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  1. So way back in 1973 when i was but 10 years old, this kit was the best Spitfire kit i was aware of, miles more accurate (as far as i knew) than the Airfix one, which had been around for ages at that time. The Matchbox Spit was soooooo good to me. So its no wonder i have returned to this particular kit for the GB. I have rustled up some reference material (the only references young Greg had) in the shape of the Commando comic "Send for Spitfires", which was first published in the same month and year i was born (1963)! TFL Cheers Greg
  2. Evening all! The past week has seen stilted progress, but progress nonetheless. I had a good hard look and think about detailing the undercarriage and after trying to add a few wee bits to tart it up wasn't happy and decided to build as is. It is over simplified, even more so than the old Airfix example but once the gear doors are on you would hardly notice. Too much finesse would be required to add some of the fine detail on the oleos for me. So i have assembled the engines and cleaned up the seams on the fuse. As you may see on the photos MB neglected to add trenches or raised detail to indicate the bomb bay doors. I'm thinking about scribing these myself, we will see. End pics shows the engines attached but they are only taped in place. See the Mossie as MB intended in glorious multi-coloured plastic. TFL Cheers Greg
  3. I like a P-40, it's one of my favourite WW2 types, possibly because of the old Airfix box art. I don't remember building the MB kit although I always liked the Burma Banshee markings from the original issues. Looking forward to seeing yours build up Cheers Greg
  4. Thanks Steve Much appreciated Cheers Greg
  5. Thanks Stix It's the first model I have been happy with that I have completed in quite a while. I'm also favouring 1/72 more and more these days. All the best Greg
  6. Thanks very much Dave, Loads of time for decals mate. I still have the Halifax etc to be going on with. ATB Greg
  7. Wow that was fast! It took me a week to add half the scratch detail to my Mossie than you managed in a few hours. Lovely work Adrian Cheers Greg
  8. Good evening folks, Here is Sunday's progress...... So cockpit painted up and installed with tape seat belts added, jeese the macro camera does not spare any blushes! I got the fuse lashed together and the nose section attached. There is a big seam to fill on that and the seams on the fuselage itself will need attention. I used Clearfix for the bombardier's windows as i could not get a neat fit with the kit transparencies. All in all decent progress made on the Mossie this weekend, lets see what this week brings.... Cheers and TFL Greg
  9. Wow Jean your really pushing the boat out on this one! Your extra efforts should pay dividends. Cheers Greg
  10. Many thanks indeed, I hope you one is progressing nicely. Cheers Greg
  11. Cheers Jean, I'm glad they look clearer. ATB Greg
  12. Thanks Gents The pit was very empty looking so I opted to fill it out a bit. I'm pleased it meets with your approval Cheers Greg
  13. Hi Chaps, Images resized, hope you can see them now. Cheers Greg
  14. Hi Chris pictures resized now. Any better? Cheers Greg
  15. Nice work! Adding these details is really worth the effort. Cheers Greg
  16. Yep, I think I have sussed what I've done uploading the images. I'll try redoing them tomorrow. Thanks for the kind comments mate
  17. Well, i am well and truly bitten by the Matchbox bug! I have obtained the Spitfire IX, Hurricane IIC and the T-34 so once i have progressed the Mossie and started the Halifax i will add these three to the mix. I am enjoying this GB immensely and look forward to getting these three in progress. Cheers Greg
  18. Evening all! As i suggested in the last post i have tried a bit of scratch building in the pit. Where possible i have retained or reused the Matchbox parts. The cockpit floor was chopped up and has been used to fashion the stepped fight station as well as the nav seat. The bottom of said original seat has fashioned the radio(?) box at the rear shelf. I have also cobbled up a IP. Hopefully the pics will be self explanatory. I have since started painting the bits up readu for installation in the fuse. Onward and upwards Thanks for looking, cheers Greg
  19. Sorry to hear that Heather I would park it for now as you have done some good work on your Heinkle which would be a shame going to waste. Is there no way you can live with the kit canopy? Or is there some way of making your own using the kit one as a mould perhaps? Cheers Greg
  20. What a great looking Gustav You have certainly breathed life in to this old classic. Well done.
  21. Thanks for that Dave, I'll see what I can do for the next batch Cheers Greg
  22. Ah, controversy don't you just love it I'm with BK - paint t how you want or as per the box art. Back in the day most of us would be none the wiser, and happy with the model looking like the box top. Looking forward to it Dave
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