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  1. I second that.... seems like someone has an MOS inadequacy issue. Anyway, from another website, a guy who served on F-4's in USAFE said that the loadout was as mentioned above, wing fuel tanks and at times, 1-2 AIM-9's.
  2. Good point on tailoring my search criteria. For what it’s worth, I’m planning on building MJ532 / UF-Q.
  3. Anyone have an idea on whether an .IX flying in November of ‘44 would have had the gyro gunsight installed or would it have had the earlier fixed reticle sight? Any info is much appreciated.
  4. 11bravo

    US Navy blue

    Weird... On my PC, I don't see GSB and a few other shades. On my phone, I do. I did note that on either device, they appear to be out of RAF Ocean Grey. Also, did you guys ever offer RAF roundel blue and roundel red? If so, those are missing as well. Regards, John
  5. 11bravo

    US Navy blue

    I just went there to order some paints. Looks like many of the paints that were stocked have sold out (including GSB). If Jamie is perusing this thread - any idea when you'll have another shipment of paints out to the US?
  6. 11bravo

    US Navy blue

    Seawinder - keep in mind that Colourcoats just recently got another US dealer stocked up. I ordered some paint a few months back from them and received within a few days. Let me know if you can't find the info on them and I'll dig it up for you. Edit - I see that this info was already provided above.
  7. 11bravo

    US Navy blue

    I used Colourcoates for WW2 GSB (the color changed after the war), from other posts I’ve seen, this is supposed to be a very good match. It also sprays extremely well.
  8. Good point. Late ‘44, hanging off a Spitfire in Italy.
  9. Any good color pictures out there of British 500lb bombs? Surprisingly few pictures I’ve found by Googling. Just looking for info on its colors and some weathering tips. Thanks in advance, John
  10. Regarding the cowls, is there any documented info on other D-9’s having unpainted cowling panels?
  11. First off - I know everything regarding late-war Luftwaffe paint schemes is very subjective. Second - I know very little about the D-9 so I apologize in advance if this opens up a big can of worms or was previously covered. All that being said, I'm always on the lookout for a subject with a unique paint job and White 16 below certainly is unique. This illustration is from the AZ model instructions. Any thoughts on the validity of the paint scheme shown here? Are there any pictures out there of the real thing? Any information on this is greatly appreciated. Re
  12. 11bravo

    NMF P-40B/C?

    Can't help with that specific aircraft but I know I've seen pictures in the past of early P-40's in NMF but most if not all were retired combat aircraft being used in stateside training units.
  13. Keith, I just noticed your post. Thank you very much for those pictures. I was actually booked on a trip to Scotland last May which obviously was cancelled due to COVID. I had planned on trying to get my wife onboard for a slight detour to check out the old base. I'm a pleasantly surprised that there is this much left. Hopefully when this virus is behind us, I can finally make it out there. Regards, John
  14. To do it right, you really need a guy extreme wealth and extreme passion. I wish Elon Musk had an interest in something like this.
  15. Regarding the build thread, the one I posted here on BM was a bit sporadic. If anyone wants to read the extremely boring and overly detailed version, it’s over on LSP. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, they are greatly appreciated. Regards, John
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