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  1. Your TAV-8B looks great - thanks for sharing! The two-seat Harrier really has a distinct look to it, which your build captured well.
  2. They are dark blue as specified in the relevant USAF specs.
  3. Your Connie looks great! I really thought it was the 1/72 kit.
  4. Beautiful - at first sight I thought both of them were in 1/48 scale. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Your A-4M looks absolutely fabulous. Thanks for your kind words, too - although I have to say I only design the decals, and do not print them. While it would be cool to claim to have a secret for printing quality ("let us use my secret recipe for the base layer ink, Giuseppe...And don't forget to add a drop of Aperol to make sure it conforms to details - capisce?") , honestly all credit for the printing goes to Cartograf.
  6. Wow - very nice!! A great addition to your collection of Navy test jets - thanks for sharing.
  7. It's a beauty - I really like it. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Excellent work! One of the best RAAF Mirage builds I have seen.
  9. Looking really good - glad to hear that you were happy with the decals. You seem to have bought your decals in the last 18 months or so, when I started putting 2 sets of the stencilling sheet in every bag as the demand for stencilling sheets slowed down and the RAAF Mirage sheets started to sell out. I now place 4 (four) sets of the same stencilling sheet in every one of the remaining 25 or so copies of the CD48097 - so folks buying the last couple of dozen sheets will have a lifetime's supply of RAAF Mirage stencils/common markings.
  10. Both Caracal Models RAAF Mirage III instruction sheets are comprised of 8 pages ; and they list an accurate Web address (URL) with PDF files at the back page of the instruction sheet.
  11. Good luck with the project - always great to see one more of these built!! The Hustler is one of my favorite jets as well. There is one on display in San Antonio near me; and every summer I find an excuse to take a one-hour drive there just to see it and be around it for a while.
  12. I have a few questions about Chipmunk markings - I am working on a really colorful & comprehensive decal sheet for the upcoming Chipmunk and need to clarify a couple points: 1. Can someone help me find a good close-up photo or drawing of the Skylarks badge shown on the photo? 2. I can't quite figure out the colors of the Univ. of Glasgow & Strathclyde UAS badge - the top band seems to be a very dark green? 3. Same for the Univ. of London UAS badge : the Warpaint book has a close-up photo which still does not help. Are the d
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