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  1. I like it a lot, Roman. Cammo colors are spot on and weathering too, and F9 is indeed an attractive subject. Photos are great.
  2. Now, something a bit different. Finished not long ago as part of our local forum's WWI campaign. This particular Zeppelin flew twice over Serbia in 1915. It was pretty easy build, not to many parts, Gunze and Tamiya colors are sprayed over Black Surfacer. I tried to make patchy look, so I put several in progress pictures as well.
  3. Lanmi

    Fw-190A-4 (Eduard 1/48)

    Great work, I love it, especially panting and weathering effects. Can you tell how did you achieve demarcation between upper and lower cammo on the fuselage sides? I also love the weathering in the wing root it seems that you didn't use silver nor aluminum color.
  4. Thank you everybody for your kind words. Regarding our SIG we run discussion board on our local modeller forum and a website. Hopefully we will have more Spitfires coming since everybody have several in the stash.
  5. For me, it was an unusual step into the "dark side" of 1/48, but I enjoyed the build. It was our club activity, we started the work on several ICM kits at the same time so we experienced a different problems on the same kit so good planning in building this kit is essential. Main problem was nose section which is better to be glued first, then the wingtips are thinner than the wing, so it is better to thin it before gluing wing halves together. There are some gaps and not logical steps in the instruction sheet so the Revell instructions helped a bit, especially when building it without the engine like me. Decals were Aeromaster set, Gunze colors, seat belts were scratched from paper. This kit had an appearance on our SIG Spitfire Serbia display table in Belgrade's New Years Cup. Hope you like it.
  6. Fantastic build. I love the weathering, just right amount of it. Especially i loved how you paint collector rings on the engines (I will never miss Humbrol 12 Copper metallic)
  7. Nice job, Dave. Thank you for the detailed description, I will surely use it for a reference since I would like to do a two-bladed Spit for our local SIG Spitfire. I love it clean lines and those yellow circles around the roundels. You achieved precise demarcation between the upper camouflage colours, what do you use for masking? I agree for the panel lines on this kit - no wash is way to go. Great kit!
  8. No, I did it one session per color. The only pause was to clean the nozzle tip with Q-tip dipped in solvent once in a while (it happened with brown color mainly). It took few hours altogether. Only real problem is finger cramp for pressing trigger, luckily Evolution Silverline has paint volume control (screw which enables to adjust how far you can pull back the needle).
  9. Funny, in my mind by anti-shipping I've pictured torpedo carrier - and actually I used this boxing for my build . Sorry, my mistake.
  10. Indeed I do, love Italian colors, it is a bit of a challenge but result is always great. Sometimes it is hard to find matching colors in Gunze or Tamiya range for precision spraying.
  11. Thank you very much for your comments, I am glad you like it. Not sure which was anti-shipping version, maybe in Flying Machine boxing since the other Special Hobby box is night bomber and captured with US markings. Good thing is that in the kit you get parts for all variants. I agree, unfortuanately modellers don't build it often which is a pity. I was attracted to this scheme right away. I used 0,2mm needle, and Gunze colors with Leveling Thinner.
  12. Special Hobby is a bit harder to work with but this model is despite its complexity with resin parts, no location pins etc is actually very easy to build. One should study instruction sheet and online build logs, dry fit a lot and the build will be enjoyable. Great plus for this model is phenomenal transparent parts and very quality decal sheets. Downside of the model is some mould marks on some parts of the tail surfaces, as well as uncomplete moulding on several cowling halves (luckily there is enough cowlings for 8 engines, so no worries). For painting, I use STORMO site and forum for references. Kit represents famous MM2003 from 274. squadriglia on which Bruno Mussolinni died. Painting is done with H&S Evolution airbrush in the following steps: Base color was Humbrol 81 Pale yellow matt as Giallo Mimetico 2-3 Then, a mix of Gunze H7 and H17 to represent Marrone Mimetico 53193 was spreyed in the following pattern: Then, at the end I believe it was Gunze H302 as Verde Mimetico 2 Later, I used Tamiya gloss and Tamiya flat base for the final clear coats.
  13. Thank you very much. Despite its flaws, I am very glad that I finished it at the first place.
  14. Thank you all. I agree that the modern airliner design is not so diverse nor exiting.
  15. Thanks everyone for your kind comments: @waylandsmithy Yellow stripes are part of the three very long decals that go from the nose to tail, that was very hard to align it to the windows. Then, there is yellow stripe that goes together with anti glare area in front of the windshield which is separate decal. The nose radome is painted in Revell Lufthansa blue which is a fine match with blue in decal color. I am glad you liked it.