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  1. When Ray Rimmel did the British Bomber Collection in Scale Models many a long moon ago he attached the nose from the FROG kit to the rest of the Airfix B6. It looked pretty good and overcame most of the issues with both kits. For my part I've built the FROG or Novo boxing a few times and always liked the results. I remember building the South African version from the FROG kit and finishing it with a silver spray paint from Woolworths. I think it eventually ate the plastic but for a while it looked good John
  2. *Many* years ago we had a survey of available Alpha Jet kits in 1/72. Sadly I don't think the situation has changed much since then. John
  3. Alas I've had almost no time for kitbashing over the last couple of months, beyond the occasional fettle sitting at my computer. I'm afraid there's no way I'll be anywhere near finished by the end of the GB so Blenheim is going to have to wait for a more auspicious time. At this rate I'd be doing well to start... John
  4. That does ring a distant bell I remember George Lowe of GALDecal fame displaying one at the Scottish Nationals back in the days they were held in the Albert Hall in Stirling. George later got into microscopic ship models, which I could scarcely see let alone work on. John
  5. In the early 1980s our Eastern European brothers produced lots of very well detailed and comprehensive vacforms. I remember having a Polish vacform of a Defiant Mk1 that was streets in front of the Airfix kit. I used to be able to pick up examples at the old Model Engineer shop in Stirling. As resin became viable many producers adopted it and we saw some absolutely spectacular products. This does have the look of one of these early resin kits. They learned fast. J
  6. There's always the Matchbox kit, if you're looking for a clean sheet of paper sort of challenge I always liked the Airfix kit. Mine have been on stands with the observer hanging over the side. I think I have a USAirfix boxing somewhere. John
  7. It's water soluble and good for small gaps and blemishes. If it needs a bit of thinning a drop or two of water should help. I take a small amount out of the pot and mix it to the consistency I'm looking for. John
  8. That's very cool. I have the Airfix Chrysler and Bearcat in the stash and I recently picked up the Gangbusters Lincoln Roadster. John
  9. Me! I have a couple of likely candidates in my growing 1/56th scale stash. John
  10. I'm up for a bit of this I picked what must have been the 2 worst fitting Matchbox kits of them all for the 2017 GB so I think I'll look for something a bit more straightforward this time. John
  11. For the first time in my life - and I'm a couple of months off my 60th birthday - there are no Humbrol stockists in my home town. For the record it's a big town. I find that quite sad. John
  12. A wee trip down to the deep south and Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum. Lots of interesting stuff to see: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1k9wV0UAQgI1K2d1MmZWhdicseF7vX6er?usp=sharing Also, you can't go to Dumfries and not pay your respects to Robert Burns, who is buried in the town's St. Michael's churchyard: John
  13. Next build on the list Looks very nice. I've ordered Operation Torch markings from the Big H. More when the decals arrive. John
  14. Back in the early 1980s I worked beside a man who had been groundcrew with 180 Squadron around the D-Day period. He went with the Squadron from the UK to Melsbroek. He claimed that one of the aircraft was named "Wee Jocky" after him. I was never able to find out if that was true but I did build him a Mitchell from the Italeri kit. John
  15. I'm not sure what scheme to go for yet. Apart from the kit sheet I also have the one from the Victoria Cross set. Decisions, decisions... Anyway, it's going to be a week or two until I can start so there's plenty of time to make up my mind. John
  16. The 10-year-old me loved the Airfix Blenheim. It was one of the most striking images up there on the Woolworths wall of kits, and when you got it home you found optional parts, rotating turret and - wonder of wonder - retractable undercarriage. Most of my friends had one often packing both gun installations, which could have got messy. I got this one from KingKit a while ago - check the price: 50 years later, and several box sizes larger, we have the excellent new Airfix series of kits. This one cost me....nothing I got it directly from Airfix with Flying Hours. John
  17. Back in the late 1980s I worked for a while with the local Enterprise Trust, which had been set up to help and advise start-up businesses. We had a number of volunteer business advisors who came in for a couple of days a week. One of these was a retired mechanical engineer called Andrew, who had been the site manager for a large local manufacturing company. Andrew knew I was interested in local history, and one day he came in to my office and handed me a book. "This belonged to Frank Barnwell" he told me. That got my attention! Andrew went on to tell me that he had served his engineering apprenticeship with The Grampian Engineering Company in Stirling. Grampian Engineering had been founded by Frank and Harold Barnwell in the early 1900s and was where they built their pioneering aeroplanes. The book had been lying about the building, and Andrew had "rescued" it from the bin. The book was a Flight International publication on aerodynamics dated, I think, 1909. On the flyleaf, in pencil, were the initials "FSB". Andrew gave me the book. I kept it for a number of years then I decided it should be in a public collection, so I donated it to the Smith Art Gallery and Museum in Stirling. I'm also a graduate of the University of Stirling and I passed the site of Grampian Engineering and the Barnwell's first powered flight every day for 4 years. There's now a memorial to the brothers at Causewayhead in Stirling: The University also has the MacRobert Centre which has a display on the MacRobert family My entry will be arguably Frank's finest achievement, the Blenheim. John
  18. I'm in. Not sure what I'll be doing yet but it will be either a Frank Barnwell design or a type derived from one of his designs. John
  19. I remember getting the FROG kit from a shop in Callendar when I was a kid. I remember the plastic being light grey rather than my pal's yellow one. It's an impressively large model. John
  20. It's been good fun, many thanks to the hosts and the participants. There are some fantastic and eclectic builds. John
  21. In respectful memory of Alan's Grandfather, a Valentine MkIII CS of the 3rd New Zealand Division Tank Squadron in the Solomon Islands, Spring 1944. Finished as Squadron Second-in-Command's vehicle. Rubicon models, 1/56th scale. John
  22. Calling this one complete : Photos will be in the Gallery shortly. In summary: Rubicon Models Valentine IIICS 1/56th scale 3rd New Zealand Division Tank Squadron, Solomon Islands, 1944 Colours - all Humbrol enamels: Lower Hull - MC21 French Artillery Green Upper Hull and Turret - 163 Dark Green Camouflage - 78 Cockpit Green Tracks - 27 Sea Grey washed with HR143 Brown Commander - overalls 72 Khaki Drill, cap 80 Grass Green, gloves 86 Light Olive, belt and holster 84 Mid-Stone, binoculars 85 Coal Black, face 234 Dark Flesh Aerial - 11 Silver Fox Exhaust and metallic tools - 27 Sea Grey and pencil graphite Fire extinguisher - 16 Gold Decals from the kit sheet, spares box and generic sheets Mud - Enamel Wash Dark Brown John
  23. BS381C 389 Camouflage Beige. The shade seems to have originated in BS4800 and incorporated into BS381 when it was identified as a suitable colour. It isn't unheard of for specific colours to move across standards. J
  24. The New Zealand Valentines seemed to have carried a tool box where the kit has a moulded pickaxe head. I carefully removed the pickaxe and fabricated the toolbox by cutting down the larger example from the Rubicon Commonwealth Stowage set. It needs to be painted. Also added next to the POW rack is the ammunition box modified to carry the infantry telephone. It's finished in SCC2 at the moment but I'll probably repaint it. John
  25. Thanks. It's a Comet: Needs a bit of finishing off, but it provides an interesting illustration of British tank evolution. John
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