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  1. Nice, I hope you'll build a couple more and display them here. Well done.
  2. Very nice and realistic replica. well done
  3. Came up ok-ish considering the trouble she gave me. Think the moulds are getting a little old now. Couple of parts short shot. There are the tricky inserts and the resin Eduard added wasn’t the greatest fit either. Anyway, finished and in the display cabinet now.
  4. Very nicely done. Very clean build, suits the aircraft.
  5. very, very nice. I enjoy most of your projects, but find this one a real stand-out. Such nice weathering.
  6. I always look forward to your posts. Unusual topics, very nice execution. This in particular stands out for me.
  7. Absolutely great work on the old kit. Very nice. Love the colour scheme.
  8. The first one was very good, the second one is superb. Very nice color scheme, very well executed
  9. My lock down builds. These two are Eduard 1/48, royal class boxing. They are very very nice kits. Eduard always seems to have lots of parts compared to most other brands, but this one in particular fits perfectly. No aftermarket needed, it’s all there. As always, some little mistakes were made, but I enjoyed the build a lot and that’s what matters most.
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