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  1. After a while, an update. I made a huge mistake gluing MLG boxes to far ahead. It resulted that I could not put the engine nacelles on correct position. I discovered it after I glued upper wing. It was purely my mistake, since in the instruction sheet they draw it correctly, I simply did not pay enough attention in lining fronts together. Therefore I had to crack open upper and lower wings, central wing and wheel wells apart. Yes, it sounds terrifying, especially when narrow outer edges of the central wing snapped but it was relatively easy to glue together again. After gluing it ag
  2. Thank you, Stew! Indeed I have masks, otherwise it would be.... horror. Thank you, Greg.
  3. What a fantastic group build, it takes quite time just to keep up with the news, and I am impressed by your progress guys. In my case, we had something called "holiday" here, but so untypically which mainly involved hiking around in the nature, which was okay for a change. Modelling time suffered a bit, and here's some progress. Firstly, some pics of the interior Fuselage halves are joined together and then central lower wing part. Then I glued upper wing halves. Some sanding will be to fit lower wings, but not too much, it is tight fit.
  4. Hi everyone! I started a dual Heinkel build He-100 and He-111. Looking forward to report on my progress.
  5. The idea to make a fictitious HE-113 fighter for this campaign seemed like cheating to me despite it is on the list of planes that took part in the battle. So, thinking about what I have in stash I reached for the He111 box and decided to start it as well. Most of the 111's have already flown to STGB, so it's not bad to have one here. For starters, the required box images: I almost sold the He-100 a couple of months ago, but when I looked at the parts again, I decided to build it. The level of detail for this short run model is excellent, panel lines are
  6. So what is the verdict on this one? I might join in with Special Hobby's in 1/72.
  7. Great work, I like it a lot, wheel wells are phenomenal. Looking forward to see the paint on it. I like the idea of 5 min epoxy for wings., would it work on clear parts to remove the excess of epoxy with q-tip and alcohol? I believe it is not a messy technique.
  8. Fantastic. Can't wait to see the end result.
  9. Great paintwork, I love it. I wonder would it be possible in 1/72. Which airbrush and needle are you using?
  10. SOKO 522 Trainer Training sqn. Zagreb, 1969 movie "Kelly's Heroes" Manufacturer: Lift Here Models Scale: 1/72 Paint: Alclad aluminium, Gunze paints At the end I can say that I am not a great fan of resin models, and this build confirmed my hesitance. Some parts kept snapping off such as MLG legs although I reinforce joints with steel pins. I accidentally, not once, but two times got CA blobs on painted surfaces, so I had to sand it off and repaint it. At the other hand, this is such unusual subject, so I am gl
  11. I finished here is a sample photo, the rest will go to gallery:
  12. Just a few progress pictures. I primed with Mr.Surfacer followed with Alclad aluminium. Even done the decaling. Unfortunately while gluing seats and instrument panel I managed to sink starboard wingtip into CA gel, so now I have to sand and paint again.
  13. Thank you guys for your support. Yes indeed, most known to kids raised in Yugoslavia movie "Partizanska Eskadrila" movie. There is an anecdote of a group of several SOKO 522 flying in Nazi markings along Adriatic shore surprising foreign tourists enjoying holidays in socialist country. Unfortunately for SOKO 522, rumors say that there was steady supply of scotch during film shooting so pyrotechnic crew got carried away and destroyed a bunch of aircraft in spectacular explosions in the end of the movie. Our movie star got its wings and tail, still correcting the joint seam
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