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  1. Well it IS for sale but with shipping it may be a little too dear. Yes, after I was 'over there' a few years ago, I moved houses and renewed my Commercial license. I joined a small flying museum 15 minutes from the house. We have the 1947 Auster AOP VI ex RAF VP630 trans to RCAF 16653 (unfortunately a previous owner replaced half of the greenhouse with aluminum to make it a little less roasting hot inside), a 1943 DH82a Tiger Moth ex RAF NM201, a 1943 Fleet / Fairchild PT-26 Cornell ex RCAF (BCATP) FV720 and a 1947 Fleet 80 Canuck. We do customer rides in the Tiger and Cornell, use the Ca
  2. Beautiful finish and used tractor weathering. A lovely Bumble Bee
  3. Terrific looking He-111. Nice finish on the paint and more impressive that it's brush work. Also much thanks for the detailed and well photo'ed WIP, a great reference for my upcoming build. Cheers!
  4. I have an AOP VI at the airport but it's assembled and may be hard to ship!! Nice collection Paul, not popular subjects but interesting all the same. Hope you are keeping well. Cheers, Bill
  5. Great. For "night" I use flat black mixed with a little flat red maybe 5 to 1. It makes for a shade less 'harsh' than straight black.
  6. Looking forward to seeing paint! My favourite part.
  7. Yes, but I'm afraid it isn't very good. www.classicaircraft.ca At the airport we also have a privately owned Vultee BT-13 Valiant and a second museum with RCAF artifacts plus a full scale Avro Arrow replica. We may be seeing a large English designed/Canadian built WW2 veteran with high wing, STOL, Army support/ Special Ops/ target tow aircraft, one of only 2 flying in the world move here this summer. But it's a bit hush, hush 60 miles west of Toronto is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. They have experience flights including a PBY Canso, a B25 and a Lanca
  8. We had a lot of young men come through Canada on the BCATP. If you or your cousin ever find yourselves over here, at the museum where I fly, we have an RAF Tiger Moth and a BCATP RCAF PT-26 Cornell that we can take you up in. We've flown many vets and their children and grandchildren. We're just 60 miles north of Toronto.
  9. Ha! Me too, but this was the craziest build I ever did. Painted and decalled with no tail. Wings or even a front fuselage!
  10. Hate to say it. But the drop tank joints need a little work. The smoothing of the engraved details look great! I left the horizontal tail off until after painting. It worked out great and much easier to paint. I have done the seat harness decal cut outs for many kits. I usually paint the edges, give them a light wash of sooty brown and then a flat coat, trying to not coat the buckles. Yes the landing gear alignment is tricky. The side to side is not too bad, the retraction arm helps set the vertical alignment (when viewed from the front). The tricky part is front
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