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  1. Looks great Steve. Those subtle rivets demand to be shown off and that looks just right!
  2. lol!!! I think this is a case of - do what you want and are comfortable with. Who really knows what supplies were at the factory that day - Line Mgr says -"I don't care! Get it out the factory door! There's 25 more behind it!", at the staging depot for updates and corrections (we called it the "hospital" at the auto factory I worked with) - The painter says "Hey boss, I ran out of YZC/ GZC and that one didn't get done - Reply "I don't care get it on the ship! it leaves tonight!", at the front line the crew chief says "Hey Capt. Jones I can't let this one go up, the wh
  3. Looks really good and glad to hear it comes together nicely. Cheers.
  4. Nice one, I built the same kit a few years ago as a trio with a Victor and a Vulcan all from GWH. It looks best in white.
  5. Looking nice, I suggest a few sizes bigger bit, a very sharp one, and just ream out the end. You will get a thinner edge and less risk to shattering the pipes.
  6. This kit has proven generally accurate in external details. There are a few differences from the PT-26 in our museum one is there is a large panel represented on the left upper fuselage. I expect this is for access to a baggage/storage compartment located in the upper fuselage behind the rear seat. Our Cornell has no external hatch and the compartment can only be accessed from the rear cockpit. Given that the compartment is nearly a meter deep and it is a tail dragger, you can imagine the cursing when something slides to the very back of the compartment. It usually comes to me to be retrie
  7. The fuselage was joined and required some clamping and tape to hold in place while the CA glue dried. The wing is there just to double check alignment and is not attached yet. Wings attached. The broken wing pieces were brought together with two brass rod re-enforcements. This was brought up to the fuselage, checked for alignment and glued in place, again tape was used to keep it aligned until set. There are significant gaps at the roots that will be filled with Tamiya "Easy sanding" CA glue and "Perfecr Putty" to finish.
  8. Yes, under the Revell label it is a deal but I won't build another Tempest as I am too happy with the one I finished and the next might not be as good. I have the Revell Mustang to do but I understand it is their own and a straightforward build. Looking forward to it. On the other hand I would love a 'P51B / Razorback' but Revell (USA) has simply re- issued their old old kit in a new box. No thanks.
  9. Maybe not another but it is definitely a beauty when tamed and completed. Looking good Steve!
  10. Got some more details and paint on the sidewalls. This should do the trick once closed up and looking from the top. It was important to constantly check fit and position versus the seats. As I said this is my first attempt at scratchbuilding and I am quite happy, I never should have worried about it. Next step is to slap the fuselage together and then attach the broken wing....
  11. Those are really nice Paul! I'm building a couple of Italeri (Occidental) Harvards soon after this project. I didn't know SH did a 1/72 Cornell, may have to get one. So hard to believe you have a 55 yr old model in such great shape. The first model I remember making on my own was a (long gone to the bin) Airfix Harrier in maybe 1970???? I built it on my dinner tray while flying back to Canada after a visit to England. Can you imagine tube glue on a plane these days? I guess it just blended in with the cigarette smoke. The oldest I have in my cabinet is probably 30 yrs old, an Otaki 1
  12. Looking very nice. Are they Eduard seatbelts ?
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