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  1. Looks brilliant Ken! What exhaust cans are you using?
  2. Tamiya Escort Cosworth 4x4 Monte Carlo

    @Mike would love one.........................
  3. I'm building a Shenyang F-8-II at the moment and have thought what would be best to cross-kit, as it don't look as easy as it should be.... it is something I really want to do though.
  4. Su-30MKI Prototype 1/48

    Great work Paul! Love this scheme, and nice work on the undercarriage too! Sad I seem to be the only one interested in this project.... Also, where did you get the canards front section from? I've been after a set for ages but wasn't aware one was available.
  5. 262 days till Telford... got a lot to do Neil but great work so far. Going to be another show-stopper!
  6. Never say never... I bet we have more chance of a Ukraine or Czech company given the ones mentioned above than a British manufacturer. Odd we've got three (4 including Airfix) DH.88's... but I can't complain!
  7. 1/72 - NAMC YS-11 by Platz ?

    ^^ No longer available, I look quite often and never had a response either...
  8. It's gone to a great home, I can't wait to see it finished. Mike would of done an equally good job as you for sure, but given your interest in Bomber Command it makes sense. (I'd want you to finish it if it was mine and I had lost interest/time/space etc) Roll on SMW '18.
  9. I asked Modelsvit about this when they first got announced and they said they hadn't planned on releasing the E-166... so I will be happy if they are now! As will @Flankerman
  10. Not seen this on the forum - found via Hannants. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AR48111
  11. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    These machines make me happy... what I've caught this year so far, and all 'new' to me.. as in I've never photographed these particular ones before... UR-CNT is an amusing registration. (All at Birmingham Airport)
  12. Would love the Avenger and MiG-15 if I'm honest.... Not tempted by the Harrier, even though I did a stint on them. (Gr.7/9's)
  13. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Adding more to my Amodel & Modelsvit collection... as I had to pass eModels today I popped in as I noticed they had two I wanted. Modelsvit Su-17M3 Amodel IL-40 Brawny 1ml Pipettes x2 packs
  14. Ken, that's looking really good! I have this also on the shelf of doom... might have to drop you a PM to pick your brains on the details! One thing I do notice though, no ribs on the middle at the top and just aft of the leading edge (behind the canards)? Of are they still to be added?