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  1. Fantastic replies. This has really widened my knowledge on the B-17
  2. That is interesting as Thundermug was douglas built.
  3. Wonder how long it would have taken to swap the wing. Im assuimg the undercarriage would have stayed with the wing. The engines were still the original one from Thundermug as they were olive drab.
  4. From what the paint guide says , the tail had been replaced too as it was a slightly different colour.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm sure read that it received a hit at the wing root. Could be wrong. I am surprised they swapped an entire wing.
  6. Anyone?
  7. Im currently build the airfix 1/72 B-17 from the ground support set. The markings are for B-17 boeing b-17 42-38206 Thundermug. The guide says that the port wing was a bare metal one salvaged from another plane. The photos i can find show an OD wing. Anyone have anymore info on this plane please?
  8. Thanks Paul. I was thinking Vallejo actually. I know they airbrush beautifully
  9. I am kind of starting over again. I want to go back to brush painting. I have used an airbrush for years but lack of space now and the feeling of making it a hobby again i want to go back to basics.I know that i used Tamiya paints constantly with the airbrush. What paints give the best brush finish. Humbrol Tamiya or the Revell aqua ones?
  10. Looks good. I have nearly finished my Mk2 and have started a Tamiya kit too. Theres no comparison between the two really but for the money the Revell one is good. I do think i may buy one of these too.
  11. Fantastic outcome. Standard position for an LC , on its back wheel! Love it.
  12. Beautiful. THE best looking Batmobile
  13. Thanks for all of thecomments chaps. Means alot
  14. 3 years after tragically losing our little 3 year old Daughter and 3 miscarrages later , I am Father once more . William was born on the 22nd Mar 2017 and weighed 5Ibs 14oz. I am a verry happy man again and My wifer is doing great too. Typically Just as i Get a great model turn up i have to put it on hold for a while! Thats more than OK though. Life is complete again.
  15. This is the one i think