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  1. I am hoping to get up there too but it is really close to my Father in laws funeral and it depends how my wife and children cope with it.
  2. I too have been to Partizan today, we were running a 28mm Napoleonic game but somehow I forgot to take any pictures. I did get a couple of boxes of Perry plastic Italian Wars figures and some flags and banners though.
  3. Great work on a tricky kit, I had such high hopes of Kittyhawk after this was issued, they could only get better I thought. How wrong was I.
  4. Jim, I was about a thousand kilometres away otherwise it would have been great to meet. The Victrix Austrians are nice figures, netter than their French, IMHO. Look forward to seeing them finished,
  5. I've been clearing the decks a bit since I returned from Australia ready to start a new army, so I painted up a lot of odds and ends that have been cluttering the painting table. The first is a command base with a free Napoleon figure from a wargames show, a couple of spare Perrys artillerymen and a spare Perrys plastic Chasseur with a pair of freebie cavalrymen from Wargames Illustrated as escort. These are the last six 28mm Austrians I had in my stock, I've been building my Austrian Army on and off for over 20 years and I guess I'll never stop adding " just one more unit" These are a mix of Bad Squiddo Games Women's Land Army and a spare Perrys Nurse. Useful for both Operation Sea Lion games and VBCW. Next the Condottori
  6. Just before the Bedford goes away, I thought I'd take a photo with its siblings. I used Mike Starmer mixes for the G3/G4 and Scc15 and I think they look pretty good.
  7. My second finish since my return from Australia, is the recent Airfix Mk Ia Spitfire. If a little tricky to get right but I really enjoyed building it. I used the amazing Fundekals Early Spitfire set to build a machine flown by Flt Sgt George Unwin on 15th September 1940.
  8. As a bit of light relief from a couple of challenging builds, I did this little truck. It is a lovely kit that first really well, much better than the Albion refueller issued at the same time. Pretty much straight from the box, with just a bit of tidying up, I have now spotted the seam on the front wheel which I swear isn't visible on the real thing. Taken with my new phone camera to see how it looks.
  9. Smart work, I'm tempted by this scale, they do seem a nice size, enough detail to enjoy without the cost of 54mm. I'm sorry to say I think your bugler has the wrong facings, IIRC the 95th had black and the 5/60th( Royal Americans), who were the other rifle armed regiment, had red.
  10. Looking good Colin. I used the Dutch Decal sheet for both mu 616 Squadron Meteor builds and they were fine but no white was involved. The Xtradecals sheet for the Meteor NF is pretty good.
  11. Lovely work as usual Jim, I do like your conversion .
  12. Jon, I've been having a bit of a search around I found an illustration of the machine on the rear cover of USAF Europe in Colour Volume 2 by Robbie Robertson published by Squadron Signal, but I still can't find the picture I used, my Google skills are weak today. however my Bing fu worked. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=T-33A 51-4382&qs=n&form=QBIR&sp=-1&pq=t-33a 51-4382&sc=0-13&sk=&cvid=71EF6610CFA7475EBB017B626917518C
  13. Jon, sorry I lost a number of photos when my hard drive crashed and this was one of them. I remember it didn't show the extreme nose but other than that it was as the decal sheet showed even down the very shiney ( polished?) finish. I tried to Google it and found pictures of my model!!!
  14. Great work and a fitting tribute to a brave man, no matter what side he was on. I wonder what happened to the FREMS moulds?
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