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  1. DaveJL - a model of yours that doesn't have "NAVY" on it, very disappointing, go and have a word with yourself

    Meng Merkava MK III D (Late) LIC

    looking good and the MENG solution to those stowage baskets on the rear seem so much better & sturdy than the HobbyBoss ones
  3. 14 Dock is longer than 15. i think the first ships built here were TERRIBLE & POWERFUL (big 4 funneled armoured cruisers) in the 1890's that were supposed to be cheaper than BBs, but having the speed to chaise down any enemy ship that could threaten British merchant ships. POWERFUL (I Think) was Captained by the famous Percy Scott during the Boar War & Boxer Rebellion where shore parties from the ship were considered a success (and the legend of the Field Gun Competition comes from). Neither 14 or 15 dock could accomodate HOOD, but in 1912, 9 lock (and the area around the coaling Jetty) were re built into C & D lock which could. Hyperlink takes you to Pompey Dockyard History (& if you look at image hidden behind title, you can see the Carrier Victorious sat in D Lock. Pompey Dockyard Timeline Today the new Queen Elizabeth Carrier will not fit, so she is limited to KGV Dock in Southampton, Rosyth (but I doubt they'll want to take her under bridge again!) or the Netherlands. The Caissons are effectively boats that when the dock is flooded, are then in turn floated out of the way (complete with road on top). These caissons can be partially flooded themselves thus going "up" & "down" to complete the seal and provide a road across when "down". Not seen, but I think the film "Les Miserables" (sp?) with Russell Crow had a scene filmed in A dock with theconvicts pulling in a ship (right next to 15 dock) https://findthatlocation.com/film-title/les-miserables/location/498 must be 20 years ago that I was on INVINCIBLE next to D Lock when HMS BELFAST was dry docked in for her inspections. D Lock HMS BELFAST 1999 D Lock This is where I think she got her current camouflage paint job(??) This is the google Earth (from 1999) picture that shows the size of D Lock that could accommodate HOOD Google Earth 1999 (you can see INVINCIBLE to North West
  4. 15 dock 112 years after Dreadnought - caisson is new, but stone work etc remains the same as you modeled it HMS DNTL 15 Dock (1) HMS DNTL (2) 15 Dock
  5. Pictures to follow (borrowed ny Buffer's phone to take them) and gave some thought to your scale. I think you nailed it. Whenever I am hosting visitors (from Sea Cadets to 2*star seniors!) I always use the Dreadnought as a comparison, because she was built 101 years before DARING. Type 45: 152 metres length Dreadnought: 160 metres Both were hugely revolutionary, but many do not realise that this innovative new technology was also extended to their propulsion. Dreadnought was the 1st large ship to use Steam Turbines (following development from Parson's experiment), 28 Babcock boilers gave a total of 23,000 shaft horsepower - unheard of in 1906! Type 45 is the RN's first "all electric" ship - by using a combination of Gas Turbines & Diesel generators to "create" the High Voltage, she can produce 28,000 shaft horsepower thru' each of her 2 electric motors. (although, as our delightful UK press keeps reminding us, not without snags! - but soon to be fixed, one ship at a time in Birkenhead with 3 new diesels being inserted to replace the current 2 DGs. From a historical perspective, I have read an interesting theory that the Pompey Docks, (14 & 15 built around 1890), considered "huge" at the time of building, were in fact too narrow for the Battleships built during the Dreadnought era. As a consequence the width of these docks dictated the maximum width available for BB designs and "suggests" that some of the disastrous outcomes at Jutland were a direct result. Whereas Germany, who built her dry docks 10 years later than Portsmouth, built theirs wider, = more stable and more armour. I personally subscribe to the poor ammunition handling practices of the RN in 1916 AND ships designed to have a global reach (food, accom for months) rather than a German Fleet built for short 3 day cruises out into the North Sea. Finally, for those living in the Portsmouth area, 14 docis currently being "cleaned" up in preparation for future Type 26/45 refits. Part of the work is digging deeper around the area where the sonar domes will sit and the cutting into stone, laid by the Victorians all taken from that eyesore that is the big cutting in the side of Portsdown hill.
  6. Agree - you seem to have made a good call there. Certainly from the photo you have posted (almost the same angle as the image screenshot) the canopy does actually look right, but the coaming (instrument panel) is too high.......(or too narrow??) regardless, my Trumpy "E" is 98% complete (should be posting in "ready for inspection" this weekend .....and I have scaled up the new Furball AirWing 8 VFA-87 SU-22 killer decals from 1/48 to 1/32 to dress this Revell bird in, when she gets released
  7. outstanding build. truly stunning finish. My office is between 14 & 15 dock in HMNB Portsmouth and we have a great picture od Dreadnought fitting out with an identical picture (same angle etc) takne of WESTMINSTER refitting there a couple of years ago. Currently my ship, DAUNTLESS, is sitting exactly where you have your model of Dreadnought sitting - I'll try & get some phots from the same angles you have taken of your model and post on a reply to your thread in the next couple of days. A type 45 is almost the same length as Dreadnought (but clearly not armoured) so a comparison should be easy to see. PM inbound!
  8. loving your Hornet builds (and you already know your build of the "F" has influenced my build schedule here !!) please in your next post make a comment on how easy (I hope!) the quick bost ECS pipes fitting goes I was lucky enough to get onboard the GW Bush last Summer when she parked just off the beach where I live. Sadly the UK Summer Weather was so awful, I only got a couple of pictures of jets in the hangar (& then mostly with my son n the foreground). My dream phot would have been my son & I stood in front of #302 of the GOLDEN Warriors - especially considering our Surname. I'll see if I can post a build-in-progress of my 1/32 "E" on the other section later today to show you how I have copied your weathering

