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  1. I seem to have loaded up with Bombers recently, must be my aggressive streak showing! Hobby Boss 1/48 GD F-111D/E with decal options for UK based aircraft Hobby Boss 1/48 A-7D Corsair II Hobby Boss A-6E Intruder and some stuff to hang off them Eduard Brassin 1/48 TER and MER sets All the above are now in stock and available from Duncan B
  2. Wildcat Models and Scott's Models in Glasgow (Wildcat is actually in Partick for the Pedants out there) even though Glasgow is basically a 220 mile round trip for me. That tells you all you need to know about the lack of bricks and mortar model shops in Scotland. Duncan B (still dreaming of a real BlackMike Models shop with windows stuffed full of wondrous things!)
  3. for the armadillo's ears
  4. baring gifts from DFS
  5. cancelled by 'tiny fingers'
  6. In the picture of 21 the number on the nose looks like it has been overpainted, what do you think? DB
  7. rotating in different directions
  8. dangerously close to us (we took our Son to see them when he was wee and I have to say it was a really fun show)
  9. of the killer teapot
  10. diagnosis of Lemming's foot
  11. well despite the 'accident'
  12. That's something else. Duncan B
  13. dancing Laplanders were everywhere
  14. Yes, BlackMike Models is already booked for Perth this year and I'll bring all the WnW stock (that I have at the time). Of course if anyone wants to order something for picking up at Perth that won't be a problem so long as you give me plenty of notice, I'll post a reminder about that in March with a cut-off date for Show orders. Duncan B
  15. or even underducked Cooks