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  1. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Wow, that is a labour of love their John, superb work
  2. Certainly a mean looking beast in it's original strike guise, the TT role kinda messed with it a bit! @TheBaron , there was the old vacform that our tentacled one refers to, and Magna released both the Mk1 and TT2 & 3 as resin kits - they have your name written all over them! Edit, this kind soul has beaten you two to it!
  3. Lancaster PA474 Question

    Back to the tail wheel issue @fightersweep The later tail wheel, as fitted to Lincolns and Shackletons (and seen on pA474) has a 15" diameter wheel and an overall tyre diameter of 32", that should help scale it. The Hasegawa tail wheel is pretty close to this size, but with the wrong twin contact tyre design. The leg itself was modified with an anti-shimmy device, which was why the twin contact tyres were not needed with that unit. Looking at the Airfix kit, it looks like the larger radiator intakes are replicated, I will try and measure them sometime, and hopefully someone here will be able to come up with the actual sizes.
  4. Avro Lincoln RE424

    I kinda made the same mistake BZN20!
  5. Excellent film, certainly a new one on me, S.1s, Vixens, sand & spinach Wessex, Wasp and deck tractors aplenty! I'm going to sound dull here, I thought the wings were going to be spread, yet I see detail being added into the folds?
  6. Avro Lincoln RE424

    It is the 'Lincoln at War 1944-1966' Garbutt and Goulding book (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lincoln-War-1944-1966-Mike-Garbett/dp/0711008477 ) that I have, so I haven't seen the Bowyer book, apologies BZN20. Really is a must for references, large section on the Aussie Lincs as well.
  7. Canberra TT18 question

    You are right there John, the Airfix wheels are better. Akira, that is a wonderful story of how you managed to see the 7 sqn Canberras back in 1974, was it a special open day or just luck that you saw them? I would love to see any of the photos you got of the Canberras, are they online anywhere? One area that can be improved on both kits is the tailplane, Airfix got the tailplane to fuselage junction completely wrong, where as CA oversimplified it. In reality the Canberra has an all moving tailplane for trim control. One fix is to do what I did here, although there are simpler ways of doing it, this replicates how the Canberra tailplane is fitted in reality and would work with both kits.
  8. Thanks Perdu, I would never have guessed that. The SHars are rather nice!
  9. Canberra TT18 question

    Hi John, you do get the B.2 style wheels in the CA TT.18 box.
  10. Avro Lincoln RE424

    I saw that earlier, explains why the book is so good.
  11. ...I forgot about this, First one https://www.flickr.com/photos/15110856@N02/36276268152/in/dateposted/ and todays move, https://www.flickr.com/photos/15110856@N02/36449738831/in/feed I know what SACRU is, but what does it stand for?
  12. Avro Lincoln RE424

    If you haven't already got it, I would try and borrow or buy 'Lincoln At War', it is a superb book and you forget just how many schemes the Lincoln wore in its day, that;s before you consider the test aircraft including an all red RAE example! I had a quick flick through earlier, but couldn't see RE424. I got mine for £2 at a jumble. Be great if it was ever re-published, especially with some of the images that have surfaced since it first came out.
  13. Amazing work on those seats, fantastic. Those Buccs in the photo are S.2s, so I don't care where the WRENS are positioned! I have to absolutely agree with @Ex-FAAWAFU post, and great to see it put across that way. The mythology that surrounds the TSR2 annoys the hell out of me. It was a fine prototype, but nobody knows how good it may, or may not have been had it reached service.