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  1. That is stunning. The Rapide is in my top five favourite aircraft, thank you for posting.
  2. This is a bit special for me, the kit is a gift from my 13 year old son for Farther Day. He dragged his mother off to our LHS and chose and paid for it himself. Mum suggested cheaper kits but he said that "he knew what Dad likes" It is the current Airfix kit with added seat belts and decals from the stash. It represents one of 485 Squadrons non presentation marked machines as I had no tiny letters suitable. Most of the early machines were so marked and were Dark Green/Dark Earth so this is a bit of a compromise on my part. He's never been interested in modelling, unlike his big sister, but recently he's built VW Beetle and has another Tamiya vehicle to build. Thanks for looking
  3. The Aviation Bookshop were selling Volume 2 of Cold War Shield fro £20 at Telford. Might be worth a google?
  4. I believe Relish Models is also defunct.
  5. I meant to drop my new fangled Blenheim in for a quick visit to show off the new technology that will be all the rage. Sadly it got hijacked by the Bomber Command SIG wallahs doncha know. Brilliant idea and the name brought back so many memories. They were quite rude in a 'Carry on' film double entrendre way.
  6. I moved from 1/72nd to 1/48th about 25 years ago as more types that interested me were becoming available. I limit myself to nothing bigger than a Beaufighter or a Phantom mainly because I get bored building anything bigger. I occasionally build 1/144th as well but there is no 'correct' scale that suits everybody.
  7. Lovely work and a realistic finish.
  8. Silver Fox

    Telford 2019

    Trader booking is on a first come first served basis. They get booking forms for the next show on the Sunday and can reserve space with a deposit before leaving. I don't know what the issue with Master is, but they would not have been excluded for a bigger company. There is a waiting list for trade spaces each year and sometimes companies just miss out because they didn't book in time. I am a customer of their fine products so will miss them,
  9. Just a few figures I dashed off before I dash off to Telford tomorrow to start the set up. I somehow ended up with a small ACW Confederate force as part of a failed club project( I was the only one to build anything and I wanted to do Union!). So after 6 years they are d#fnally going to get onto the table. To celebrate I added a regiment of Perrys infantry and have a gun and crew to finish. So I ended up with an army I don't really want and bought more figures for it? I must be mad. Thanks as always for looking.
  10. Silver Fox

    Telford 2019

    Special Hobby are in Hall 1 at the Roller Shutter door of block G .
  11. Lovely work. I did the same scheme a few years ago and it is still a favourite.
  12. Blinking heck JIm, thats fast and good work. I like the bald headed guys, not something you see often.
  13. The Red Kite Battle of Britain books are a top choice. I'm collecting them as well. Not light reading but very thought provoking. If you make it Hall one at Telford, say hi to the short fat guy in the Yellow jacket. Cheers Andy
  14. Cheers Pete. Is Coningsby and the BBMF on your list?
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