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  1. I owe you information about the total amount of work on the model. Together with breaks, meals, all working sessions were about 20 hours spread over three days. This time it was much more stressful than on the previous blitzbuild because the camouflage is quite complex and did not give room for the colors to dry well between the layers, so I skipped to do weathering and marbling. The model itself is simplified and it is missing, for example, the entire intake under engine cowling, the inside of the landing gear does not exist. I will scratch a non-existent pitot tube. Thank you all for following and nice comments. Until the next opportunity.
  2. What a pitty. It really was looking great. I nearly missed same result in my blitzbuild.
  3. Finished! Started today session at 4,30PM I almost quit near the end. There are a lot of coats without enough time to dry. More photos in the gallery section
  4. The masks have fallen! It's not perfect, but I'm satisfied. As I assumed the gray was not dry enough so there are traces of the masking tape, I hope it will disappear when I put gloss cote. I finish today's sprint at 2AM. We don't have a bank holiday here tomorrow so after work I expect that I will be able to apply the decals and warnish. From weathering I plan only pigments and oil wash.
  5. Slowly colors coming on. have to wait a bit for gray to dry,
  6. I continued today around 14,00. Firstly, finished masking canopy and gluing it to the fuselage. Then I sprayed interior green over canopy, and thin cote of white primer. I opted for white primer so I can easily paint white and yellow color. Regarding the background music, mainly random youtube list. Next step, paints in the following order: white, silver, dark iron, yellow, gray, dark green, brown spots on the end
  7. 3.00AM finished sanding fuselage and prepared all parts for painting, canopy half masked. I have to call it a day. See you tomorrow.
  8. Did you see my pencil maybe? Very unusual and interesting choice, I will follow it for sure.
  9. Good job so far, not an easy model. Go ahead with rivets!
  10. Good morning, you have quite a progress! I will give few more hours here, I will go to bed around 3AM
  11. Here are first progress pictures: I started at 21,30 CET I added few details made of styrene rods on cockpit walls. Wings and fuselage joined. Not very happy with the joint, I used Vallejo water based putty. After 2h15'. Need to sand down fuselage joints, made seatbelts from tamiya tape, I dipped canopy in Gauzy glass coat agent.
  12. Hi everybody, I am planning to join in with hopefully an easy build. I will start around 21h CET. See you soon!
  13. Thank you @trickyrich for your encouragement and nice words. You made a great job running this GB. Certainly I will take part in future builds. This year, I have finished 2 out of 3.
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