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  1. That's really nice work. I did something similar a while ago but it isn't a patch on yours. I like the weathering on the mud/sand chutes.
  2. I really enjoyed your article on the Kittyhawk Fury. Good use of easy to obtain materials, step by step advice and instructions and not lots of pictures of pots of paint. That is, to me at least, a good template for the future.
  3. That's right the standard Hasegawa wing, no change to the plastic parts
  4. only little of bit of this I can help with is that the Revell re-box of the Hasegawa kit ignored the slats. IIRC they just provided the wing tips in resin.
  5. A single Red Arrows Hawk low down and heading north between the M1 and north Rotherham. So unusual to see anything military in this part of the world
  6. It is great news, I hope to get back to NZ one day but until the madness stops and my youngest is at University/work/ earning enough to support himself/ can live for six weeks on corn flakes/ gets a girlfriend who will look after him, it is just a dream.
  7. Lovely work, it looks so delicate yet pugnacious.
  8. Blimey Dave, I'll have to take down all the stuff I said about you! See you Friday ?
  9. Steve, I looked at the OLdmodels sheet and apart from a 33 they didn't look that great but I will give them another look as it was a few months ago and my memory isn't what it was. The Xtradecals sheet looks right. Tony, no excuses then I need another one
  10. Steve, the main issue I have is the odd font used in the fuselage numbers especially at 3 EFTS, I don't know of any such decals available. I have a great book on the subject, New Zealand Tiger Moths by Jenks and Phillips full of interesting schemes but the rigging is a pain. Stay safe mate
  11. Another cracker Tony, and I know how much trouble you would have had with this as I built a Mk 1 from Classic. Take care mate
  12. Let me start by saying I love biplanes but I hate rigging so I tend to avoid them. The RNZAF and NZPAF did have a lot though and I feel I have to try, so buoyed by the mediocrity that was my Walrus I attempted the new Airfix Tiger Moth. It is an excellent kit, I used no filler whatsoever and every part literally clicked into place. 20200916_115858[1] I used the SBS etched rigging which is great but doesn't give you the control lines for elevators or rudder. It does give you a number of inspection panels which are post war fitting and as my machine was built in 1939 at Hatfield then shipped in a knocked down state to the new D.H. factory at Rongotai and reassembled in January 1940, these pieces weren't used. NZ740 was one of the first dozen machines assembled at Rongotai and was issued to the Flying Instructors School at either Hobsonville or Magere depending on which source you read. 20200916_115850[1] I have a photo of her believed to be taken in 1942, which surprisingly shows she was not carrying a fin flash and another photo on the RNZAF museum site, probably from the same sortie, shows she carried B type roundels on the top wings. 20200916_115903[1] 20200916_115908[1] The previous Tiger Moth I built was from the excellent Aeroclub kit, I dug it out of the carrying box for comparison, she is finished as NZ723 which was impressed into the RNZAF at the outbreak of WWII in 1939, She is still in civilian colours but the registration letters have been removed and RNZAF markings added. 20200916_115921[1] I still have another Aeroclub Tiger Moth, a Dh 60 and a Hawker Demon to convert to a Hind to do, I may not leave it another 14 years to have a go. Thanks for looking and sticking with me through this ramble.
  13. Brilliant work, When you say not the easiest kit.. - I build one last year and am still recovering from it. Very impressive indeed and looks good in the Blue Angel colours.
  14. I had tickets bought for my Birthday, but fully appreciate and support the decision. Hopefully next year......
  15. A modeller pal was clearing his workroom and found these guys in a tin, he remember painting them and not being happy and so they languished for 20 plus years. I was gifted them and after stripping the Humbrol off them tried again. I have the Dads Army characters as well but they were well coated in paint and varnish so are taking some time to strip. They bring back happy memories of watch the show with my Dad, on our black and white TV. I have watched the re-runs with my son and we both enjoyed them. Timeless characters, so well written and acted . I hope to paint the rest in the next few weeks. The new Warlord figures as painted by @Jim Wasley are much nicer castings and he has done a grand job on them.
  16. Missed these until now, Jim, they look top notch.
  17. Great series, watching it on black and white TV with my dad. Great times. I will post my figures but they are not a patch on yours.
  18. Great stuff as always JIm. I like the Dad's Army figures, I think the Warlord ones are fab, I was given some of the older Foundry figures by a friend who has just refurbished his modelling room and found a bunch of them he painted 20 years ago. I have been stripping the Humbrol off them and trying to do a decent job on them, They are nothing like as well sculpted as your Warlord chaps and you also have the civilian options. I think the Jones and Wilson are especially well done and your painting has really brought out the detail.
  19. simply gorgeous. A man cannot have too many Napoleonics
  20. If you go down the Special Hobby route you may well be lucky, I spoke to a fellow club member who showed me his SH 86K which exhibited none of the fuselage issues I had. So I think I was unlucky as I don't remember the same issue on my two previous builds. Sadly he did not have the resin undercarriage bay insets SH normally provide to replace the incorrect kit plastic parts.
  21. Nice work all round, build, painting weathering and decalling. I 'did' the same machine late last year and enjoyed it thoroughly,
  22. Every day is a school day, thanks for posting all this Sabre Jet, I now have another potential finish for my kit.
  23. T5s are good, more practical vehicles, it will be a tough thing to do but if you sell her to the right owner she'll be on the road for another 20 years. I have a soft spot for old type 2s, I earned to drive in the local greengrocers pick up as he needed a driver once his knee went. Drove him around on L plates for about 3 months. I was a shock to release other cars had a very different accelerator pedal!
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