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  1. Love a 'Flying Flat Iron' you've done an awesome job of that! Marc
  2. Ah the 361st... I live down the road from the old Bottisham Airfield and was a member of the Bottisham Airfield Museum for a brief period, If you are ever travelling down the A14 towards Cambridge you will notice on the left hand side a row of trees that are cut in two by a road, for some reason when the runway was lifted, PSP I believe, a load of trees were planted in its place so the runway is still there in spirit just in plant form. You also cut through the old airfield driving on the A14 too. I had a 361st decal sheet with with three different P-51Ds on it and being the idiot I am I gave
  3. Wow wow wow! You have done an awesome job of that, what a gorgeous beast. I hate Amodel with a passion but it doesn't stop me building them. I am a gluten for punishment! Deffo need this for my collection...... now I just need some steel to make some nerves out of! Marc
  4. That is a lovely looking Iskra, I have been looking for a decent kit for ages. I shall hunt one down. Marc
  5. That's a fine pair of Meatboxes you have there, love the local RAF Duxford markings! Marc
  6. Awesome Wokka, I'd be proud to have that on display in my cabinet! Great effort! Marc
  7. Now that is immaculate! a very fine rendition of a gorgeous plane. Marc
  8. I love flying with this scheme on DCS, great rendition of it! Marc
  9. Jesus Christ that is another level! We are not worthy. Marc
  10. Love both the Thunderstreak and the Starfire, that Lightning is top notch too. Great stuff!! Marc
  11. What a gorgeous Spit, amazing build. Love the old Airfix boxing photo too that did make me chuckle. Marc
  12. Love it, love it, love it. What a monster that is. Proof that Amodels when done right make a tasty show piece! Marc
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