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  1. More good progress Steve, The IP looks great with the detail painting. Cheers Greg
  2. Wow 😮! Looking great Alistair. It's really coming together now.. Great work Cheers Greg
  3. You don't see this one built often! Nice work on an unusual subject. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Greg
  4. Hi Steve, Great start to your Emil. It looks like a nice kit. I am dabbling in PE too at the moment so I'll be interested to see how you get on with it. Cheers Greg
  5. Looks great Alistair, The unit emblem is amazing! 're photo bucket, i have found those big pop up adverts infuriating, and the only way out of it seems to be to close down the entire page and go in again. Cheers Greg
  6. Hi Jack, I am loving watching your 109 come together. All the intricate detail really stands out. It a great looking kit too. I have never built a Finemoulds model but t hey look really good quality. Cheers Greg
  7. Hi Steve, Looks like a nice kit. Great to see you doing a BoB classic scheme. A 109 GB wouldn't be right without at least one. Cheers Greg
  8. Thanks Arniec! I like the desert schemes, and their cleaner finishes. Cheers Greg
  9. Good start Bernd, Looks like a very nice kit indeed. I look forward to the next update. Cheers Greg
  10. Looks great Steve, nearly there now Cheers Greg
  11. Brilliant details mate, They are really improving the look of the bare plastic. Great work 😉 Cheers Greg
  12. Thank you mate, Glad you liked it. Cheers Greg
  13. Many thanks for the kind comments Stix, Much appreciated. Cheers Greg
  14. Great project Alistair, I have this kit too, which I am going to build OOTB. I lock forward to your updates. Cheers Greg 😊
  15. Hi Tony, Thank you for the very kind comments. Yes, those are the kit transparent parts. Overall it a nice model but it isn't a tamigawa fit wise. I'd like to build a Buchon too. Cheers Greg 😁