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  1. Late to this thread, but what a sweet model Nimrod. I think this is going to inspire to try my hands at this kit.
  2. Brill. Great job. Loved these graphics. Q: Why are RAF jest spesh editions so boring these days?
  3. Some great kits there, and great artwork. Inspiring to go looking for some older kits now....thanks!
  4. Inspirational piece Gazza. Great model, I can see the immense work n this one. Rubbing chin, and thinking, I'd like a go at this kit, what a charismatic aircraft. Thanks for sharing the pics. Paul.
  5. Going through some older build projects. love the research and ideas, thanks for sharing. Gosh, we had so much innovation. Great to see them not forgotten. Keep buildin' em!
  6. 'beaut. Lovely blend. Thanks for sharing.
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