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  1. My most recent acquisitions are new double glazing all round and a refitted kitchen. Very pleased with both.
  2. Very wise, they are crap. A while back we bought a fridge and freezer from them - they both barely made it past the 12 month guarantee before expiring.
  3. I should get up there. It can get incredibly hot in lofts.
  4. That's a shame. HDH wrote so many great Motown songs. RIP Lamont.
  5. It's been scorching here in SE England and now it looks like we have more to come.
  6. Furlongs are still used in racing too. There is a long tradition of imperial measurements in this country and I don't really understand why we went metric all those years ago TBH. The USA is a huge country that has kept imperial and it doesn't seem to have affected them at all.
  7. Obviously the base 12 refers to feet for people that don't understand imperial. Therefore 1/72 = 1 inch to 6 foot. Not actually sure what the advantages of the metric system actually are. Plenty of us old timers will more easily understand 5/16" of an inch rather than it's metric equivalent. We still have pints of beer over here and would rather say somebody is 6 foot rather than some arcane metric ( 1.82 m or something). When I am in the US I have no trouble assimilating. However, as the vast majority of post war model kits originated from Britain and the US I honestly can't see how surprising it is regarding base 12.
  8. Neil.C

    Womens Euro's

    Me too. I love proper football (West Ham supporter) but I also enjoy the American variety as well. Always look out for the Dolphins, 49'ers or Cowboys. My Grandsons are very big into NBA.
  9. I had to laugh - I've had a few like that!
  10. I was just going to say that!
  11. Magnificent work by two geniuses.
  12. Getting back into modelling!
  13. Stop spending large amounts of money on overpriced model kits will save a few quid. And to raise some cash if needed try selling off some of those huge stashes of models that some folks seem to own. The Economist.
  14. Health improvement is always good news. All the best Pete.
  15. The thing is most people nowadays have a lot more disposable income than they did in the past. Businesses know this and set prices accordingly to make as much profit as possible.
  16. Went up to my hobby room and with the humidity I didn't even think about modelling. I thought I'd play some guitar but the bodies are sticking to my bare torso and my hand is sticking to the back of the necks. Just unpleasant all round.
  17. Another cheer for a great group of members! I've been helped out in various ways since I have been on here and received some decals from some friendly coves and even a complete model from a very nice chap called Peter. I've tried to give back by donating Airfix tokens and unwanted decal sets myself to keep the good karma going. All in all, very nice band of fellows.
  18. Steve, I think Wilbur Smith had ghost writers for his later stuff and just outlined a story and let them get on with it.
  19. To be honest John I think a lot of what some call snobbery is just in some people's heads. I've never seen any snobbery on here or other forums either but perhaps I am not jealous of anybody else's possessions or skills.
  20. Neil Young's book - Special Deluxe: A Memoir of Life & Cars. A great read.
  21. Neil.C

    The Airfix Game

    I love that pic @Quiet Mike! Looks like a village hall out of Dad's Army and what a great idea for a game. Takes me back to Infantry combat group etc etc.
  22. Indeed. My first aircraft kit <misty eyes>.
  23. No. It's just because they didn't make enough to start with. Similar situation with my other hobby - wristwatches. Rolex can sell every sports watch they make immediately and grey dealers sell at a huge mark up, all because output is limited.
  24. I don't understand this "fight" business, may I suggest lighter strings?
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