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  1. somehow, that really works. Clever idea and excellent finish.
  2. It's a Skyraider, you can never have enough! superb build and finish - thank you for taking the time to upload & share with us
  3. Ilike the weathering. How does this compare with the Tamiya skyraider? Obviously the Tamiya one is better detailed, but this Revell kit s the only game in town for a "fat face" Skyraider, but I need to know if it is worth the effort - your's certainly looks good, or is that just your hard work
  4. what an amazing build - it looks perfect and I think the choice for you scheme is great. The weathering, looks spot on and captures the look just right in my opinion. Back in '92 my ship visited Yokosuka and I did see a USN F-4 "abandoned"(?) at the end of their Carrier pier. I wasn't really into modelling back then, but that was only a few years before Tamiya released this kit and I wonder if that F-4 was the one that they used for measuring up? (I guess one of Midways old F-4S's??. I reckon I could live with the raised panels bur would either have to fold the wings or do as you have & st
  5. despite walking/running/cycling past the real thing on days my "office" was alongside, I never took the time to ask: when did the Mizen mast arrangement change from what you have(correctly) shown - a crossed yard - to the latter boom sail type arrangement (perhaps my choice of words reveals my limited knowledge to Gas Turbine powered warships!)
  6. and in the Senior Service premier squadron colours as well
  7. Great build. I'm struggling with my A-4E on th GB this morning - having just snapped the in flight refueling probe!) so you post has cheered me up and provided some more inspiration to get back to the table and press on. Loved your Aggressor "E" from the other week as well. I really hope Hasegawa bring these excellent kits back onto the market
  8. No - I am pretty sure they don't use JSOWs in the USMC. They could be carried on the Legacy Hornets (now retired from the NAvy) but as they are stand off weapons and the primary role of the "D" is Close Air Support (or Fast Fac), then I can't see why the USMC would use them.......but what do I know Mind you I was adament that USMC "D"s never operated off carriers, until I took this picture back in 2010! DSCN0044 although just being off the Virginia Coast he was just making a trap & next cycle launch. Again another "guess" but I think the ablative coating applies
  9. I meant to post a thank you for this post of yours some time back. I guess that was the Abe Lincoln in '95? As a Brit I was lucky enough to have some weeks on the Big E back in 2010 where Everyone was driving around in shiny new Rhinos,(except the Marines in some Legacy Hornets).....oh and the poor VAQ lot still working with their Prowlers!). As a non engineer, I must say how impressed I was with the maintenance crews on those old birds - everytime I passed thru' the hangar it seemed that one or more were in bits being "lovingly"(???) put back together to pick up the next day's flying programm
  10. 2 weeks of update (sorry - jumped ahead here slightly). As a recent "read-4-inspection" build of Hasegawa's A-4E (VF-45 Aggressor by Jon Bryon) detailed in his build, this is an excellent kit, but in trying to cater for so many different variants in one box, many of the add ons don't provide such a great fit. So following my previous photos in the posts above, there was an element of filling, sanding and even filling again.....so with nothing as complex as Jon's paint job, not too much of a pain to re-spray. (Mr Color Gull Gray & Halfords Appliance White). Decals fr
  11. oh yes - surely the best looking F-4S kit ever displayed here in Britmodeller - wow, what a job you've done there
  12. so glad you have taken the effort to post - I really want this kit and your build has convinced me to go for it. Thank you (and I don't care that my skills won't even come close to your stunning finish!!!)
  13. A very attractive ship from an era when the RN knew how to build good looking ships. I think you version came very close to firing the 1st shots for England in WW1 in her pursuit of Goeben and Breslau across the Med towards Turkey in the hours leading up to declaration of war. I salute you skill and ability to work in this scale, I see COMBRIG make some really great subjects in this scale, but they are really beyond my skill set
  14. Please share with us how you do you dayglo - I never really get it right and I see some recommend an undercoat of yellow or white first??? ('cos I have an FJ-4B on "hold" until I can figure out the best solution!!)
  15. Last day "off" before another 5 day shift Kit is a good fit, just my poor skills letting me down. Anyway, a very small amount of filling and a start with the Gull Grey (Mr Color) and Halfords Appliance White (decanted into airbrush). Cockpit glas fits so well, that I will paint separately and add after gloss & matt varnishes are complete. I need to start thinking about what to hang under the wings, Hasegawa provides excellent drop tanks and pylons, but alas no bombs. decisions, decisions, decisions..... IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079
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