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  1. @Silverkite absolutely right, MiG-21F - 2 gun, early MiG-21F-13 with short fin and ejection seat as MiG-21F have 1 gun but with K-13 missiles and late MiG-21F-13 have large fin, new ejection seat, 1 gun, K-13 missiles. B.w. if You need more and more gun - MiG-21 without any letters which we know also as prototype E-5 ( in series 10 examples) http://www.airwar.ru/enc/xplane/e5.html carry 3 gun! Is there anywhere a good comparison between the MiG-21F-13 and Chengdu F-7 constructive differences? I saw some drawings of differences MiG-21F-13 vs Chengdu F-7 in Russian magazine , but I don’t really trust those drawings. Probably for conversion best MiG-21F-13, but if but if you bought a Revell and do not know where to put it now, maybe you should consider him as a candidate? Anyway, scribing. Although of course if in this conversion you want to bring the detailing of the Revell to the detailing of the Modelsvit you have a lot of work to do. B.R. Serge
  2. Inside blades, some as on Hiller YH 32 Hornet: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiller_YH-32_Hornet and Mil V-7: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_V-7 But this scheme have many problems. As written here: http://www.airwar.ru/enc/heli/v7.html "In 1965, testers were supposed to check the actual power at various revolutions of the helicopter rotor, but this year was the last in the history of the development of the V-7. During testing at maximum speed and take-off mode of the engines on November 11, 1965, the destruction of both power plants almost simultaneously occurred. As it turned out later, the takeoffs of the AI-7 were critical. The compressors entered into resonant vibrations and, breaking the hulls, flew away with the backs of the engines. The helicopter without damage smoothly sank to the ground." But at that time, in the Design bureau Mil this construction scheme was considered very promising for future heavy helicopters. B.R. Serge P.S. And don't say me that Mil stole idea for his V-7 from Focke-Wulf Triebflügel !!! Even it would seem in more generally accepted cases is not so simple:
  3. Pulqui II vs La-168: VK-1 (copy Nene) & Pulqui II vs La-168: Pulqui II vs La-168 with VK-1 (copy Nene) inside: Pulqui II with VK-1 (copy Nene) inside vs La-168: As we see with same jet engine, La-168 have best aerodynamic & design than Pulqui II. If Kurt Tank sold Soviet Union drawings upgraded Ta-183 - Pulqui II, why La-168 look as the best aerodynamic & design construction than Pulqui II? Lavochkin & Mikoyan with Gurevich radically redesigned construction Ta-183? Maybe....but no one considers LaGG-3 and Yak-1 to be a copy of Me-109, although they were created as opponents of Bf-109, and after careful study of Bf-109 in the USSR. In any case, until documents are provided from the archives indicating that there are Ta-183 drawings in the USSR, talk about copying Ta-183 is nothing more than conspiracy theories. But only one fact vs conspiracy theories. Soviet Union captured DFS 346. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DFS_346 DFS 346 had a more advanced design than Bell X-1 and he could be the first (Miles M.52 is a separate and sad story) to break the sound barrier. Formally, the primacy in overcoming the sound barrier would be for the USSR, but in fact it would be for the Third Reich. Of course, the leadership of the USSR could not go for it and the primacy in overcoming the sound barrier belongs to the Americans and the USSR had to develop its own designs, as Bisnovat 5: But this work was carried out more for the development of new military aircraft and not for records. Another fact is that all the work of the Germans in the USSR after the war to build bomber aircraft (as examples Aircraft 150 and Baade 152) that had a fairly advanced design also turned out to be unclaimed and practically had no effect on Soviet developments such as the Tu-16 or Tu-95, not to mention the IL-28. At the same time, no one denies a significant German contribution to the development and design of turboprop engines or missile. Resource photo: Wikipedia, Airwar, NACA. B.R. Serge P.S. I have not yet found my Ta-183. When I find I will try to make a photo comparison with the La-168 and Pulqui II. Something tells me that I still need to add SAAB J-29 Tunnan to this company, this is where it will be interesting!
