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  1. Fan-tastic! Best build I've ever seen of this, and an iconic prototype scheme too. Regards, Adrian
  2. Both look like interesting and challenging subjects. Love the look of the Ripon! Regards, Adrian
  3. Supermarine Sea Otter

    It looks challenging! Popcorn at the ready... Regards, Adrian
  4. Nice work on the S6B! I think the Airfix Catalina would provide most audience satisfaction - cue Victor Meldrew-ish quotes when seeing how well the canopy fits... Regards, Adrian
  5. Hello All, I recently tried and failed to build the old Airfix Phantom in 24 elapsed hours here in the Blitzbuild 2017 GB. I've only just managed to get back to the modelling bench for the first time since then (in the UK for a whole day, before travelling out tomorrow), and so obviously the first thing that needs doing is to undo some of my previous work! The intakes and the fuselage had a gentle curve down to the join, so I've sanded the whole area flatter to make the join less conspicuous. It's progress, right?? Thanks for looking, Adrian
  6. Glad to see you are out of hospital and back at the bench! It's looking impeccable! (as ever) Regards, Adrian
  7. Nice work on the engines, and the exhausts look great too. On the radiators, it looks like your wires aren't quite straight, which is causing the gaps. To straighten brass wire I either roll it between two hard flat surfaces (sometimes works), or I stretch it a tiny bit with a pair of pliers at each end, which does the trick every time. I like Hendie's idea of putting the ends into a slot in the end frames. Or you could line up a bunch of plastic rod bits on some plastic card, brush them over with liquid cement and then cut off slices of whole radiator when dry. Although I'm not sure how big the radiators actually are and you have about 30 tubes across - the smallest diameter rod I've seen is 10 thou and I'm not sure that wouldn't just turn to mush on seeing cement. Or you could just go with what you have got. I'm sure with the Mk I eyeball, and through a forest of rigging, that it will look perfect! Regards, Adrian
  8. White Knight - Short Crusader

    I'm amazed at your perseverance! It truly is a kit of endless horrible surprises. You seem to be winning with it though. Regards, Adrian
  9. Westland Wessex HAS3 returns

    Looks lovely! I've never really liked that blue/grey and yellow scheme compared to the orange and blue, but I am definitely warming to it on your model. Good save on the paintwork - but we should club together and buy you some wider masking tape Regards, Adrian
  10. What can I say?? Regards, Adrian
  11. 1/72 Bristol Sycamore

    That is gorgeous! Didn't know you could buy litre pots of Tamiya paint, though Regards, Adrian
  12. Hawker Hart Family

    There is a plugin for Chrome and Firefox (google "photobucket embed fix") that gets around the problem, at least for now - I've got it installed on mine and it works well. I like to think that I will sort out all the links but that would take a while... Regards, Adrian And yes, I have a copy of everything on my laptop hard drive, office hard drive and cloud backup. I didn't trust photobucket that much!!
  13. Hawker Hart Family

    Sadly, it is still exactly there. See my "Shelf of shame" signature below @Old Man has done some lovely builds of the Hart family though, and he's inspired me! (Although not enough to actually finish mine...) Regards, Adrian
  14. Looking good! Given that it's a Sunderland, I can almost forgive you for not building the Airfix kit instead. That boilerplate does give one a headache! Regards, Adrian
  15. Dornier Do 18-D

    A classic build taking shape here! Regards, Adrian