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  1. Hi Stix, What a great Panther you have there. It really does look the part. Great weathering and paint work make the beast appear as weighty as the real thing. Well done! Cheers Greg
  2. Great work Bernd, All those delicate details really bring the model to life. I wish I had the patience to use PE. The metal gun barrels look great too. Nice job Cheers Greg
  3. Great job Ced! the old Firefly still looks good after all these years. My Dad built this one for me when I was little and I have fond memory of this particular model as a result. The old school Airfix models still brush up well with a bit of TLC and your one proves it. cheers Greg
  4. Excellent build Stew. I enjoyed watching your progress. The Hasegawa kit looks really nice when finished like this. Well done Cheers Greg
  5. Mignificent Tony! Given all the limitations of the kit you described your 15 turned out great. I have to admit to being guilty of not moving with the times modelwise and still use tube glue and brushpaint alot, but as the song says that's the way (aha aha) I like it . So good for you trying out new stuff. On occasion though it's good to go back to basics and finish one just like this. Looks grrrrreat , Cheers Greg
  6. Oh yes, I like it a lot! Well done.
  7. Great artwork for the Matchbox Buffalo. I'm sure you guys could hunt one down in time for Matchbox GB later this year.... cheers Greg
  8. Very nice, an Airfix classic Cheers Greg
  9. Cheers Tony , It's good to relive the old days now and again, trouble is I think I'm stuck in a time warp, with all these old kits I have. I'm not complaining mind! Kind regards Greg
  10. I know what you mean Adrian . I have an Airfix Corsair II that reminds me of my childhood every time I open the box. I have to say your Buffalo has been well looked after from your pics. It looks brand new! No sign of any flash on that wee beauty. Cheers Greg
  11. Hi Stix, Thanks for the kind comments. There's a few folk digging out their older kits at the moment on the forum, and its good to see them getting built instead of lining the loft. All the best Greg
  12. Thanks Mitch Regarding accuracy I couldn't say for sure, although I read somewhere that the cowling over the engine is too narrow on the Airfix kit. Airfix don't provide the "tail plug" for the arrestor hook if you are modelling a land based aircraft. Cheers Greg
  13. mate!! I love these old kits. Really relaxing builds that are enjoyable, and if I'm honest, a bit nostalgic. Cheers Greg
  14. Hi Don, Thanks for the kind comments, All the best Greg
  15. Hi Steve, Thanks for the kind comments. The Airfix Buffalo is possibly one I didn't build way back, and is probably why I got it for the stash when I returned to the hobby some years ago. My AM transfer sheet has the Felix Cat option on it along with some nice Finnish versions, which I will use on my other Buffalos. Cheers Greg