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  1. Still the same DIO..
  2. Nose might be slightly lower than my pics, but no biggie...? My images...
  3. 1/200th is big in Japan that's why...
  4. Stunning, a very well done!!
  5. Will be getting on that after Bolton, building another V-1 for Bolton so not touching anything else at the moment. It's not far off some paint now though! See you Sunday, I'll have my purple '580 Modellers - Radders' top on
  6. Where have I been?? I last posted on the 2nd Jan and that seems like a lifetime ago, and now it's as good as done! Looks amazing too, I bought that nose off Colin to do this, but after seeing yours I think I will stick to my Russian stuff.. Are you going to Bolton mate? Be good to catch up and see this.
  7. Says on your profile to the left that an interest is modelling, so if the nose *is* off, that shouldn't be a problem?
  8. To you maybe, but not to the Japanese market and many others worldwide.
  9. Subscribing...
  10. I fell in love this with aircraft at RIAT.. F-35 debut at RIAT. by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr F-35 debut - RIAT 2016 by Radleigh Bushell, on Flickr
  11. Yeah, they still fly... but it's a guess as to how many.
  12. Disney - Planes James Bond - Pick one.. (many with Aviation in...)
  13. What AM company are going to jump on the bandwagon and produce the fairings? Should be easy enough to scratch though..
  14. Detail looks better/finer?