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  1. I reckon Amodel will give us a SARO Princess...
  2. I've died and gone to heaven, so good!!!!!!!!!!! I have enough projects on the go, a few large ones too, but sod it... there will be another!
  3. Damn, I love the VKP's.... be great if they released the fire fighting Mi-6PZh2, but I doubt it... stranger thing have been released though.
  4. Really nice!
  5. For a demo model, they should be finished clean, no weathering... just a nice straight paint job to show it off. When will they learn.
  6. I don't know where time goes, but I've finally done some photos of the kit, it really is a lovely kit too.. moulding is the best there is, and the fit from what I can tell is just like any decent IM manufacturer. Usual clean up required with resin kits, but nothing too major.. Link to my photos - And a couple to show you here.. @Colin @ Freightdog Models Are you going to Cosford? See you there if you are..
  7. Why? Quite a few manufacturers do this..
  8. If it has masks, I'm gonna get one... will look great in a glossy white scheme!
  9. Would love a Dash 7 kitted in 1/72nd scale, although I did see this at the Scale Model World in 2015.... scratch built?? Good effort!
  10. 1/48th Privateer 1/72nd Tu-160
  11. Won't be at Southern Expo, staying local and going to Stoke, shattered at the moment with my back issue. Looking good though Tom, a 1/32nd TSR.2 would be amazing too but I can't wait to see this Shack done!
  12. Great stuff, love to see more!
  13. Two resin 'Small Stuff' 1/144th Tu-134 conversions RP Toolz Punch & Die x4 Alclad paints Resin 1/35th V1 launcher Some small airbrush cleaner brushes .2mm Plastic sheet Trumpeter Tu-160 Heller CL-415 All from Hinckley..
  14. Looking good, my sponsors took some doing but I got there in the end, so all is OK I'd say, just keep going at it.
  15. You could sell a few of them decals! They look so good, Congrats! and a superb model too, now if I can finish my Be-12, I might just get onto my 134!