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  1. If you haven't found this trick already, a red "Sharpie" marker is a quick and easy way to reproduce red edges on airbrakes etc, far easier than a paintbrush.
  2. John Mills could play a submarine captain or an army corporal who didn't really want the stripes equally convincingly. Dirk Bogarde was an army photographic interpretation officer during the war. And all the supporting cast: Harold Siddons, Victor Maddern, Sam Kydd for example. Let's not forget the Germans either: Wolfgang Preiss must have played practically every officer in the Wermacht high command at one time or another.
  3. Hi Mike


    Could I have the PR1G conversion with a Tamiya Mk 1?



  4. "Damp tent and a nasty little shack full of dead flies." Good work there.
  5. Post-War Brisfit, Post-War Ninack, Late Snipe, the latter two with some great Pheon decals available, and some apparentlt due for the Brisfit - go on, you know you want to ...
  6. Hi, and welcome from another former Bury boy. Good to hear Model Junction's still going; remember CF Rogers in St Johns St.?
  7. Yes, I'm considering that route too; doesn't look too difficult, but time will tell. If it proves too difficult and ends up as bin fodder, at least I won't have wasted a very expensive Tamiya. It seems to be the Mk II kit with new sprues for the fuselage, wings and Mk IX-specific bits. Only four-spoke wheels are included (some very early IXs had five-spoke ones) and they do look to be an improvement on the Mk IIa. It also looks as though they've fixed the shape issues with the Mk II fuselage, but I'll reserve judgement until I've got the bits out of the bag.
  8. I remember that ^^. It was H J Walker iirc, and I seem to remember it being in the basement of a chemist's shop. Only went there once. Nearer home for me: Suffolk boys like me may remember C F Rogers in St Johns St, Bury St Edmunds - Airfix series 1 hanging from the beams and on the peg-board fitted on the cellar door. They even sold some of the old ESCI aftermarket decals - about six options per sheet with one side view per option to work from. Further afield, Ipswich had Everybody's Hobbies in St Nicholas St, and there was Langleys in the Arcade in Norwich. But in the 60s everybody sold kits - even the greengrocer down the road from where I used to live carried half a dozen Revell series 1. Moved South with my job in the late 70s, and discovered my local model shop was none other than Modeltoys in Portsmouth, home of Modeldecals. Great to be able to browse the sheets and decide which one to buy - "oh, and that sheet's got a Gazelle on it,I'd better have an Airfix Gazelle as well please ..." Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!
  9. Yes, I was in Bedford Hobbycraft on Wednesday and was quite surprised at how denuded the Airfix shelves were. However, for the first time in living memory I went in with a list of half a dozen Tamiya acrylics and found every one in stock.
  10. I sem to remember the child Emile in The Wild Geese is seen building a model - must watch that film again sometime.
  11. Yes, very good memories of Greenham in the 70s. My ATC Sqn used to run a minibus to the show. One year, at the conclusion of flying (the Arrows in Gnats of course) we were just backing out of the parking space to come home, when someone yelled "STOP!!" Coming low and fast, crowd right to left, was a high wing and deep fuselage, which turned out to be a B-24 on its delivery flight from India. The same B-24 is now in the RAF museum. Anyone else remember that?
  12. Iirc the Rareplanes vacform FB4 was a very good kit. Yes I know it's a vac ...
  13. Could i have the kitty hawk cougar please

    glyn fuller

    1. MikeC


      Thanks, and yes of course - PM inbound

  14. I've got that sheet, it consists mainly of generic serials and badges, so that you can build any Gnat from the fleet. It's also got specific decals for the Bedford gust research a/c, for which S&M also do a conversion set.
  15. Seen locally to me once, on a private car: "Well Driven? Let my Mum know, she worries."