    1/48th McDonnell F3H-2 Demon - 13/5 update

    2 resin kits on the go in 1 GB - you seem to be a really be a sucker for self inflicted pain! ....but both builds are looking awesome (and I bitch on about the hassle with a straight out-the-box kit build!)

    EA-18G 1/48 Growler

    Isn't Southwark House part of a smelly Pongo's Mess now? Last time I was up in Dryad it was full of the blighters (and their smelly black labradors) oh, your Growler is looking amazing. I recently made the mistake(?) of going for some aftermarket nozzles, now there will be no going back, they really are so much better. Is that your LST build in the picture?

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Baby! 1/72 F-14D

    looking really good so far. I share your pain with trying to find good sized pilots for seats - and agree with your build, i.e. probably not good to have a pilot's head "taller" than the canopy breaker on top of the seat!!

    Hasegawa F-18E

    go with BOMAN's hyperlink - but I have a spare set of instructions that I can post to you over weekend if required? (like you I've just picked up that version from Hasagawa (VFA-27 Maces high viz) from Evilbay as well. - I've also got the Quickboost ECS pipes to replace the early type ECS vents molded in the earlier Hasagawa Super Hornet kits) (I'll go thru the stash and see if I can't find you a spare F-4 canopy (closed) that I can't send your way as well) drop us a PM if interested

    1/48 F18 SUPER HORNET

    great build - I love the undercarriage bays - is that extra wiring in there or just really well painted from the box?
  14. surely modex #302 from the Golden Warriors - the ONLY Western jet to achieve an air-to-air victory in the 21st century? I've already scaled up the markings from the 1/48th sheet in case the Revell 1/32 F/A-18E ever gets released this year you realise that because of your excellent posted builds, that my Greyhound has taken 2nd place to me working on my Trumpy Super H - attempting some of your shared weathering on her this afternoon - thanks

    1/48 Trumpeter Seahawk FGA6

    Shippers, I'll have a look thru my spares (decals) but I know I have numerous sized "ROYAL NAVY" in white and some black serial numbers. (No 806 Ace of Diamond s though!!) I've got this kit in my stash, so I know what sizes to look for. Anyhow get on with the build & let us know if interested.