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  1. great build - I assume that the Tamiya build experience was a pleasure rather than the Hasagawa "fight-to-the-end" experience I am all to familiar with?
  2. really, really god looking builds. Thanks for the tip about the drop tanks - there is something about Trumpeter/hobby boss & their drop tanks that really doesn't work I did read somewhere that 738NAS was the original Top Gun, and that some of it's pilots, later on exchange in the US flying F-4s where the inspiration behind the USN creating Top Gun at Miramar.

    Never give up, never surrender

    Crab spitfire to Senior Service Seafire....what's there not to like

    1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    IMG_3191[/url]IMG_3192 [/url]IMG_3193[/url]IMG_3194 better - slightly - with a flash

    Carriers Ahoy! Gallery - Poll Open

    Kinetic 1/48 C-2A GreyHound. 1st 2 pictures taken last week when only 95% complete, but the lighting (outside!!) was much better than the final 2 pictures taken just now inside of completed model. Lesson there is Do NOT wait until 1 hour before end of GB to take photos !!!!! For a modeller who tends to do the low vizstuff, this is a refreshing, colourful build that (if I can find a space!) will look good on my shelf IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3192 IMG_3191

    1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3190 oh why, oh why did I waitto take the pictures now after dark when the natural light outside earlier today shows the true colours much, much better

    1/32 Tamiya F-4J Diamond Backs

    top build of the year so far. Absolutely stunning
  8. A great way to involve the cadets in celebrating the end of the 100 year experiment. Some really good builds there and I hope all involved enjoyed themselves - good effort and thank you for posting AND a big thanks to your cadets/staff for taking the time & effort to do this.

    GWH 1/48 F-15C

    yes they are kill markings, The 493d @ Lakenheath at one point had quite a collection of various Killers on their books (not sure if they've been rotated out now). So some F-15s got kills whilst flying in OPs over Serbia/Bosnia (whilst actually part of the Lakenheath 493rd) whilst some of their machines are transferred from previous units that the airframes got kills in Desert Storm. Originally the kill markings were painted as little flags, but since he USA has become friends with Serbia & Iraq, the flags were deemed inappropriate so have changed to Green Stars. Without doing the Wiki search, the above answer is fired from memory, but was what I was told when I visited the sqn about 10 years ago. Thanks Dereknf for the answer ref the kit supplied weapons, if I may push my luck with a follow on question to your excellent build, s the BitBurg F-15 also GWH (with the -9Ms & Sparrows?) - thank you

    GWH 1/48 F-15C

    great looking build - better than the 20+ year old Hasegawa offerings (which are great)?? I'm now googling for some more reviews - like what weapons fit & drop tanks does GWH offer etc thank you for posting

    E-2C Hawkeye # Finished#

    that is looking really smart. You've even got the red edging o the undercarriage doors in 1/72 (the right way round, unlike that idiot building the 1/48 C-2 Greyhound!!!) VAW-123 is always my favourite E-2 sqn - with that cool spiral on the radar dome and the black paint scheme around the cockpit in their earlier pre-2000 painting. Your build is clearly going to win my vote Is the white cross on the tip of nose correct for a Desert Storm (1991) machine? I thought is was added much later (as a visual indicator for the LSO) when the mixed fleet of improved Hawkeyes entered service, so as to distinguish the latter variant? (Similar to Prowlers that when operating on a mixed deck with Intruders had that radiation symbol on their nose to show the LSO it was a heavier aircraft about to trap)........not being either an LSO or an E-2 pilot I am probably talking out of my a***.
  12. I do like that white over gull grey look on a SeaKing. I see from your signature block you are either a purist or a sucker for punishment in your dedication to building them. In my ignorance I assume this SH-3A has aluminium blades as opposed to the composite ones the Westland ones have??
  13. that is one smart build - and I know what you mean about the "gaps" to be filled in front of the canopy. I am pushing to get my Super Bug onto "ready - 4-Inspection by the weekend.....but need to get better at my photography! does this kit only come with 1 drop tank then? At least you get weapons unlike the Hasegawa one?

    1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    and just to show that I have been doing some other modelling (inspired to finish having seen DaveJL's excellent Super Hornet build)s: IMG_3171 IMG_3169 might need a left arm there! IMG_3168 Ready 4 Inspection by weekend

    1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    almost 6 weeks with little progress, work & living next to the beach when there is windsurfing to be done is a pretty good distraction...... nearly there, undercarriage doors, static wicks (to be made from old clothes "plastic ties" and the ramp still to go. I reckon I will have a go @ some scratch windscreen wipers as well IMG_3165 IMG_3166 IMG_3167 IMG_3164