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  1. Check out Academy 13500 1/35 M4A3 76mm US Army "Battle of the Bulge" #Academy https://t.co/Le5Rt52XyA via @eBay

  2. AK Xtreme

    Plastic straws might be another idea for test pieces, easy to acquire for free too if you have a fast food joint nearby. I think you are right to try lower pressures to see what happens. Duncan B
  3. AK Xtreme

    Hi Kev From what you have said I can't see anything that stands out as being likely to cause any problems. You have used the same paint on the bottle tops and it worked ok. I am wondering if it is the shape of the forks causing the issue? Possibly the turbulence around the forks carrying paint around the back of the forks and causing the rough finish (if you follow me?). I don't think you are expecting too much from the paint, it usually performs really well. All I can suggest is to test different coats and pressures on sprue of a similar thickness to your forks until you get the finish you want (rather than have to strip the forks each time). Sorry I couldn't be more help but do update this thread with your progress. Duncan B
  4. Almost a total washout

    2017 very well might go down in my personal history as the year I gave up modelling! Just the one completion for the year and nothing new started, a rather worrying turn of events indeed. Not exactly a year to remember. Duncan B
  5. 1/48 FW190D-13 Eduard

    The kit might not be perfect but your painting is. Duncan B
  6. Wingnut Wings

    Bravo, that is a beautiful collection of Wingnut Wings builds. You are obviously a very talented modeller indeed. Duncan B
  7. AK Xtreme

    I’m surprised you are having any issues at all with the Xtreme Metal range, I have found them to be very easy to use. Can you give us a bit more information, for example what pressure you are spraying at and distance from airbrush to kit etc? Duncan B
  8. Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-19PM Farmer E

    Great work so far and a great save on the resin nose shrinkage. Duncan B
  9. Check out Mission Models MMA-006 Gloss Clear Coat Acrylic Paint 1oz/30ml #MissionModels https://t.co/gU2yBTJk6V via @eBay

  10. The paints are best thinned for airbrushing (using the Mission Models thinner or distilled water) and can also be brush painted straight from the bottle with or without the Poly mix additive which reduces tip drying in airbrushes and increases the drying time for brush painting and also adds an eggshell finish. The Chrome paint is pre-thinned for airbrush use but is not an acrylic so has to be dispatched by Courier. I have added a link to the FAQ Page on the Mission Models website as there is lots of useful information on there. https://www.missionmodelsus.com/pages/tips-and-tricks-faq Duncan B
  11. Check out Hobby Boss 85507 1:35 - LKW 5t mil gl MAN-5 4x4 Truck #HobbyBoss https://t.co/opAODgHNMA via @eBay

  12. Buying and Selling on Facebook

    Buying on Facebook is easy, just go to BlackMike Model's Facebook page and get your wallet out Duncan B
  13. Have you considered aerosol clear coats? I know they have to be used with care but, even though I have an airbrush, I have used aerosols for applying a sealing gloss coat before applying decals and weathering washes. I can recommend the Gunze range of aerosols. I don't stock them but am a user of them and they have various finishes available, it might even be possible to decant them into pots for brush painting (I have decanted into pots for airbrushing). W&N Galleria are also very good for brush users as you probably already know. Duncan B
  14. real Tiger moth(or what remains) in the jungle?

    There isn't much of a change in angle along the length of prop, is this some sort of mock up? Rust looks like iron oxide too, not really what you'd expect to see from an airframe designed for lightness. Duncan B
  15. Oramask 810

    I have had a hankering for a Brother Craft 'n Cut Machine for quite a while after Mrs B was watching a craft channel. Please let us all know how you get on making your own masks. Sorry, didn't actually offer you any practical assistance but you know we are right behind you Duncan B