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  1. Great work.... Sword certainly produce some interesting subjects but he kits can be difficult to put together.. I had problems with their Seastar, posted some weeks back and gave up trying to assemble the nose undercarriage on the FJ3 Fury. This will be finished with the gear up and on a stand. Good luck
  2. Fantastic build, paint work and photography.
  3. Sword T2V-1 SEASTAR 1/72 This was my first short run kit and I found it very hard going. I could not get the fuselage halves together because of the lack of locators. The two cockpits and the front undercarriage bay have to be correctly positioned so that the fuselage halves can be closed around them. The undercarriage I found difficult to assemble and I had not used photo etch before and found that hard going too, most of it was not used. After all of that I decided not to go for the complicated masking of the red and white training scheme.
  4. Unable to load images from village photo.. I would try to" Insert other media" but cnnot find the button for that.
  5. Not good news for any kit and especially such an expensive one as this Are Hobbyboss and Trumpeter the same ? 371mm long and 496mm wide. The real one certainly does fly and when I have seen them flying they have been moving fast.
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