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  1. How did I miss this beauty when I was designing the decals - I certainly would have made it an option on the 1/48 sheet and provided the Gulfstream decals on the sheet. I will include it on the 1/72 design. Thankfully the probe design seems to be very simple and someone should be able to design an STL file you to be 3D printed at Shapeways or home printer very quickly.
  2. They also provide MARINES script in the correct lettering style that you will need in your excellent build to replace the atrocious examples on the kit decal sheet.
  3. Really excellent - the FSD jet turned out beautiful as well! I wish I could be at Telford to see all these models and get to meet a few of you - perhaps next year?
  4. It's a beauty - really great to see such a beautifully executed model of "Miss Dial". Thanks for sharing, and I hope you liked the decals.
  5. In a couple of weeks they will not be so rare anymore
  6. I don't think I will redo or even reprint them - they had a great run, and I still have enough to last through the first few months of the excitement of the new kit. I design my decals against correctly dimensioned drawings. In fact, Caracal CD48131 has two sets of US Coast Guard badges, one to fit on the grossly inaccurate Revell kit door and another pair to fit a correctly dimensioned future kit - it looks I was right to include them.
  7. Very nice - great to see a model of this particular airframe built, the tail markings look really good on the camo scheme.
  8. Very nice - always great to see a Turkish jet built. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Very nice - thanks for sharing!
  10. "Cracking", as you folks tend to say over there I thought I was looking at a bigger scale model. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Excellent work - thanks for sharing! Extra points for not defiling & desecrating the very nice build with excessive factory stencilling - the ANG aircraft did not have any of those.
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