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  1. Excellent result, Andy. I know this was a true labour of love (maybe even a bit of love'n'hate?) but the end result was well worth it. As a bit of respite, is it true your next model will be one from the Airfix QuickBuild 'no glue, no paint, just build' range?!
  2. Very nicely done - and good photography too.
  3. Every now and again, I like to paint a figure as a break from aircraft modelling. ICM's recent release of a Roman Centurion caught my eye. There is something about the combination of colours that is very appealing. It is a very nice kit to work on - sharply moulded with crisp detailing. I used Alclad for the metalwork, Mr.Color C18 for the basic flesh tone and Games Workshop acrylics for the rest including the gold tassles. The one thing missing from the kit is a decal for the decoration on the shield. I wanted to say a big thank you to @cmatthewbacon for sending me the artwork
  4. In line with @ColinChipmunkfan's request, I managed to take a few more pics
  5. I really like how you have done the weathering. Very realistic.
  6. No major build issues. I think the biggest challenge was deciphering where the stencils should go from the less than stellar B&W instructions! I ended up using the box art and other photos found online to work out what goes where. I ended up putting in some plasticard shims to get the wings to sit right and be symmetrical (the working wing mechanism makes everything a bit floopy). I would also recommend cutting down the front nose wheel otherwise the nose will sit too high.
  7. Here is my version of Revell's 1/72 Tornado and my first completed build for 2021. My original intention had been to model a GR1 from the Operational Evaluation Unit based at Boscombe Down using a ModelDecal sheet. However the thickness of the carrier film put me off and I decided to use the kit decals instead to make ZD748 from No.9 squadron. It's pretty much OOB although I used a metal pitot tube from www.master-model.pl and made some wing seals from Milliput. I also chopped down the front nosewheel to give the model a better stance. General weathering was done with a Flory wash
  8. Nice work, John. I am currently building this figure. The quality of the moulding is first rate but I have been less impressed with the fit. Nothing of course that some filler won't sort out. I agree that it would have been good if ICM could have produced a decal for the shield. Your workaround is a good solution. Regards Richard C
  9. Hi Martin - a very Happy Christmas to you and your family. Like you, we are keeping ourselves to ourselves. We are looking forward to a better 2021. Cheers Richard C
  10. A very nice rendition of a subject that is not seen very often. Some great touches e.g. the cockpit detailing, the general patina and the brightness of the oleos. You must have had to put a fair bit of weight into the front section to balance it on the undercarriage?
  11. Thanks @Farmerboy - the trick was an overnight coat of Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner which removed the old Humbrol paint very easily. The decal glue however had a weird chemical reaction - that did need ra fair bit of rubbing down!
  12. Maybe as a nod to the spirit of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', I recently dug out an old 1/48 Monogram P-51D Mustang that I built (badly) over 40 years ago. I stripped off the thick layer of Humbrol 11 and used some spare parts from the new 1/48 Airfix Mustang kit to replace items that had gone missing. It wasn't the quickest of tasks - I think I could have built 3 Tamiya Mustangs in the time it took me to complete the refurb! Anyway, after all the stripping, replacing, repainting and general refurbing, here's the end result, Scat VII, flown by Gen, Robin Olds in 1945: The pos
  13. Hi everyone I have just finished the Swedish option in Airfix’s boxing of the F-51D Mustang, namely the J26. I was attracted by the bright colour scheme and the over-sized roundels. I am also quite fond of WW2 aircraft in post-war schemes – Airfix’s markings are based on a 1946 machine. It’s a very nice kit overall. Good levels of detail, a couple of beautiful clear canopies and a great decal sheet. The only rub points were the fit of the gun inserts and the lack of definition in the tread markings of the tyres. I opted to replace the wheels with an Eduard resin
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