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  1. I'm a little late to the party but jings, that's a fantastic piece of work isn't it? Duncan B
  2. Yes that would be the one Duncan B
  3. I remember seeing an FE2 (might have been on here?) that had a very effective rendition of the translucent effect viewed from underneath. Even the roundel on the top surface was faintly 'visible'. It is a painting technique I have often wondered about ever since I saw it. Duncan B
  4. I'm enjoying this already. You make it look easy though so I must keep reminding myself that I don't have those skills. It does make me want to try though. Duncan B
  5. You should have said, I could have sold you the Hobby Boss one too (I've got the other AMK Foxhound in stock now too BTW). Duncan B
  6. Nice to see one of the Hobby Boss Foxhounds getting built. Duncan B
  7. I hope they take a trip up north here to practice their low level flying same as the Mud Hens do. Duncan B
  8. Beautiful work on the LVG and the Review. Duncan B
  9. What a great review, believe it or not I haven't had a look in the box so it's nice to see what all the fuss is actually about. Duncan B
  10. I suppose VP Everything will be doing the Photo Etch demonstration ! DB
  11. Just over 2 weeks to go now. I have been told the floor plan is finalised and that BlackMike Models will be in the Competition Hall beside the Montrose Aviation Museum Stand (so a bit of banter is guaranteed if the usual suspects are on their stand). I am still taking orders for collection at Perth so if there is anything you are after drop me an E mail or PM here. Duncan B
  12. Andrew, I'm pleased that you enjoyed the shopping experience, something we work hard on here so it's satisfying to get feedback like this. The black tissue paper is to protect the beautiful boxes and to add a little up-market feel to the whole thing as is fitting of those amazing kits (can you tell I'm a big fan of WnW now?). Cheers Duncan B
  13. You miss the point, these are made from the finest Purashichikku, not your average petroleum by products like most Hasegawa kits. Duncan B
  14. Still 3 (unless they've been eaten) but you only have 1 of them and the other guy is now the apple King. Duncan B
  15. Thanks Mark, I'm happy that you're happy. I'd like to think that I'm building a 'bricks and mortar' shop on the internet where customers can interact with a real person not some automated robot and where I get to know my customers a little too (it has to be fun for the customer but I want it to be fun for me too). I'm not sure what type of wool Mrs B will need to use to knit a car but will find out (I suspect it'll be the same type as used by Alfa Romeo in the 1970's so keep it out of the rain). Duncan B