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  1. Regarding the PC10, that's my own mix, formulated to match original Windsor & Newton traditional gouache colours of Yellow Ochre and Lamp (or Carbon) Black in the proportions specified by RFC, I then translated it to Humbrol enamels. I'm satisfied I got the mix pretty close, as sometimes on the model the paint looks brown, and sometimes green depending on the lighting. The nice thing about doing a custom mix, is that the next time is bound to be very slightly different - just like the real thing!
  2. So used to 1/72 being "the only true scale" that I forgot to mention that's what the DH2 is!!
  3. Another slowly finished model like my DH5, the Revell kit from the 1960s. If you are thinking of building one - don't. My build-up of this is somewhere on BM, but really, the only uncorrected bits are the wings. Buy a Roden kit instead. Anyway, here it is... ....then again, the kit's cheap, and if you work at it you can make an ok model. Just don't say I didn't warn you.
  4. Since KP have just released a new DH5 kit in 1/72, I thought it was about time I finished my Merlin Models one from the 1980s! Really, despite its age and simplicity, its a good kit and very accurate, though I replaced the whitemetal wheels and prop with plastic spares (the engine and cowling were fine). The only other deficiency was the undercarriage wind-driven pump, which was just a shapeless bump on the moulding so I re-did it. Done and dusty, I can see a few interplane wires need taughtened - they are stretched silver sprue so a bit of a waft with a smoky match (thanks for that tip @John Aero) should sort that, plus some minor retouching on my early home-made decals to make perfect (to my should-have-gone-to-Specsavers eyesight at any rate!).
  5. Did that very thing 50 years ago from a Frog Oxford to a Courier (I'd already done the Oxford to Envoy conversion!) I never quite finished it (it really wasn't very good) and, in the days before laser printers and computers, the only option was to hand paint the lettering. I still have it somewhere - I'll post a pic if its not too embarassing . Might inspire you to have a go and make a better job of it.
  6. While not being able to add anything historical to this truly fascinating thread, I hope I'm not staing something everone else already knows - that the name 'Menzies' is of Scottish origin and should correctly be pronounced 'Ming-is' (hence the abrv. name of Scottish Liberal politician Ming (Menzies) Campbell. This would make more sense of the S. African spelling of 'Meintjes' being simply an Africaans phonetic rendering. Hopefully this might help anyone attempting to track Henry Menzies/Meintjes' history regarding Handley page involvement, and let the British press off the hook for spelling failures!
  7. I had an unfortunate occurance with a 1/72 Revell Camel and some after-market decals probably designed for the Roden kit - they didn't fit because the Revel kit is smaller!
  8. Many thanks, guys! Your comments have made me determined to add the missing bits to finish - even if I have to scratch-build them. I have one of the new-tool kits in the stash, I really must add it to the 'must do' list for the side-by-side comparison when I get some free time - retirement just doesn't seem to involve the pipe and slippers of popular myth.
  9. .....well, that took a while. There were a few changes of plans along the way (the red and black Air Atlantic Dak was a contender for a while) but I finally decided to go for a just-post war Railway Air Services C-47 still in its US camouflage colours with civilian identity on the top to accompany my previous model. This aircraft was one of the few that plied its trade around the provincial airports Renfrew/Turnhouse/Speke etc just post war. Pretty much standard old Airfix, the camo finish does a grand job hiding the rivets! A few extra windows added, enhanced u/c (a bit) as ordered, and still sans a few aerials and exhausts that have gone awol since i started. I put them somewhere safe. Self-drawn and printed decals courtesy of reliable old Mac and obstructive obstreperous Canon ink-jet. Oh well, might get it finished in another couple of years, and yes, it does have half a windscreen missing
  10. I knew someone would come up with the exceptions to my 'rule'! That's really interesting - I will be searching all my books and mags for other occurences now. The converse might be true too - Beardmores without the elevator stripes. More research needed.
  11. Tricolor elevator stripes (matching the rudder stripes) were a sign ofa Beardmore-built aircraft, whether RFC (BE2Cs particularly) or RNAS (Pups, 2F1 Camels). I do not think other manufacturers perpetrated this non-standard affectation, at least, I have never encountered one. Just to be 'clear' (no pun intended), Beardmore's seemed to introduce this elevator striping after the introduction of PC10 upper surfaces, and not on earlier clear-doped production.
  12. alancmlaird


    I find even the thinnest plastic card too thick and too difficult to cut evenly. I always use stretched sprue glued on with thin liquid poly cement onto previously scored wings (the back of a scalpel blade does the trick). A very light sanding softens off the tops of the sprue then a few coats of paint fills in the edges. Here's one I prepared earlier.... ...while the glue is still soft, a fingernail can be used to make slight adjustments to the position and straightness, which I have failed to do properly on this stalled scratch-built mash-up!
  13. Ha! Just putting the pair of them on my 'Shelf of Done' and noticed.....'ZBN, has black walkways, 'ZSC hasn't. But it should have! Not finished yet, dashitall. Meant to mention the new extended exhaust pipe on 'ZSC, just like 'ZBN. Made from a piece of sprue from the kit, the short pipe must be a Texan thing.
  14. Finals... And last but not least, 'ZSC posed alongside a civvie Harvard I built about 50 years ago! Registration letters by Letraset dry transfer (remember those?) and dayglo paint 'borrowed' from a fellow modeler!
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