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  1. The Hippo's will come in very handy for us V-Bomber types......I can see several finding their way here. Wish them all the luck with this lot, looks rather a grand plan.
  2. Been toying with the idea for some time....mind you this would be rather nice and along the same lines, Heinkel 231-3 Must agree Edward.....still got the 1/48 and 1/72nd FM ones to finish, a magnificent looking aircraft. Back to the Trident and there were two options built, the original SO-9000 Trident with it's lower undercarriage, detachable nose and triple exhaust layout of the SEPR 481 triple chamber motor, (the early aircraft used a couple of wingtip mounted Marabore jet engines soon to be replaced by the more powerful Vipers hence the different nacelle shapes). Trident 1 Trident 1 And the taller legged, (to allow for missile carriage) SO-9050 Trident II with redesigned gear doors, ejection seat and twin exhausts of the SEPR 631 twin chamber rocket engine Trident II Trident II engine test Also how about adding a dummy MATRA , (possibly early R-511). Trident II with Matra fitted
  3. Well how about this for a development idea.......Dan LeDare would be proud. SNCASO Dever
  4. Thanks chaps, I was pretty sure I'd posted this in RFI all those years ago but can't seem to find it now, anyhow glad you like it, it was a blast to build. Agreed David almost seems like heresy having such a graceful design and then hanging racks of draggy ordnance off it like this, as you say couldn't have done much for mpg and the operational M3 wasn't rigged for IFR, (though it was originally intended to use an integrated system before the SALT II Treaty). Definitely one of Trumpeter's better efforts, actually same goes for their Tu-160 which I also have lurking...just great to see them produced as mainstream kits.
  5. Sorry chaps, not paying attention as usual ! Good Lord, bit of a blast from the past....yes it was finished back in 2010 and featured in Model Aviation World magazine that year. Out of interest I have another on the go at the moment this time an M2 modified to a natural metal finished Tu-22M0 prototype as seen at Monino. Here's a few photos from the vault, the Authentic decals sheet 72-22 was used, couldn't resist the sharkmouthed Kamenniy Ruchey AB Red 57 Here's the real thing, (nicely cleaned up for a show) Sharkmouth Backfire C Red 57 Cheers all
  6. Cor blimey I learnt to fly in one of those at Panshanger back in the day....lively little thing and a delight to fly, really must get one...
  7. Great to see this one appear...hopefully a big improvement over the Mach 2 offering. How about a nice Leduc 021 and 022 to follow...
  8. Received an email from them this afternoon apologizing and saying that an issue had been found and that it had been resolved..(for now at least)...seems to be running OK...we'll see.
  9. Having the same issue as Steve and many other users this morning if a lot of online forums is anything to go by, try to upload and it loops straight back to the log-in screen, the service is definitely getting worse and I pay for the extra storage and ad-free feature ! will try an alternative.....
  10. Lovely job on an interesting variant Tony, looks just right in that scheme. As Neil pointed out that tailplane is set quite far forward a feature emphasized by the yellow paintwork. Quite a collection now....
  11. By George what a great result young fella me lad and a fitting homage to Maureen and the ATA.. I must apologise for not interjecting/interrupting/castigating/praising your erstwhile efforts during development but Darling and I have been extremely busy dealing with/causing/having foreign affairs which have sadly taken us away from 'this place'. Lovely work on the flappage and donk on this Fairey's most enigmatic aerial contrivance to issue forth from Heaton Chapel, (well OK, since the last one).....well done that man.
  12. Must agree Johan, an interesting aggressive looking aircraft...would like one myself. [youtube]
  13. Bill, going by this image it appears that all the 'arms' were painted a medium/dark grey tone. Notice at the bottom the central metal 'tubular pipe' and two metal coloured stays are ahead of the arms themselves in a two tiered arrangement... Engine facing details
  14. You're getting younger every day John. Airfix take note of the deep trenches on that there rudder ! Looking good Bill just bring that nose down a tad and you're on the money.
  15. Thanks Bill, as John points out the sit is obviously affected by fuel/payload and to some extent the surface it's stood on. The TAPC site has many good images of PR.9's showing a degree of difference in the stance, these particular ones I used show the early PR.9's as being quite 'level'.... Canberra PR.9 sit Canberra PR.9 sit 2 And here's a scan from an old magazine article showing clearances, (again dependent on loading). I know these are early lighter PR.9s but hopefully they're of some use to you.