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  1. spruecutter

    1/72 Fujimi KV-107II-4 JGSDF

    You are making good headway, Fabio. I am just about to start the filling and sanding phase...
  2. spruecutter

    KV-107 JGSDF Okinawa rescue scheme

    One thought Craig re the colour density of the decals. Do you want to try double decalling? I did that with my Red Arrows Hawk where I applied a second set of decals on top of the first resulting in a much better white. I have the same sheet as you but I very much doubt I will do the Japanese scheme. If you want the Japanese bits off my sheet, I can bring them to Milton Keynes.
  3. spruecutter

    1/72 Canadian CH-113A Rescue / Sauvetage

    The instruments are just the kit decals. They were a bit thick but luckily I have a bottle of Solvaset from the 1980s. This is good at pummelling any rigid decals into submission. I only bring it out when special measures are needed. I wouldn’t risk it on a modern thin decal - it would probably melt it! There again, maybe I should do an experiment with something I can afford to lose? It could give a very painted on look. I just remember that horrible experience with my desert Spitfire where, after applying some Microsol, the decals stuck limpet-like to the surface before I could move them into place...
  4. spruecutter

    1/72 Canadian CH-113A Rescue / Sauvetage

    Well, some minor progress over the weekend - here is the all-important photo evidence. Interior work completed: FRX 049 by Richard Coombe, on Flickr Other parts in the process of being prepped: FRX 050 by Richard Coombe, on Flickr I used a black Sharpie to do some window seals. I am thinking about spraying the yellow around the windows with paint brush handles as temporary masks, then blending it all together once the fuselage halves are joined. FRX 051 by Richard Coombe, on Flickr Cheers Richard
  5. Amazing attention to detail! If we have Richter for earthquakes, what scale do we have for fiddliness?! Close up photography makes it easy to forget this is 1/72nd. Cheers Richard
  6. spruecutter

    KV-107 JGSDF Okinawa rescue scheme

    She is looking the business, Craig. Good call on the Luftwaffe green. I must remember the Tamiya tape 'Front' reminder when I do the rotors.
  7. spruecutter

    CH-46 Bullfrog

    Coming along nicely.
  8. spruecutter

    1/72 Canadian CH-113A Rescue / Sauvetage

    A bit more progress this week. Sometimes I manage to squeeze in half an hour at the workbench before I go off to work. I actually find it's quite an effective way of psyching myself up for the work-day ahead. I will post some pictures at the weekend to prove there is some movement in my rotor blades Richard
  9. spruecutter

    1/72 Canadian CH-113A Rescue / Sauvetage

    Technically yes, a little bit done on the cockpit but nothing to write home about! I may need to hold your B-66 to ransom if I get any grief at Cosford, ha ha!
  10. spruecutter

    1/72 Columbia BV-107

    Lovely work on the interior detailing!
  11. spruecutter

    Airfix CH-46-Swedish style.

    Fantastic job on the splinter camo, Steve. You are a braver man than me!
  12. spruecutter

    KV-107 JGSDF Okinawa rescue scheme

    Nice work, Craig - I see you are keeping up the pace. By the way, is the kit you are using the one I got for you when I did my work placement in Tokyo a few years back? Cheers Richard
  13. Amazing work, Nigel - very impressive!
  14. Hi everyone A bit late to the party, I know but I am finally getting going on with my build for this STGB. My plan is to use the Fujimi KV-107 kit to do an early CH-113. I managed to track down a photo of a Canadian CH-113A prior to the 1981 refit i.e. before the additions of the nose-mounted radar, the 'top hat' exhausts and the Auxiliary Power Unit. The photo I found also shows the CH-113 with the large sponsons - different to the pictures in the PrintScale sheet. That simplifies the build giving me a fighting chance to finish by the deadline! According to the PrintScale sheet, the yellow is FS 13538 Golden Yellow. I managed to get hold of a pot of Mr Color C329 which carries that FS designation. I will be interested to see how the paint sprays as it is lacquer-based. Anyway, here's proof that have opened the box and made a start: IMG_3784 by Richard Coombe, on Flickr All the best for now Richard C
  15. spruecutter

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk1

    A fine result! It would be really good if you could post the Tamiya mix you used for the roundels. I am sure many people would find it a useful reference.