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    Revell 1/72 F-22

    good looking build - I have to ask, is that one of the 18 confirmed destroyed F-22s left in the hangar at Tyndall when the Hurricane passed thru the other week?
  2. Stunningbuild, and yet another example of why I am going to have to eventually give in to the price and get one of these kits. Definitely the "D" as you have done I think and in addition to Stephens answer, VFA-31 also removed the refuelling door on their Super Hornets in 2008/9 (?) for their Persian Gulf deployment. Same reason I understand, the USAF KC-135 basket attachment on their refuelling hose, frequent smash, break door, ingest into engine = bad news

    Put up or shut up!!

    amazing finish - what did you use for the silver?

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    The fact that the QE is on the move already makes her more protected than a fixed airfield ashore, probably. There are moves afoot (involving more of your taxpayers money!!) to fix the propulsion issues with Type 45. Not that our conventional CV has the speed potential of a CVN, but already the fuel consumption versus speed capability of a Type 45 impresses our colonial friends somewhat. As a nation that has only fought 2 wars in the last 400 years that were NOT part of a coalition (1776 & 1982) I think it is safe to say that in a serious shooting match we could rely on additional support from our allies. Stated RN doctrine is that QE will always deploy with Type 45.......engines permitting [and despite being able to land a Chinook on a type 45, to land on an Osprey would cause huge issues with the Osprey engine nacelles "jet efflux" burning the flight deck netting on the sides of the flight deck]

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    CMV-22 versus C-2 Greyhound. USN Carrier operations (be the ship in a static location or on the move) is driven by Deck Cycles. Since the introduction of the Legacy Hornets 30+ years ago, that cycle was reduced to 90 minutes. So in a typical 18 hour flying day, with a CVN carrying 60ish fixed wing aircraft, the 1st launch of the day ("Event 1") will see up to 15 aircraft launched. Once event 1 is complete, theship can turn to any direction AND suddenly there is 25% more space on deck (& hangar) to re-shuffle the aircraft around so as to be ready for launching event 2, 90 minutes later. (Modellers, that decal you afix somewhere near the front of your USN jsts usually has "Evt & Wt" for Event & weight to allow the chalk or chinagraph details to be written on). Pilots typically man up for event 2 30+ minutes before launch to spot early any snags that can be easily fixed, because the "window" for launching is fixed and will NOT wait for anyone. Once Event 2 aircraft are all launched (or that last few to go are on the bow cats, Event 1 aircraft will begin to recover. Again once ALL is complete the CVN is free to manoeuvre. This goes on until the last recovery of the day, when the yellow shirts really earn their money in desperately struggling to find that last bit of space to get all 60 back on deck. (Remember that during the previous 18 hours, the ship has typically had only 75% of it's aircraft on deck). With the full 60 back on board it can quite literally take ALL 6 hours overnight to re-spot the jets ready for the next day Event 1. For tactical (& in the confines of, for e..g the Gulf) reasons, you'll see why the CV steering direct into wind cannot be maintained, so the skill in the whole team is in gettingthe launch & recoveries complete ASAP. Now throw in the C-2 greyhound. The C-2 detachments follow the CVN around the world, forward basing as appropriate. (I am guessing that tomorrows arrival of the TRUMAN here in Portsmouth will have the C-2s probably based in Mildenhall (?)). Clearly there is no room onboard for the C-2 overnight, so the Greyhound sorties out to RV with the boat at the fixed event times (e.g lands on at recovery with Event 2, launches with a subsequent event. With that 25% free space (relative term!!) the C-2 can park up in Hummer Hole or the 6 pack to unload/load stores & pax without being too much in the way. The fast jets typically land on @ 130 KIAS where as the E-2's & C-2s (I think) land on @ 118KIAS ? The slower speed makes them the last bird to recover in a cycle, but throw in a couple of missed passes and it just makes everyone's day a little harder. The Big WIN for the CMV-22 is that it is NOT fixed to the normal recovery & launch cycles as the carrier no longer needs to turn into wind to launch & recover. So notwithstanding the slower transit times (speed) issue, there is no longer a requirement to "wait" around the boat in a continuous left hand pattern, but when the Osprey arrives it can come straight in & land. Depending on length of stay on the boat, it may not even need to be marshalled into a tight spot, but could be unloaded and sent on it's way before next cycle begins finally, my 2 cents: When our new Defence Sec gets to fly out & visit QE to witness his new toys, I would bet £1000 that the RN will conveniently fly him out to the ship on an USMC Osprey -

    V-22 as COD for the new QEII Carrier?

