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  1. Hi Hendie, superb work withthe PE signage. I think a wizards hat may be needed now you seem to have mastered the alchamy of PE! Have you thought of some engraving on the archer part? A light touch with an engraving bit in the dremel Motortool. Colin
  2. Thanks Martin, slow by my normal standard but then this year has not been normal. New lady in my life plus other things to divert me from modelling!!! Thanks for the comments. Colin
  3. Hi Steve thanks, same box different artwork. It was a pig to build but then you will know that!!! Thanks to the other guys for looking in, appreciated. Colin
  4. Hi Eric, I've missed your posts, however, good to see you back on the build. I do like all the intakes, vents and drains you've been adding and the nose gears look great. More power to your elbow. I like the boat you brought home, however, remeber it's only a boat! Colin
  5. Very neat indeed Neil, your finish is superb. Just enough weathering to be convincing, I like it a lot. Congratulations. Colin
  6. I like the Boussard for it's querkiness and I had an idea to build one some time way in the past. I've got my popcorn ready, I'll be watching with great interest. Good luck with the build. Colin
  7. Ok guys, this was supposed to be a quick build, ha! The kit was fraught with problems, the accuracy, fit of parts and raised panel lines. So after a couple of days sanding those and re-scribing it looked a who lot better. The fin is the most glaring of the accuracy problems. It is suppose to be offset to post. well it isn't but I wasn't going to alter anything. To be fair to the kit is is 1970/80's vintage, so was on a par with anything around at the time. Italeri just threw it in a new box and added a nice decal sheet. So here she is resplendant in Tamiya X-17 Sea Blue thinned with ISO propyl alcohol. Shot with two coats of Future and then two coats of AK Interactive Glossy varnish after decal application. Which as you wil see came out a tad matt! Kit decals were used excepting for the underwing serials which were Xtradecals. Thanks for looking. Colin
  8. Ok Guys, managed to get this one finished. It's been almost a year since i started, the build was fraught with problems of fit and accuracy but here we are... The underwing decals were too large or as I thought but they were maybe an earlier type. Anyway, I replaced them with what i consider to be a more scale look. Similarly the fin flas holding the R was incorrect in colour, so that was hand painted. The rest are fromthe kit sheet. They went on a treat. I'll post these in the RFI section. Thanks for following my build, quick it was not... Colin
  9. Avro Vulcans

    Another wow image Nils. Congratulations. Colin
  10. Fending off the Bison

    Excellent work Nils, I do like the atmosphere of the late afternoon shadows. Colin
  11. F-111c 6 Sqd RAAF - "There's a Storm Coming".

    Wow, Noel, excellent work. Colin
  12. Low level Puma

    Excellent work Bob, you've captured the lines very well and the sence of speed. Congratulations. Colin
  13. Many thanks Pete and Hendie. Fifty years ago for me, so yes too long ago to remember... Colin
  14. Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    Oooooh Ian, you caught my interest. I've pulled up a chair and got some popcorn... Colin