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  1. Hm, I see what you mean. I did not pay much attention to inverted V struts perpendicular position. What I recall from my build is that both V struts are barely touching upper wing, and carry no weight. Maybe you can find something more from WIP pictures: https://lanmiblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/10/hp-0-400-wip-2/
  2. Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki Hasegawa 1/72 Superhero option 23h55'
  3. Yes that is because I used Google photos, which I did not share. Anyhow, I managed to finish it on time, It was not easy, and a bit stressful. Not enjoyable as I thought. Luckily Alclad worked very nice and I did not encounter any paint lift. I opted for a Black Surfarcer 1500 for a base, which was good decision for this speed build , but it quite rough as the base for Alclad. I did not use any sealer for it and went with the decals straight on. Luckily Aeromaster decals went well with Micro sol. Over Alclad all the flaws are very prominent, especially visible seams and lost panel lines. Have a few nasty ones on the leading edges and starboard stabilizer has a huge gap on joint. Here is the end result. No weathering, decals are still not set yet, so it was difficult to attach antenna, prop, and MLG with minimum touching. I will spray it with a semi gloss in a few days to even the shine. I am glad that I managed to finish in time, next time my speed project will be at least a week long. Now I will enjoy a glass of gin & tonic to relax a bit. I congratulate all the participants in this groupbuild, sorry I didn't have time to comment your work, Cheers!
  4. @Brad not sure if anyone else sees it, but just in case here are pictures from last night: 01:56 Currently I am here: all joints sanded, I used few drops of superglue as putty. I primed all parts in black surfacer. Next I will use Alclad aluminium Not very pleased with the progress so far. It will be very hard to finish everything in due time. But I will try. I fear masking Alclad on leading edges and control surfaces it will be critical for finishing on time. But, I will give it a try. Here is the current look:
  5. After one hour, wing halves and external tanks glued together. In the following hour, aotake sprayed in fuselage halves and wheel wells, and I glued it to the wings. It is bed time, so tomorrow will be long day.
  6. I am starting at 00:57. Just a Coke for the beginning!
  7. Here is my entry, I will try to do 24h build. I will start at midnight:
  8. I double-copied this sentence! Congratulations to all participants!
  9. I managed to finish her yesterday, sorry for mobile phone photos.
  10. Fujimi 1/72, Junkers Ju-87 G-2 Stuka, Luftflotte 4, 1945. Pilsen, Czehoslovakia Gunze paints, Eagle Cal decals depicting Stuka W. Nr. 494200 belonging to unknown pilot. Aftermarket include brass 37mm underwing antitank cannons and Eduard canopy masks.
  11. Again, great work especially on the interior, rescribing and painting.
  12. Great work, I love the painting, a lot of details inside which is clearly visible under all those transparecies.
  13. @trickyrich Thanks for the recommendation I will try Tamiya lacquer thinner, until now I have only used their X-20A Thanks for encouragement, I hope I will finish it on time.
  14. Some update at last: This picture is just to show it is good to invest in aftermarket barrels, compared to the kit ones: I sprayed Gunze, finishing gray primer 1500 and then sprayed yellow areas firstly with Gunze white, and then gunze RLM 04 yellow. After that I sprayed some preshading along the panel lines with dark gray, and Gunze RLM 65 for the undersides, and RLM 70 and RLM 71 for the upper sides: Unfortunately, Tamiya tape left some marks on the masked areas of RLM 70, I am starting to be suspicius to the Mr. Leveling Thinner. I polished those areas with polishing cloth and after new layer of Tamiya clear all the marks gone away. Then I put the decals on.
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