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  1. It It is lovely to fly, pretty gentle but still responsive. It cruises at a mere 105-110 mph and only 2 hrs of fuel but who's in a hurry - enjoy the scenery passing under the yellow wings. We fly the Cornell to give the public an experience from years past when brave young men trained to go overseas and also as a tribute to the instructors and crew who trained thousands for the RCAF and RAF under the BCATP. I would like to have met your Dad. Cheers and a tip of my cap!
  2. That's a beautiful model. I am a little desperate to get my hands on that kit as I have just recently "checked out" on our 1943 Fleet Cornell at Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation in Stayner, Ontario Canada. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks - it's the new Tamiya kit. I agree the "Dark Earth" is too light, I added red-brown to the suggested mix but not enough. Note for next time! Not sure about the pics - I see 4 pics. - I will look into it. Cheers
  4. Just finished this one. Out of the box, all Tamiya paints. I'm mostly happy with it, I feel the Dark Earth is a little light in tone. It is the kit recommend mix with a little red-brown added but I think it should still be a little darker maybe redder. Oh well.... Another perfect fitting and superbly engineered model by T.
  5. I normally build aircraft in all scales but I was recently asked by someone to build this. I loved the experience and I think I just might have to build one for myself. I think it was about 120 hrs in the building. Tamiya kit with the "Detail Up" accessory chain set (360+ pieces on its own). The gaps between the cowl / headlight are a result of the parts not being cemented in place. They come together OK but will "pop" open a little very easily. I will need to make a small adjustment to them. I guess I should have cleaned the fingerprints off the tank before taking the pics....
  6. Hello BM'ers! I am involved in a small group named the Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation http://www.classicaircraft.ca/ in Stayner (north of Toronto) Ontario Canada. We are a small museum based at an ex- BCATP field and we have two 1943 trainers that we use to give the public "Experience flights". They are a Fleet PT-26 Cornell and a DH98a Tiger Moth. Our Cornell is in great shape and we are busy giving rides, however, our Tiger Moth was damaged in a accident in 2017 and is still under repair. Although we are going through insurance to repair the aircraft, there is a large gap in what they are paying and what is required to get everything back to top condition. Once you open an 85 year old wing and fuselage to fix it you inevitably find more work to be done replacing worn or just too old components. As a result we are finding ourselves in a position between not getting our Tiger back into the air at all or running our small not for profit organisation into debt. We are running fund raising activities locally and we are also looking to the world wide aviation community to see if anyone out there would like to help. We have started a Gofundme campaign and I would like to present it here and I ask that you consider the request and/or spread the word to others who you may feel are interested. And if any of you are visiting in the Toronto / Georgian Bay area anytime please contact us or me and perhaps come visit. You may even consider a flight over some of the best scenery in Ontario. Thank you!! https://www.gofundme.com/restore-a-1943-dehavilland-tiger-moth-to-flight
  7. Thanks Tony. Not sure about Lanc FM104. It was awarded to a BC group but they haven't seemed to have started packing it up yet. If they default we get it which would be pretty good. Cheers!
  8. Yes Guilty as charged. The colour guide does show April 1940. Cheers.
  9. That's a beauty! In the best scheme too!
  10. Three from the BoB - well actually the Hurricane is April 1940 according to the painting guide but perhaps it made it home to defend the Home Isle against the Luftwaffe??? I really like these 1/72 Airfix kits. The are fairly accurate, easy to assemble, come with a "wheels up" option and a pilot figure! I acquired a set of AIrfix stands and used them here - talk about a step back in time!!! They are all built out of the box and airbrushed using Tamiya paints on top and Gunze aqueous for the Sky. Kit decals too. I built them over a year ago but put them into storage. This week I got them out and painted them. I lost a few bits along the way including a pair of the turret guns and the rear antenna for the Defiant. They look pretty cool together and I think the large code letters suit these older types. Cheers!!
  11. Thanks - yes the decals are much improved over years gone by. Regards the green on the drop tank - well there was a 35 hour period in 1944 when the RLM issued a memo to all forward units in the SE portion of crete that during the hours of...... Just kidding! It is a trick of the LED lighting in my booth or a shadow??? The tank is the same shade of blue as the undersides - a mix of Tamiya XF23 light blue and XF19 sky grey. I can see how it looks green in the pictures but if you look at the top photo in the series which is a bit dark the green patch is not there. I will watch for that effecty in future photo sessions - still lots to learn! Cheers!
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