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  1. Thanks fellas, -D-, many's the time I've picked it up with a wad of wet and dry in one hand and paper towels in the other and said 'today's the day old chap' just to have the editor of AMW ring me up to say ''have you finished the so and so yet, pacy, pacy I want it by Friday''. Actually I just received the Eduard masking set for the Airfix kit which will be very handy for this project...... Ah everything becomes clear...I wondered why Lady Lobelia Saxe-Coburg von Melchett's memorial cenotaph was slowly sinking into the Victory Garden and now listing at a dangerously precarious angle. The borough surveyor although the worse for a few glasses of pink gin assured me that the bedrock was 'pure granite guvner' This is exactly what I thought but he told me I was talking boulderdash and that I should leave oolites and Silurian pelagic sediments to someone who knows his gothite ooids from plagioclase feldspar, naturally I saw him off with a couple of rounds from the elephant gun and a good deal of shouting .......a metaphoric basement eh, well I'll look into it, I'll also have a look at getting hold of one of those Chunnel boring devices, looks like fun something for the mem to get to grips with.... Once the LMAF is up to full battle strength you will be the first to know, Darling could do with someone who can hold his own......
  2. Thanks chaps, as usual the kind comments are very much appreciated, Mike, luckily Monogram had the foresight to enable the wings to slide on and off making storage a breeze, so it now resides in one of B&Q's finest plastic storage boxes mounted on small, shaped polystyrene plinths away from dust, paws and little fingers...not to mention the memsahib's formidable but lethal Dustbuster... Tony glad you approve old chap, actually I haven't read that thanks for the info, I shall duly begin a webwide manhunt for said tome and track the blighter down and with Airfix's Fortress III just around the corner it won't be a moment too soon.... Cheers all Melchie
  3. It does but not too badly, another smear over the top usually cures that plus it dries very quickly and is easy to sand. I agree P.38 is the best stuff and my weapon of choice for the big resin/ Amodel epoxy glass over gelcoat stuff...
  4. Always the same, Mr Hobby's Mr Cement S super thin to glue and Perfect Plastic putty to fill then held together with Tamiya tape. Not really a fan of Squadron's fillers, they always seem crumbly to me. For the really awkward stuff and resin I like Vitalbond's CA Thick, 45 sec cure, gives a bit of 'wobble' time to get everything lined up. Must agree, the engine correction set really 'sets' it off......very tempting .
  5. Give it a go, I got mine from our local 'Range' store, though you can get it from Waterstones too, makes a big difference. Halibag's looks really good in that scheme, like the paneling effect. I don't ever have seams open up once filled and glued...out of interest what glue and filler do you use ?
  6. Very much looking forward to getting one of these on the work bench and a big hats off to Airfix for taking the plunge. It's always encouraging to see these old workhorses get some well earned recognition, lets hope for more along the same vein in the future....
  7. Know what you mean about the Xtracrylix stuff Neil, I thin it with Tamiya X-20, (60/40) and add a drop of W&N Flow Improver, works a treat, gives a nice satin finish, admittedly not in the AKAN/Vallejo Air class but good enough here and there . I also try to avoid using it but I'm quite partial to some of their range such as the Aircraft Grey/Green (for RAF bomber interiors), ADC Grey and several of their RLM colours.....
  8. Joseph, so true...the Jaribus was certainly something to behold and like many others of the ilk looks more akin to the aftermath of a serious accident. The Tarrant Tabor looked like a torpedo that had flown into a building site and the PZL-30 Zubr (LWS-6) seems to have been based on a Greek Trireme ! frightening stuff..... Thanks Russ...I miss stuff all the time, old age I guess !
  9. Good progress Neil, like the riveting and the interior looks suitably busy, as you say not a lot will be seen so why go mad......(but then again since when has that stopped us ).
  10. Great stuff Neil, hard to pick a winner but the Manc dio does look rather tasty, looking forward to cracking on with mine now. Also great to see a 1/72nd Canberra B.2 on the SIG table at last....
  11. Thanks guys, Klunker, I'll have a good look through my reference material and see if I can come up with any images of T4264, sounds interesting. If I don't have anything then I know a few chaps who probably will. Softscience, thanks, yes you're quite right there is a nasty step that needs attention, sorry I forgot to mention this. The real thing was flush, I just used a 5mm sanding stick, (coarse grade) and plenty of water to level things off, it didn't take long but is a bit of a nuisance. I've built three Whitleys now and had to do the same on each... Thanks Bernd, agreed it was certainly no beauty queen but as with a lot of these early designs had plenty of 'character' be fair Armstrong-Whitworth weren't exactly renown for aesthetically pleasing aircraft, just look at the unfortunate Albemarle that followed the Whitley into service....
  12. Thanks guys, Stimpy that's back in the day when modelling was so a nipper father would bring home a model for some reason or other, the packaging was duly ripped open usually destroying the destructions in the process and had the thing up and built in a couple of hours, (or in the case of Frog or Airfix about 30 minutes) torn from runners, glue fingerprints, cloudy canopies, huge gaps, wobbly undercarriage, badly placed transfers and all. Paint what was that ? and before you knew it it was either flying around the room to the accompaniment of The Dambusters March along with screaming engine noises and badly aimed 'bombs' pelting the dog, aged family members or siblings, hung from the ceiling to forever gather dust and spider webs or in my case usually end up with a small firework shoved up it's rear end ready to re enact a particularly destructive episode of Thunderbirds, (around Guy Fawkes night you understand....... I didn't have a year round supply of incendiaries ). Ah, the innocence of a misspent youth.
  13. Thanks Guy, glad you like it. It was fun searching through the information on the more obscure BC types particularly in regard to the RCM role, a side of things that a lot of folks haven't come across before, most know of the pathfinder missions but not so much on the highly secret counter-measures side of things. The BCDU (Bomber Command Development Unit) also threw up some interesting sub types and variations so that's another area I'll be trawling in the near future not only WWII but also regarding the's always interesting to see what toys the boffins were playing with at the time...
  14. Cheers chaps, that's very generous of you. Mike I should have taken more photos of the finished cockpit, fuselage interior and bomb fact I'm pretty sure I did but for some reason they're in hiding ..if they surface soon I'll happily post them here. Thanks again and Happy New Year to everyone....
  15. Good start Haneto...I did wonder about the nose profile and it was only after looking at a few images realized that the bulge was missing. Look forward to progress, hopefully start mine once the nose has been sorted out. The exhaust nozzles could do with a bit more refining too but overall a great looking kit.