  4. "Okhotnik-B" ("Hunter-B") at the air base in Akhtubinsk: (Big Bird!!!) Resource: https://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/5002688.html Interesting fact. This news about "Okhotnik-B" ("Hunter-B") appeared 6 days after the news of the arrest of the head of the Simonov Design Bureau: https://colonelcassad.livejournal.com/4990009.html Head of the Simonov Design Bureau Alexander Gomzin on fraud charges. The court changed his measure of restraint from a subscription on detachment to imprisonment. Gomzin is accused of embezzling 494.31 million rubles from the budget of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. According to court materials, the suspect concluded fictitious research and design agreements with legal entities under his control. Head OKB im. Simonov is suspected of involvement in the theft in the period from 2015 to 2018 907 million rubles, which the Russian government allocated to the creation of a heavy UAV "Altair", https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Альтаир_(БПЛА) as well as misuse of another 163 million rubles. Probably the demonstration "Okhotnik-B" ("Hunter-B") in at the air base in Akhtubinsk ( as we know this air base recently visited Putin) is an attempt to justify the scandal with heavy UAV "Altair". B.R. Serge
  5. About one type Russian pilot uniform. This beautiful text probably written by a real fighter-bomber pilot, so I couldn’t help but put it here by editing slang and obscene language. Original text & photo on Russian here: https://t.me/fighter_bomber/594 "DeESka. Jacket flight technical demi-season. For obvious reasons, Godish* made it so that the flight crew washed down this jacket. She became our answer to the American flight jackets BOMBER and PILOT. Everything is made simple and ingenious. Three layers. Upper cotton. For cheap. Lining of some insulation. And one more lining from windproof. A huge collar of sheepskin wool, which can be put on end and zip up and DeESka turns into a house in which it is warm and cozy. Pockets are sharpened by putting hands there. (This is a big rarity in the army) Do not store any military garbage, namely, warm hands. Hands there comfortable and warm. If you see a pilot who does not hold his hands in the pockets of DeESki, then this is some kind of infantryman took the jacket to wear it. Two slant pockets outside under the Makarov pistol and a spare shop. And an internal pocket for documents.There is still a (_censored_)** not necessary pocket on the sleeve, but it is harmless, it does not interfere. And still there is a hood hidden under a collar in a special pocket. It is also sometimes a very necessary thing, by the way it is made of such a size so that it can be put on / put on*** (Leave me alone)** a hat. Complete with a fleece buttoned under the throat and hands in flight gloves in the pockets creates an unsurpassed overpack**** in which there is no scary cold frost**. I do not know the author of this product, but I thank him very much, as well as the prisoners, who sew such good jackets for pilots. The only color is not for war, I am for change on a protective khaki color. There is also a naked jacket made in the image and likeness of the DeESki (there is leather on top, and fur lining (in general, fashion for all Iamaformersquadroncommander*****) and a fur jacket. There is a removable cotton top, and the lining is already pure fur and an even bigger collar DeESke. But she is very heavy and uncomfortable, and a padded jacket is not given everywhere. In "very very remote airbase"** given. And "very very remote airbase"** not worth a jacket. Jacket DeESka is one of the few items of flight uniforms, which each Fighter-Bomber pilot must have in the amount of a pair of pieces for retirement. Yes, there are much better civilian jackets that are moisture wicking, lightweight, breathable. But only in a DeESke soaked with sweat to salt, weathered by all winds, and slightly smelling of aircraft fuel ****** and planes , will you sit somewhere on the bank of a river with a fishing tackle, or in a garage and remember the best moments of your fighter-bomb life." I don’t know how I managed to adapt this Russian text to English (perhaps adaptation is a complete disaster ), but in the original it’s beautiful (but with some ironic shadow), just a poem about a Russian flying jacket. B.R. Serge ______________ * - I tried to leave as in the original. In the original, the word God is used in a caressing and pleasing context. ** - in original Russian obscene would. *** - in the original, the author sneers at his ignorance of the spelling rules of the Russian language. **** - in original "uberkit" ***** - in original "I am a former squadron commander" written together - the author's irony. ****** - in original kerosene.
