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  1. Thats mine. Yup it weighed a ton!
  2. Yup i always find that when i have money theres nothing to buy.
  3. Hope they can fix it.
  4. Thanks Guys. Its a bit big for our house really. I need to swap it for a revell/FM one ideally. Maybe who knows.
  5. It was marketed as a toy but was actually quite a nice model. It had no detail on the sidewalls just stickers.The details are a mixture of the 5 foot filmimg miniature and the 32 inch one. You may spot some bits on the sidewalls , theres alot of 1/72/76 tank bits , HK 1/32 Do335 parts , tamiya mossie parts etc.
  6. 15 wide angle leds in a light box with a thin piece of plasticard as a filter/difuser
  7. Factory fresh! Basic colours now on , next is the long process of weathering.
  8. There isnt one at the moment!
  9. This is my take on the Millennium Falcon using the Hasbro 28 inch version as the base. I have made a wooden frame for the inside that supports everything. BM Members Badger , Towerpower and Swamp Donkey donated lots of scrap parts for me to kitbash the sidewalls and jawbox interior. Jaitea provided resin equipment bays and engine exhausts. I have made a lightbox for the engine that is fitted with 15 wide angle leds. Its not perfect but it gives the impression theres and engine. Im currently just finishing the missing armour panels from the top of the ship. Scratchbuilt radar mount Im not too happy with the engine but im not changing it now!
  10. Looking good. Have you found a glue that will stick to this stuff?
  11. Which windows do i need to cut out for the above Stirling. Im using the Italeri kit Thanks
  12. Thats great news. Im glad the airshows have not been ruined.
  13. Lovely photos. How was the show , did the new changes make any difference to the show , were the aircraft alot further away?