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  1. Baltic Bulldogs

    Unusual subjects, and very nicely done. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the WIP pics in post 5, just a "no entry" sign.
  2. KC-97L Stratotanker

    That's very well done. I've never used craft acrylics, but I rather like Vallejo metallic acrylics; a reasonable finish with none of the smell of Alclad, andf you can use Tamiya gloss black as a primer.
  3. RFC colour help needed

    For CDL I've recently discovered Gunze Mr Hobby Aqueous H318 "Radome". It can be mixed with white to vary the shade as required, but here it is, with a lightened mix on the ribs and the "straight" colour on than main part of the wing. That's a WNW RE.8 btw.
  4. Weathering heresy

    Talking of UV light and sun-fading, here's a challenge for those who like weathering. http://pembrokeshire-pictures.co.uk/raf/image_page.php?p=aden_hawker_hunter_t7_xf321
  5. How did I miss this one? Looks very good. If it's not too late, and if you weren't already aware of it, this book tells the story of R-Robert and the crews who flew it. I did a review recently which should probably be in the next SAMI.
  6. The incident is also related by Flt Lt Pollock in Hunter Boys - it's a while since I read this, but it's the article word-for-word or expanded a bit. [Edit] Just reread the book chapter, and my memory's obviously getting "older:" it's not a verbatim copy. Both article and book chapter are complementary. My apologies if I've misled anyone.
  7. Nicely done. I'm doing one at the moment, it's certainly one of Airfix's better efforts, even with a short-shot headbox on one of the seats on my example. Did you have any issues fitting the wings? I had a bit of trouble with the leading edge root of the staboard wing, but it may have been me.
  8. Tropical TWIN OTTER

    Very colourful, and nicely done.
  9. Silver undersides on a FAA aircraft of that period?? White serials on silver undersides on any British military aircraft of that (or any) period??? Callsign Whisky Tango Foxtrot I think.
  10. Now showing in Hannants "Future Releases" at £62.99 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TU05808 I'll pass.
  11. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Ooh, yes, think what could be done based on a a Hart. There's potential for plenty of kits right there: Demon, Audax, Hind, etc. Also can we add a Siskin to the above? True, but one doesn't want to be too greedy.
  12. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Avro 504 in three boxings: a J/K, a post-war N and a fighter variant. Ah well, one can dream ...
  13. Great model. As others have said it brings it home to us how much they went through. And that includes my Great-Uncle, 13th Durham Light Infantry, lost on the Somme August 1916.