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  1. Fear not - the Japanese language has two alphabets to choose from. And then there are the Kanji characters.... I'm intrigued that the F-4J interior panels are on a separate sprue from the USN common sprue. I'm not saying that is evidence of a plan for an F-4B (despite needing another new sprue for the inboard wing parts, main gear doors and main wheels), but it will be more efficient to kit an F-4B (or F-4N) if they decide to. Or an F-4S, if they decide to do new sprues for the inboard and outboard wing parts with leading edge slats. Although I'm not sure how different the F-
  2. I'd say that enough -30 J's have flown with the underwing tanks to make it worth leaving them as an available option: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/ff/C-130_J.jpg/1000px-C-130_J.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Italian_Air_Force_Hercules_C-130J-30_departs_RIAT_Fairford_14thJuly2014_arp.jpg https://www.milavia.net/specials/blue-flag-2017-israel/view.php?f=32 https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/defense/2020-02-05/australia-trials-litening-pod-c-130j https://www.dncphotography.co.uk/p603184467/hAABB1DF1#haabb1df1 https://halfpe
  3. Yes and yes - the windscreen is on a separate transparent sprue (or at least a separate area of the transparent sprue) from the rest of the canopy, allowing easy selection of the appropriate windscreen length for the variant being kitted. Jonathan.
  4. At least two new nose cones. I'm assuming the big hole in the sprue tool over to the right of the photo that heads this page of the thread is also a nose cone. This is probably the sprue shown in balwin8's post from 21 April (that post shows the same sprue twice, after and before detailed machining). But it isn't Sprue P. And it isn't the other sprue with a nose cone photographed in the post that shows sprue P, but which I can't read the letter from due to camera shake, So maybe there will be another F-4D specific nose cone? Jonathan.
  5. It looks like that last picture satisfies my curiosity about how Fine Molds will be dealing with the USN / USMC short nose variants having the retractable refuelling probe on the starboard side of the forward fuselage and the USAF variants not. No Hasegawa style "fill the panel lines" requirement here: The photo suggests there will be one sprue with USN / USMC specific features - spine with no refuelling receptacle, catapult strop attachment hooks, drag chute door, flat top inboard wing pylons and starboard nose half; and presumably an equivalent sprue with USAF features, and a common spr
  6. In addition to the new variants, my interpretation of the flyer is that the initial F-4EJ / F-4EJkai boxings, plus the USAF F-4E, will be getting another production run in June. Supported by the stock state at HLJ changing from Discontinued to Back Ordered. Jonathan.
  7. From: https://www.armedconflicts.com/SOV-Mikojan-Gurevic-SK-1-t42406 https://galerie.valka.cz/data/389/IMG_0589.jpg I take it to be the brownish rectangle that the chest straps are in front of. On some of the pictures I've seen looking for this one, the rectangle is quilted: http://www.ejectionsite.com/russian/sk1_a1.jpg But the quilted part may be upholstered on the top picture. Jonathan.
  8. "We hope that your choice will satisfy you. If not, you'll have to wait for the USAAF and US Navy Texans." Jonathan.
  9. Another reference on the later Albatross engine installation, from IPMS Canada: https://www.ipmscanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/beaveRTales_05_2012.pdf Jonathan.
  10. I prefer to give them my money. And as HLJ hasn’t sold out of the ADTW retirement scheme boxing at the time of writing, I was able to do that again yesterday. > but no magazine could afford to pay for mould tools. If the magazine are the only ones selling the kit, they will be the ones paying for the tooling – one way (at least some up-front investment) or the other (amortised over one or more of the production runs). Or a bit of both. > Suzuki-san, the MD, is a very shrewd businessman Indeed – hence my belief that the publisher made it wor
  11. I suspect that SOVA-M have taken the route that Hasegawa have taken for most of their kits, and while including parts on common sprues in all boxings that are applicable to specific variants (floats and drop tanks in this case), they deliberately leave out a couple of parts specific to variants which aren't covered by the boxing (the short wings, and the larger nose radome). Unfortunately, looking closer at some pictures, and referring to this: http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=32849 It looks like they have also omitted the correct engines /
  12. Or, it may have been a requirement of the agreement with Model Graphix magazine that serialised the F-14D kit. The magazine pays for the tooling, but Fine Molds' use of it is limited, either for a length of time or to different versions. Likewise I don't think the Fine Molds A6M5 kit has appeared on its own. Their Ka 14 has come out, but in a different configuration to the Model Graphix version. And their A6M3 kit that was included with a Model Graphix issue in February 2013 looks like it is due to be released May 2021. But as it is paired with a 1:35 figure, my 1:72 filter didn't pick it
  13. HLJ currently list the first few Fine Molds F-4 boxings (FNMFP-37 (F-4EJ), FNMFP-38 (F-4EJkai) and FNMFP-40 (F-4EJkai 8 Sqn)) as discontinued, and not available for back order. While I agree with Andy that the plastic is likely to be still be available, I'm not sure whether they will do another run of the same kit, or do the next run with different configurations / markings. The latter would require more investment in decals, instructions and box art (I note that they didn't go down the route of having separate decal sheets for stencils and unit markings / serials; and separate instructi
  14. The UF-2 boxing does include the long wing – the pictures show the inboard end of the outboard wing panel have a section with parallel leading and trailing edges before they start to taper. Compare this with the SA-16A boxing pictured earlier in the thread, where the taper starts immediately at the end of the panel. I don’t know if the later engine spec introduced late in production of the long wing Albatross marks (R-1820-82 replacing R1820-76), and fitted to JMASDF (and RCAF) aircraft, changes the shape of the cowls and exhausts as well as adding the scoop above the nacelle.
  15. Looks like the UF-2 boxing of the SOVA-M Albatross has been released: https://ua-hobby.com/products/1-72-uf-2-albatross-sova-m-svm-72027 The artwork shows the intakes above the engine nacelles required for the later engine configuration that the JMSDF used. (I get the impression that the later configuration was similar to the hardware fitted to the Grumman S2F Tracker - good commonality for the JMSDF if correct.) From the sprue pictures I can't tell whether the kit allows the earlier engine configuration to be built, without th
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