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Silver Fox

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  1. Silver Fox

    Hello from Yorkshire!

    Halifax Modellers World isn't in the Piece Hall anymore it is now at 25 Horton Street, which is about 3 minutes walk from the Hall but easy to miss. Do not miss it is an Aladdins cave for the modeller.
  2. Silver Fox

    Hello from Yorkshire!

    Welcome Matt. If you want some face to face modelling talk there is an IPMS branch in Rotherham, a n independent modelling club in Sheffield and a modelling meeting in Hemsworth at the library on alternate Saturday mornings where actual building takes place. PM me if I can help further
  3. Silver Fox

    HO/OO Village Church

    Nip away sir, nip away.
  4. Silver Fox

    HO/OO Village Church

    If I remember correctly, the church was always badly warped. I think the large flat pieces were too big for the technology and the moulds age doesn't help. I don't remember any of the other buildings having the same issues. Any road up you are doing a cracking job.
  5. Such a shame they have made the common mistake of depicting RNZAF roundels as pale blue not the correct dark blue. I'd have half a dozen if I can find replacements.
  6. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    looking REALLY good. I'm sure the dent is easy to fix.
  7. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    I'm a bit stuck as the nose side is now paper thin but there is still a bad join. I'm working away for a few days so it is sitting in the corner of the model room while I think what to do. As always you are an inspiration.
  8. Silver Fox

    28mm Samurai (Warlord)

    Grest work on the figures and the house is just brilliant.
  9. Silver Fox

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    The Bubbles bridge may well have been named for Major General Evelyn 'Bubbles' Barker, who commanded the 49th Division, the Polar Bears, It looks like their divisional sign on the truck.
  10. Silver Fox

    NZ Flight seeing Islander

    I made three trips to NZ and your plan brought lots of memories flooding back. So much so that I got my old photo albums out and found that I flew into Milford Haven on DBV in 1999 when it was in MCA colours but flew back in GAF Nomad FVX and had the luck of sitting in the co pilots seat and flying it as he had some paperwork to do. I asked him if it was on autopilot and he said there wasn't one. Wouldn't happen today. Looking forward to your finished model.
  11. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    My progress: Wings on, gaps minimised and filled, nose still needs a lot of sanding., hinge in the wrong place, staying that way. First coat of primer reveals lots of areas for attention.
  12. Silver Fox

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Looks really good, I've test fitted mine and the gaps are huge. I opened up the locating 'hooks' which got it a bit closer but it still looks like a lot of filler. '
  13. Silver Fox

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    I had both at one time or another. The SLR barrel always broke where it left the hand grip a but the Thompson was always my favourite.
  14. Silver Fox

    What miniatures did you purchase lately?

    Half a dozen ECW cavalry from Empress miniatures and a bunch of Dragoons from Warlord.
  15. Silver Fox

    Northern Model Show - June 3rd

    Great show as always, well done to Rob and the team.