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  1. Leave it to Psmith (again). Those PG Wodehouse's bear repeat reading over the years.
  2. Love MR James. There was a brilliant version of "Whistle and I'll come to you" on BBC Iplayer over Christmas starring the brilliant Robert Horden.
  3. Brexit enforced ebay to charge VAT on European imports. In the past VAT was paid at the country of origin on European imports, now it goes to the UK government. Anything imported from anywhere else in the world including China has always been liable for VAT and duty. I seriously doubt ebay would try to defraud HMRC.
  4. Modelling has changed so much over the years. Back in the day of 2/- Airfix models etc the plastic model world was dominated and designed for children (the level I'm still at!) I never really looked at models until recent years when like many I went back to an enjoyable childhood passion. I joined up here and was amazed by the fact that people buy a model, get every upgraded resin part for and chuck away the original decals for replacements. Many of the modern kits are really high quality and of course high prices to go with it. Although I can afford it I baulk at any kit that is more than around 25 quid simply because my skills won't do a really fancy kit justice, so I'm stuck in the 1960's! However a great deal of fun can be had with these old kits and some with the skills but perhaps not the wherewithal to spend large amounts on kits can still have a great deal of enjoyment without spending large amounts.
  5. Mine go on a bookcase shelf until they are knocked off by the dog or Grandsons firing nerf guns! I am not precious about my builds and couldn't care less what happens to them when they are finished.
  6. Thank you all for your encouragement. My modelling is really junior school stuff as I do tend to run out of patience but I definitely think the weathering improved it somewhat and I guess I'll be trying this type of stuff a bit more in future. Happy New Year everyone!
  7. I'm usually an OOB type modeller finished off with brush paints i.e 10 year old level but having a fair bit of spare time today as the family went to the cinema I thought I'd try to weather an old model I had laying around that the Grandsons had broken the undercarriage leg off of. It looked all right but rather bland and being mostly one colour I thought it would be an ideal test bed for my first attempt at weathering. Here it is - what do you think?
  8. As Boycott used to say "just stay in". It can be boring to watch but it can win test matches.
  9. Lovely montage Tony and indicative of how many of us would have felt around that time. Happy Christmas to you and all.
  10. That's nice. I did one of those Aldi specials too. I couldn't be bothered with the nose weight faffing around so I stuck mine on a stand. I'm old enough to remember seeing the Red Pelicans at the RAF Biggin Hill airshow in the '60's.
  11. Currently reading this - quality. I must try out some of the ploys.
  12. My one (pictured earlier) has been absolutely fine, not wobbly at all. I would recommend it.
  13. Neil.C

    Is Modelling Art?

    I don't consider model making an art to be honest. As mentioned earlier I think it comes under the heading of craft. You are just assembling parts, the painting can be very realistic but it's not art. Plastic modelling is as much art as an Art Master set is to painting.
  14. Exactly right. Re the baby talk bit - blame the Aussies. Unfortunately it has taken a foothold over here now.
  15. Archie from WWI went on to be Flak (German abbreviation) in WWII and currently the US military use, "Triple A" (anti aircraft artillery). Probably being superseded as I speak.
  16. Three figure prices?? Just sell them and buy some two figure ones you will actually build.
  17. Was in Aldi with the wife today and saw they had a load of Aifix kits in, unfortunately they appeared to be the same as the previous models they had. I spotted a Jet Provost and as I hadn't made one since the '60's I thought I'd have a go. When I got it home and looked at the paint scheme I realised it was for the Red Pelicans of 1966. It bought back memories of my late Dad and me walking to Biggin Hill for the Battle of Britain shows in September and when we first saw the Red Pelicans. A lovely if poignant feeling as he passed away in 2000 and we always visited Biggin Hill together. Many emotions here today.
  18. Wise words. If the hobby is not about relaxation but apprehension about how it will turn out or if you can manage to do it justice, perhaps take a break?
  19. Hermes are mostly poor in my experience although I have sent inexpensive/worthless stuff via them as they are the cheapest, but you do get what you pay for. The modelling table I ordered via Amazon was supposed to take a couple of days, it actually took two weeks! Their tracking site is not a lot of use either, my table was recorded as being lost, Amazon refunded me, then it turned up two weeks later. Bit of a shambles really but OK for inexpensive stuff.
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