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  1. Thanks for the contract details. Unfortunately yet another source with different ideas, probably not surprising in early contract with the British, Canadians and Americans all involved. The writing comes across as so sure of the subject it is making assumptions and so not letting the rest of us easily follow things. I have said about conversions, 1) 6 CCF mark I were converted to mark II in Britain, 5 P serials and AE963, which were given new serial numbers, part of a hundred such conversions. 2) 30 AG serial mark I airframes were converted to mark II in Canada before ship
  2. Great, good to confirm the Air Britain mark X definition is a CCF built mark I. If you have the contracts that would be great, which contract and how many were ordered as mark I? Various sources have different ideas about the first 600 aircraft. Butler and Hagedorn, Air Arsenal North America 964753/38 for 40 BSB28 for 20 BSB166 (SB.6648) for 540 RAF Contract cards 964753/38 for 40 delivered as mark I. Requisition 56/38. Completed 2 Aug 1940 SB.6648 for 560 delivered as 386 I and 174 II. Requisition 8/E1/39, note 100 of the II to be retained in Canada
  3. I can only stress no, nil, none, zero Merlin 28 in flying Hurricanes, beyond some test flights. And the possibility AM270/HC3-287, the Dutch version prototype used one, though it was meant to have a US propeller. It seems clear CCF with one exception delivered Hurricanes in RAF serial order to October 1941, the ones put into storage in 1941 for example had both their serial number and a 3 digit number painted on, AG303 had 439 for example, count the RAF serials allocated in order and AG303 is number 439. CCF stopped production in August 1941, after building 485, that i
  4. What conversions are being talked about? The 30 AG serial mark I airframes stored in Canada in the second half of 1941 that were mark II on arrival in Britain in roughly the March to May 1942 period? As Carl Vincent has shown there was no Hurricane mark X as far as Canada is concerned. There is some RAF documentation calling Canadian built mark I mark X, but mostly they are called mark I. CCF built airframes meant for the Merlin XX or later were either retained in Canada with Merlin 29 as mark XII or exported to Britain, some with a Merlin 28 fitted, others engineless. Rolls Ro
  5. Can opener acquired, applied, squirming squall of worms released. For some reason the Ministry of Aircraft Production does not start reporting aircraft radiator deliveries in its monthly statistical bulletin until April 1943, some time after magnetos, carburettors, undercarriages, pumps, propellers and propeller blades had been part of the reports. Of course the types listed together are for report purposes, so it does not mean radiators listed together are the same or even they are different if listed in a different line. No mention of tropical Hurricane radiators. Apologies i
  6. The evidence I have is some experimental flights were done with a Merlin 27 in a Hurricane, but all the Merlin 27 were converted to Merlin 25. There is no evidence of a Merlin 24 being fitted to a Hurricane, except possibly for experimental flights. The Merlin 24 were reserved for Lancasters and Yorks. Lancaster mark I production had halted in April 1943, 5 were built in July, then production resumed with 18 in September, rising to 103 in March, all up 362 Lancasters requiring 1,448 engines plus spares September 1943 to March 1944. Cumulative official production of Hurricane IV
  7. Thanks very much for the dates. What is the source? Mark IA imports 8 in June, 8 July another 6 by 20 August 1942 versus import report of 16 in June and 6 in July. Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes has the Sheaf Crown damaged by U-160 at 31.49S 31.11E on 4 March 1943, towed into East London. The November transfer of FR432 presumably explains how the import report missed the reassignment, yet its SAAF serial is before any mark IV which began arriving in July. So 4 in July, 1 in November 1943, but they "arrived" in March and there were 9 official imports in July, 27 in
  8. I am after when the South African Air Force P-40 Kittyhawks arrived in South Africa, either that or to let people have a good idea when most of them arrived. This is the list I am working from, RAF / SAAF / USAAF serials. Ia (P-40E-1) EV151 / 5001 / 41-36405 EV153 / 5002 / 41-36407 EV154 / 5003 / 41-36408 EV155 / 5004 / 41-36409 EV157 / 5005 / 41-36411 EV163 / 5006 / 41-36417 EV164 / 5007 / 41-36418 EV165 / 5008 / 41-36419 ET759 / 5009 / 41-36113 ET772 / 5010 / 41-36126 ET774 / 5011 / 41-36128 ET753 / 5012 / 41-36107 ET760 / 5013 / 41-36114 ET758 / 5
  9. For the how close question, Lancaster stocks as of January 1946, mark I, 86 without H2S, 431 with H2S, 185 to be classified, 50 mark I (ASR) with H2S mark I (special) 16 mark III 62 without H2S, 215 with H2S, 68 mark III (ASR) with H2S There were also 11 mark II, 3 mark VI, 10 mark VII, 81 mark X.
