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  1. Sweet looking Hellcat, very nicely painted and weathered. Duncan B
  2. Ah ha! I believe I just commented on this lovely Toom on a certain F-4 FB page an hour ago. It looks even better on my computer screen. I really must get mine finished! Duncan B
  3. Always nice to see some well made Corsair II's, lovely stuff. Duncan B
  4. Looks very nice to me, "should I get one out of the stash and build it?" good in fact. I fear that your patience quotient is far better than mine though so maybe it's not for me. Duncan B
  5. Thanks Simon Your order is boxed up, postage paid and ready to be dispatched first thing on Monday morning. I have refunded some of the postage as the price quoted was too high. I hope you enjoy the kit and that you'll put some photos up on Britmodeller when you have finished it. many thanks Duncan B
  6. 'Fraid not, that's the last one in stock. Duncan B
  7. Nope, not a clue!! Duncan B
  8. Ah, maybe it's from the Kagero book I'm remembering seeing the decals for Lilo. Duncan B
  9. played ice hockey with
  10. Was there not a school of thought that the RLM65 faded, oxidised (whatever the technical term is?) to the greener hue? I can't believe I'm getting involved in another RLM paint colour thread !!! Duncan B
  11. before guzzling complementary drinks
  12. Have you checked that these aren't already available from the likes of Eaglecals? It's such a well known scheme I'd be surprised if it wasn't available. Duncan B
  13. not for feet obviously
  14. Welcome to the Forums, always nice to have a fellow Scot and Messerschmitt builder around. Duncan B
  15. You are going to end up buying lots of identical plastic in different boxes in a lot of cases (the various G10's and the various AS kits are all the same plastic for example with the possible exception of the ERLA G10?). It will be up to you to fill, scribe and tinker to get the details correct for each variant if you are that bothered, if not then you'll be happy. Duncan B