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I'm going to have stop building these lovely old kits as I'm running out of storage space so this the last for a while.


it is the old Revell/Monogram kit from the early 1990s. Pretty much strait out of the box with just some vents cleared out and a bit of extra work in the cockpit. The only addition was a Master nose probe.



I used the lovely Caracal decals for a 49th FIS machine based at Griffiss AFB in the 1970s.


As always thanks for looking

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Very nice as usual,........ I like the look of the F-102 & F-106,...... nice clean speed machines.

I had the kit but sold it in a missus induced `clear out',..... I know what you mean about size,..... it is a big aircraft! I remember seeing a few of these at Sedes airfield in Greece in the station museum, big old things.



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I never saw  a F-106 flying Camper 1 reliably informs me a pair of them touched down at Prestwick on the way to the Paris air show  but that was it for -106s in the UK.  I did see a F-102 at Finningley around 1964(?). It made a Javelin look small.  Guess who has an unbuilt 1//48th Javelin...




 the eldest might as well move out now she has passed her  driving test, Still she did drive me all the way to Driffield.

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Hello Fox,

Monogram, always good. Also this F-106. The Caracal decals is a must, because the Monogram decals are a real disaster.

You turned this old fighter into a real winner. Regards, Orion-The Netherlands.


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