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  1. Just read that by 1943, some Mk IX’s were flying off of Malta. Haven’t been able to find any pictures, wondering if these aircraft had the ad-hoc blue camouflage that the earlier Mk V’s had? Any information is appreciated. John
  2. Quick update, I've added the Avieology decals, AMS 100 gal slipper tanks. The decals are wonderful, absolutely no carrier film showing. The only downside is that they adhere almost instantly, you literally have seconds to get the decal in it's final position. Stenciling was from the Barracuda set. Thanks for looking!
  3. 11bravo

    RAF Roundel Red

    I'm decaling my 32th Tamiya Mosquito and noticed a difference in the red used on the RAF roundels from the kit's decals to various aftermarket decals. I'm going with Avieology's decals and their red is more of a brownish toned brick red The kit markets are more of brighter red shade. Was there variation in this color? Anyone have a good color picture that might show the correct tone? I know this is a bit hard to define based on old pictures, just figured I would ask. Regards, John
  4. First time using decals from Avioelogy. Great decals but they have one issue. They stick to the model immediately. Makes it very difficult to nudge the decal into it's final position. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated. John
  5. I was just reading the list of parts from the Avioelogy Mosquito RP set (which still hasn't been released). In them, they mention bonus parts for the AYD / AYF radar altimeter antennas that were fitted to late-war Mosquitoes. I'm building a Strike Wing Mossie, circa early '45, would these antennas have been fitted? If so, any pictures out there so I can add them? Thank you in advance, John
  6. Weird... it looks like they ran the antenna line through the ADF loop. That doesn't make much sense because I assume that would short out both antennas, not to mention making it difficult to open the canopy.
  7. No idea on questions one and two but on three, this paint typically was water-based and designed to be scrubbed off at end of winter. As such, I highly doubt the hard-working ground crews would have taken the time to re-paint all the tactical markings on top of the white. They would have just painted around them, either using tight masks or just winging it and leaving some of the underlying camo visible. They would have done the same with any servicing markings (or more likely, simply painted over them completely). John
  8. Funny you say that. I’m building the Tamiya 32nd kit and I’ve got this build saved and have been looking at it frequently. Truly a great job.
  9. Thank you! Most of the wiring, hydraulic lines, etc are scratch built. Also added aftermarket harnesses, Baracuda cockpit placards and will be using Avieology decals. It’s been a really enjoyable build.
  10. Just some random pictures of my progress so far. I'm building a Banff Mossie, assigned to 333 Squadron. I can't speak enough about how nice this kit is. Absolutely magnificent. Regards, John
  11. Great job, those window decals really bring her to life. Where did you get those?
  12. So for the record - is this a G-14A/S as referenced in the OP or a G-10?
  13. Here's the link to the build on LSP. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/83901-a-separate-little-war-strike-wing-mosquito-fbvi/ I regret not posting this here on BM, I was new to the site when I started this and was somewhat under the impression that this was a more 72nd centric site. Hope you enjoy the build, it's not up to the standards of the rest of LSP but I'm having a great deal of fun and learning so much about the Mosquito. What an amazing aircraft.
  14. Thanks Carl, at this point, unless someone can jump in with proof otherwise, I'll go with DSG canopies. Was hoping they weren't overpainted, would have added a bit of color to a drab paint scheme. You didn't happen to discuss with Terry whether or not the service stencils and markings were re-applied after overpainting?
  15. I'm halfway through Tamiya's Mosquito FB.VI. I'm going to go out on a limb and state that this kit is the finest aircraft model ever made. Just amazing how high the quality is on this kit.
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