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  1. Hobbycraft 1/48th Cutlass
  2. I love weird and wonderful aircraft..... suits me down to a tee.
  3. Look again, they are there but for some reason the rim hasn't been painted (Look at nullchin's post, top photo). Not sure what the top dollar is either, as we don't know a price do we? Or have I missed that?
  4. Brilliant news for sure, as someone who only wants to build USAF stuff in 1/144th, I'm well happy!
  5. Makes me want to have a bash at another... must resist!!
  6. o, how much to buy it off you, haha! Nice one!!
  7. Revell 1/16th Samba Bus T1 camper Hasegawa 1/72nd S.2 Tracker Trumpeter 1/350th(!) Su-25UTG & Ka-29 (I've bought these as I want the Admiral Kuznetsov, but I will only buy the ship if I can paint the aircraft decent enough, they are TINY!) Trumpeter 1/72nd Tu-142MR
  8. Looking good, I'm after some plans as I have a 1/32nd scale vacform. A stunning aircraft.
  9. Not sure what happened to my text above?!
  10. This, I was really excited when I see it released. Never thought we'd get a big scale T1!
  11. He has done exactly that, just sanded to shape... not gone through the plastic.
  12. I started one a few years ago, bought resin exhausts etc for it, but when I moved house it got trashed sadly, so I just left it in a box, never binned it but it's too far gone for a rebuild. Would love to bring another one up to todays standards though. Watching in awe.
  13. Lovely work Bill, I have grown very fond of the Canberra in recent years, & I saw a great documentary the other day...
  14. I've seen photos of a build, but it's for a mag and I can't share. The person building it has corrected the nose quite easily and to me, it looks way better for very little work done. I won't be paying £100+ for one either, going to wait a bit..