remember it, sort of pea green and olive drab. J
  16. Watching with interest My one was from a blue Revell box and the plastic was a glossy light grey. I'll be interesting to see how this one goes together. John
  17. Way back in the early 1980s Rareplanes announced a vacform Victor. I was reasonably competent in vacs back then so I ordered one the old fashioned way, by post. I think it was from MHW Models, although I could be wrong at this distance in time. It seemed to take an age to arrive. I think it had a longer gestation period than Rareplanes had expected but it did eventually turn up. After a huge amount of sanding and an almost constant hoovering of styrene dust from my bedroom I got the thing built. It was a K2 out of the box and a mighty impressive beast. The vacform gods suitably satisfied, the Matchbox kit turned up within a matter of months. You don't have to thank me John
  18. This is one Matchbox kit I always wanted but never got, for some reason. Watching with much nostalgic interest. John Menzies in my home town got the Revell 1/32 Bf110 into stock and it had pride of place in the shop window. I wanted that kit! I was even prepared to save up for it, rather than wait for a birthday or Christmas, it was that serious. I was on target when this Stuka kit turned up in the same window! I had some sort of internal crisis trying to decide which one to buy first, and eventually didn't get either. Decisions, decisions... John
  19. Following with interest and wishes of good luck I built the Revell boxing of the He70 in the last Matchbox GB and it was a bruising experience - nothing fitted and there's little in the way of pins or tabs to help with alignment. The build thread's here: I hope I had a dodgy example, and you can probably tell by the thread that I would happily have binned the kit if it wasn't for the GB. I did have the Matchbox kit but I gave it away without building it, so I don't know how that goes together. I remember a comment in one of the modelling mags that the Matchbox moulds weren't entirely compatible with Revell's moulding machines and there was more shrinkage than there would originally have been. I haven't built enough of the Revell era kits to draw a conclusion about that. Anyway, I hope my experiences are of use in suggesting what to look out for. There's no doubt it's a handsome aircraft when finished. John
  20. I think, and I could be wrong about this, that the original Airfix pointy-nose Jaguar had AS30s as well. It definitely had those weird French rocket launching fuel tanks. The retool into a proper GR1 was much less exciting Reinforcing the point about availability back in the day, my Matchbox Jaguar came from Jimmy Scott's paper shop at the end of our street. John
  21. I've had a closer look at this kit. What I thought was a rough surface texture turns out to be what looks like an aerosol primer sprayed across both sprues. It might need a bit of a polish down but it shouldn't be a problem. The underlying plastic is dark grey for the fuselage sprue and light grey for the wings. I'm reasonably sure my convalescence build back in the day was 2 shades of green. John
  22. I have a friend who's into restoring old British motorcycles and I built the Vincent for him not long after it came out. My main memory is having to replace the Microrod Matchbox supply for the cabling, I just couldn't get it to work. Apart from that, it looked really good. John
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