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  1. Red Arrow 3 down.

    My deepest condolences to all those involved with the Reds and the Blues and especially to the family of the Engineer who lost his life today .
  2. Red Arrow 3 down.

    Sorry Mike, I wasn't aware of another thread running. Please feel free to move or delete my post.
  3. Red Arrow 3 down.

    BBC News is reporting that a Red Arrows Hawk has crashed at Valley this afternoon with unconfirmed reports of two on board. Witnesses have said that one parachute was seen. Fingers crossed for both crew.
  4. I vant plaice, vith crispy chips, not those soggy ones, or your name vill go in ze book .
  5. Following this one with great interest.
  6. That's a stunning model Neil and a very fitting tribute to a very brave crew. The finish is superb as usual and I can't wait to see the Stirling.
  7. That's a really good looking model and a very imaginative way to display it.
  8. Now that does look good and very tempting.
  9. There's nothing to criticize here. It's a very interesting looking aircraft and very nicely modelled. Oh, and by the way, Welcome back to the hobby.
  10. That's a very clever interpretation of the geodetic structure. I like that a lot. Do you mind if I pinch the idea for my future Wellington build?.
  11. Socially awkward

    There certainly seems to be a theme of contentment with solitude developing here.
  12. Socially awkward

    It's a yes and no from me also. I hate large groups, but when I was working in the day job as a chef, I regularly had to do theatre cooking for customers in numbers up to 200, so there was no option. At first, I did feel awkward, but I had to bite the bullet and get on with it. I used to enjoy the chat with the customers, who ranged in seniority from cleaners to the chairman and president of the company. All were treated with the same courtesy. I also had to do monthly performance presentations to various members of the client's board as well and staff briefings. On days such as these, my day was always rounded off by a couple of hours solitary modelling as a way to unwind and get back to reality, usually after 23:00 when I got home!!! Outside of work, I'm happiest with my family and just a few very close friends. But overall, I do love my own company, either when modelling, doing research for a future project or just sitting writing down stories from my flying days before my old memory dims. So no definitive answer I'm afraid.
  13. 617 tornado

    Xtradecal X48139 and currently available from Hannants.
  14. Chinooks by night (more added 13/02/18)

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
  15. Collier brig 1809 - 1875

    It's great to see another one of your beautiful models Bob and this one certainly doesn't disappoint, especially as she hails from my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing it with us.