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  1. Silver Fox

    Ratch's 1/72 (1/76) Napoleonics

    Great work Ratch and I see you have a copy of Uniforms of Waterloo. First published in 1976 and still one of the best guides to every type of troop that fought there.
  2. Silver Fox

    Cars of the Apocalypse

    Nice creative work, it is a good game as well. I've played it with unconverted cars scrounged from the kids so will have to follow your lead in doing some conversions.
  3. Silver Fox

    1/48 Tamiya M1A2 Abrams

    Lovely work, I agree that /48th is good scale for AFV, shame there aren't more manufacturer trying it.
  4. Silver Fox


    Thanks for the kind comments. Parabat I used Gunze Sanyo 315 and some 325 for contrast.
  5. Silver Fox


    Tony, I never saw a F-106 flying Camper 1 reliably informs me a pair of them touched down at Prestwick on the way to the Paris air show but that was it for -106s in the UK. I did see a F-102 at Finningley around 1964(?). It made a Javelin look small. Guess who has an unbuilt 1//48th Javelin... Ian, the eldest might as well move out now she has passed her driving test, Still she did drive me all the way to Driffield.
  6. Silver Fox


    I'm going to have stop building these lovely old kits as I'm running out of storage space so this the last for a while. it is the old Revell/Monogram kit from the early 1990s. Pretty much strait out of the box with just some vents cleared out and a bit of extra work in the cockpit. The only addition was a Master nose probe. I used the lovely Caracal decals for a 49th FIS machine based at Griffiss AFB in the 1970s. As always thanks for looking
  7. Looking really nice, definitely an improvement on the Tamiya kit.
  8. The engines look lovely, interesting the fit isn't quite as good as one would hope for , I still want one so I'll let you find the flaws mate. Good tip on the ribbing, I'll write that down
  9. Silver Fox

    Hanoverian Sergeant, Battle of Minden.

    Great to see the technique you use. I've bookmarked this. Thanks
  10. Still a beautiful piece of work, I wish my rendition of R8697 looked as good.
  11. Absolutely beautiful model and placed in a nice setting. One minor point, 'Sergeants stripes and an Officers hat, not the done thing old boy'. Not that it detracts from a well painted figure.
  12. Silver Fox

    I found Gloria

    Great to see another RNZAF machine in this group build.
  13. I was looking at one at the local branch meeting last night and it looked pretty good to me. I didn't spot the heater tube in the cockpit but I can see it in your pictures, 489 Squadron markings as well so a big plus. I'm building my last Tamiya kit for a new display at the local air museum and found I paid £12.00 for it but it must have been in a closing down sile from somewhere so was a bit surprised that the new Revell was so much more. Even paying full price is it £10 better than the Tamiya? Just saying.....
  14. Silver Fox

    RNZAF Corsair FINALLY getting Built in 1/48

    Good choice.
  15. Silver Fox

    Beaufighter Nightfighter colour help

    Thanks again for the input. Googling and search my books hasn't helped so I'll stick to interior green. Its going in a display cabinet anyway so no one will be able to see the wheel bay.