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  1. Thanks Rob - it's so nice to have my workbench back! Regards, Adrian
  2. Hello All, After several years on the shelf of shame, my Matchbox/Revell Privateer is done. It has been converted to the Coastguard version and the next time I see him it is going to a pal of mine. His Dad flew in these back in the day. The conversion involved replacing the side gun turrets and with big picture windows and replacing front and rear turrets with observation canopies. I also added interior framing (mostly now invisible) wheel well detail, exhausts and some other minor engine detail. I could have done more accurisation and improvement, most notably the air intakes around the cowling and the propellers, but it isn't appropriate for a desktop model (and would have taken another two years at my rate). This is my first 4 engine "heavy" and my biggest model ever. My wife's only comment on it has been "It's very big isn't it" so I think she's quite happy it's going to my pal's house! The insignia are from an aftermarket sheet but all the lettering, coastguard emblems and engine grilles are all laser-printed onto clear decal paper. The "DANGER" lettering was applied on top of scrap white decal squares and the coastguard logo was applied over a spot of white paint to deal with the transparency issues. Pics: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  3. That orange colour scheme does look right tasty! I wrapped this up a week or so ago but was away. I took some pictures on my back step in fading daylight after getting back today, so I can call it done! Started 2012 so it's been a lo-ong build, even by my standards. Here's one pic, more in RFI: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  4. Hello, My second 1/48 model ever, the Inpact Bleriot 1910 Monoplane, as re-released by Round2/Lindberg. OOB except for stretched sprue rigging and home-made wire wheels. WIP is here. I got home today and took these pictures outside on my step in fading daylight. If they are blurry it's because I was shivering from the cold! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  5. Nice build Pat! I know it's a lynching matter to go against EDSG/Sky but there is a very tasty picture on t'web of Firefly 5s (possibly 4s??) in TSS... If you set the Airfix kit next to the Frog kit (which is a Mk1 but same basic airframe) the Airfix one looks very dainty indeed, but it looks "just right". Regards, Adrian
  6. +1 for after! Nice nav lights by the way. Regards, Adrian
  7. Very nice! A Tiger Moth Beluga? Regards, Adrian
  8. Nice trio! You can't get much more iconic than that (OK, throw in a Concorde...). I particularly like your Spitfire chipping on the leading edges. ... and welcome! Regards, Adrian
  9. I love the extra detailing you put on top of what looks to be an excellent kit. The underside staining is wonderful too. It's a far cry from the old Airfix F-5 I slapped together last year... Regards, Adrian
  10. Wow! This is like "How do you eat an elephant?" One bite at a time... Each sub-assembly is like a whole kit to us 1/72 types. Regards, Adrian
  11. Your B-45 looks ace! I call scratches "weathering"... For fonts, here's a good start: has a bunch, including Amarillo. I would be hesitant to try to scan lettering from a photo. I've used clear Laser decal paper for black lettering (awesome) and some weird white-but-can-go-clear-with-oil-based-varnish inkjet paper. I can't tell you the brands cos I'm in a hotel room 4000 miles from home. The white inkjet paper isn't quite opaque so my once-cunning plan to print soviet stars with white outlines and cut them out died when I saw them on a green background! Regards, Adrian
  12. This is fantastic! I use the odd bit of balsa myself but harder woods have always defeated me. It's coming along wonderfully well. If I might suggest, you might want to put the pilot in later next time - he must be getting tired of having his helmet sanded off! Regards, Adrian
  13. I presume you are going to finish in "McSpadgent" tartan?? Regards, Adrian
  14. I don't do aftermarket but that seat does look very nice. The pilot figure looks good too. Watching with interest... Regards, Adrian
  15. Sorry to hear you are having such problems George. It's good to have you back in the saddle though, and we don't mind dodging the odd paint bottle! Regards, Adrian