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  1. Both 'must haves' for me...those Mini World metal parts look quite superb, almost too nice to paint..... I can see this all getting a wee bit expensive......que sara !
  2. Lovely job Dave, great detailing and sea base. The figures certainly add life to it all....
  3. Thanks James, yes there's something quite hypnotic about ships in this scale and they do make a refreshing change from aircraft. Also having fun with dio sea bases, something else a bit different from what I'm used to. Look forward to seeing your Canada finished, a great looking battlewagon. Good to catch up at Hudderfield too. Thanks Graham...funnily enough I'd made them up using the Memsahib's finest denier hosiery, (had a hell of a job getting her to stand still long enough to get a decent piece)and promptly forgot to attach !, when I have a moment I'll add them and post an image or two.
  4. Yes...a glass of single malt when you finally get your backside over here... The intake exhaust vent omission is a strange error by Airfix but easily solved, perhaps they could only get access to one side of an aircraft though why not access to Google is anyone's guess. Also notice the poor fit of the tailplane in the English Electric kit...dreadful gap I think this is a rather great shot of the underside... PR.9 underside view
  5. Andy, I'm currently building 1/350th, 1/200th, 1/144th and 1/72nd vessels and of all the scales I definitely enjoy 1/700th the most. I think it's the challenge of seeing just how much detail you can add without going stir crazy...everyone expects a larger scale model to be crammed to the gunwales with detail, particularly the 1/200th monsters and whilst they are enjoyable I find the smaller stuff a lot more fun. Great to hear that you feel inspired, everyone should have a go at one of these at some point. Keep at it and post your work here, look forward to seeing them.....
  6. Bill I'm afraid I didn't do a WIP for this one but quite a few things are explained in the RFI, (bear in mind that this is an early PR.9) Canberra PR.9, Bomber Command 1961 I'm sure John can answer most if not all questions but in case there's anything you need to know I'm only too happy to help out...
  7. Lovely stuff Bill, completely missed this, too busy playing with boats, I'm sure you'll work you're magic on it. I built the Airfix PR.9 as an early Bomber Command 58 squadron machine a while back...a few tubes of filler and a fair bit of modifying needed if I recall, the trench lines and camera bays were all over the place, and the gear needed work for it to sit properly....stil,l we overcame adversity thanks to John ! Don't worry a good friend of mine Nigel flew the B.2 and B.6 and he said exactly the same thing first time he sat in it, mind you saying that have you seen inside a Sea Vixen
  8. Thanks chaps, Clogged, I use Uschi Van Rosten elasticated rigging line, a mixture of 'standard' and superfine' (mostly superfine for this scale), amazing stuff, expensive but well worth the outlay. To apply it I use two fine nosed tweezers, '45 sec' CA applied with a needle reversed so that the eye holds a tiny amount of fluid, I then apply some glue to the part (say yard-arm), pull the line over it with one pair of tweezers then with the other pull the line taut very slightly, wrap the other end of the line around the other part, apply a dab of CA pull taut again and snip the line which will retract back so as not to leave a loose end. It takes a bit of practice and takes longer to describe than actually do.... but it's not nearly as hard as it may sound. Having a well thought out plan is vital though so I found it best to work from the inner section of the model to the outer AND above all keep things equal otherwise you'll end up with too much tension on one side and tears will flow. Kev, funnily enough I enjoy modelling just about anything that grabs me mainly aircraft but maritime, space launch systems, sci-fi, pre historic creatures figures, AFV's and even trucks and top fuel dragsters are fair game. I just think the variety keeps things fresh and tops up your air brushing techniques. I've got a lot more subjects planned for this year including many more diverse subjects which I hope will be of interest to a few folks. Thanks Dave, just a bit of patience, steady hand and a good quality daylight magnifier lamp helps. I've always enjoyed using PE and resin, bit strange I suppose but it offers so much more delicate detail than plastic ever can.. Cheers all, Melchie...
  9. Thanks Our Man in Tanzanias....still in exile eh, has the FO not given you a date when it's safe to return to this septic Isle without fear of immediate arrest, summary execution and cessation of chocolate rations ? Should be splicing me main sail, heaving to and firing orf a broadside pretty soon.....(in English we say 'more ships soon').
  10. Thanks for the kind comments chaps, Clogged, I thought a year was probably near the mark but now with the amount of kit parts and even more PE and metal stuff not to mention rigging I'm now thinking maybe a tad longer, would look rather nice sat in it's re-enforced concrete display cabinet ! Cheers Martian, yes can't let the grass grow under yer plates you know.....there are many floaty boaty things planned for this year in several scales, (not sure if you saw it but I had the 1/700th Tamiya Saratoga CV-3 in last month's AMW which I'll be posting here quite soon) also a few other subjects to keep the juices flowing. Thanks Murdo glad you like it, Two strips of 18mm Tamiya tape and airbrush set to low psi (about 14, 1 bar), two or three misted coats at about six inches distance. Melchie
  11. Good that'll be very hard to resist !
  12. Actually things have improved a lot recently...the new Harrow glazing is a big improvement over earlier kits. Agree a decent B-45 is long overdue and very welcome.
  13. That can only be good news as their moulding quality has improved greatly recently, personally I'm quite happy to wait for a superior kit....
  14. Wonderful stuff, plenty for me on there, particularly like the Tu-14, I-75, Ye-152M AND 152-1 and even better early super ugly Su-15 and I-320, (look great alongside the Avis La-200's)'s almost like they're working through the Yefim Gordon Red Star books.....
  15. Clogged, thanks I've also got all the bits for the 1/350th version, should be a lot of fun along with a 1/200th Nelson...slight contrast there. Steve, I'm only a rear-end admiral at the moment, need a few more under my belt before promotion to the dizzying heights of admiralship methinks....... it is small but like Baldrick perfectly formed and very nicely packaged.....