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  1. because spraying direct from the can comes with a whole list of hazaeds (not least of which is the sheer volume of paint coming out on a "hairline trigger") I ALWAYS spray into a large plastic beaker (holding a paper towel over the back, as it were, to stop overspray). I then decant this liquid white paint into my airbrush cup & away I go. You need to be quick as the stuff very quickly begins to dry - and if you spray from too far away, the stuff will actually "dry" in air (as the spray) before it reaches the model surface. But once on the kit, it's super tough, almost scratch proof and remains (15+ years so far here) remains a brilliant white. There is no translucency (big word for me!), so on an RN Buccaneer, I sprayed the white on AFTER the Extra Dark Sea Grey and it goes on, super white, at the 1st pass of the airbrush. ALL my cans from Halfords are silver in colour with a white cap if that helps you find it. Answering the question from Nick Belbin, as an alternative, I would guess that ANY automobile White spray can would work, but just check as to how "white" the colour is.
  2. and I am still to see a completed one on any modelling website (or am I not looking hard enough?). That to me is a real indicator of issues EDIT : of course, tempting fate with the above statement, I've found few that look quite good (although the above comments (canopy , no folding wings etc) are mentioned. One site suggests that Airfix are going to re-release their in "2019" ...but as it's already October, I think I'll take that with a pinch of (sea) salt
  3. the Romeo with the colourful HSM-78 scheme - I would kill for, so well done Kittyhawk. And I agree with stakor - that Sierra with that digital camo tail also looks great....choices, choices
  4. lovely build - great choice of scheme - gotta luv all that effort they went to in wrap around camo, low viz markings and then stuck on a massive sharks mouth
  5. very smart collection (apart from the 2nd one up - obviously!!) . I forgot how good the pre-1982 colours looked on FAA helicopters
  6. + 1 i use it by decanting it (spraying) direct from can into an old plastic mug. then pour intop my airbrush cup to spray as already mixed white paint. Need to be quick as it os already starting to dry. Super tough finish, 1 pass with airbrush is solid (not like normal white that takes several layers. And it stays pure, brilliant white for ever. Use it on ALL my USN jets (gull grey over white) IMG_3165 by Dom GOLDEN, on Flickr
  7. I think you win the prize for the 1st "ROMEO" to appear on Britmodeller. Great looking build thanks for posting
  8. Andrew, very, very nice, even if it is an 801 cab.
  9. I do know that when the eye watering cost of F-35 & HMS QE were looked at in the UK Defence Review of 2010 (the famous decision to scrap the harrier & switch from F-35C to F-35B, the majority in the RN were very serious at looking at the F/A-18E with a cats 'n traps CV. I also heard that when the USMC went for their last "big" order of 100+ MV-22s they made an offer to the UK that only an idiot could refuse with a purchase for a few, with spares & training etc for a fly away price way cheaper than the new buy of chinooks the RAF were about to buy.......but, as usual the idiots in Treasury won the day
  10. outstanding build, probably the best Seaking I've seen on these forums. Is that a piece of masking still left on the centre frame of the front canopy?
  11. Gorgeous, I forget just how Monogram always seem to capture "that" right shape with their models, way before CADs became the in thing.
  12. Very impressive build and your post#7 is very helpful. I have done the Trumpeter "E" and despite some of that kit's flaws, was a good fit and looks like a Rhino. At the price these Revell "E"'s are at , I am sorely tempted, but some of the reviews seem to suggest a real shocker or a kit that leaves modellers fighting the build throughout. I onlyget to build 1 or 2 kits a year and want that experience to be enjoyable, your finished build looks outstanding, but I'm still undecided on taking the plunge.....
  13. Superb looking build, as all have said above, you have caught the weathering really well. I only just finished reading George Marrett's "Cheating Death, Air combat rescues in Vietnam and Laos", great read and I enjoyed the comment in his final chapter where he mentions that Tamiya have even made a model of "his" plane..... well I reckon if he saw your build, he'd be very impressed.
  14. that is outstanding - so much want to do that version, thank you for the inspiration
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