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  1. I really like what you have done and congrats on getting the model to the finishing line. Definitely worth persevering!
  2. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. The Monogram kit can be made into a decent model - but it does require a lot of work. Michael, you made a lovely job of your Marauder. SAT69 - I hope that you can stay the course! It's definitely a long haul, Viking. I also used it as a test bed to try out new techniques. I am more ready to experiment on a cheap kit as opposed to risking a new approach on the latest Tamiya £100+ creation. Thanks Craig! And looking forward to your ESCI version joining mine on the display table when the model shows start up again. Top tip, Andy! Eyes like a hawk.
  3. Very, very nicely done, Michael. And a bare metal finish too! I can well appreciate all the work you had to put in to achieve such a fine result. Cheers Richard C
  4. Monogram's 1978 moulding of the handsome B-26B Marauder is a real labour of love. I made a tentative start over three years ago and picked it back up again in March this year. Despite its many challenges, I was determined to get it over the finish line. I chose to finish it as 'Valkyrie" which was an aircraft in the 344 BG. It is the perfect kit for anyone who enjoys extended sessions of filling, sanding, fettling, swearing and fiddling around (on a repeat cycle). I decided to rescribe the raised panel lines and rivet the airframe. I replaced the kit wheels and gun barrels with resin items from Quickboost. Apart from the nose art, the yellow serial code on the rudder and the propeller, all the other markings were sprayed on. For the first time I used a Montex Mask set for the national insignia and I cut the fuselage codes from Tamiya tape. These were easy to do as they did not have any curves. For the first time I tried a marbling technique rather than pre-shade the panel lines. I primed the model with black Stynylrez followed by a blotchy application of light grey. I then used 3 different shades of Olive Drab sprayed on in dabs rather than one smooth coat. The biggest ball-ache in the Monogram kit is the tail gunner area. The photo below shows the scope of the challenge. It's almost as if there were two pattern-makers corresponding over the phone - Mike working on the rudder and John doing the transparency! I ended up sawing off the over-extended horn (oo-er missus) and reshaped it with Milliput. I also cut out the rudder as it made it easier to work on the tail gunner area which also allowed me to offset it when gluing it back into position. Here is the photo of the first stage of the Milliput cycle. This is what I finally ended up with - not perfect but good enough. I didn't go mad with detailing the cockpit. I added some photoetch seatbelts and built a front bulkhead from plastic card. Strictly speaking, I think the floor should have been dark grey but I can live with the interior green... To finish off - one final photo converted to B&W plus a grain effect courtesy of Photoshop. Would I build another 1/48 Marauder? Definitely, as it is one of my favourite aircraft but only if ICM were to bring one out Cheers Richard C
  5. C'est magnifique! A really impressive piece of model-making.
  6. Excellent work, Josip. I really like your end result - very nicely weathered. I am currently battling my way through the venerable 1/48 Monogram boxing and will do it in the same markings. It's the perfect kit for anyone who enjoys hours of fettling, filling, sanding and general fiddling about. I am getting there but boy, is it testing my patience! I am sure that ICM will announce a new, state of the art Marauder when I finally get mine over the finish line Cheers Richard C
  7. Excellent result, Andy. I know this was a true labour of love (maybe even a bit of love'n'hate?) but the end result was well worth it. As a bit of respite, is it true your next model will be one from the Airfix QuickBuild 'no glue, no paint, just build' range?!
  8. Very nicely done - and good photography too.
  9. Every now and again, I like to paint a figure as a break from aircraft modelling. ICM's recent release of a Roman Centurion caught my eye. There is something about the combination of colours that is very appealing. It is a very nice kit to work on - sharply moulded with crisp detailing. I used Alclad for the metalwork, Mr.Color C18 for the basic flesh tone and Games Workshop acrylics for the rest including the gold tassles. The one thing missing from the kit is a decal for the decoration on the shield. I wanted to say a big thank you to @cmatthewbacon for sending me the artwork which I printed out on white decal paper. That worked a treat. The base is MDF that I coloured with teak effect woodstain to make it look like a more expensive piece of real wood. I very much enjoyed working on this figure and will definitely look to do another one at some point this year. Cheers Richard C
  10. In line with @ColinChipmunkfan's request, I managed to take a few more pics
  11. I really like how you have done the weathering. Very realistic.
  12. No major build issues. I think the biggest challenge was deciphering where the stencils should go from the less than stellar B&W instructions! I ended up using the box art and other photos found online to work out what goes where. I ended up putting in some plasticard shims to get the wings to sit right and be symmetrical (the working wing mechanism makes everything a bit floopy). I would also recommend cutting down the front nose wheel otherwise the nose will sit too high.
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