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  1. Hawker Hunter XF442

    That's a very nice looking Hunter.
  2. Airfix 1/72 Be2C

    That's an absolute beauty.
  3. DH Hornet video

    Great video with some nice nostalgic music. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. DH Mosquito video

    One word, M - Music to my ears. A - An amazing aeroplane. G - Gorgeous sound of two Merlins on full song. N - Neat flying display by a very lucky pilot. I - Incredible restoration of a fine aeroplane. F - Fine tribute to all those who flew Mosquitoes. I - Immaculate attention to detail. C - Captivating blend of sight and sound. E - Engineered to perfection. N - Never forget the Wooden Wonder. T - There are tears in my eyes and a tingle down the back of my neck. Thank you for sharing the video Mike.
  5. Worst model quality?

    If they did produce any more, they should have been shot....... and not necessarily with bullets!!!!
  6. Worst model quality?

    A couple of nominations from me. 1, the Unicraft Trent Meteor resin conversion kit and 2, the Andy Pack Beechcraft Super King Air vacform. Both are models in the most loose sense of the word and both display their designer's devilish sense of humour. There may be others that, with professional help, may be coaxed out to emerge from the dark recesses of my mind, but these two really shine out and not in a good way.
  7. Loose ballast.

    I've had that happen to me a couple of times, ironically one was the Tamiya Meteor. On both occasions the problem occurred towards the end of the build. My immediate thought was to try to gain entry whilst doing the minimum of damage, such as drilling a hole and filling the area with Deluxe Materials Liquid Balast and finishing off with copious amounts of either PVA or CA glues to secure it. However, I reasoned that as I had achieved a reasonably good finish with paint and varnish, any drilling would necessitate more filling, sanding, priming, painting and varnishing of the area. I therefore settled on the thought that as the model wasn't a tail sitter and only rattled when I moved it, it wasn't going to cause me any issues by just sitting on the shelf. This is probably not the most constructive answer that you'll get, but it was a solution that worked for me. Good luck.
  8. Aircraft profile artiste

    You could try Simon Glancey at www.wwrgallery.co.uk I hope this helps
  9. That's certainly an interesting photo. Judging by the amount of manhandling of the ailerons, could they be a form of aileron control lock to facilitate the manual folding of the wings?
  10. I don't usually suffer with colds, but......

    I managed to get shingles towards the back end of November and this cleared up just in time for me to contract gastroenteritis which kept me entertained over the Christmas period.........Who's a lucky boy?
  11. That's a lovely shade of blue Mike, but is it the correct BS shade for the period? We're both in the same boat I think, so welcome to the Doldrums. Let's just hope for a more productive year. At least you've got the cast iron excuse of running the site and keeping this motley crew together. Well done for that and here's to a better year in 2018.
  12. Happy New Year

    A Happy New Year to you all and here's wishing you all that you wish for yourselves.
  13. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    RobG. "There's no call for that. We've all got different demands on our time and attention, and sometimes other stuff/events/interests/people must come before modelling. Some don't have those demands and can do as they please. As long as YOU enjoyed whatever time you could spend at your bench, you've had a good year." Thanks for that Rob and a Happy New Year to you. I appreciate what you're saying, but my problem is though that whilst I have no physical demands on my time anymore, having had to take early retirement in 2015 due to ill health, I just can't seem to find the drive at the moment. In my shed, I've got hundreds of kits of all different mediums just waiting to be built. I've got every type of tool and modelling material that I may need to build them. I've got files upon files of transfer sheets and reference material coming out of my ears, but I just can't find the urge at the moment to actually commit the act of modelling. And yet I still buy new kits!!!! When I was working, I had thoughts that retirement would be the great modelling Nirvana for me, but that vision seems to have been washed away, why, I don't know. But, it's now 2018 and time to make the New Year resolutions and up there at the top of my list is to actually do some modelling this year. So watch this space!!!!!!!
  14. Your Plans for Modelling in 2018

    To actually do something. I've just had a look at some of the members 2017 yearbooks and feel ashamed.
  15. Supermarine TOR4040

    Yes, Unicraft kits are a bit "special" aren't they? You've done an amazing job with this one.