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  1. Fantastic. Can't wait to see the end result.
  2. Great paintwork, I love it. I wonder would it be possible in 1/72. Which airbrush and needle are you using?
  3. SOKO 522 Trainer Training sqn. Zagreb, 1969 movie "Kelly's Heroes" Manufacturer: Lift Here Models Scale: 1/72 Paint: Alclad aluminium, Gunze paints At the end I can say that I am not a great fan of resin models, and this build confirmed my hesitance. Some parts kept snapping off such as MLG legs although I reinforce joints with steel pins. I accidentally, not once, but two times got CA blobs on painted surfaces, so I had to sand it off and repaint it. At the other hand, this is such unusual subject, so I am glad I joined this groupbuild. Finally, I celebrated this gallery entry with a glass of G&T and I will use this chance to wish all Britmodellers a very happy New Year and I hope I will continue to participate on groupbuilds in 2020! @Corsairfoxfouruncle thank you for running this show it was great.
  4. I finished here is a sample photo, the rest will go to gallery:
  5. Just a few progress pictures. I primed with Mr.Surfacer followed with Alclad aluminium. Even done the decaling. Unfortunately while gluing seats and instrument panel I managed to sink starboard wingtip into CA gel, so now I have to sand and paint again.
  6. Thank you guys for your support. Yes indeed, most known to kids raised in Yugoslavia movie "Partizanska Eskadrila" movie. There is an anecdote of a group of several SOKO 522 flying in Nazi markings along Adriatic shore surprising foreign tourists enjoying holidays in socialist country. Unfortunately for SOKO 522, rumors say that there was steady supply of scotch during film shooting so pyrotechnic crew got carried away and destroyed a bunch of aircraft in spectacular explosions in the end of the movie. Our movie star got its wings and tail, still correcting the joint seams a bit. No major problems in construction, I had some work in the wing roots, and got two starboard horizontal stabilizers which I managed to alter. Still have some sanding to do and I will give it a shot of gray surfacer to check all the seams once again.
  7. Just a small update. I started with assembling the engine and then I painted it together with the office. Fuselage is molded in one piece, so next step will be adding some weathering oils to the engine and attaching one-piece wings. Resin is of very good quality and very easy to sand.
  8. Hi, if you allow, I will join with this one: It is beautiful resin model made by Lift Here Models 1/72, Yugoslav two-seater trainer SOKO 522 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lift-here-models-lhm025-soko-522-trainer--988157 It will represent a movie star from our beloved classic movie Kelly's Heroes. https://www.impdb.org/index.php?title=Kelly's_Heroes I started a bit around the engine, so I hope I will have some progress soon.
  9. Hm, I see what you mean. I did not pay much attention to inverted V struts perpendicular position. What I recall from my build is that both V struts are barely touching upper wing, and carry no weight. Maybe you can find something more from WIP pictures: https://lanmiblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/10/hp-0-400-wip-2/
  10. Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki Hasegawa 1/72 Superhero option 23h55'
  11. Yes that is because I used Google photos, which I did not share. Anyhow, I managed to finish it on time, It was not easy, and a bit stressful. Not enjoyable as I thought. Luckily Alclad worked very nice and I did not encounter any paint lift. I opted for a Black Surfarcer 1500 for a base, which was good decision for this speed build , but it quite rough as the base for Alclad. I did not use any sealer for it and went with the decals straight on. Luckily Aeromaster decals went well with Micro sol. Over Alclad all the flaws are very prominent, especially visible seams and lost panel lines. Have a few nasty ones on the leading edges and starboard stabilizer has a huge gap on joint. Here is the end result. No weathering, decals are still not set yet, so it was difficult to attach antenna, prop, and MLG with minimum touching. I will spray it with a semi gloss in a few days to even the shine. I am glad that I managed to finish in time, next time my speed project will be at least a week long. Now I will enjoy a glass of gin & tonic to relax a bit. I congratulate all the participants in this groupbuild, sorry I didn't have time to comment your work, Cheers!
  12. @Brad not sure if anyone else sees it, but just in case here are pictures from last night: 01:56 Currently I am here: all joints sanded, I used few drops of superglue as putty. I primed all parts in black surfacer. Next I will use Alclad aluminium Not very pleased with the progress so far. It will be very hard to finish everything in due time. But I will try. I fear masking Alclad on leading edges and control surfaces it will be critical for finishing on time. But, I will give it a try. Here is the current look:
  13. After one hour, wing halves and external tanks glued together. In the following hour, aotake sprayed in fuselage halves and wheel wells, and I glued it to the wings. It is bed time, so tomorrow will be long day.
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