  6. Searching on Britmodeller about Pulqui II and see this topic. First of all, at the moment there are no studies that would cite Soviet archival documents about the Ta-183. All of the currently known references to any Ta-183 data captured in Germany are as follows: 1. The article about Ta-183 in the magazine "Krylya Rodiny: (Wings of the Motherland) (90s years) mentions that a set of Ta-183 wings was captured. And that's all. There are no references to official documents. 2. Fresh publication from LJ Yuri Pasholok ( main armor expert WoT, having access to archives) https://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/11788551.html "The fact is that in the course of work on Ta.183 many questions arose about its design, including the tail. As shown by the aerodynamic research in TsAGI after the war, at speeds above 850 km / h, it was not at all zero that the plane tail should be torn off." So, aerodynamic research probably was (?!) , but no anything data, photo and other archive documents! That all! In most monumental book about German influence on Soviet aircraft "Sobolev D. A., Khazanov D. B. The German trace in the history of national aviation" I don't remember nothing about Ta-183. I don't know maybe not all found in archives about Ta-183 documentation? But in itself, the swept wing is not a panacea. In this film, you can clearly see what problems you encounter on the swept wing with increasing speed. Fragments from 17:00 to 18:44 well shows the problem of the swept wing and the solution of the problem with the help of an aerodynamic partition on the wing, pictures understand without translate. But as we see on Pulqui II Kurt Tank initially did not know anything about this problem. Because on wing Pulqui II clear. But this problem on Pulqui II was and decided it only on the fourth prototype with aerodynamic partition on the wing, but this no help Pulqui II because time was lost. At the same time, it is impossible not to note the common appearance Pulqui II & La-168. But La-168 flying first then Pulqui II. Of course, conspiracy therapists may argue that Kurt Tank sold Soviet the drawings advanced Ta-183 - Pulqui II! Indeed, after the war, Kurt Tank was without money and without work, so he met with an agent of Soviet intelligence and offered his services as an aircraft designer of the USSR. An agreement was concluded with him that he would work in the USSR and an advance payment of $10,000 was paid to him for the move. But they say that Kurt Tank took the money .... and bought a ticket to Argentina for this money! Could Kurt Tank, who as they say was also a staunch anti-communist, be able to sell the USSR any serious developments in such circumstances, the question is opened. I can't find my Ta-183 and La-168 for comparison with Pulqui II, but photo this comparison maybe interesting. B.R. Serge
  7. Issue # 5-2019 "M-Hobby" magazine published review about MiG-21F-13 from Modelsvit: ( resource photo official publishing house & dealer magazine: https://zeughaus.ru/zhurnal-m-khobbi-52019/ I read electronic version this article. What can I say? In article have compassion fuselage & canopy Modelsvit v.s. Revell. The Revell error in the fuselage section in the cockpit area, which automatically made the Revell canopy in error, is clearly shown in comparison. But we are not interested in Revell, right? In principle, the model has a new fuselage, an ejection seat, weapons and canopy. Unbuild ejection seat I don't see in article, , only the text and picture of this ejection seat from the technical manual. Intuition tells me that in order to detail the model of this ejection seat, I’ll have to use the photoetched Part or Eduard! Nothing is written in the article about the absence of compressed air balloons in the wing bays of the main wheel. Nothing is written about the very small gap between the annular nozzle and the nozzle combustion chamber. This is what I had to face in MiG-21F. At the same time, the article complains about the bad docking of the cockpit and fuselage MiG-21F-13. I haven’t reached this point yet, but the dry assembly cockpit & fuselage MiG-21F tells me that everything is fine. Among the shortcomings, the absence of two weather vane out of four per Pitot tube is noted, but for those who have photoetched Part or Eduard, this is generally not significant. In general, no big surprises in this article & this models. A more complete version of this article may appear on the Russian model site Scalemodels.ru , if this happens, of course I will give a link here. B.R. Serge
  8. But, "For in much wisdom is much grief and he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow."(c). This video really dull , but I thought that this video was shot by mr.Putin on his Nokia 3310 specifically for Britmodeller? This is not true? I was deceived? I am so sorry!!! B.R. Serge P.S. A bit of Russian specifics. I don’t know what the PR- department Russian MoD conducted the when they chose 6 Su-57, because one of the meanings of the "6" has a negative interpretation: "The six is the scornful name of the errand man (from the six - the youngest playing card in the Russian deck of 36 cards)." from: https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Шестёрка Ideally, it would be 7- Su-57 because "7" everyone associates with a "lucky seven" , but it looks like they certainly did not have so much Su-57 at this moment. Five Su-57 will immediately lead to associations with the "Red Five" (aerobatic flying group established by order of Stalin in the USSR in 1934): https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Красная_пятёрка I will not develop associafies further, but they are clear to everyone. 4, 3 & 2 Su-57 somehow small and undignified for escort. Such is the interesting specificity of the figures in Russian.
