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  1. Looking forward to this one. Sounds even better than the previous two
  2. Really nicely executed, from the back story to the finished product. Another missed opportunity for the British Aircraft Industry.
  3. Great work and a lovely metallic finish.
  4. I have an Ian Allen book called Beaufort Special published in 1976. Authored by Bruce Robertson. Is this the same book?
  5. This one has been hiding in the stash for quite a few years after I bought it last minute at Telford for £7.00. A bargain but I had no plans for it so it just sat there. I fancied a quick build over the Holiday period, not a blitzbuild as such but a brain cleanser to help with a couple of stalled builds. OOB except for some lead foil seatbelts and a layer of card in-between the wheel halves to beef them up. Of course on seeing the photos I realised I had not fitted the wingtip light covers, which has now been remedied. The markings are those included in various boxing's of the kit but in my case were made up from a set of BFP decals from an old issue of Model Aircraft Monthly from the great days when Neil Robinson was editor. Thanks for looking.
  6. Jim, they were the Confederate Infantry 1861 -65 set. There are arms for the marching or right shoulder shift and for charginging. I'm doing the next regiment in the charging pose. Take care Andy
  7. Super work as always Tony. I've looked at those decals as well s I fancy doing another. I got sidetracked by Blenheims though.
  8. Roger you flatter me, his paintings are superb.
  9. A pre Christmas shopping expedition with SWMBO to Sheffield allowed me 10 minutes in the local wargames shop, nothing grabbed my attention but an upcoming New Year game of ACW meant I ended up with a box of Perry Rebs. With a bit of padding with a couple of metals will give me 3 regiments, the first is now finished along with the Brigade command base. I'm planning a new Napoleonic force for a potential demonstration game at various local wargames show, Just need to get paid after Christmas.
  10. All excellent work, the Blenheim is my favourite with the Sabre a close second,
  11. Cracking work Tony, I can't pick a favourite, hopefully your health will be more stable om 2020 See you at Bolton or Huddesfax.
  12. great work all round but I especially like the 115 and the F-84G
  13. A brilliant eclectic mix, I especially like the figures.
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