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  1. Going to be fun getting the right finish... a very cool subject though.
  2. Heller 1/72nd DC-6 at a bargain price (will be converted to a -7) HobbyBoss An-2M 1/48th also nice and cheap.
  3. Zvezda IL-76 1/144 Trumpeter Su-30MKK 1/32 Mars Models Yak-40 1/72 Amodel Be-200 1/72 Modelsvit Ye-152M
  4. Bit of both, Amodel do work with EE (or at least EE rebox Amodel kits and visa versa) and I'm almost certain Modelsvit and Amodel share a factory. But I've never had that proven. They aren't the easiest of company's to get in touch with, which makes me believe they wouldn't have much to do with any other company. I would find it very strange for a Ukraine company to randomly start working along side a New Zealand company, but I guess stranger things have happened. Email Kiwi Models and see what they say.... Best way to get an answer. Email - skygodnz@clear.net.nz
  5. What a great subject, hats off to LiftHere!
  6. I can't imagine Amodel would work with another company (outside of Eastern Europe) if that's what you are suggesting. They are very close-knit with Modelsvit and Eastern Express but that's it.. Can't wait for the Amodel Dove.... lots of schemes to choose from.
  7. Ah ok, looking on my phone it just looked like an early Tu-22 nose. Hopefully you'll get it finished soon, I can't wait to see it done....
  8. Ah don't worry about table space... We'd sort something. I must message you, got some news about something top secret What have you done for the different nose on the M0, butchered an Esci kit?
  9. Like me Mike, you like them big... I have to say, if we got one in 35th I'd be tempted!
  10. Here you go mate I have to say, it looks brilliant... another for the 'BTIC'
  11. I love Viggens and anything else Swedish made. When I was a kid I just had a huge obsession with them and I don't know why. Seeing the Viggens, Drakens, SAAB 340's, 105's etc was great back in the 90's. I would love a time-machine but that said I do hope to visit the country one day too... A very nice model Bjorn.
  12. Any idea who built this, Adey?
  13. What he said ^^
  14. Thanks! I'm very tempted by Kazakhstan, love their markings but I honestly don't know.. Tamiya Acrylics, XF-54 Dark Sea Grey heavily thinned and lightened with XF-2 white. Thanks Thank you!
  15. Even though I have the NeoMega conversion, that's two more sold.