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  1. Barry Scott sat in one of them in a Cillit Bang commercial. Nice collection! Marc
  2. MarcNewitt

    Lockheed Hudson, Mk. I

    Awesome weathering on that bird, want to have a go on one of these myself but I think I will wait until I have some more confidence! Great work. Marc
  3. MarcNewitt

    Meteor F8 56 Squadron

    Always love a Waterbeach bird, especially a meatbox. If only that base had stayed open it would be my local. Lovely build! Marc
  4. MarcNewitt

    F-111F Aardvark, Academy 1/48

    Absolutely gorgeous! Miss the Vark, I remember the last days of these beasts at Lakenheath and boy did the pilots chuck them around. I was lucky really as I only caught the tail end of their service life at the Heath as I was only young but they certainly left a lasting image in my memory. Marc
  5. MarcNewitt

    CF-18 Tigermeet '91 (revell 1/72)

    I quickly scrolled through the photos and genuinely thought the stripes were decals until I read the comments and must say they are well deserved, it's astounding just how deceived my eyes were, first class work! Marc
  6. MarcNewitt

    Stormovik IL2 Zveda 1/72

    Beast! Marc
  7. MarcNewitt

    MiG-23UB FloggerC 1/48 Trumpeter+NeOmega

    Great stuff! I forget just how much the whole airframe is reared up the way it is. Gorgeous Marc
  8. MarcNewitt

    F-15D G.W.H 1/48

    You have done an absolutely gorgeous job on that Eagle but I think an error has been made with 'Klamath Falls' being added to the inside of the tail fins, Klamath Falls is where the Oregon ANG are based in the US where as the ZZ on the outer fins are markings for Kadena, Japan. Please don't let that take anything from the superb job you have done. I would give my left arm for modelling skill such as this. Marc
  9. MarcNewitt

    Bristol Britannia Regulus

    Always loved the Britannia and this more that does it justice, Great stuff. Marc
  10. MarcNewitt

    Hawker Hunter F.6 Airfix 1/48th

    Lovely Blue Diamonds Hunter, Looks stunning and that ejector seat is incredible! Marc
  11. That is a curious beast, gorgeous. Marc
  12. MarcNewitt

    Caudron C712 1/48....

    That is certainly different, strangely appealing. very nice indeed. Marc
  13. MarcNewitt

    1:72 Airfix Hawker Hurricane (New Tool)

    Great job on that! Marc
  14. MarcNewitt

    Airfix 1/48th Meteor

    Nice Tiger Meatbox, beautiful. Marc
  15. MarcNewitt

    Airfix FG.1 25yrs

    Wow how many stencils?! I love a Toom and this is no exception. Wonderful. Marc