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  1. What an amazing set of pictures. Thanks very much for taking the time to post them. John
  2. Nothing specific but I know on USAAF heavies, the crew that wasn't flying would be seated forward (in the radio room in the case of the B-17). I can't imagine that the turrets on a Lanc would be manned during take-off/landings.
  3. Those are the same people who said the same thing about the F-15 (why not just keep building F-4's?), the M1 tank (upgraded M60's are just as good), the M2 Bradley (what's wrong with all those M113's?), etc, etc. Always got people who can't understand that technology marches on, despite the love they have for their pet weapons systems.
  4. You can have a lot of fun with Coastal Command Mossies. You can go with the standard day fighter colors; you can go with EDSG (which often faded quickly to something closer to DSG) over Sky or you can opt for just the upper surfaces painted with EDSG (many times with the original camo scheme showing through). That's the route I took with my 32nd Mossie. Have fun on your build, hope you do a WIP so we can follow along. John
  5. To each his own. If they restore it, what would they use for markings? Luftwaffe - like they did in that BOB movie, even though completely inauthentic? Or Spanish AF, which is authentic but has absolutely no connection to the USAF or WW2? If they go with the Luftwaffe version, why not just purchase some T-6's, change the canopy, paint them up with Hinomarus and call them Zeros? Given that floorspace at the museum isn't unlimited, I could think of many more deserving aircraft that should be put at the head of the list. Again, just my POV. Regardless, that's a really nice video, thanks to the OP for posting.
  6. Not sure about the Spanish He-111 knock-off. It's historically irrelevant, I wouldn't waste the time, money or museum floor space to restore / display it. Now that ex-Iraqi MiG-25 on the other hand....
  7. Any insight on whether SH will be releasing the "late" version of the ICM kit with the external 20mm cannon? Also, got another option for a cockpit upgrade: AH-1G Cobra interior 3D decals for Icm kit (reskit-models.com)
  8. Extrapolate out another few decades and Denmark's next new fighter purchase will consist of 8 F-XX. 2 for deployments, 2 for QRA, 2 undergoing maintenance and 2 being cannibalized for parts for the ones undergoing maintenance.
  9. Politicians opted to purchase a domestic product vrs a foreign one for reasons other than performance? Shocking! I'm so glad that never happens in Europe and your politicians only look at the effectiveness of the aircraft / weapons system, without any thought to simply buying an inferior product to keep local factories working. LOLZ...
  10. I've been holding off on buying one because I thought ICM said they were releasing this kit in 35th and also, I was hoping they would do the same thing to the "Late" kit with the external cannon. That being said, I think I'll take the plunge, it really does look nice.
  11. FM-2 is a favorite aircraft of mine, I'll be following closely.
  12. I plan on using the awesome Fundekals "Operation Bolo and Beyond" to do this nasty looking F-4: Weathered paint, off the shelf OD used to do touchups, weird paintwork on the external tanks, what more could you ask for in a subject? Here she is in real life, prior to the MiG kill markings and the "night owl": Intakes are the first order of business. The kit intakes just don't work. Aftermarket solutions are pricey and also have flaws. I opted to do the corrections myself. After a lot of putty, and even more sanding film, i got it to an acceptable point. Also used grey pastels to tone down the shiny gloss white that you never actually see inside the intakes. Next up are the ejection seats. Early F-4's used the Martin Baker Mk5 seats. These were quickly replaced by the Mk7's because the used an explosive charge which caused multiple back injuries while ejecting. The later Mk7 was a zero-zero seat that used a rocket to egress. Here's a nice picture of the Mk5. AMS Resin has a really nice set of Mk5's. I added a few decals, from the Tamiya kit and the Aeroscale placard set, plus a few bits of added details. That's it for now, thanks for looking!
  13. Unfortunately, no. Apparently there are a large number of Mk5 variants, no idea what that one is but it's not a Mk5 seat that came out of a US F-4.
  14. Hi Ron, unfortunately, that seat is the later Mk7. Similar but with some key differences. The Mk5 was only in the F-4 until late '65 and then it was quickly replaced with the seat you posted. That's a good looking museum. I might end up heading out to Omaha on business, if so, I'll have to check it out. John Linky?
  15. Hi Folks, I'm building the Tamiya 32nd scale F-4C. Got a nice set of AIMS resin MK5's and plenty of B&W pictures. However, I'm striking out with regard to finding color pictures to help with the painting. No luck with searching various sites, Googling, etc. Does any have any color pictures that they might share? Ideally of the USAF F-4C variant but I'll settle for whatever is out there. Thank you in advance, John
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