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  1. I am yet to build the new Airfix tool. I have their Commando boxing in the stash and I can see why you would prefer the Revell kit. The lack of surface detailing in the new Airfix kit makes it look all too smooth. I do think in general that Revell has the edge over Airfix in terms of surface detailing (e.g. compare their 1/72 versions of the Shackleton). Anyway, I would like to build the Commando variant at some point and it will be interesting to compare buildability with the Revell kit. The one issue with the Revell version is the overhang of the canopy on the right hand side. I have had this issue twice now and I have had to resort to various grades of wet'n'dry to blend it in followed by some Micromeshing.
  2. Stunning work. Would love to see this beauty at Scale ModelWorld in November!
  3. That's lovely - please congratulate your Dad on another fine build. The photos are great too - crisp and clear.
  4. I agree that the Belgian version would look great in 1/48th. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the Hasegawa kits so will be interested to hear the verdict of someone who could advise on the best starting point in 1/48th. The Mk.48 was a development of the Mk.41 which is the model that Revell chose for their 1/72nd offering. The main modifications that I did was remove the chaff dispensers on the sliding doors and scratch build the radar.
  5. Hi @janneman36 - I have finally finished my Belgian Sea King. I have posted a few pictures in Ready For Inspection - Aircraft. 


    1. janneman36


      Love it Richard, you did a fine job on it! Again thank you for letting me know that you finished it👍
      Enjoy your weekend,



    2. spruecutter


      Thanks Jan. I really appreciated the recent exchange on colours. That's the great thing about Britmodeller - like-minded individuals who know the importance of trying to get the details right! 



  6. A few pics of my latest build, a Belgian Air Force Sea King Mk.48 based on the 1/72 Revell kit and using the excellent decal sheet from DACO Products. For me, the Belgian scheme is one of the most attractive Sea King schemes out there. I really like the combination of the bright orange with the sand and spinach camouflage. Matching the green was straightforward. I used MRP-376 which is their version of Olive Green BS220. Matching the sand was more of a challenge. Following some exchanges with @janneman36, @825 and @thorfinn, I finally went for Xtracolor X813. This is actually an armour colour that I used c.15 years ago when building a Gulf War Challenger (BS361 Light Stone). Despite its age, it sprayed very nicely. Finding a good match for the Dockerblaze orange was also challenging. After various trials with Humbrol and Tamiya, I opted for an automotive colour from Zero Paints in the end: ZP-1057 Jägermeister Orange. I had to scratchbuild the radar at the left of the cabin. It's not 100% accurate, more representational than anything but "good enough and done" is the right way forward. I cobbled it together from 2 balls of Milliput, a Little Cars lens and some plastic card. All in all, it was quite an involved build and I am pleased to have got this one over the finishing line. The Revell kit still holds its own despite being over 20 years old. I actually like the raised rivets and the subtle surface detailing. The kit goes together well and is sharply moulded. Cheers Richard C.
  7. Very nicely done. The camo and weathering look very effective.
  8. A great set of pics, Andy. A very nice mix of aircraft types and nationalities.
  9. Nice photos @janneman36 It's such a great scheme and assuming no major hiccups, I will post a picture of the finished build on BM. No doubt I will end up painting more spoons to try and get a good match to the orange...
  10. I checked my stock of Xtracolor paints and found that I had a tin of X813 left over when I built a 1/35 Challenger c.15 years ago. I did a test spray this morning. The spoon on the left is X813 straight from the tin, the one on the right has been lightened with a little bit of white. I think it's the closest I am going to get and it looks right. I agree with you @thorfinn that with any tan / desert sand colour a lot depends on the photo that you are looking at: bright sun vs overcast conditions, morning vs afternoon. Even the computer screen has an influence - for example even the 2 spoons below look slightly different on my laptop screen compared to the monitor screen! Anyway, life is too short to fret unduly! I am going to use the slightly lightened version of X813. It's a definite improvement on the other colours that I tried. - Tamiya XF-60 too dark even when lightened - Revell Beige 314 too creamy - MRP-337 Light Stone BS61 not quote right even when lightened - MRP-080 Desert Tan too brown - MRP-244 Tan hint of pink I will probably still do a light wash over the base colour to lighten it further still. Thanks for your help @thorfinn @janneman36 @825 Cheers Richard C
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