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  1. I have the Aeropoxy Folland Gnat in 1/48, any idea what needs to be done to it to make it an Ajeet ? It has IAF markings for the prototype Ajeet.
  2. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    Awesome ! did you use pre cut masks or do it the old fashioned way ? Either way what a great model !
  3. Trident question

    Thanks for the detailed info , this forum is such a wealth of facts and figures ! The Trident is one of my favorite airplanes always looking up in the sky as a kid seeing those red wings against the blue sky.
  4. Trident question

    Thanks for the quick reply ! Appreciate the info.
  5. Trident question

    Started to build the F-Resin Trident 3B, but found the wings were very warped, my question is can you use the Airfix wings, tailplane and engines ? I did read the 3 had a larger wing chord but the sizes on both kits looked identical. I did notice the F-Resin had a cranked wing and the fence was in a different location. Also did the 3 have unequal fairings as I understand the Trident 1 (or was it 2 ?) housed the APU in one of the fairings hence differing lengths ? Thanks in advance !
  6. Vampire damages runway at Halfpenny Green

    The very same, I flew out of there back when dinousars were alive and manned flight was in it's infancy.
  7. Indian Mig-29

    I'm thinking of building a 1/48 Indian Air Force Mig-29A with the ACM scheme used in the 1990's. Which Great Wall Hobby Mig-29 is the best version to use ? Thanks in advance !
  8. Are Revell a bit underrated as a kit manufacture.

    I've always thought Revell is a good kit maker, the century series is awesome to the cag handed like me !
  9. Happy Birthday Baby Boeing

    Spent 6 years on the 300, 500,700 and the 800's great technology back in the mid 90's, the 757/767 was less sophisticated but a much better ride, trips and pay
  10. Im a Father once again

    Congrats Dad ! don't forget to play the "pull my finger game", and all the other silly games that make boys become boys... My son is 26 years old now, but I have some very happy memories of raising my boy, even better ones of being a grandpa !! Best of luck to you !
  11. X-15 1/48

    Beautiful model !
  12. Fantastic, sign me up for 2 !
  13. Airliners from way back....

    Great pics ! Goodness brings back memories of flying the SD-360 and the DHC-7 over 30 years ago, sitting sideways on the DC-10 for Continental back when I was much slimmer and had more hair ! Nowdays it's "pushbutton glory" on the 757 and 767.
  14. What a fantastic finish ! you've done a great job on it you have a great talent
  15. Vintage Heathrow Airport Footage (66',72')

    I didn't know about the hanger, I'm old Continental, but makes sense seeing as UAL purchased the PanAm routes years ago.