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  1. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Ho, ho, ho, Peter, excellent work on the wing, I do like the wing box and u/c support plate. Colin
  2. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Massiom, re the flight deck figures, Airwaves produced a set of 4/5 figures in white metal during the late '70's early '80's. Someone may have a set to dispose of or try the Hannant's site. I'll see if I can find my set and post images... Colin
  3. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Hi Massion, re the Sea King windows, you could very carefully remove the rivet detail wthin the square (window opening) and add a scabed on panel from thin plasticard. Sort of look like a repair, it would hardly notice. Colin
  4. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Neat work on the Gannet intake Massimo. Re the Wessex, only kit worth using is any of the Italeri/Revel kits tghe Frog kit has had it's day. I see you have the 4+ Wessex book (only Wessex ref you need). The plans in there are accurate so if you lay the Italeri/Revell kit fuselage half ove the side viwe, you'll soo what I mean re the 6mm discrepancy. Colin
  5. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Looking good, before you go any further with the Wessex, you might want to contact Freightdog and ask for the corrected fuselage plug. The Italeri kit fus is 6mm too short. The problem lies between the aft end of the cabin and the sart of the tailcone. The kit when build, looks ok but so much better with the plug. Colin
  6. Neat work, sorry to hear your artwork was stolen. Colin
  7. Crisp, despite my above comments, you ae as usual making a fantastic job of building and detailing this Shag bat. Your attention to detai is exquisite... Colin
  8. Martin, I didn't hate school but I just didn't understand it, the reason for being there. I would hav happily palid intghe rghubarb fields behibnd our home. Nobody ever told me why (the reaon) I should be there and what I was supposed to be learing... Teachers, what were they doing??? was it sheletered employment for the deft? Colin
  9. Moto Gp, Vallencia...

    Well, what a finale to the Moto GP season. One hundred and ten thousand Spanish fans packed into the stadium at Vilencia and 28 laps of total excitement. I don't think you would get the same from Ef 1 but I stand or sit to be corrected. It,s been an unbelievable season, race after race, elbow to elbow, fairing scrape et al. What more could you ask for but total excitemnt and that is what it gave. I can't wait until next March when the 2018 season starts... Eat your heats out Ef 1 fans...
  10. Ark Royal's last cruise

    Looking good Massimo, I like your initiative with the theme, however, the flap set for the 1/4 may not fit the AEW 3, if I remember correctly and having served on 849 NAS in the early '60's the wing configuration was different. You may just get away with it though! I'll follow your build with ineterst. Colin
  11. Oh Crisp, what were you thinking when you started this build. Tha Seafire looked exquisite and now you've gone all retro! Having seen the mouldings, however I can sort of understand. The kit looks superb, just imagine if Airfix could throw as much ethusiasm into a family of S-55/Whirlwind kits? The breadth of the number of kits in this family is staggering! You can never have too many chopper kits. Anyway the Shagbat is looking superb. Colin
  12. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    I fully understand Martin. Having just spent a weekend down in Cape Town with a good freind who took me to the three of the best LMS's. The model railway shop first, with little to interest me, I was looking for track. The the radio flyers shop with some plastic and I was looking for something flyable for my ladies greart nephew. Then finally Clowns, where I magaged it dispode of almost R500 about 27 UK Pounds (not a lot some would say) on an Italeri 24th scale jeep and a Master Box Ltd. Pin-up-Series Kit No, 6 Samantha to adorne the Jeep. Not my usual fair but hey it was the subject matter... You buys what you like, if you have to justify it, we so be it... Colin
  13. Westland Sea King HU5

    Looking good, one reservation re the Model Art decals which are superb normally. The black outline to the white codes should only 1/4 inch (very faint), however they look a tad too thick. Just my personal opinion having worked in the Sprey Shop, where I hand masked such lettering/codes. I'll reserve judgement once you have applied them. Well done to Len Newman for his input on this sheet. Colin
  14. Buddy Build: Panigale Paul Smart Homage

    Wow Mark, great work with the rims, they look great and now you have a rolling chassis it looks the dogs danglies. Colin