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  1. In the Pathe news video, is that wood grain on the cockpit cover at 0:47 in?? Oh and nice modelling by the way Regards, Adrian
  2. Wowza! Very sharp. And colourful too! Regards, Adrian
  3. This is the MetalCote rattlecan spray. Picked it up by mail order a couple of months ago. Can't remember where from but if you really need to know I will do some digging. [Edit: it was Wonderland Models.] Regards, Adrian
  4. Well I had a weekend of almost non-stop modelling, pausing only to cook and shop for cold cures (Mrs F is on the sofa with a woman-flu). I have to confess I feel quite burned out by the whole thing (the modelling, not tending Mrs F, obvs). So in a fit of madness I have finished the Bristol 188. I started by polishing up the Humbrol MetalCote, and then tried some of the C1 Metalizer mentioned above. It makes things much shinier, but the surface is very fragile and I realised how much more fiddling with the model I still had to do! So it's been a weekend of two steps forward and one back, and I forgot to take any photos along the way. So, in no particular order: Decals courtesy of XtraDecal sets Main wheels and legs from the old, old Revell Corsair Front wheels from the new Airfix Gnat with with fuse wire rims, front leg from the Ursus SR53 Shock cones from hardwood dowel turned with an electric drill and file (not SIHRC but good enough) with plastic card fins Reheat flame holders (I assume it had afterburners) from fuse wire Pitot from a stack of Albion Alloys tubes, painted and sanded down to replicate the tapered shape All involving far too much handling and dodgy touch ups. In rather disappointing light I managed to grab a couple of shots of the finished item: The lighter sections of the nacelles are done with self-adhesive silver foil salvaged from sweet wrappers. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  5. MPM Blenheim IV

    Went outside today for some RFI pics and gave up because of poor lighting and photography skills. I did manage a sneaky picture of all four 1/72 Blenheims though: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  6. Ter-riffic! Nice going with the wings. I guess you can get away with extending the trailing edge in this case to extend the chord because of the thickness of Airfix trailing edges. Regards, Adrian
  7. The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Wouldn't that be a bit dark?
  8. From Failure to Failure

    On the topic of "why didn't anyone test build this?" You might want to check that the propellers clear the fuselage when they spin. Mine are all around 1mm shorter than they started out. Regards, Adrian
  9. From Failure to Failure

    Good save on the turret PC. It looks like the fuselage cutout is way too shallow, which is a bit annoying seeing as it's provided as a separate badly-fitting part to cater for the differences between I/IV/V. If it's any consolation the MkIV guns are meant to hover in space too, so I used two plastic strips on the outer sides painted up to look like the ammunition feed. Regards, Adrian
  10. MPM Blenheim IV

    Thanks Edward. Seeing your Blenheim-fest gave me the inspiration to pick it up again. Mangling the upper cockpit glazing made me take a break last summer, but time heals all things and I feel quite fond of it now. Thanks Neil. I like the scheme too and I think I've finally found a paint combo that works for it. I would love to do a Beaufort in TSS too - I keep toying with the idea of starting my Frog Beaufort but each time it happens I compare it to the plans and lie down until the idea goes away! Still, I guess it would make Airfix release a new one... Regards, Adrian
  11. MPM Blenheim IV

    Well, I didn't think there's been much to see, but I'm finished! I still need to add some aerial wire and I've just remembered I need to add the fuel dump nozzles under the wings, but I'm done. Paint is acrylic Humbrol 79 and Revell 67 "Greenish Grey" over Humbrol 90. I decided to weather quite mildly with just a light wash. For the decals I used the insignia are from the kit and Xtradecal sheets for codes and serials. I will do some more shots for RFI with the "family" - I've now built one of each of the 1/72 Blenheims - old and new Airfix, Frog/Revell and this one. I think this is a close second to the new Airfix for accuracy and detail, but I think the Frog kit is the most fun to build. The old Airfix is strictly for masochists! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  12. An interesting build. If your 3-D printing doesn't work out I have a paper pattern somewhere! Wait, 3D printing at the local library ?? I don't think South London libraries run to that... Regards, Adrian
  13. Westland Sea King HU5

    Wonderfully sharp painting to complement wonderfully sharp detailing! Just caught up and it's still epic. Regards, Adrian
  14. Andy, the photos look bang on and the subject matter is great! Looking forward to the next episode! Regards, Adrian
  15. The trouble is, each coat of silver looks better than the last one, but my standards seem to be rising faster than my ability to produce the results! Now on coat #3, after a light sanding down, especially over the cockpit masking so I can still find the damn' tape if/when the time finally comes to unmask! Also I notice that my touch up with Revell silver on the under wing fairings (which wear straight back to Halfords primer grey as soon as you touch them) looked just as shiny as the sprayed/polished Metalcote Regards, Adrian