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  1. Looking good! It's like waiting for Christmas. Hope that list isn't getting longer... ...and I agree with Rob. I've done squadron codes with a brush and lots of masking tape, but the thought of bright concentric circles interferes with my digestion. Regards, Adrian
  2. "OOB?" (he said, looking nervous and backing into a corner)
  3. Well, cockpit and crew done, fun is over, better get on and build the rest of the bloomin' plane now... The fin profile is very subtly but distinctly wrong and the fin is too thin. So I have cut out a fin profile from 30 thou to sandwich between the halves. The correct tail wheel position has been marked with an indent and the edges have been coloured with a sharpie to show when to stop sanding. The front prongs have been tapered too. The fuselage is stuck together with lashings of Revell Contacta. There will be sanding and filling a-plenty and that will be the end of the rivets. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  4. Gotta love mass Spitfire builds! Glad to see you back in action. Regards, Adrian
  5. In my defence, they were pretty high cut trousers...
  6. And finally we have Pierre, the upper gunner, a recent recruit from Boite d'Allumettes. He used to chase girls like Maureen all the time but, since an incident with a sanding stick while fitting him around the upper turret stanchion, he seems to have lost all interest... Thanks for looking, Adrian
  7. What a lot of extra parts - I've had kits with fewer pieces than that. Nice cable run too, although I've always wondered what happens if you ditch with the starboard side uppermost... You could always have a bacontini* - it's very good for low carb diets and leaves you a hand spare for painting Maureen! Regards, Adrian (* it is a Real Thing)
  8. Thanks Ian. Actually, it's the thickness of the fuselage side PLUS the extra port side from left over bits from the modern kit. More thinning required next time I think. Regards, Adrian
  9. Well, here he is, scanning the horizon for lonely Barracudas... Thanks for looking, Adrian
  10. Well I've sorted the bomb aimer. I put his seat back down and moved him so he is kneeling over the seat. It should all work now, with a bit more trimming and filling. It was cramped in there! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  11. Thanks Guys! He's off to get a date with Maureen. You know what those French guys are like... Regards, Adrian
  12. I've just found this build thread. It's certainly an interesting design. Your scratch building is impeccable, and I admire your tenacity in restarting the fuselage. Looking forward to more progress! Regards, Adrian
  13. Looks like an aeroplane! It's always surprising how it suddenly jumps out at you. I always write a list near the end so I don't forget things (and I get the satisfaction of crossing things off). Of course you always end up having to add extra things just when you think you are done. Regards, Adrian
  14. Hello All, plodding on on with my less-chubby Lindbergh pilot... paint on: And a view of the instruments. They will look good enough through the canopy! Note the enclosure for the turret and the use of more spare new Airfix parts. And Mr Lindbergh in a desert-type shirt that matches the box art: i don't think I can use "man in a sleeping bag" because the bomb sight seems to be higher. So I will re-think. Thanks for looking, Adrian