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  1. A little bit of progress tonight, highlighting done for the black basing. Next step will be to add some aluminium to the areas for chipping and wear later. Thanks for looking.
  2. Nice work on my favourite aircraft. I’ll pull up a seat if I may.
  3. I’m working on Airfix’s 1/48 scale version and found exactly the same problem with the forward wing to fuselage joint. It took a bit of sanding and some plastic spacers to sort out. I’m sure you will hammer it into shape.
  4. Finally, seams all sorted and primer on. The Vallejo black primer gives a nice smooth surface for the final colours. I’ll let it dry for a day or two before starting the highlights ready for the camo’. Wheels and propeller are ready for weathering, the observant among you will notice parts for another project I have on the go. I like to have two models in progress but at different stages so when one is in paint I can still be building something. That’s enough for tonight. Thanks for looking and happy modelling.
  5. Probably a terrible picture this but I forgot to take any as I was in the process of sorting the joints. Other than the tail that I mentioned in a previous post there were narrow gaps at the front and rear of the lower wing half where it meets the fuselage. All gaps were dealt with using Miliput Superfine, before it set I cleaned off any excess with a wet cotton bud. After all seams were filled and sanded I dusted on a light coat of light grey to check for any areas requiring further work. While this was going on I decided to progress the propeller, wheels and some other bits. Final bit of work has been to put on the ailerons making sure that they match the position of the control stick as done with the other control surfaces. I’m going to try to get this one ready for primer this week so that means a number of small jobs and masking the canopy. Not my favourite job so wish me luck. Thanks for looking and happy modelling.
  6. Thanks everyone for taking the time to look and for the kind comments.
  7. I thought I would take advantage of the last couple of days of the holidays to make some more progress with the Hurri so I opened up the handhold I mentioned last time. It wasn’t too hard to drill it out, back it with some plastic sheet and put the flap at the top. That let me move onto the wings and the starboard gun installation. It’s actually quite nicely detailed so all I did was give it a dry brush and little dark wash to create some depth before gluing on the top halves. The biggest problem I have found so far has been with 5e tail. There is a bit of a gap with the horizontal surfaces and a big sink mark on the port side. It’s in a bit of an awkward position but I will deal with it when I sort all the other joints soon. That’s it for now, thanks for looking and happy modelling.
  8. Hi Josip, That would be correct for the G-1 which were converted D-3 airframes. The G-2 were rebuilt D-5 airframes and as such the 20mm wing guns and all the bombing equipment were removed. Having said that I do have one photo of a G-2 which still has its 20mm wing guns proving there are exceptions to every rule. I have also read in one source that some aircraft may have had one or two 7.62mm guns retro fitted at unit level but I’ve not so far seen any photos to prove this. Cheers.
  9. Finished! After nearly four months I can call this one done. Thanks to all that followed and commented. I have posted pictures in the RFI section but here are some more to round it off. Happy modelling and best wishes for 2012.
  10. I have to admit when I started this build in September I didn’t think I would have it finished by the end of the year. Not because the kit is a hard build but because I am normally a slow builder, this is my first 32nd scale kit and I was intending trying some new techniques. The kit is the Hasegawa Ju 87-G built as a G2 W.Nr. 494221 of 10/SG2 Using EagleCal decals. The cockpit was enhanced using Eduard PE, scratch built details, HG seatbelts and brass gun barrels. The 37mm canons also got some details and alu barrels. For painting I used a combination of Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics with the odd Humbrol enamel thrown in. The full build is detailed in the WIP section “Building a Kanonen Vogel” if anyone is interested with more pictures of the cockpit and other bits. Anyway here are the pictures, I hope you like it and thanks for looking. Thanks for looking and best wishes for 2022.
  11. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is enjoying the festive season. In between family time I have managed to complete the weathering and make a start on final assembly. So far this has consisted of installing the guns, rear seat and back rest. Then cleaning up the framing on the rear canopy section and adding some little details for the gun installation and pull strap. Despite the clear plastic being quite hard and brittle it is also easy to scratch with a wooden cocktail stick but some Klear should take care of that. I carefully cut out the slot in the top of the front canopy section to accommodate the antenna mast however test fitting shows a small gap between the bottom of the canopy and the canopy rail. I think I’ve done all I can with heating and bending the canopy to get the best fit I can so another solution is required. On the real aircraft a portion of the rubber seal was often cut away to clear the additional external armour plate when fitted. This is how Hasegawa have moulded the canopy and I have installed the extra armour. However, adding a 0.5mm strip to the bottom of the canopy to replace the cut out gets rid of the gap. It’s a bit hard to see in the photos but the extra part is in black primer, not 100% accurate but I can live with it. The exhausts are now installed and some light soot stains added with pastels. Hopefully the next post will be the final one but until then thanks for looking and all the best for 2022!
  12. Merry Christmas all. Not a lot of progress to report, been busy with the usual family stuff for this time of the year and trying to push the Stuka over the finishing line. However in between overeating and the odd drink or two I have managed to finish the cockpit and get the fuselage halves together. The fit of the fuselage halves was pretty good and I don’t think will need any filler. The cockpit and lower wing assembly also seems to fit into the fuselage without any drama. I’m pretty impressed with the way this is going together so far, well done Airfix. Going to start on the starboard gun bay next and believe I need to open up one of the recessed hand holds to correspond with having the access step in the down position. Probably should have done that before joining the fuselage halves! Never mind. Happy modelling and best wishes for the New Year!
  13. Since the 1/32 Stuka is entering the final stages I need something new to work on and a BoB Hurricane has been on my mind for a while now. This is the kit, the latest Airfix offering but I’m going to do it with a little retro twist. I’ll use the decals from the old version specifically the 1 Squadron machine of PO Clowes, P3395. The kit is lovely and way more detailed than the 70s version that is donating it’s decal sheet for this build so my intention is to build this a out of the box as possible. I was already a week into the build before deciding to start this thread so I’ll bring you all up to speed. The cockpit and wing spar assembly went together without any difficulty and I added seatbelts from tape just for completeness, drilling a hole in the seat back to accommodate this. The instrument panel is just the kit decal. The kit gives the option of having the guns exposed in each wing so I will do this for the starboard wing only and leave the port on clean. To do this you have to cut out the panel where marked. Next stage will be to close the fuselage halves which, going by the dry fit, looks pretty good. That’s enough for now, thanks for looking and happy modelling.
  14. Been a while since my last update, been caught up with life restricting bench-time. Finally got the paint finished and a couple of coats of Tamiya gloss to seal it in ready for decals. I think I mentioned before that I’m using decals from EagleCals T6+NU as a change from the ubiquitous Rudel machine. The decals went on with no drama, settling down nicely with Micro sol and set. The only exception to this were the double stripes on the rudder. No matter which way round I turned them I could not get them to match the profile. In the end I gave up and sprayed them on. Another couple of gloss coats and we are ready to start weathering. This is where things could go wrong, instead of my usual approach I’m trying Flory washes for the first time. I’ve watched the YouTube videos and had a little practice on a mule so we should be fine but wish me luck!
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