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  1. Hi Shayne, I have never built the 1/72 kit, however, I may have a suggestion. I don't clearly understand where the gap you describe is, perhaps a photo would help, but to stop the doors from collapsing into the wheel well I would; - Glue the 3 door pieces together with a thin piece piece of plastic on the inside surface as a backplate and let this set properly so it is one solid piece. - once satisfied with the dry fit, place a small amount of "blue tack" or modeling clay into the wheel well, then add the doors and cement into place. I would use a fast setting cement or CA with ac
  2. Very nice! I just finished mine too. You did a great job on the exhaust stains and I love the tires too. Great choice of markings. Cheers
  3. Simon, I just built the two different kits and I think there is an error in the T.F. X instructions for the rear wingtip nav lights. I believe you should not use the ones indicated which have small tube-like extrusions but the alternates on the clear sprue. The ones indicated are a later style and on the real aircraft are metal and the "tube" has a very small light at the end. That said, I'm not sure when it was introduced, maybe earlier on, but if that part is used, it should be painted over. Cheers
  4. I think I fixed the links? Thanks I think I fixed the links??? Thanks.
  5. Hah! Good catch. It's dried masking fluid used to mask the "mirror ". I will clean it up. Thanks!
  6. I finished this one a week ago, just before the Beaufighters were started. It's the most excellent Tamiya kit strictly out of the box. As far as the build goes - it's a Tamiya so follow the instructions and all should be good EXCEPT the main landing gear and door retraction struts are designed to be installed while building the booms, they cannot be added after main assembly and painting. They are very delicate and fragile. I broke them all and lost the tiny pieces. They were replaced with plastic stock. Not sure how to work around this but some smart builders will figure a way. Paints ar
  7. Thanks for the kind comments on the models. Not just a flight in the Tiger, I'm lucky to be one of the pilots at a flying museum. I currently fly their 1943 PT-26 Cornell and am set to get checked out and flying the 1943 Moth when we can get back to a more normal situation. She's a beauty and one of only 3 in Canada that the public can buy a ride in. Cheers!
  8. I have tried to redo the links, there should be 6 pics now. I hope it worked. We are all well here, not much flying though. Just a couple flights in the Fleet Canuck. The Cornell hasn't been up. Most sad is that I was to be training in the Tiger Moth by now but no go for now. Also we acquired an Auster A.O.P. VI last November but it too is not flying until this lockdown is over. I hope before the end of the year but I guess we will see. We've done some renos around the house and gardening is starting (it was -5C 3 days ago!). Just a bit of time to do models in all this though.
  9. It's been another long while since I have posted anything here - I guess I have too many home projects! A pair of 1/72 Airfix kits. Neither will see a competition table for sure! The T.F. X is the wrong grey - Ocean Grey (it should be Extra Dark Sea Grey) over Sky (Xatracrylx paints). The T.F. 10 has no crew! (long story but let's just say if you're building 2 at once - make sure the right belly pan goes on the right airplane!) It is EDSG over Sky (Gunze acrylic paints). Fit is pretty good on the kits, details are noce too. I can't judge the accuracy but I like them for sure
  10. Hello all!! After a year or so away from (completing) models, I have just finished this AMK kit for a friend who most recently owned this very aircraft. It is the AMK kit with Airies resin cockpit and Mark 1 / 4+ Decals (from their 'Aero L29 Dozen Set)). The kit is very very noce, well fitting and well detailed from the box. It allows for flaps up/down, airbrakes open/closed and canopy open/closed. It also includes some PE details for the cockpit and other areas. The Airies cockpit is most excellent, however, it proved to be a little wide for a 'drop in' fit. I sanded it and the kit inte
  11. It It is lovely to fly, pretty gentle but still responsive. It cruises at a mere 105-110 mph and only 2 hrs of fuel but who's in a hurry - enjoy the scenery passing under the yellow wings. We fly the Cornell to give the public an experience from years past when brave young men trained to go overseas and also as a tribute to the instructors and crew who trained thousands for the RCAF and RAF under the BCATP. I would like to have met your Dad. Cheers and a tip of my cap!
  12. That's a beautiful model. I am a little desperate to get my hands on that kit as I have just recently "checked out" on our 1943 Fleet Cornell at Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation in Stayner, Ontario Canada. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Thanks - it's the new Tamiya kit. I agree the "Dark Earth" is too light, I added red-brown to the suggested mix but not enough. Note for next time! Not sure about the pics - I see 4 pics. - I will look into it. Cheers
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