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  1. Tamiya Prince of Wales

    SNAP (almost) I recently stuck a toe in the water of maritime modelling & picked up the Tamiya 1/350 King George V (same class as PoW). I grabbed a timber deck for it & am looking at replacement Pompoms, Bofors etc. There is a wealth of updates/upgrades for these models - no doubt a more experienced ship modeller will chip in with the necessary. I'll be looking at Colourcoats paints https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk
  2. Scimitar F1

    Very nice. I had an example on my shelf until a couple of years ago but I really made a pigs ear of it I'm afraid.
  3. Road rage

    I think I've got this in my Merc. Hope never to find out!
  4. Revell's 1/32 Typhoon MkIb

    Cracking job!
  5. I am aghast at that paint job! Just brilliant!
  6. Fairey Firefly 1/48

    Nothing wrong with your build & finish but I still think the early Merlin engined Fireflies looked awful!
  7. So, I picked up one of the above for the Tamiya 1:350 KGV from a Chinese seller on eBay. Arrived promptly enough but there are NO instructions. How does the deck fit to the plastic parts? Should there be a glue of some sort? My concern is that the packaging states "for sale in mainland China only"!
  8. Airfix Beaufighter 1/72nd

    Holy Mother of God, that's a shed load of blue-tac!
  9. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    Class myself as semi-retired as a business venture I started a year back has failed to go anywhere. Not quite there with the mortgage etc. & was getting seriously hacked off doing nothing at home so I took a part time job as customer delivery driver with Waitrose (four days, 0730-1430). Ironically, really having trouble with the early starts which is something I've NEVER had to cope with in my previous working life!
  10. Tamiya 1:350 KGV

    Thanks for the advise. I think I'll pick up a wooden deck for it. And....er......the pointy end is the...er....front?.........Right?
  11. What I was going to say. I've used it many time, including MY Italeri Sunderland!
  12. Never even heard of some of them! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/thinking-man/britons-raf-needs-have-say-vote-forthe-peoples-spitfire-pilot/
  13. Qatar to buy Typhoon

    Oh no it isn't. takes me to the FT!
  14. Tamiya 1:350 KGV

    So, as a committed aircraft modeller, I've decided to take a crack at a ship & have ordered the above from Jadlam for a very reasonable £41.15. Now, anything I should know? Paints from White Ensign (although I think that might be Coloucoats nowadays?), any other AM goodies I can splurge upon? Also what would be a good reference book? Enquiring mind wants to know!