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  1. Unusual subject very well finished- and great photography too.
  2. twinpin

    C-123B Provider

    Unusual subject. Excellent
  3. twinpin

    Airfix F86F 1/72nd scale

    Thank you all for comments and to Dazey and Tony Edmondson for the pics. Interesting to see in the pic of FU875 how much droop there is on the air brakes and the amount of plumbing inside the air brake compartment. I think if the air brakes had been shown open on the kit they would have been near horizontal. Surprised myself at how well the Humbrol 11 Acrylic silver worked.
  4. The Airfix F86F - 1/72nd. scale The wing tanks were moved in 5mm and wing fences 7mm. Options for the air brakes are provided with short (retracted) hinges for closed brakes or with extended hinges for the brakes open. Although, I think, brakes in the open position would not have had the correct amount of droop. Painting: Brush painted with Humbrol acrylics, even Humbrol 11 silver for the NMF. Decals: I think the dragon decal should have been provided for both sides. The broad yellow fuselage band extends under the fuselage. The decal for the part below the fuselage was too narrow so was cut so the black outer lines would match up and the gap left was filled in with yellow paint. Lots of decals for stencil data - a lot of time to apply. Question: The box art for the kit shows tanks being jettisoned with the pylons attached - is this correct ?
  5. twinpin

    Sword FJ-2 Fury

    Really great.
  6. twinpin

    Wingnut Wings DH.9a. 99 Sqn

    Great work - worth the effort. Hard to believe these are cellphone pics.
  7. twinpin

    OV-1A Mohawk

    Unusual subject and scheme. Very well done.
  8. twinpin

    New member. Some of my work!

    All very well built
  9. Great photograph of a Lovely Daughter. Great modelling young lady, well done.
  10. Thanks everyone for comments. Note to Julien - There is an article on the tanks on Britmodeller by "Sabrejet" which says that in 1/72nd scale the tanks should be 35mm from the centreline as on the old Airfix F86D. So they would need to come in about 5mm on the new F86E and F86F kits.
  11. Airfix 1/72 F86E(M) finished in Yugoslav markings (kit decals). A good kit which suffers a bit from the Airfix soft plastic. The air brakes are in closed position as I felt the actuators were too fragile. I think the wing fences were in slightly wrong position so moved them in about 7mm The finish is Humbrol metalcote 27002 brush painted which I could not get to polish, to give a NMF, so looks painted. Now building another Airfix 1/72 USAF F86F - so hopefully improve on the finish on this one. These two versions of the F86 Sabres by Airfix are very welcome but it is a pity there has been no continuation of the theme with, say, the F86H/FJ2/3Fury - revival of the old F86D and even the Super Sabre. .
  12. twinpin

    Airfix -1/72nd scale U2

    Thank you polo - the lines are decals. Forgot to mention the approx kit dimensions: Wingspan 340mm Length 210mm