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  1. Wally, that is seriously impressive. I hadn't realised how much of an attractive aeroplane the Bison was. You've done a magnificent job with a very old vacform kit and turned it into a model which would grace any collection. Add in the fact that you've created your own markings for it, makes it just simply an outstanding display of modelling skills.
  2. That is just stunning. It turns modelling into an art form.
  3. My best mate Colin, a Glasgwegian exiled down here in deepest Northumberland, went to get measured up for his kilt for his daughter's forthcoming wedding. The little chap in the shop was dumbfounded when he asked Colin "Will anything be worn under the kilt Sir?". Quick as a flash he replied "No, everything is working perfectly, thank you".
  4. Congratulations. Her choice of venue is stunning as is your beautiful stepdaughter and you right, hubby-to-be is a very lucky man. Best of luck with the planning and for the big day itself. I detect a massive stash sale coming on
  5. I see that the AAIB accident report blamed the flue system for the AGA wood burning engines and pilot error. Apparently, the pilot had elected to take off without a full crew, as the W/Op/Chimney Sweep was unfit for duty due to having only consumed 7 pints of Guinness instead of the regulation 15 pints. He was actively topping up his levels in the Squadron Bar at the time of take off but, the pilot elected not to wait. The resulting accident left a black mark on his record and a nasty stain on his trousers.
  6. See, I told you that it was happening. That's the box art from the forthcoming Airfix kit.
  7. Argyll???? We know there's hills in Argyll. We're all down in Norfolk researching those self inflating tee shirts. I'm sure that normal service will be resumed soon.
  8. What a charming little aeroplane the Fox Moth is and you've really done it justice with your lovely model.
  9. That's a spectacular piece of modelling, absolutely amazing.
  10. That's a truly spectacular Spitfire Bill. The beautiful gloss black with the red trim really sets it off.
  11. Hello and welcome Mark. You've started off with three lovely looking models. If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be the Spitfire. Thank you for sharing them all.
  12. I'm not an expert, but it sounds a wee bit Dire Straitsish to me, or just Mark Knoppfler.
  13. What a grand old lady. There are a lot of these old classic kits being displayed on here at the moment and this is up there with the best of them.
  14. See, there is truth out there!!!!
  15. Oh ye of little faith