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  1. I'm not going to rise to that! Superb results there Tony, all that hard tool making and kit bashing is paying off very nicely
  2. Moulding it that way would also mean that you could cut out the underside upward opening door in one piece
  3. Wow, looks like they forgot where to stop papering, much akin to where does one draw the line with PE!
  4. I've got some spare woodchip somewhere...
  5. Regarding the probes, it does look like the issue is quite complex, as this excellent resource illustrates, http://www.blackburn-buccaneer.co.uk/Buccaneer_Index.html As seems to be normal for aircraft modelling, find pics of the one you're making. Apparently the main issue with the retractable set up was that it wasn't quite long enough for safe AAR.
  6. My understanding is that all S.1s initially had the retractable refuelling probe during service. Some S.1s in later service had fixed probes fitted, but unsure when or how, perhaps looks more like a mod. state than a mark difference feature. Ironic that in the 'Flight' article it mentions the lengths and advantages of have a retractable probe, only for all that to be apparently not important on the S.2.
  7. I couldn't put it better myself Tony. When I was younger I would buy old 'Flight' magazines when ever I saw them, especially the late '40s early '50s period. I'm still surprised at just how much information was released, especially given the cold-war era in which it was published. The Buccaneer, Sea Vixen and Victor in particular had very good articles put together on them. The current online resource is truly amazing, reading up on information on various aircraft online and in books gives you one angle, but seeing the information as it was written, and in context of everything around it and of the time can put a whole new light on how we can understand things. I'm really thankful that 'Flight Global' had the vision, and made the effort to scan and upload all that information. Hope the Perduian one is enjoying his time in Le Mans!
  8. I wouldn't know what they're like John, there is a build thread for the Airfix one here, interesting as the opening line suggests it might not be the same as the Esci kit!
  9. Airfix issued a 48th Viggen, I think it based on the Esci one. In more recent time Special Hobby and Tarangus have issued 48th Viggens. Great looking jet, as most Saab jets are, but I've yet to model one.
  10. Superb build, shows that you don't have to spend money on more expensive kits to get an excellent result.
  11. All old 'Flights' are digital This is the first page, and allows you to navigate your way through by scrolling through the left hand column, https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1963/1963 - 0489.html The golden age of cutaways, that's for sure. More general as it records the state of affairs of the Carriers, but some nice S.1 action, https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1963/1963 - 1008.html?search=buccaneer
  12. It would be great to see a new Hunter kit, engineered in such a way that multiple variants can be produced. Differing tail ends, cockpits for single and two seaters, and even different leading edges should be possible. I think the biggest hurdle for the small to big engined Hunters would be the centre section, I guess that the two could be offered though Re the 24th scale stuff, and my longing to see a jet, the F-86 Sabre would be a great candidate? Worldwide appeal, and the right size for the scale.
  13. Superb result Aaron, which I'm guessing masks a lot of careful and hard work.
  14. Incredible stuff, every sub assembly is an immaculate model of the real thing