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  1. Bedders, thanks so much for this link. This thread is a wonderful resource for all things relating to the P-51D. Great help!!
  2. One man's negativity is another man's realism. I'll keep my "negative" outlook until proven otherwise. KH doesn't exactly have a track-record of releasing high quality kits.
  3. Thanks Graham, I just used the search function and found a great deal of info (probably should have tried that first before posting). I guess as an additional question - I'm modeling a Korean War vintage F-51D. Any idea if those later birds would have had their wheel wells repainted during an overhaul process?
  4. Saw an online reference that indicated that late war Mustangs (D-20 and beyond) had the "roof" of the wheel well (ie - the underside of the upper wing sheet metal) left unpainted, while the remaining structure of the wheel well was yellow zinc chromate primer. 2 questions - Was this a common feature on these Mustangs? The reference I saw noted multiple times that only one wheel well was finished like this, the other was all YZC. Thoughts on this?
  5. Why do I think this will be nothing more than a scaled up version of their 48th scale kit with no interest in fixing the horrible divots and way too thick access / reinforcing panels that covered their small scale Huey?
  6. I don't think an A330 could refuel a helo. Too big of a difference in speeds. It would have to be A400 (if they ever get their AAR issues resolved) or a C-130.
  7. And yet just 7 years later, things played out rather differently.
  8. Never knew the GR1 had "perfect" weapons delivery systems. Good info!
  9. Birdstrikes are deadly. Only thing worse than hitting them on landing is hitting them on takeoff. Here is a worst case incident: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1995_Alaska_Boeing_E-3_Sentry_accident
  10. LOL... never, ever going to happen. Whoever provided that "word" to you was full of BS.
  11. The version as the USAF Museum has grey wells, aluminum LG. These guys typically do pretty good restorations so I'd go with their paintwork unless you can find proof of something different. Doubt the USN would have had different colors. http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/weichao_chen2/ec-121d_53-555/index.php?Page=2 Early in their lives, the wheelwells might have been green and were repainted during overhauls.
  12. Out of curiosity, how did they come up with LANDOR for a name? Glad to see BA taking the time and spending the money for all these retro schemes!
  13. Not to go off topic too far but those subjects above are pretty awesome, I'm a big fan of unusual, non-standard paintwork and markings. I've been thinking about building a Tamiya Zero (32nd scale) and the green overpainted Zero's, as seen during the Rabaul campaign really appeal to me. I've spent some time on Google looking for decent aftermarket decals, not finding anything. Anyone aware of any decals out there? Regards, John
  14. Anyone here have info on why (in the last year or so), the USAF is now flying over Syria with a mixed load of AIM-9X and AIM-9M's (usually one of each)? Prior to this, all US jets deployed over there (with the exception of F-15E's, which only recently converted) had been fully equipped with AIM-9X's. Seems pretty unusual, especially in an actual combat theater which potentially could bring American jets into conflict against some high end adversaries, that all of a sudden the USAF is replacing a state of the art missile with one that is 20 years old. Thoughts?
  15. If you are building an earlier Littlebird, you need to use the Dragon kit. For a later one, you have to go with Kitty Hawks version. I actually prefer the Dragon kit, it has properly represented rivets, which cover the real thing in reality. Otherwise, you are stuck with a model of a "flying pin cushion" or you'll have to cover the Kitty Hawk kit in Archer rivets.
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