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  1. Cheque's in the post dear thing...yes, I was forewarned of this impending disaster earlier in the year and have had one on discounted pre-order from Hannants ever since. The pace of Modelsvit is impressive with the quality improving on each release....other manufacturers should take note. I now look forward to the release of the original Su-15, a strange blighter...always reminds me of an open-mouthed Basking shark crossed with a recalcitrant and annoyed Blobfish. I had the old Unicraft resin years ago but that's long since vanished, don't see many made up, I know Ken did one. There are a few more strange Soviet crates, how about the Su-10, (again, Unicraft have had at it), Tu-82 and Yak-28-64.
  2. Great news, personally I think it's an awkward looking design but an extremely interesting one at the same time. I tried converting the original Revell release many, many moons ago but gave up, (in some ways it was closer to the T-10 than a production Su-27 which helped a bit). Modelsvit keeps giving us Soviet experimental aircraft I never thought I'd see in IM plastic, please continue...(now how about a Tu-98 )...
  3. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Speak for yourself..personally, I've enjoyed many a Yuletide swaray with my Dremel and Snap-ons, but that's another story completely and one that can't be recounted here...
  4. Yes, great news, after getting hold of a pair of Yak-28Ps I'll definitely be indulging in a couple of these. The Miniworld intakes also look rather tasty...
  5. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Sadly not a lot goes with it Steve....and if we sorry three are anything to go by then modelling really is in trouble... You obviously didn't see what went into your ninth bottle of Belgium beer when you weren't looking......mind you, by then I don't suppose you noticed!
  6. Revell Mercury/Atlas

    That looks great Eric, a kit I missed back in the day and wished I'd bought. I'm sorely tempted to plonk my Horizon ICBM Atlas on a pad as there's now plenty of info available on the net. It was a pretty ambitious kit for the time and I think Revell did a great job considering its age...(slightly younger than me, but unlike me, wearing well!)
  7. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Nah, I turned myself, but there was a witch, a newt and a shrubbery involved somewhere along the line...
  8. Excellent news...having acquired their Victor B2 (Interim) set it'll be something to look forward to. A cockpit/engine set would really be welcome.
  9. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    You have a good point there Bill, the original word that was used instead of 'me' was so awful that the intergalactic High Arts and Poetry Recital Appreciation Society banned it from seven star systems and put a lifetime ban on the perpetrator, Blugthumply Gurglethrust. The original was buried deep inside an active volcano on one of Vogspheres many moons, in a solid block of Vogonilium surrounded by an SEP field. Oddly I was thinking more Cliff Richard, still, Showaddy works too. Well, good luck to the Innuendos I say....'Once, twice, thrice Dimwits and a ladle' sounds an interesting working title...I'll send Darling down to the local HMV to seek out a copy and bang it on the old Gramophone.
  10. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Of course the peasants need fattening up for the shooting party...we can't have them running around at any kind of speed, gotta give the hounds a sporting chance. How are 'The Blurglecruncheons' doing?...a new Christmas single mayhaps.... a rendition of 'Oh freddled-gruntbuggly , thy micturations are to me, as plurdled-gabbleblotchits on a lurgid- bee' by any chance.....I hear it's a popular yuletide ditty on Vogsphere this time of year. Ah, so sort of a 'Carter Family' meets 'Richard Hell and the Voidoids' vibe.
  11. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Not as far-fetched as it may seem....slightly orf piste, but the reason the Tu-22 Blinder became such a popular aircraft with its ground crews had nothing to do with the aircraft itself, which was a logistical and maintenance nightmare but more with the vast amount of pure grain alcohol it carried, (450 litres of the stuff). Always welcomed with open arms and open empty bottles especially way up north where it got a bit parky (not too sure what state the aircrew arrived in). Pretty much the same went for the Foxbat, (500 litres) as p g alcohol was used to cool several systems prior to Mach 3 flight, though I'm guessing a lot of it had disappeared by the time it got there. The Blinder was known as the 'booze carrier' and Foxbat the 'flying restaurant'. Maybe the 'aga' is really a distillery....a sort of 'Kamovsky Moonshine'
  12. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Lovely detail Martin Mars...if all else fails do what the Russians do with theirs and a chuck a tarp over it I deeply resemble that remark.... No, no, by all means, go ahead, just don't make it too long-winded..........ah, too late!
  13. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Yes...they drank most of it. Is that the same 'Bendy-Kecks' whose related to the 'Windy-Botts' and Slack-Bladders' of Steeple-Bumpstead? if so my father used to break wind with him during the piping in of the colours at Sandhurst. Often seen wearing an off the shoulder gold lame number with sequined battle shorts, wellies and flat cap on parade, by 'eck.
  14. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Sorry Kev, you mentioned something about a build?
  15. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Fear not Martian, I shall not be dressing up as a Frank N furter, not this year or any other....however Baldrick has volunteered to attend as Riff Raff as he knows his place, unlike some in this den of iniquity. Bill, following a 'cease and desist' order by a Military court we were cleared of any and all charges involving animal cruelty and endangerment.....however the case involving Baldrick and the three-legged Tibetan Llama is still pending.