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  1. Spitfire LF Vb

    Monty Python, Dave N and Lawzer, Thanks for the positive feedback folks. The Vb kit comes with the parts for clipped wings but it's not noted as an option in the instructions. The grey/green scheme was available in the Sky Decals sheet. Cheers GregπŸ˜‰
  2. Spitfire LF Vb

    Thanks guys much appreciated for the thumbs up. Cheers Greg😊 Thank you! πŸ˜€
  3. Spitfire LF Vb

    Cheers Steve, Thanks for the kind comments. All the best Greg
  4. Spitfire LF Vb

    Hi Hamiltonian, All the control surfaces are separate and capable of being dropped or elevated. Cheers Greg
  5. Spitfire LF Vb

    Thanks Bernd πŸ˜‰ The LF version maintained the mark 5 in frontline squadrons through D day due to its great low level performance. It should get some recognition for that. Cheers mate Greg
  6. Spitfire LF Vb

    Cheers Celt, I'm pleased you like it😁 All the best Greg
  7. Spitfire LF Vb

    Well, here is my latest completion the 1/48 Spitfire Vb from Airfix. Its the most recent tooling, and when completed is a good looking Spitfire. The build was not as easy as i expected however and i fell foul of the precise engineering of the kit when closing up the fuselage, which led to problems fitting the cowling section in front of the canopy. Much teeth grinding and sanding ensued before i achieved fit of sorts. I have to say i was a bit disheartened by this what with it being new Airfix, but heyho its done. The undercarriage is a bit over complicated and weak for me so i will have to be careful when moving the model around. Markings are from Sky Decals and represent Squadron Leader Geoffrey Northcott's machine from 402 Canadian Squadron. EP120 still flys today and was retsored to flying condition around 1980 after a stint as a gate guardian. Many of the LF (clipped wing) Spitfires were converted standard Vb's and led to them being referred to as the clipped, cropped, and clapped Spitty (some being repaired war weary examples). Here, hopefully, are the pics. Thanks for looking, Greg. IMG_2522 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2521 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2520 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2519 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2523 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2524 by G DSC, on Flickr
  8. Awesome! πŸ˜‰ I really enjoyed watching your build Jack. Great attention to detail in all areas of the process. I love the end result and photos in the gallery. Well done, cheers Greg
  9. Looks great Jack, Almost done? I look forward to the final reveal. Cheers Greg
  10. Me 109 K-14 1/48 conversion Finished

    Looks Great Alistair Nice to see a different take on the 109 series with this variant. Well done! Cheers Greg
  11. Mustang (decal) help. 1/72

    Airfix starter pack range do the Mustang in the markings you. need. In just can't remember if it's GA_S. Stix built this kit in the Mustang Group build a while back. Cheers Greg

    Hmmm... When i first pasted the BBC code into the post nothing happened so i went to insert other media using the URL the pic appeared the disappeared. Now its appeared again, is there a tangible delay in the picture coming up after you paste in the code??. I am going to give it another shot to see....... IMG_2506 by G DSC, on Flickr Well theres the thing pasted from Flickr but i don't see a picture....odd! Greg I see, the pic appears after you save the post, i think.....

    Testing, testing...... IMG_2505 by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/153019717@ or maybe not !!!! Nup, obviously i have made an error....rats!!! Greg
  14. Eduard 1/48 Bf 109 G-6

    Nice job Ozzy, I like the distressed winter paintwork. Cheers Greg
  15. Spitfire Mk1A 1/24 Airfix

    Hi Stever219, My Airfix Vb had all the bits for the 1a in the box. It wasn't the memorial flight boxing though. Maybe have a check of the sprues in your kit to see. Cheers Greg