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  1. A Sunday without tail flash is definitely not a day of the lord!
  2. Can't wait to see the results. Good luck with the little basterd
  3. BTW can anyone tell me if any of the other Tamiya warbird series models they made in the nineties with Italeri are worth a buy? I'm eyeing the Gripen, but it has to be good enough to be worth it.
  4. Lesson 1; Buying behaviour One shiny morrow the fields lost their green glare compelling me to take my legs out towards the local shopkeep. The kind man has a nice selection but one little old Tamiya kit got my fancy, especially because funding was low after Christmas and I needed a quick little build. This was the choice: An old kit originally from Italeri, I discovered later. I was happy with it before that, it was simple but elegant and felt like a nice little project, but two things changed my mind. Firstly, I'm not a fan of Italeri, I find their kits sloppy without exception and I never understood the cooperation they had with Tamiya in the last century. Tamiya being a lot, but definitely not sloppy. Secondly, I discovered that Tamiya made a kit that was leagues better in the same scale of the same subject. Needless to say, this kit became second choice in seconds. So back to the shop it was, this time leaving with this pearl (costing more than thrice the price); Lesson 2; Building behaviour The plan was to build both in as much as possible the same way, and in the end compare the differences. No filler, OOB and no going over board with details. Being human after all (or still at least), this didn't really work. You automatically spend more attention on something expensive while the cheaper option allows for more personal leeway when completing. So halfway through the build of the first simple kit I couldn't resist ordering a Edouard PE detail set, metal pitot tubes and a set of masks for the second one. Even the original plan to use exactly the same paints on both went out of the window. The simple one got a coat of some spare Humbrol cans I had lying around, the second one got a fine misted set of coats from the new Revell spraycans which surprised me how good they were. Even when finishing the differences became apparent, choosing a quick satin coat for the first, and a proper Mr Hobby matt coat for the last after some surface prep. I wanted to use the airbrush on the second one but I generally find airbrushing a hassle so I reserve it for builds where it's really needed. Both being mostly grey wasn't enough of a motivation for me, not even with my new Harder and Steenbeck brush. Even though I tried doing both the same, the psychology of both kits almost naturally made them differ in approach and level of attention for me. That having been said, I'm a simple man, simple thing saffect me. Ah well, eventually both were finished and these are the results. The Simon Simple build; The proper build; Lesson 3; finishing behaviour Normally I'm not keen on taking photos. Generally I take a few quick snaps when it's sunny outside and that's it. Again with this project I couldn't resist and improvised a real studio, especially for the second one because it's really hard to get a grey bird like this well on a photo. My girlfriend thought it was hilarious seeing me collect all lamps in the house and make a white backdrop with a roll of old paper while cursing at the camera for not doing what I needed it to do. Even in giving the kits away the difference in quality is evident, the cheap one was given to the son of a colleague who will put it in his 12-year-old gaming corner, the good one was given to a friend who works for the Airforce designing their landscapes seeing the real thing in the flesh daily. Closing thoughts on the kits. I can be simple about this. Without a doubt the new kit is leagues better, the both are not even comparable. The new kit is one of the best 1/72s I've ever built, fit, finish and engineering are stellar, the old one reminds me of my youth when no flash already meant a kit was good. I do have to say I like the engineering of the cheap one, it is nice and simple, if it fitted well I would have really liked it for what it is; a 20 years old kit. Lessons learned: Choose first, buy later Go broke on a good kit not a cheap one There is no such thing as a quick build Detail is heroin Aftermarket goes towards the place that needs it least Making a good photo of a grey plane is impossible The F16 is one of the coolest looking planes ever, 12-year olds and old military men agree Thanks for watching! Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Cheers, Kas.
  5. Little pieces of metal us continentals have started using since the Common-Wealth stopped giving us beads and and marbles.
  6. Wow, really love the amount of love you guys poured into this kit. You've deserved all the love you get!
  7. OOOOOOOOoooooh nice! Was just contemplating a big scale SU-33, this will do, this makes puppy happy.
  8. The Hasegawa rendering of this bird is one of my all time favourite kits. You have done a proper job on it, love it!
  9. I've tried the glass files too. To me they weren't nearly as useful as the metal ones, they hardly "grip" the plastic and are quite cumbersome in comparison.
  10. Like all modellers I too have crumbled on many occasions under the weight of my own wallet in the local shop. The aching burn in the pocket, the twinkle in the eye, the eager anticipation of your boyish soul and the slight tickle in the fingers. Without much contemplation one tends to leave a hobby shop with a lot of gear, usually quite expensive and eventually used in much more moderation than one thought while under the spell of the handsome shopkeep's daughter. After more than two years of hoarding I've come to the conclusion very few products one bought while salivating in front of the shop window actually really adds to the ease of the hobby. I've bought dozens of washes and other panel lining products, three colours of oil paint is all I end up using. I've bought many tweezers, pinchers and grippers, clothespins, cocktailsticks and the missus old hair tweezer is all I use 99% of the time. Many tapes, maskers and foils have passed through my hands, Tamiya's flexible masking tape in two widths is all I generally use. The same goes for brushes, glues, saws and putty's, I think you might get my drift. To add to this misery many meshes, sponges, files and sticks were in my possession and in the end here is where true simplicity comes to shine its virtuous light another time. If there is one product that gives the most reward for the money, here is where a lost soul can find his grail. May I present you, the nail file: This specimen can be bought for 3 euro's. It is made of pure tempered spring steel coated in Corundum or Diamond with just an ever so slight hint of chrome to eager the eye. Yes you have read this right, this magnificent little piece of engineering is covered in more Saphires, Emeralds and Rubies than a Persian princess. The handle is molded on in sturdy plastic and the complete product is indestructible to our puny fleshy hands. One might ask, but why dear sir is this the best product ever? Let me tell you; Its file is indestructible and has exactly the right coarseness It won't dull in any way when used with plastic It won't even hesitate to do some proper bump and grind with your average PE It's thin and springy which gives it very exact control over your labour Its rough metallic form makes it a very capable scaffold for other sanding sheets The pointy end has endless uses; It pries It pushes It taps It separates It fills It even pricks I hope you don't mind me stating again that this remarkable thing does all this for 3 euros and will continue doing this, thanks to it's top level abrasive and metallic matrix, for longer than you'll want any modeling product to last. "Where can I buy it?" A smart individual might ask. "These must be rare, precious and fought over worldwide, all tucked away in the endless vaults of the rulers of our future!" Well they are not, one only has to follow any woman in the city around for a tad longer than five minutes (try not to look like a molester) and you'll automatically find yourself in an establishment selling these by the boatload without hesitation. It's such a good product that I'm honestly puzzled why nobody put an ULTIMATE sticker on it and tried selling it to us for twice the price stated.
  11. Wow, nice paintjob and excellent photos!
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