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  1. PK-401 Heinkel He 115 3-Colour Kit 'Bare' Build

    The unpainted Heinkel looks fantastic! It will be great to see the contrast with a fully painted example. Are both of these being presented as one gallery entry or two? Brilliant work so far, keep it going, Cheers Greg 😉
  2. BAC Lightning.

    It's a good one Steve, I build this one not so long ago. The kit instructions blurb at the front should allude to which mark it is. Cheers Greg
  3. Torbeau Beaufighter

    Thanks guys much appreciated 😁 Cheers Greg
  4. Torbeau Beaufighter

    Well thats another one done. Great kit the Matchbox Beau, literally falls together, and looks the part when finished. Theres a few inaccuracies such as the undersized engines but i am happy with it. I weathered this one a bit more as it represents a Dallachy Beaufughter from the Moray/Banff Strike Wing and these birds suffered from the harsh winter conditions there in 1944/45. Check out the huge pilot figure from the Revell aircrew set. He fair fills the empty cockpit!! IMG_2589 by G DSC, on Flickr And the finished model..... IMG_2590 by G DSC, on Flickr More in the gallery. Thanks for looking, Cheers Greg
  5. Matchbox Gallery

    144 Squadron RAAF "torbeau". Brush painted. IMG_2590 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2591 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2592 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2593 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2594 by G DSC, on Flickr Thanks for looking Cheers Greg
  6. Douglas Boston mk IV Havoc A-20G

    Looking good Cheers Greg
  7. PK-21 Me 262

    Another Matchbox classic, Back in the day this was a very good version of the 262 in 1/72. Nice one Oz, Cheers Greg
  8. Torbeau Beaufighter

    Hi Folks, Here is my latest project for the GB The Beaufighter TFX. One of my Fave Matchbox kits, which i no doubt mangled back in my youth! It a Revell/Matchbox issue in the black box, and didn't come with a stand... IMG_2576 by G DSC, on Flickr The contents..... IMG_2575 by G DSC, on Flickr Progress pic.s, which have taken place over the last week... IMG_2577 by G DSC, on Flickr As you can see, next to nothing in the pit ot observers position, i'm doing this one OOTB IMG_2579 by G DSC, on Flickr Builds up pretty quickly with no fit issues... IMG_2581 by G DSC, on Flickr IMG_2587 by G DSC, on Flickr Paint going on... IMG_2588 by G DSC, on Flickr And thats where i am as of tonight. Great little kit, which has been a joy to build. Shouldn't take that much longer.... Thanks for looking, cheers Greg
  9. PK 74 Panzer III

    That looks great! Really good paintwork on this one. Cheers Greg
  10. Douglas Boston mk IV Havoc A-20G

    Hi Michelle, You are doing a fine job, I am sure it's going to be a good I'm. Cheers Greg
  11. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Powerage by AC/DC. RIP Malcolm Young. One of the greats in my book. Greg
  12. Matchbox II GB Chat

    I have to say how much I am enjoying this GB There's bags of enthusiasm about and lots of variations, which makes for a lot of interest. It's also the first time I have managed more than two builds. Well done to everyone, and there's still plenty of time to get more in! Cheers Greg
  13. Stringbag theory.XXXXfinishedXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Looks great Steve. I like it. I like it a lot! Cheers Greg
  14. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6)

    Excellent work Dave, Well done All the extras and the careful finishing is making all the difference with this build. I look forward to the next update. Cheers Greg
  15. Douglas A-20G Havoc

    And here it is -FINISHED... IMG_2585 by G DSC, on Flickr So thats build number 3 completed. A good kit but not as easy as the 110. The engine cowlings did not fit cleanly and required a bit of fettling to place. I can see why many like this particular Matchbox model as it certainly looks like a Havoc when built up. Well done again to Matchbox for the transfers which went on great. What to do next......? Thanks for looking Cheers Greg