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  1. CaracalModels

    1/72 Italeri Convair B-58A Hustler

    It's an absolute beauty! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoyed using the decals.
  2. CaracalModels

    North-American T-6 Texan

    Excellent build! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoyed using the decals.
  3. CaracalModels

    Howdah ya do! 1/48 U-2A Dragonlady

    It's a beauty - thanks a lot for sharing. I hope you enjoyed using the decals.
  4. CaracalModels

    Heller EC-121/WV-2 WarningStar 1/72

    Your Connie looks great - thanks for sharing, and I am glad you enjoyed using the decals.
  5. CaracalModels

    F-86A in 1/48

    Excellent work!
  6. CaracalModels

    1/48 HobbyBoss Su-30

    Looks great so far!
  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you enjoyed working with the decals.
  8. There is absolutely no doubt that the wing and fuselage insignia applied on RCAF CT-155 are different in size. During the design process, I typically start from an accurately dimensioned line drawing (verified against publicly available dimensional data and the kit itself) and deduce the sizes of the markings by aligning actual photos to the drawings. For the standard RCAF CT-155 scheme, I calculated the diameters of the fuselage roundels to be 15 in and the wing roundels to be 18 in. These are the dimensions I used to design CD48108 and CD32023, and I will use them in any future 1/72 sheet as well. If someone knows the officially specified sizes, I would be interested in finding out.
  9. It's great to see this scheme in a build. Excellent work!
  10. CaracalModels

    USAF Lockheed C-5B Galaxy, Roden 1:144

    Please note that the unit names on the sheet are complete fiction: there is no "82th AMW" or "346th AWM" (or any "AWM" for that matter). They could not read the actual unit names on Travis aircraft (60th AMW / 349th AMW); so they made up the numbers. If you are content with the kit decals, you might at least want to modify them; and find an alternate source for the gray national insignia, which will likely disappear on the AMC Gray fuselage once applied.
  11. CaracalModels

    Cartograf decals silvering.

    Sorry about the mojo-destroying decal sheet and the problems you had with it. There is nothing different about the way that Caracal decals are printed that separates them from any Cartograf-printed sheet. We send them a design file and a list of colors to match, and receive a box of printed decals. I go to extra lengths to ensure that the design elements have as few overlapping colors as possible to reduce thickness. Apart from this, we have no input on how these decals are physically printed. Many other modelers swear by Cartograf decals and have gotten good results. They have a well-earned reputation as the best decal printing company on the planet; and their services are priced accordingly. It is definitely correct that Cartograf decals are somewhat thicker than decals printed by others, mostly because of the thicker base layer they seem to use to improve the resilience of the decals. My understanding is that you have to use a very smooth gloss coat for best results. I very occasionally get e-mails about silvering decals, and one common theme in all of these cases is an insufficiently gloss application surface. I hope this helps. You can contact me via e-mail if you are interested in a replacement sheet at a discount.
  12. CaracalModels

    French EMB-312 Tucano

    Any progress on this one?
  13. CaracalModels

    1/72 FJ-3 decal sheet released

    There is no tear in the space-time fabric and I did release them at the same time - it was just that the printers returned the instruction sheets for CD72083 earlier and I might have started shipping it a couple days earlier. For all practical purposes they are part of the same batch and will reach the retailers (Hannants et al) at the same time.
  14. Caracal Models CD48153 will be part of our February batch of releases. The options on this sheet are: - G-AXDH (Red Devils) - G-AXWR (Aurigny) - G-HEBS (Hebridean) - Malta Air Wing AS9819
  15. I am thinking about Red Devils, Danish Home Guard and Aurigny (done right) on the first sheet.