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  1. Are you building a "what-if" jet? The only thing that is currently planned for the E/F Block III's is the new IP's.
  2. Sure did bud, the whole article and the whole thread, such as they were. Building this thing either during or after the war is just a colossal waste of money. If during the war, they have much better things to be putting the money towards. If after the war, if they don't feel like donating the money to help reconstruct what's left of that country, they can write a check to the US as a down payment on the billions in weapons we've provided them. Either way, it's nothing but a PR stunt.
  3. Glad to see Ukraine has money to waste on projects like this.
  4. Would love to see this picture or get additional info. The Tamiya 32nd IX is in the queue and I'm looking for an odd-ball scheme. Just find the green/grey standard scheme to be a bit boring (and overdone).
  5. Just finishing up the cockpit area. I tried to keep all the wiring and fittings as close as possible to the real thing. Slowly but surely, I'm getting to the end of the build.
  6. The F-22 is a "boutique" force, a national asset no different than the B-2. It also is a maintenance pig and the hourly cost to fly it is astronomical. It's a complete waste of the jet's capabilities (and life span) to be flying those missions. Put one of the squadrons of F-15's they are pulling out of Okinawa in Alaska and let those old (but extremely capable) jets handle air defense missions.
  7. Only thing I can add is that looking at actual in-service USN aircraft, I always noted that the undersurface white, appeared (to my completely uncalibrated eye) to have a oh so ever slightly brown-ish yellow tint to it. If I was building a model of a naval jet in that scheme, I would avoid any kind of "pure" white color.
  8. What a strange device. Only thing I can think of is that the open part of the pod releases water vapor under pressure and the whole rig is used to evaluate various types of seeker heads under cold / humid / icing conditions. Just a total guess.
  9. Looking fantastic. So happy that Takom opted to go with the raised rivets, unlike the crappy approach taken by KH on their H-60 series.
  10. Out of idle curiosity - how did you come to the conclusion that the base color on the aircraft in the B&W picture above is blue and not something else?
  11. I just discovered this site. Amazing content, I'm on part 3 of their Wild Weasel series and Starbaby is awesome. Funny dude with true passion for the subjects he's talking about. If anyone is remotely into mil av podcasts, you need to check this site out.
  12. If they shut off while the UKR jets are overhead, that's a successful SEAD mission, regardless of whether a HARM left the rail or not. I'm guessing very few HARMs have actually hit their target but that's nearly beside the point. Now you have a bunch of Russian SAM troops very hesitant to turn on their radars. That's what matters.
  13. Working on the WSO's cockpit. Add the upper instrument panel (Quinta), removed the anemic Tamiya instrument housings on the back of the panel, scratchbuilt new ones, added a bunch of wiring and connectors, also added Airscale placards on the instrument cases. On the aft bulkhead, I installed the canopy retaining lock and spring, the canopy airline connection, along with yet more wiring. Doing my best to replicate the 'busyness" of those areas on the real jet. Lastly I added some boot scuffings along the intake and fuselage upper surfaces. That's it for now, thanks for checking in.
  14. I'm certain that the missiles are being employed in a very restricted mode. Maybe not even being cued to target, possible just being lofted in dumb mode in hopes that the missile will lock onto something before it runs out of energy
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