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  1. Thats a strange choice but good news anyway. Shame its not the old africa twin but hey ho
  2. That truly is the best Tamiya Mustang i have seen. The metal finish is just amazing. I wish after all these years i could master metal finishes but they just scare me!
  3. Heres my latest finished build. The new master series 1/48 X wing. Overal a fairly good kit. Pilot was the weakest part. The kit display stand is very over engineered so i made a new one using the kit base and a Bic biro as the mount.
  4. THE finest collection of models i have seen. Beautifully photographed too
  5. Thanks everyone. The Merlin is painted up now and looks nice. If anyone is building the same kit and closing the cowls heres a tip. Cut all of the internal framing out , it makes life so much easier.Luckily theres a seperate mount for the exhausts so the Merling is not needed.
  6. The Hannants Of London shop at Colindale does not open Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday now. Please see this message from Hannants of London here in New Arrivals
  7. Heres some more. I really didnt want that fantastic little Merlin to go to waste , so it will be painted up and sit alongside the Hurricane.
  8. Thanks everyone. This kit was a really good one. Everything fitted really well and i used hardly any filler at all.
  9. You are missing some fun. This is my Hurricane i just finished straight from the box. It was the most fun i have had building since i was a kid!
  10. This has been a nice fun cheap build. It is built straight from the box. The only things i added were basic belts cut from a brown envelope , Airscale instruments that i had laying around and a partial Aveaology sheet. I say partially as i was too heavy handed with them and ruined them. The only ones left were the "ZWEI" under the cockpit and the serials. The roundels are from the kit and the codes i masked and airbrushed on. Weathering is the bare minimum exhaust and gun stains. Took just over a week and the actual kit was only 25 quid , so its been a great build. So much less stress than adding extra detail. Mosquito and Spitfire next for the 1/24 collection!
  11. The Hurricane is a VERY good kit even by todays standards, I actually like it more than the Trumpeter one. I bought one from TKMAXX and i have nearly finished it. It looks really good. Spitfire is also good and still accurate in shape. It needs a wing spar though. The one thing with then is the plastic. The parts will need cleaning up a bit , but a bit of patience and test fitting and they are great fun.
  12. I set mine to metered connection which stops it from updating automatically. I have just noticed that the next cumulative update is one that can cause lots of problems. Now what?!
  14. Gorgeous build.
  15. Not the 1/48 one but the supposed 1/110 £6 one. Let me say that again , £6! What can you buy these days for that? I wasnt expecting much but its actually a little gem. I would say that it is VERY close in size to the 1/72 FM/Bandai one. Detail is lovely , but the pilot is way oversize. I just left him out. I just slapped it together and painted it white/grey.