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  1. Nice choice Greg! The kit was released in 1964. Decimal money started in 1971 so it's before then. The ad says the cheapest Frog kits are 2/- (10p) and the kit is 4/6 (22.5p). I remember Airfix kits were 2/6 (12.5p) in the mid sixties and Frog kits were if anything more expensive. So I'd say that the ad would probably be from when the kit was released in 1964. Regards, Adrian
  2. The kit is putting up a struggle but it's looking really good now. In my house a build isn't really "long" until it's had 4 years on the shelf of shame... Regards, Adrian
  3. That looks terrific! The worn weathering and replacement fabric look great. What paint did you use for the EDSG/Slate Grey? Regards, Adrian
  4. OK, I have to know. That's your dogs, not your daughters, right? The interior is coming along nicely! Regards, Adrian
  5. It looks wonderful. The home-made plywood decals and all the extra details look great. Regards, Adrian
  6. Looking forward to seeing more Spitfire Regards, Adrian
  7. Well I went away for the weekend (Wales, Snowdon, brilliant weather) and when I got back my Vallejo Azure Blue was waiting for me. Big shout out to Arcane Scenery and Models for excellent service! I tested it out on my paint test bed and I can hardly tell the difference. The camera makes it look more different than it is with the Mk1 eyeball: So I'm not going to repaint. Just decals, more weathering and a few details to go now. Incidentally, my paint testbed is an Airfix Ju88. Here's what happens when you don't have Martin's other-worldly tenacity and skill: Hopefully the next time I post it (the Blenheim) will be done! Regards, Adrian
  8. Cockpit is looking lovely! Regards, Adrian
  9. Nice Beau! I wouldn't worry too much about not painting the interiors. They are kinda greyish anyway and you never get to see all the detailing when they are on the shelf! Regards, Adrian
  10. The stripes are great and the canopy looks good opened up too. I didn't realise that the underside could get so busy with all those stores - it's a great contrast to the topside view. Nice one! Regards, Adrian
  11. Looks very menacing and totally wonderful. It's been a great build to follow. Thanks, Adrian
  12. Nice to see you back on track! Regards, Adrian
  13. I'm having fun getting there! Thanks Occa! I have decided to call it "close enough" and I've bought some pre-mixed stuff for next time... Regards, Adrian
  14. Thanks Gerrard and Martin! It does have its moments but it is a nice kit. I'm currently wrestling with the old Airfix one in WIP and the new one is definitely better! Regards, Adrian
  15. Tony, Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Just an experiment. Surely it's not admissible in a divorce court??? Regards, Adrian (Oh. I see. Damn.)