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  1. Silver Fox

    The New Doctor Who - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    Just watched Demons of the Punjab and give it high marks, Unusual in concept and no running along corridors of some random spaceship. Still too many companions with too little to do but the new Doctor is settling in nicely IMHO
  2. Silver Fox

    Great Model Railway Challenge (Channel 5)

    Just caught the final on catch up after my trip to Telford. I too thought the Aberdeen MRC were worthy winners, the Video Divisions Cooling towers and missiles were excellent but the failing truck crash probably cost them the win. The Fawley folks model was fabulous but was just the same again and didn't have the wow factor. You can probably guess that I have really enjoyed this series, just need to dump Tim
  3. Great start, it will look spectacular when finished.
  4. Silver Fox

    28mm Saladin and Arab Heavy Infantry

    Up to your normal high standards Jim, lovely work. I believe that the cost of cutting the moulds is lower for resin than plastic and the new light resins hold the detail especially for one off figures. Also the UK at least there are only a couple of companies that can do plastic moulds and they have a waiting list. Of course I could be talking rubbish.
  5. Silver Fox

    T-33 9FBS, 1955

    Exdraken, Sunlight in the North of England in November!!!!
  6. Silver Fox

    T-33 9FBS, 1955

    Indeed it is Tony. is it worth the money over the Academy kit is another question.
  7. Due to a streaming cold, I've had a bit of modelling time I didn't expect so I made faster progress on the excellent GWH T33a I picked up at Southwell show. Pretty much out of the box just some aftermarket seatbelts. I used a series of Gunze Sanyo metallic paints for the first time but the flash has washed them out. I finished her as a machine of the 9th FBS based at Komaki AFB, Japan in 1955, using an option on Caracal sheet CD48123, which perform magnificently as always. I found a picture of the aircraft online and was surprised to see a lack of the visible stencilling I associate with USAF aircraft of this era. Thanks for looking.
  8. Silver Fox

    Great Model Railway Challenge (Channel 5)

    good program tonight the best team won IMHO. Won't see the final live as I will be trying to empty the halls at Telford next week. Got it programmed on the recorder though.
  9. Silver Fox

    British at Waterloo

    As all wargammers know, you never have enough.
  10. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    looking good, watch out when fitting the tailplanes the tab is very small and weak.
  11. Silver Fox

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    You weren't trying hard enough.
  12. Silver Fox

    Painting a 54mm face with acrylics.

    Thanks for the very helpful tutorial. I've book-marked it for future use. I am going to have a good look at the figure sellers at Telford as I fancy doing a couple of larger figures than my usual 28mm/ 1/48th fare.
  13. Silver Fox

    Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk I

    Lovely work, I can see the pictures.