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  1. very nice. and nice colors you picked. I've build 9 WNW kits and the undercarriage for most is very fragile, but I have never had one fail on me, so don't worry, it'll be fine.
  2. Bit of a mixed bag imho. Some of the smaller clear parts don’t fit that well and the flats have nasty seams in them. Challenging to get them perfect. (Mine aren’t as you can see above). Had a short shot tail wing, nothing too major, but still. Overall a nice kit, just not as good as the 109 or Spitfire. I had quite a bit of problems which were my own doing as well. Had a wingtip break off and had to rebuild that one. Not sure how that happened, maybe a fault in the plastic. And then I dropped the thing and had to rebuild quite a lot. Just one of those builds I guess.
  3. Great result, very convincing weathering.
  4. very nice model. Thanks for sharing.
  5. This was meant to be a quick build while preparing to move house (which happened 4 months ago....). Yep I am a slow builder. This is the very nice Eduard profipack kit. I am not one to worry too much about minor detail, all I can say is that the kit builds up nice, the decals are nice and yep it's also typical Eduard in places where there are a couple more parts than strictly needed. But I don't mind that, I'm never in a hurry and like a bit of detail. The mottling is a bit darker then what the camera shows, and I am not 100% happy with the colours, but she'll have to do. thanks for looking. cheers.
  6. Hi, Yes its the 1/35 CSM kit. The kit is lovely, nothing wrong with it, builds up well, no fit issues to speak off. Shows CSM can most certainly produce a nice kit. I did have a think about the etch addition, but decided that the provided plastic was good enough. I do know the story about the grey rubber, I just don't like the color, so took some artistic license here. Lets say this is an end of war Lanchester.....LOL Thanks for your comments!
  7. First time I do armour. Think I go back to aircraft. Nice model, but prefer aircraft.
  8. Yeah, the shark mouth was a bit of a mission. I used a combination of heat and Microsol and got them (2 parts left and right) settled down eventually. Don't get me wrong, the Eduard provided decals are nice, but that shark mouth has to settle over some major curvy shape. Thanks for your comments Steve!
  9. Not easy with my poor camera and in 1/72, but here you go
  10. This is my latest build. The kit is a typical Eduard kit. Nice fit, good price, lots of fiddle parts .
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