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  1. Fantastic model and subject. Marks out of ten..... 8 1/2 (Fellini reference !)
  2. alancmlaird

    Dakota 4 ?

    So......that would have been built originally with the big double cargo doors then? Confirming that SAL (probably) were the company that 'civilianised' that C-47 with a passenger interior and new rear door - notice that it is constructed to be at right angles to the ground (and with airstairs) rather than the original doors which were at right angles to the centreline. Would that have made it unusual when it returned to the RAF for the Berlin AirLift? Were original DC-3s (not C-47) fitted with that type of door or was that a SAL specific design?
  3. alancmlaird

    Dakota 4 ?

    Not at all....ALL Daks are wonderful of course - especially the R4D we crawled all over, inside and out, at the Prestwick Air Show (was it?) in 197?. There has been some great info on this thread, wonder if anyone has any more history on this one...Scottish Airlines G-AMJU. I'm sure I remember reading that Scottish Aviation converted a fewl/some/many Daks to passenger DC-3 standard without the cargo door as on the picture I'll place here when I can remember how to do that! Is the general opinion of the assembled masses here that Airfix's new Dak is about the best one in 1/72? My plan is to build G-AMJU as per the pic. .....but with wings, obviously! (presumably SAL regarded these as an optional extra)
  4. alancmlaird

    DH16 Interior details

    Probably your best bet to avoid thowing away most of the existing kit! Not checked, but I think that apart from the top wing moving back to zero (or nearly) stagger, its only the cabin that changes. I do know on the cabin DH4 the seats seemed to be, certainly on the early ones, the wicker style as per the service seats, and faced each other in the tight wee cabin.
  5. alancmlaird

    DH16 Interior details

    The DH16 uses DH9a wings which are not only of greater span, but deeper chord too - the '4 is 5ft 6in, while the 9A is 6ft. I think you will have to make this alt, as I have seen it NOT done on a 1/72 scale conversion of a DH4 to DH9A and it just didn't look right. I imagine it would be even more obvious in 1/48th. Also, the 16 had a wider fuselage, to accomodate 4 passengers facing each other side by side, than the DH4 which carried only 2 in similar pose. So all in all a completely different aeroplane, though at least it returned to using the Eagle engine after the DH9A's use of the big heavy Liberty. Sorry to be a wet blanket, but its a fairly radical change and would be a shame to go to a lot of effort and not get the effect you are looking for. And I intend to afflict the 'pain' on myself too as I am planning a 1/72 scale conversion from a DH4 using Frog Wapity wings!
  6. alancmlaird

    Sikorsky S-61N question.

    Good question TTK, I didn't even know they had done a full kit!
  7. alancmlaird

    Sikorsky S-61N question.

    Yup...They're pretty attractive in red,white and black (looks just like a UK Coastguard G- scheme) or red white and blue (a dead ringer for Bristow). Where's the camouflage? Where're the guns n missiles (great name for a rock band - sounds a bit familiar though). I'll for forgive you this one then, since civie Meteors, JPs and other decommissioned WMDs are on my stach-reduction programme too! Incidently, would the serial-bedecked S-61N to which you refer have been as long ago as 1970-75 while I would still have been buying Air Pictorial? Because something is rattling around in my memory about seeing something like that in their register review.
  8. alancmlaird

    Sikorsky S-61N question.

    Stop grasping at straws, Scimitar, and just build your Whirlykits conversion set as a civie! Go on - you know you want to.
  9. alancmlaird

    The Sign of FOUR

    butmight throw up
  10. alancmlaird

    The Sign of FOUR

    to the assembled masses
  11. alancmlaird

    The Sign of FOUR

    the Roman legion advanced
  12. alancmlaird

    We don't need no thought control...

    'We don't need no thought control' I see what you did there! Good stuff though....don't worry about Scimitar's reference to 'targets' - its just friendly fire.
  13. alancmlaird

    Welsh Models 1/72 Vickers Vanguard?

    This used to be a problem back in the ealy days of Vac conversion kits, eg a Viking fuselage with Wellington wings which cracked badly even with both being polystyrene. The answer was inserting a soilid mainspar between the two wings running (I used balsawood!) - I'd imagine that would work in the hypothetical Vanguard, though drilling into the resin wings might be fraught. Saying that though, it sounds like the vacform wing solution would be ideal anyway. I'd be really interested in this new kit - first aircraft I became obsessed with as they flew over my old house at what seemed like 20 min intervals on approach to Renfrew Airport on internal flights. Need to get a Mach2 Viscount first though (masochistic modeller, me!)
  14. alancmlaird

    Welsh Models 1/72 Vickers Vanguard?

    You could build a Merchantman. Big door instead!
  15. alancmlaird

    We're here four the money!

    old Four Eyes sings