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  1. No problem Kostas, credit where it's due. Keep up the good work...
  2. Thanks Mr T, that's very kind of you. I'm glad yours is OK and you're quite right, the plastic is thick, rigid and inflexible, reminds me of the ancient 1/96th Frog models. I was looking forward to building this one too, especially with the Air-Graphics set and RAF scheme but I guess I'll just have to enjoy a 'whistling chocolate-bomber' instead. You should really enjoy the DH88, it's a beauty. I'd like to do a few more SBS kits when time permits, they really are state of the art resin models.
  3. It's the first build article kit I've ever returned to Airfix Model World as I just didn't have the time to fix some serious issues with it. Hopefully, it was only my pre-production sample but the left wing-root stub was angled out at an alarming angle and the windows above this area stretched to form elongated ovals. This, in turn, meant that the lower fuselage line was banana shaped and top fuselage line distinctly kinked upwards, looked to me as if it had been pulled from the mould a bit early, (also misshapen prop bosses and wheels), shame as I was looking forward to building it. As I say, hopefully, it was just this example that suffered from the 'bends' and that others in the production run will be fine. Funnily enough, the editor swopped it for an Argosy which was a 100% improvement and a very nice kit, (and yes, I've built several Mach 2 kits now and I'm still here ).
  4. Lovely artwork, captures the sleek lines of the aircraft very well...(hopefully, they'll add the 'u' in Tu before release). Great to see the 'Pelican' in mainstream plastic, something I never thought we'd see. The nose section is a complex shape, Amodel did a good job, so here's hoping that Trumpy got it right too.
  5. Very true John, unfortunately, as we discussed, 'one size fits all' doesn't work well in the case of the Canberra as there were many detail variations between the same mark let alone others. Some basic details such as type determined wheel hub design and size, mudguards, seats and engine starter cartridge fairings, are very noticeable while others are more subtle. To my mind, this is what makes the Canberra such an interesting, if not slightly frustrating aircraft type! My build article of the B2 version appears in this months AMW so folks can make their own mind up about it. Oh and thanks again for your help, it was much appreciated.
  6. Not to mention a certain 1/24th Buccaneer....there, thought I'd say it before you did... Hang on...yup, yup, it did Funnily enough Keefy, I plonked some primer on the old thing last summer...latest from the front...it still breathes but is on life-support, apparently there is hope. Just to make you feel better someone kindly gave me a load of resin bits and decals for it recently too
  7. Haven't you finished these yet?......what the deuce are you playing at man!
  8. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Great result Bill, looks a real treat and as David points out the subtle panel line washes certainly work well. Photographing all-white models can be quite problematic as they often play havoc with the WB and light settings and you can end up with all sorts of tones and hues. I use pro studio strobes and white/grey colour reference cards and the images can still have issues.
  9. Yet another 2 Vulcan B2.. XM571 XH537

    Great recovery Rob, it's looking good. You should have every Vulcan B2 ever built soon! Still have my little B1 to finish, really must wrestle it from the clutches of the 'Cupboard of Ultimate shame' at some point. Know what you mean about the black radome shape, quite awkward to get right, but lots of photos help, (not to mention studying my local Vulcan at Newark). Look forward to progress...
  10. 1/72nd Airfix/Alley Cat Basler BT-67 Turbo-Dakota

    Thanks Martin, that's a valid point. I'm no lover of engraved panel lines either, though some manufacturers do manage to make them appear quite subtle. While I would usually fill, sand and, if necessary re-scribe to add a bit of relief detail, in this case the editor of AMW was keen to show what comes in the box, ditto any conversion parts. Funnily enough, I'm also building an Airfix/AIM Valiant B2 for our SIG at the moment and ended up filling just about every panel trench, leaving only a slight indentation to add detail interest to the finished model, as it's glossy black to avoid the dreaded toy-like look. Where possible I prefer to use colour modulation to depict different panel tones and the effects of any weathering/discolouration, personally, I think it just looks more realistic.
  11. 1/72nd Airfix/Alley Cat Basler BT-67 Turbo-Dakota

    Thanks BM, that's great to know, it's important to include a diverse selection of unusual types to the magazine. I know the editor is keen to include more along the same lines and for my part I'm only too happy to oblige.
  12. Snowmageddon

    Just returned from a walk with the hound and whilst Darling was most definitely erring on the side of exaggeration, purely for attention and sympathy, neither of which he got.It was indeed a bit parky out there, I even had to turn up the thermostat on my oil-fired thunderpants at one point, to avoid letting the side down. Managed to lose Bonzo at least three times, (and Bozo, sorry, Darling at least four, but that hardly counts). The estate lawnmower, (a modified war-surplus shutzengrabenvernichtungspanzerkraftenwagen IV I got off ebay.de), struggled a tad when we got to the three-metre deep stuff but otherwise, it's just another barmy day in the Lincolnshire Wolds.
  13. 1/72nd Airfix/Alley Cat Basler BT-67 Turbo-Dakota

    Thanks chaps, much appreciated.
  14. Snowmageddon

    Totally snowed in here at Melchett Towers with at least 15 feet of snow, -40 degrees C, heavy blizzards and more to come...or so Darling knowingly informed me while furiously roasting his chestnuts in front of a roaring fire in the drawing room.......mind you, he had just returned from the wine cellar and tends to become somewhat unreliable after a glass of Bucks Fizz and a mustard and cress sarnie.
  15. Good point but you can only hope, unfortunately, it's a common problem, just look at Cosford and the one remaining complete Vulcan B1. I realise that they don't have the funds to restore every exhibit but hopefully they'll see that these aren't just a couple of common-as-muck Canberra subtypes, same goes for the ELINT Caravelle.