  10. The mention of South African origin for one of the photographs means it may be one of the transferred aircraft, one web site claims 11 were transferred, the delivery logs mark 8 Sold to South Africa, 19 March 1940 K2801, K2802, K2804, K2805 Sold to South Africa K4631 South Africa 8 September 1940, K2796, K2800, K8851 and it looks like they were given SAAF serials, https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19400802-0 For more photographs. https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=45611.0 http://johnguguhewitson.yolasite.co
  11. Canada received 15 mark III/P-40M, RCAF serials 831 to 845, Taken on Strength 26 January to 5 February 1943. USAAF serials, in order, 43-5706, 5778, 5699, 5691, 5779, 5794, 5786, 5787, 5698, 5802, 5811, 5803, 5812, 5810, 5795. There were also 35 Kittyhawk IV/P-40N The 8 survivors were struck of strength on 23 August 1946. Mentions of Western Air Command, 5 and 8 OTU and 132 and 135 squadrons in the mark III and IV listings.
  12. RAF Curtiss Tomahawk distribution, a comparison between US acceptance and export figures and the UK import figures, using the RAF Delivery Logs for individual aircraft. The Middle East is defined as Takoradi and the Middle East unless stated otherwise. USAAF Report NO. WS-378. Imports from North America AIR 19/524 (monthly figures), Exports to and arrivals in the Middle East from AIR 22/410B and AIR 8/511 (weekly figures). RAF serials AH741 to AH880 Mark I, AH881 to AH990 Mark IIA, AH991 to AH999, AK100 to 570, AM370 to AM519 and AN218 to AN517 Mark IIB. (AH741 to AH743 arr
  13. The RAF's Fairy IIIF are reported all retired in August 1935. As of 3 September 1939 the RAF reported it had 24 Gordon in the UK and 27 in the Middle East. There were 23 Seals in the UK, 2 in the Far East and 2 in Malta. On 1 May 1940 Gordons: 14 UK, 13 Iraq, 11 Middle East, Seals: 18 UK, 4 Far East, 2 Malta. On 3 September 1940 Gordons: 1 UK, 13 Iraq, 11 Middle East, Seals: 10 UK, 4 Far East, 2 Malta. On 3 September 1941 Gordons: 0 UK, 7 Iraq, 6 Middle East, Seals: 0 UK, 4 Far East, 1 Malta. On 3 September 1942 Gordons: 4 UK, 11 Mediterranean, Seals: 0 As of end February 19
  14. The History of Soviet Aircraft from 1918 by Vaclav Nemececk, the original work was published in Czech in 1970 then later in German, the English version is dated to 1986 and updated as much as they could. Think of it as the Soviet version of Warplanes of the Third Reich, great introduction to the breadth of the topic, but be careful believing the details.
  15. Some official documents on the early P-40/Tomahawk to ponder. From Model Designation Army Aircraft Eleventh edition January 1945. Curtiss P-36A, specification 98-605-1 6493, contract AC-10136 for 239 aircraft, 1 P&W R-1830-13 or -17. Low wing, all metal monoplane; fuselage of semi monocoque construction; retractable landing gear and tail wheel, hydraulically operated; trailing edge flaps, hydraulically operated; Curtiss electrically controlled constant speed propeller. (Curtiss Model 75L) Curtiss XP-40, specification 98-605-1, contract AC-10136 for 1 a
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