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  1. Hello All, Today has has been mostly cockpit: When you are sticking it all together in virginal white plastic it's easy to believe that it will be the best cockpit ever, but then paint comes along and jolts you back to reality... Meanwhile the canopy is drying under a coat of Future. When that's dry I can make some switches for the middle rail and stick the canopy on. Then I can give the model a final coat of Milliput tonight and sand it down tomorrow. Sadly, but not surprisingly, this hasn't been a very well-fitting kit at all. The escape pod fitted where it touched and the canopy and most pieces are going to need filler and sanding to blend in. Meanwhile round the back I've added some far-too-shallow flame-holders from stretched sprue and fusewire on the basis that incorrect detail is better than nothing! I'm at the point where I just want this done. Seeing all the superb Hasegawa builds is bad for morale over here in Camp Airfix. I will have to increase the rum ration and see if that helps! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  2. Lovely work! I'm going to quietly ignore the coloured panels in the inlets... Regards, Adrian
  3. That's some project! Very nice work so far, hopefully the really hard work is now done? Regards, Adrian
  4. As promised...
  5. I've still got the Blenheim bits, if you can find the extra seat Actually, messing around with plastic card is my favourite bit of a build. I blame it on watching too much Blue Peter as a nipper. Now, where's that sticky back plastic?... I undercoated the cockpit and I have actually (shock, horror) stuck some parts together. There Will Be Milliput. And sanding. I thought I should get that out of the way before doing any more painting. I have painted the wings a bit because they will be movable and I wanted to get them all painted and dry near the fulcrum: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  6. Well, sad to say, I couldn't find another Blenheim seat for the navigator, so I had to break out the plastic card, fuse wire and wine bottle foil... Thanks for looking, Adrian
  7. I printed up some Upper Heyford codes at work on the laser printer today using USAF Amarillo font, in 9, 6 and 2.5mm. I write on the top sheet in the tray so I know which way round the paper is going through then I print the codes on the paper. Then I can tape the decal paper over where the codes are, put the paper back in the tray the same way round and run it again: The other codes are left over from my Privateer build. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  8. I got bored with all the scratch building. I've got a spare Blenheim cockpit, that should do... Regards, Adrian
  9. Very nice Swordfish. The weathering is excellent and the detailing is marvellous. I'm always surprised about how chipped and worn bombs look - you would think people would be more careful with them! Regards, Adrian
  10. Just caught up with the thread. Wow Regards, Adrian
  11. Good save on the missiles. The resin cockpit looks super! [and I liked your penguins by the Auster too] Regards, Adrian
  12. Hope you manage to get some time and mojo for this Tony. It would be nice to have some more 1/72 company! Regards, Adrian
  13. Looking good so far! Regards, Adrian
  14. It's looking lovely! The grey scheme certaimly is different after seeing all the SEA camouflaged versions. And the Hasegawa kit is a massive step up from the Airfix one!! Regards, Adrian
  15. The weapons load is almost a kit in itself! Looking good... Regards, Adrian