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  1. Great builds and a reminder that those Revell kits really do match the quality of those far eastern kits that seem to grab the glory. You seem to have captured the greys perfectly.
  2. I'm looking at my stash (well 3) Hasegawa Tomcats and trying to justify getting one of these Tamiya kits. Your builds aren't helping me reach a sensible, economic decision .......
  3. forgive the thread drift (should really be in another chat thread). But "yes" there were all sorts of issues when the MV-22 entered service, I believe it was proved NOT to be design or mechanical, but rather new pilots getting into Vortex Ring issues when landing (i.e. your rate of decent and blades "cutting" thru your own downdraft = significant drop in lift at a very bad moment!). The down draft from these beasts is huge (plus with the jet efflux pointing down ) create additional issues when operating on decks/ grass etc. But USMC doctrine has been modified to reflect the capability. Osprey offers a massive increase in speed/distance (although is slightly more cramped inside than the CH-46 phrogs it has replaced). The USN even made USS America & one other LHA (?) without the docking area on the assumption that these ospreys would be dropping off troops much, much further inland from the beach (i.e a mis match with the traditional Landing craft) - however I believe, that this decision has been reversed with more recent LHAs being built. With the USN about to adopt these as replacements for the C-2A Greyhound CODs it's such a shame that the UK (which was offered a bargin offer, limited time offer!) didn't grab some for the QE. The modelling options would have been wider than the USAF, USMC, USN & Japan........849NAS or Admiral's Barge with White over Green?
  4. great review - thank you for putting this together. Frightening to see what these are currently selling for (pre-order?) on Evilbay..... perhaps buying a real life one might be cheaper? I hope Hannants re=release their excellent sheets to cover these. Here's the Britmodeller Walk Around that Julian kindly uploaded for me a couple of years ago. Yur review suggests that ful fold or just blade fold seem to be options, so this kit gets a big tick from me, perhaps I could sell/trade one of my children's organs as a down payment?
  5. I'm half way thru' reading "Harrier 809" - my christmas book, so your build strikes a cord. Relly great build - I assume then that you'd recommend the Italeri kit? The shape looks right even before your amazing detail
  6. Lovely build, and yes it "looks" like a Wasp. Impressed by the detailing on the engine. I think there must be a whole generation of us Middies from the 80's whose 1st ever experience of a helicopter flight was that BRNC Wasp kept at the top of the hill, can't imagine today's Risk Adverse MOD allowing anything like that now!
  7. somehow, that really works. Clever idea and excellent finish.
  8. It's a Skyraider, you can never have enough! superb build and finish - thank you for taking the time to upload & share with us
  9. Ilike the weathering. How does this compare with the Tamiya skyraider? Obviously the Tamiya one is better detailed, but this Revell kit s the only game in town for a "fat face" Skyraider, but I need to know if it is worth the effort - your's certainly looks good, or is that just your hard work
  10. what an amazing build - it looks perfect and I think the choice for you scheme is great. The weathering, looks spot on and captures the look just right in my opinion. Back in '92 my ship visited Yokosuka and I did see a USN F-4 "abandoned"(?) at the end of their Carrier pier. I wasn't really into modelling back then, but that was only a few years before Tamiya released this kit and I wonder if that F-4 was the one that they used for measuring up? (I guess one of Midways old F-4S's??. I reckon I could live with the raised panels bur would either have to fold the wings or do as you have & straighten out the up turn. Thank you for taking the time to post - inspiring stuff that might get me out into the loft to see if I can get my stored one out
  11. despite walking/running/cycling past the real thing on days my "office" was alongside, I never took the time to ask: when did the Mizen mast arrangement change from what you have(correctly) shown - a crossed yard - to the latter boom sail type arrangement (perhaps my choice of words reveals my limited knowledge to Gas Turbine powered warships!)
  12. and in the Senior Service premier squadron colours as well
  13. Great build. I'm struggling with my A-4E on th GB this morning - having just snapped the in flight refueling probe!) so you post has cheered me up and provided some more inspiration to get back to the table and press on. Loved your Aggressor "E" from the other week as well. I really hope Hasegawa bring these excellent kits back onto the market
  14. No - I am pretty sure they don't use JSOWs in the USMC. They could be carried on the Legacy Hornets (now retired from the NAvy) but as they are stand off weapons and the primary role of the "D" is Close Air Support (or Fast Fac), then I can't see why the USMC would use them.......but what do I know Mind you I was adament that USMC "D"s never operated off carriers, until I took this picture back in 2010! DSCN0044 although just being off the Virginia Coast he was just making a trap & next cycle launch. Again another "guess" but I think the ablative coating applies to USMC bombs as well - because they share the same supply chain for munitions as part of the Navy Department (same reason shore based USMC Harriers have the coating on their bombs) Loving your build by the way, if you use the kit supplied main legs for the wheels, (even with the wire insert) the "knees" will eventually sag. If you can afford some, go for the SAC white metal ones (same detail, but much stronger). I recently built the Trumpy AV-8B+ and used an after market Lightning 2 targeting pod. The kit supplied one is actually as good, and the kit comes with a spare - more than happy to post to you for the centre line station if wanted?
  15. I meant to post a thank you for this post of yours some time back. I guess that was the Abe Lincoln in '95? As a Brit I was lucky enough to have some weeks on the Big E back in 2010 where Everyone was driving around in shiny new Rhinos,(except the Marines in some Legacy Hornets).....oh and the poor VAQ lot still working with their Prowlers!). As a non engineer, I must say how impressed I was with the maintenance crews on those old birds - everytime I passed thru' the hangar it seemed that one or more were in bits being "lovingly"(???) put back together to pick up the next day's flying programme. The RN works a different system for it's MODEX numbers, again all 3 digit numbers with the 1st number being which Air group - so HMS Eagle in the late 1960s and Invincible in the 1990s all started with a 1xx (whether a Harrier or Seaking. Now my Service has sold it's soul to the Devil and allowed the Junior Service onboard , I'm not sure how we'll do it with F-35s...
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