    OPen source: QE CV with F-35 embarked = approx 75% Nimitz class in capability BUT with CV-22 acting as the COD. There WAS an offer on the table a couple of years back when the USMC & USN were about to order the next batch of 100+ V-22s for the UK to come in for 5 plus spares & training etc.....each airframe coming in LESS than the new CH-47 buy that the crabs have just made. But as was pointed out in a previous post, no money. From a "what if modelling" perspective, would any RN Ospreys be painted as COD machines or in more sinister greys? I suspect that later because of the CSAR role potential and that crowd at Hereford suddenly getting very interested in the potential capabilities..... To add to the AEW question, the V-22 (with it;s "square" profile cross section) cannot be pressurised (I think) so would severely limit it's altitude capability as an AEW platform. Finally, have you seen this picture (copyright Royal Navy - I suspect some WAFU Phot Branch sailor has just won himself photo of the year!!!) Night landing


    Yes There are some for the Japanese DF F-15s - usually very colourful for USAF - I have used the Astra Decals for the F-15C. There are some superscale F-15C ANG sheets out there as well. there are plenty of F-15E sheets out there on Ebay, covering ALL sqns over the last 25+ years best bet is to google "1/32 F-15 decals" or use ebay search engine
  8. CVN 75 due to anchor off Gosport Sat 6 Oct, sailing Wed 10 Oct. usually good viewing from Stokes Bay (Gosport) or Gosport Ferry running boat tours out. US CVNs usually drop the pick about 1/2 mile off Gilkicker point (Spit Head). For those that "know", I suspect the usual tours via HMNB Portsmouth are on offer (30 min boat trip + hangar & flight deck tour). Sems to be my lucky week, with a 2 seat spit operating out of Lee-On-Solent, a view of the final Sea King flyby and now just a small number of Hornets parked off the beach........


    Cathastail - great link - thank you I'd not seen the gun pod before - presume we are getting those for the UK F-35Bs as well Can someone confirm that at minute 3:38 the USN is employing a Hobbit to remove the wheel chocks?

    FAA Golden age photo's.

    normal for a single nose wheel a/c on roll back after trapping on deck (youtube F-8s landing & you'l see. Hovercraft pictures are from Lee-On-Solent (HMS Daedalus) - the old WW1 seaplane slipway is still there crossing the main road, sadly used by jetskis rather than something as graceful as a Hovercraft. Lovely to see the cross decking with the Big O (South China Sea I assume), If your dates are correct then this picture is taken just over a month before the tragic fire that killed so many aircrew.

    Phantom XT864 walkaround.

    really helpful - I'm just at the decalling stage on my airfix one (although I've done the inside of the airbrakes white - D'oh!

    USS Oriskany Sundown Carrier ops

    outstanding piece of work. I saw my recording of the Bridges at Toko Ri last night (made 32 years before Top Gun, which itself was made 32 years ago!) which of course featured the Big O. I read somewhere that she was kept in reserve into the 80's and nearly came out into service as part of Reagan's 600+ ship Navy. I guess she would have had Hornets if she had as all the F-8s had long since gone.

    E-2D's for Japan

    and it is the compatibility with their recent F-35 purchase (think data links etc) that is the reason for the D. Of course if money were no object, & the UK had bought the right version of F-35/CV........sigh


    of course there is a traditional way to get the numbers into the navy..........but I'm not sure that raiding pubs over the south of england will provide the quality we need, worse, you might even pick up the odd off duty crab heard at work today that the F-35Bs have finally landed on the QE - should be a press release tomorrow.

    Final Sea King Flypast

    saw the 3 of them over Pompey harbour before doing Fleetlands and landing over @ Sultan. but today I hear that the F-35s finally landed on QE - pictures & videos being released to the press tomorrow, so a happy end to the Fleet Air Arm at the end of the week.