  9. Ark Models now has only one way for a decent response to these competitors' intrigues - to make a model Soviet Space Shuttle not only Buran with the launch tower, but also with the model of the entire Baikonur cosmodrome https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baikonur inside the box! B.R. Serge
  10. Thank you, but I am against the approaches of the pathologist in modeling! All these open hatches, detached units and mechanisms look spectacularly as a demonstration of the modeller capabilities , but they completely deprive the model itself as an object of technical aesthetics of swiftness, elegance and beauty! Of course, if this beauty and technical aesthetics were originally present to some extent on the plane! Because looking for beauty or technical aesthetics in the La-200B or F-89, for example, can be very long, but never found! Therefore, I do not want to spoil the rather beautiful and elegant Hunter with open flaps, air brake or canopy if this is not historical necessary! B.R. Serge
  11. Maybe this wrong way. Because if this photo really maked in Salgareda Air Show at Treviso, then stick was deleted: There is a true possibility that this photo could be retouched and the sticker on it retouched or maybe this photo maked up to Seattle, as variations... Yes!!!! Was separate topic "Looking for a photo and any information about the Su-27 BN 14, 1990": http://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27786&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 and was topic on old version "rumodelism". B.R. Serge P.S. Interesting photo this Su-27 with LII team test-pilot: No, these are not bottles of vodka in their hands, as incompetent people in Russian vodka brands might think! It's most famous on Soviet Union Georgia mineral water "Borjomi" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borjomi_(water) Many believe that this water helps very well with hangover in the morning after a strong drinking.... B.R. Serge
  12. But if flaps was opened for maintenance or rectification task then will be opened some kind of hatch where are the control mechanisms flaps or balloons, etc.? No? B.R. Serge
  13. Wow! It turns out, all these different Hunter models: http://scalemodels.ru/articles/12884-Revell-1-32-Hawker-Hunter-FGA-9-Mk58.html http://scalemodels.ru/articles/9263-Revell-1-72-Hunter-FGA-9-.html with open flaps but without a pilot in the cockpit it's wrong! Thank you gentlemen! This topic has saved me from a similar error in the future and wasting time on assembling photoetched flap from Eduard and the Part for my Hunter FGA.9 & P.1109B. B.R. Serge
  14. Hmmm...therefore, I did not find on the scan of the decal of "Begemot" the inscription "My other car is a jet" ..... strangely, the "Begemot" usually takes a very responsible approach to working out its decals... First way see aviation magazine with walkaround from this air show, because this was old epoch with little internet. I don't know...maybe France or Italian magazine... Second way it's "red 05" from LII. You need ask on Russian forum about this Su-27 in profile topic on scalemodels.ru, airforce.ru maybe there will help. I remember that this was already discussed somewhere in the Russian forums, but I don’t remember where ... maybe on older versions the forum "rumodelism" or "dish", but I realy don't remember were... B.R. Serge
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