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  1. With these being limited edition does this mean that we are unlikely to see either boxing in UK without ordering from a 'local' retailer? Not too worried about the Japanese boxing as I already have done one in those markings and enough for another.
  2. I think decals are from the 2009 issue by Revell US, very rare indeed on this side of the ATlantic. I hve never seen one and I have tried hard. I hope you find one given your family connection.
  3. After 25 years of using black undercoat and having similar issues to you, which I lived with because the black created shadows and depth, I changed to a white undercoat. I give this a thin black wash before starting to paint the uniform colours. Now the brighter colours especially reds, pale blues and yellows are more vibrant but the wash still give the shadow effect simply and helps to delineate the extent of the colours. I also use the Citadel contrast paints for the main uniform colours which seem to give a much stronger effect with much less effort, Whilst I am happy to put a lot of effort into individual figures my current army build is about 430 28mm figures, if I didn't go for effect rather than absolute they would never reach the table.
  4. I converted a D to an L using a Hasegawa F-86Fs wings but it was a lot of work, not something I'd undertake again without a lot of thought.
  5. Wow Colin, I don't know how I missed this but it is a cracking piece of work.
  6. And a decent long winged K. I have built two Special Hobby ones and have a third making its way up the to do pile but they aren't in the same league as the Revell Ds and the Must Have short winged K.
  7. This bring back so many memories. Had a whole battery of them in a wargames army
  8. This weeks batch of lockdown painting. First up are two brigade commanders, one Westphalian, the other from Berg, Perry miniatures metals with converted plastic foot chaps 20200517_160010[1] I'm hoping to start playing Chain of Command after the lockdown so I added a few extra figures to the small 1940 British forces I had. 20200517_160154[1] Warlord Miniatures this time. I think they are lovely castings and were a pleasure to paint. 20200517_160209[1] 20200517_160241[1] I also have a Vicker Machine gun team to finish and have a Vickers Mk VI on the way. Thanks for looking
  9. It might also be a idea to give the whole figure a coat or two of diluted PVA glue to seal the surface of the plaster to stop paint being absorbed an an uneven rate and to give a smoother painting surface. Looking forward to watching this one.
  10. Great progress on one of Revells nicest kits
  11. Some fabulous Monograms 10x s here. I had a phase of them in the last 18 months or so, built five F-102s, two F-106s and an F-101. Great kits to work with and still have a 102 for the Interceptors GB. Getting a bit harder to find in the UK. Hoping for a 'new' Revell re-issue.
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