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  1. Lovely work Jim, my wargamming buddy/opponent is painting some of their Austrian Line at the moment and is really enjoying them.
  2. Just read his obituary in the Daily Telegraph. he seemed to have a full and happy life after the war. Blue skies Squadron Leader.
  3. Belcher Bits do a early Panzer IV conversion set. I have used their Panzer III set to make a IIIe and found it well worth the money. http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/battalion/bt8.htm
  4. Wow, just Wow. My dad worked for an insurance company in his youth and said they were only interested in insuring outdoor swimming pools against fire. Nothing changes. Ws found that making a nuisance of ourselves to the lLoss adjuster his secretary and the contractor employed got stuff done. I ended up having to project manage them though, for example they painted and wallpapered out lounge finishing on a Tuesday then on the following day another workman came and channelled the freshly decorated walls for the rewiring. I ended up being off wprk for 3 months and that contributed to me having to take 'early retirement'. I wish you all the best and hope you get your home at least sorted soon. Like you say the FOS case is a while away, but it looks promising. If you do make it to Telford , please grab me for a chat. I am fairly visible in Hall one.
  5. fubar 57, Golden ring or Kit(s). Just for the record, Five of my modelling group have the Mk XIV kit, bought at different stores, both brick and mortar and electronics and they are all well moulded and have no errors. Hope yours are too.,
  6. I know that this kit has been hammered online and in print but here is my Airfix Spitfire XIV. I had no short shot parts, no flash no damage canopies, it fitted really well, the fuselage fuel tank clicked into place and the only filler was a touch along the wing roots. Just lucky I guess. I used a very old Aeromaster sheet for the decals and Eye Of the Phoenix by Geoffrey J Thomas for reference. Thank you for looking.
  7. I hope Smith recovers and has no long term damage.
  8. Sorry to hear this, I enjoyed our little chat last year. I full appreciate the chaos you must be living in we had a header tank burst and flooded the house 15 years ago and it took 6 months to get back into the house. That was minor in comparison to your issues. Our insurance was rubbish, thank you Norwich Union and yours sound even worse. Take care Andy
  9. Glad to be of help. Looking forward to seeing the finished machine.
  10. Calum, I finished mine as the very 12 Squadron machine you were thinking of. I nearly added the sabrinas but stopped myself. I would have expected the canopy issue to be you having no problems and me having lots of issues. In the end it just dropped into place. Is the canopy being fouled buy the top of the seat? Just a thought. I like your colour interpretations.
  11. So many memories, especially of Aifix red paint taking ages to dry. Thank you for posting.
  12. snashing work, I've been wondering about these paints, maybe worth a buying a bottle or too after seeing these.
  13. Yes quite right. I'll be paying my respects on Monday as I have to go to Bridlington.
  14. Quite an undertaking, good luck. I suppose you have seen the fabulous memorial at the Lissett site? It is marvellous to see it at dawn or dusk. when the sun is in the right place.
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