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  1. that is outstanding - so much want to do that version, thank you for the inspiration
  2. excellent job, beautifully detailed - I also like the IJN Carrier Deck you model sits on........
  3. amazing build - is that Roger Moore (5th in queue) from Live & let Die in a bad fitting tan suit?
  4. great build, nicely weathered. I am close to completion on the -8B+ but have ready made a dogs breakfast of trying to sand the inside of the canopy......so I am particularly impressed with how yours turned out
  5. that is one great looking build of a skyhawk - just flawless. for those interested in the story behind the name Lady Jesse http://www.va-164.org/lady_jessie.htm and her association with (originally) the skyhawk sqns VA-163/164.
  6. AN/APS -20 - I think these radars originally flew on converted B-17s rushed/developed at end of WWII to counter Japanese air attacks - I'm sure someone will correct me. that is a great looking kit, really well weathered. I always hoped Airfix in it's current phase of doing some British classics might be tempted to do one in 1/72 or 1/48 (with the wing fold option.....)
  7. very impressive and a very neat build - how many hours to do that so cleanly? oh, and how did you do the seat belts - that cockpit does look spot on
  8. Peter, great link - thank you, not just for the pictures but the links to some of the sobering, yet thrilling stories behind the rescues. We seem to live in an era today where the title of "hero" is all too quickly bestowed on , frankly, average individuals. Whilst NONE of the individuals you detail in your book would dare call themselves "heros", I frankly find their leadership and sense of duty (not just to nation, but to brother officers) most humbling to read. That you have brought their stories to life ( balanced with an excellent strategic - yet almost futile - overview of the Rolling Thunder campaign) makes this simply the best Air Combat read I have made. Whilst not available to me at the time, this surely must be a recommended (mandatory??) read fro those attending Staff Course???? Following my read of your excellent book, I have just finished in quick order 3 books all centred around CSAR ops @ NKP: Dave Richardson (pilot of Jolly 09) "Vietnam Air Rescues", George Marrett's "Cheating Death and Richard Diller's Firefly (Air war over Laos). These books clearly cued me up to read Kenny Fields "Rescue of STREETCAR 304" as both George Marrett and Richardson took part in the rescue. [ Those that have made Tamiya's excellent A-1J Skyraider - the box art is of George Marrett's A-1 "Sock-it-to-them"] It strikes me that with Vietnam War aircraft such a popular modelling theme, that these aircraft schemes seem to be missing from the available decal sheets. I wonder if the number of Silver Stars and Cong Medal of Honours (spelt with a "u"!) awarded to CSAR missions outweigh those awarded to other mission types? Mind you, I am struggling to find Air Wing 16 A-4 decals from this period, yet 2 subsequent Vice & Presidential nominees flew and were shot down flying them! Anyway, enough rambling - enough inspiration on this thread now to have-a-go at trying a HS-6 SH-3.......
  9. superb - I have one of the new 1/72 F-4J kits from academy in the queue - these kits are very well engineered, but you seem to have delivered a real stunner there. Thanks for posting
  10. your models seem to get better with each post you make. This Barracuda of yours is now my favourite - simply outstanding. Thank you for taking the time to post & share with us
  11. easily one of the best schemes to be seen on an F-14. The more I see of these Tamiya F-14s the more I know I will eventually have to give in & but one
  12. Great looking plane and your build captures the "look" just right. Timely, I have just finished reading: "Bloody Sixteen: The USS Oriskany and Air Wing 16 during the Vietnam War" without doubt the best aviation read I have ever read. Plenty of truly heroic tales from that period, of course featuring VF-162. and "yes" that "Hunters" scheme is by far the best F-8 colours IMHO
  13. Andrew, very nice and I know how long this kit has been on your "to do list" ..... (as if I can throw stones !) I think the compliments already posted capture better than any words that I can throw on a post, just how impressive it is already looking + as you very well know I cannot make a positive comment on a crab scheme... Offer of Academy Aim-9L and -7Ms (close enough to skyslug?) remains if required. I have 2x 1/32 maritime jets in the very, very final stages of build - so I'll race you to the line to get them posted. (Retirement is suiting me very well!!) regards
  14. amazing build and beautifully weathered. I always smile when I read the "early" title in an aircraft that was only in service for about a year(?). Is there a Wyvern expert out there that can confirm that the wingtips did or didn't fold on frontline aircraft? My only reference is my very local pub named called the Wyvern (named I believe because one ran off the runway into it back in the '50's) which has loads of pictures, but I must confess to be more focused on the drinking whilst there
  15. just found this topic as it seems to answer most of my questions on USN CSAR SH-3s from Vietnam. I am currently reading "Bloody Sixteen: The USS Oriskany and Air Wing 16 during the Vietnam War" - probably the most sobering book on Air Combat & leadership that I have ever read. Particularly fascinating is the stories of some of the SH-3 SAR efforts (in support of the Oriskany) which has lead me to do some research into the SH-3s in USN use at the time. So may pass a genuine "thanks" to ALL the posts above and there are some great links. Clearly I am already looking to see what could potentially be done from the new Airfix (Westland!) Seakings (they supply a 5 bladed tail rotor, but what else I've Still to figure out). Having "grown up(!)" around RN Mk5/6 & Junglies most of my life, I was shocked to see that in Andyf117's gonavy.jp link there is a variant of the Seaking (RS-3(?)) that seems to have a cabin door on the port side as well? Is this right or a reversed negative published by the author? It seems that the USN SH-3s not only had their ASW gear ripped out, but extra doors & windows (& armour I guess??) added. I understand from my history why the USN kept CVS (ASW variants of Essex class CVs up on Yankee station) ready for a potential chinese sub threat, and it was these CVS embarked SH-3 sqns that supplied the crews & airframes for the CSAR. Can anyone point me in a direction where I might read more on the make up of these CVS embarked air wings? Thank you
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