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Silver Fox

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  1. Silver Fox

    New 1/72nd scale Airfix Wellington

    Fabulous work as always Tony. IF I succumb to the lure of the 1/72 Wellington that's the scheme I will do. Looking forward to your next one and the one after that........
  2. Silver Fox

    Churchill VII

    Badder, as Troy said, it the recent 1/48th scale kit, not the 1/35th one. the figure is what looks like a scaled down, version of the 1/35 chap but found in the 1/48th British infantry set. Back end as requested Top down.
  3. Silver Fox

    F-101A Voodoo

    So here is where I stand at tea time today. Once side is nearly decalled as are the wings, just the other side to do. You can see the tailplane ,tanks and the remaining undercarriage doors are all painted and ready to install, the nose wheels need a little work but I am finally getting close to the finishing line. The Caracal decals are soooooooooooo much nicer than the kit supplied ones., but that's the same with all of Caracals products. Sadly this also highlights the still visible sink marks on the airbrake door. They only came to light after I'd removed all the masking. I'm living with it. Thanks for looking.
  4. Silver Fox

    Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum RIP

    two in a week. So sad but thank goodness they were there in 1940. Clear skies to you both
  5. Silver Fox

    Churchill VII

    This is my latest diversion from the Kittyhawk Voodoo jeering at me from the shelf of doom. It is, as the title says, the new Tamiya Churchill VII, I have no idea of its accuracy but it is a lovely kit to build, Apart from a bit of stowage and some plastic card enhancements it is straight from the box, but I used it as a test piece for my new Aldi compressor and airbrush, both of which worked well. I haven't finished a suitable figure yet so I put one of my rep. company of chaps to give a bit of scale to the model. I still have to add the aerials. Thanks for looking.
  6. Looks like the first and last of your sprue photos show the new parts. I hope the new front end fits better that that on their F-101A and I hope the open panels on the nose fit in the close position. Thanks for the review, it has helped me make my mind up regarding purchasing said beast..
  7. Silver Fox

    F-101A Voodoo

    Gosh, you do like a challenge. I'll stick to the old Revell/Mongram for the B, though I do fancy a RF
  8. Silver Fox

    F-101A Voodoo

    no progress as yet. I've painted the under fuselage fuel tanks and the gear doors over the weekend though.
  9. Silver Fox

    Battle of Langside 13-May-1568

    Brilliant work on the figures, the composition of the diorama is well thought out and helps draw the eye to the key players. Tremendous work.
  10. Silver Fox

    1/48 Churchill MkVII A tale of two tanks.

    Just building this kit, if mine comes out half as well I'll be pleased
  11. Silver Fox

    F-101A Voodoo

    Some free time last night meant that the undercarriage could be added: No issues at all, though I would have preferred the hole/pin joint for the main gear legs be a bit deeper. I am now regretting not pinning them. The nose gear was a tight fit and needed a little thinning so it would slide in snuggly. I still need to add the landing lights, but I feel that the sit will de fine once the nose wheels are added. I've painted the gear doors so they are next up and I'm working on the tanks. Whisper it, I might be in a position to start decaling.
  12. Silver Fox

    F-101A Voodoo

    good to hear from you and that all is well. Once the wings were properly seat, the hard work was over( I may be saying this too soon). The masking has been time consuming and tedious but it was worth it today when I stripped all that tape off. I hope you overcome the bored and get yours finished soon.
  13. Silver Fox

    What have you purchased / been given

    A trip to Halifax Modellers World yielded: Tamiya 1/48th Churchill VII second hand 1/48th Heller RF-84F Some Tamiya spray paints and a squeezy bottle of Vallrjo track Primer. Always worth a visit.
  14. Silver Fox

    F-101A Voodoo

    Have been avidly following the thread by Nikolay Polyakov with his fabulous build of this kit. Sadly he seems to have gone off air, which was a shame as he was inspiring me to build this stash sitter. So it is time for me to step out of his shadow and take the lead. I'd also like to publically than Bentwaters81tfw for his fabulous photos of the type throughout its operational life, which have decided me on the machine I want to model. Here was where I left it on the thread I haven't taken any photos recently not expecting to post a build thread. You can see the issues with the fit, the lines of filler show the major joints. the starboard panel below the cockpit coming had to be sanded until paper thin and I was scared that I would literally tear it. by this stage I had already removed the slime or formation lights from the nose and tail mouldings as they were not fitted to the A model. So this is where I was in early June. Here we are today. the machine I want to do is from very late in the types usage. The nose has been repainted but the tail and wings are still in the original natural metal. The centre section is finished in ADC grey. The intakes have been cut back and squared off as have the splitter plates as Kittyhawk chose to give this early model the same intakes as the later B model. I make no pretence at accuracy as I cut where I though based on photos rather than plans. The wing parts fit together really nicely, but the strange hook like tabs forced the wings away from the fuselage so they had to be opened up to get a better fit. Generally the fit of the individual section isn't at all bad, but the five major components, tail, centre section, nose and wings is problematical, probably because the manufacturer is trying to get A, B and RF models out of the basic moulding. This has some positives as my kit has a full weapons suite for the B model included so I have some nice Genies and Falcons for my Revell Monogram kit. Next on the to do list is the undercarriage which I felt was too fragile to stand up to all the filling and sanding I knew I would need to do, test fitting of the main legs looks good but some work be need in the nose bay.
  15. Silver Fox

    New Zealand joins the P-8 club

    That's good news all round then. No nasty surprises in the small print.