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  1. Here's my 2nd AIR WING 16 build for this GB. I do love these Tamiya A-1's having just recently built one. This time I'm using the Airwaves ing fold, but expect this to be fairly straight forward. Whilst there exists some now long out of production decals for VA-152, I can't source any. But, most of what I need is supplied in the kit decals (creative use of serial numbers etc) and I figure I can print / search spares for the ship's name etc that I require. Background as to why this Air Wing 16 subject can be found on my A-4E build 1st post. That and my truly awesome respect to individuals still flying 200 knt propeller driven aircraft in the radar aimed AAA/SAM saturated skies over North Vietnam in the late 1960's. IMG_0069 IMG_0068
  2. Good Morning, here's the 1st of my 2 entries for this GB. Whilst I have a couple of ships on the go, none will get even close to completion for this GB, so it's aviation subjects for me. Of all the aviation books I have read in years, Peter Fey's "Bloody Sixteen" (USS Oriskany and Air Wing 16 during the Vietnam War) has proven to be the most sobering yet truly inspiring that I have read. For the unfamiliar, USS Oriskany and Air Wing 16 completed 3 operational deployments in the 1965-67 timeframe, unfortunately always arriving on station just as the pointless bombing halts came to an end. The statistics of planes and aircrew lost are eye watering (you'll be familiar with names such as James Stockdale & John McCain as just 2, lucky(?) enough to become POWs). 1967 appears to be the worst year, compounded with an avoidable fire that took even more lives in October. But the book is also a source of some of the most inspirational examples of Leadership that I have ever seen and would serve well to become mandatory reading at Military Staff Colleges...... So my subject here is Lt Cdr Richard Perry's VA-164 A-4E - the original Lady Jessie. (Thanks to Modelling Minion who very kindly supplied the scheme from that rare as **** Victory Productions A-4 sheet to my request in the Wanted section). Lt Cdr Perry was killed on 31st August 1967, the Lady Jessie A-4 lasted only another 7 weeks being shot down over Haiphong on 18th Oct 1967 (with another pilot, Lt Cdr Barr being killed) IMG_0064 IMG_0065
  3. I'd go for as much of the pin left in the guide hole as possible, weak as that point is, just the trunnions would otherwise become the pivot point. Again, i should stress, my pins became weak due to an inadvertent Ramp strike (as it were!). I suspect that as fitted, they are pretty strong.
  4. I'll follow this build (I'm going into this GB with an A-4E - so nice to see this hot little jet being well represented). How does this A-4C compare to the new Airfix A-4B? which is the better kit in your opinion (assuming you have one of both!)?
  5. and the prize for the largest scale tanker ever on Britmodeller....... outstanding build, terrific
  6. I was wondering where your build was ! These SAC legs do prevent the "bending" of the knees, BUT because they are just direct copies, their weakness is that same single "pin" join that slots into the fuselage. Being white metal, & so thin, there is some bend there if not careful. So be aware that is where the weight of the kit now sits when the finished item sits with pride on your shelf.........or worse, a young child reaches up for a closer look to a beautiful Hornet that was not "lashed & chained" to the deck (that'll teach me!)
  7. can't beat a good Rhino - good choice of scheme as well
  8. oh yes - from an era when the Senior Service knew how to make good looking ships.....I've always wanted to do one of these resin ships but they look far too daunting. I've got a car & paper HMS Good Hope on the go, but probably too far advanced for this GB to enter. Anyway, good choice by you, you've got one follower here on this GB anyway
  9. Just found this thread (I seem to really struggle as to which & when these GBs are on or starting. So a resounding "yes" from me...just got to decide which Senior Service (or Colonial cousin) kit to build.......might even get around to changing my banner at the bottom of my post to something more relevant to this new build oh, wait, just to confirm , I don't need to be "in the Navy" to enter this GB?????
  10. yes, yes , yes - outstanding build, Beautiful looking model and first class finish. Thank you for posting
  11. Great build of the best ship the RN ever had - thank you for sharing
  12. If you google any of the images of Duncan from her 2017 deployment (that was on TV) you'll see the harpoons fitted. [open source]: there has even been a bit in the media about the current RN issues with surface-2-surface weaponry and that great politicians smoke & mirrors statements about taking "capability holidays"....i.e. a hand written note to China & Putin to ask very kindly if they'll hold off WW3 until we can buy some more aircraft/harpoon/torpedoes (sailors to actually man our ships?) until we are ready........ Pretty certain that ALL of the Batch 1 & 2 Type 45s (1st 3 & 2nd 3) have the harpoon fittings and blast shields in place as of 2018. Great looking build by the way, I can only assume from Chewbacca's link, that the Welsh will get their way and get a piece of coal or something painted on the bows of the new HMS Cardiff when (if) she ever gets built......
  13. great build , I remember the blue boot topping that she wore for those early years.
  14. words cannot adequately describe what an amazing job you have done with this kit. I saw her for real on a ship visit to Yokosuka in '92 - sadly I was more interested in chasing beers & girls ashore rather than take a few hours to visit her.......D'oh! oh to wind back time to my misguided youth..... I really do say "thank you" for taking the effort for sharing - I can only dream of building something as good as this.
  15. Outstanding build. I haven't read the build thread, but I really admire the attention to detail (bridge screen doors open at flying stations ). Can I assume that as the former XO your old man was giving you grief over the "gingering" (rust streaks) that you have expertly added. Thank you for taking the time to photograph and share with us.
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