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  1. That is ridiculously good it's unreal! Wow what a paint job Marc
  2. Wow that Javelin! I can imagine that sitting on QRA rotation on the ORP at RAF Waterbeach. Such a beast and the weathering is fantastic (as is with all of your models) Marc
  3. Love them all but that Javelin is amazing! Marc
  4. Very very tasty, Nicely done. Marc
  5. I love an Iranian Tomcat and yours did not disappoint, Brilliant! Marc
  6. Who doesn't love a JP, Lovely stuff! Marc
  7. Strangely I have just finished my version of this but it is the Italeri boxed one, I believe it is the same mould. As this is the Joint Strike Fighter Program double kit of X-32A and X-35B the decals supplied are very few and far between. Love your weathering, did you have any problems with the seam in the intake? I took one look and thought "No way am I going to even try and tackle that" so I have an ugly seam line in the intake lip. If I had the confidence I would post my version on the forum but my mojo levels are wafer thin as they are . Great work on what I think is a rather beautiful beast, It may be ugly but I found some of the best aircraft are! Marc
  8. Wow wow wow wow, um wow and did I mention WOW! Just...... WOW. Sorry but wow Marc
  9. Love that Dark Viper scheme, had never seen it before I had it as an option in Digital Combat Simulator, never fly it in any other scheme now. Superb looking model! Marc
  10. How long is the nose on that! What a lovely variant on a classic airframe. Nicely done! Marc
  11. Wow what a beauty, Always had a soft spot for the 'Mighty Hunter' and still do. Having worked in part on the MRA4 project, it was such a big deal for me when I finally got to see one of them flying a Waddington back in 2007, anyway thats a different kettle entirely! You have done a great job on that and I would say Justice has been thoroughly served. Would love to see a MRA4 conversion out but think the market would be too small for such a thing as my Nimrod is still in the loft waiting for the right time to get built, considering the isolation we have all been put in I guess now would be a good time as any! Marc
  12. Absolutely superb! I know a Doctor of Psychology if required Brilliant stuff Stay safe and most of all, stay sane! Marc
  13. Sorry I am a Soviet aircraft fan so the SU-15 is the one for me. B-17 came in a very close second! All fantastic! Marc
  14. Wow that is one shiny Starfire! Strangely enough I purchased the Emhar kit a couple of weeks back as it was a plane I had very little info on and found it intriguing. After a little digging I found to my amusement that the nose launchers weren't armed up most of the time as when the rockets were launched it caused the engine to flame out so they later installed rocket launchers into the wings as per your version of the C model. Absolutely stunning both as a build and as in the finish! Job well done. Marc
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