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  1. Hi Mike, Just spend some time to go trough the whole sequence of your WIP. I admire you for keeping this project going. Incredible task to carry out. Good to read, that you did take some time off. I got some more info from your work, regarding the elevators, colors and the arrester wires. With the measurements and all other info, I can start with the project. Starting with the after elevator. By the way, most favorite picture is the one with the whole squadron of Phantoms lined up on the deck. I will be following this WIP with most interest. Regards, Orion (Dirk) The Netherlands. Admirer of the RN and the RN FAA.
  2. Hi Mike, You are a great man. This will help me definitely on the right track. I will study your color chart regarding the scratchbuild. What a great bunch of fellow modelers on this great BM site. Highest Regards to Mike Dirk The Netherlands.
  3. Hello Bootneck, Dear Mike I am specifically interested in the flight deck (colors) of HMS Ark Royal. My aim: Forward elevator and part of the launching platform with blast deflectors. Aft elevator with the arrester wire right in front of it. If I make it a little larger, I could position a second AC (HAS 1) on deck. That would make the effort more acceptable. Thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated. Highest Regards from The Netherlands. Great fan of the FAA RN. Orion. (Dirk)
  4. To All fellow members reaction to this topic, Thank you very much for all the information. Much appreciated. Interesting was the fact that the Gannet was brought down on the aft hangar elevator in the video.. I have the dimensions and lots of elevator shots, only thing missing is some (top) deck views of the deck itself. I need this, so that I can make some additional space around the elevator in the diorama. The book on my shelf "British Aircraft Carrier" by David Hobbs has none of the detailed photo's I am looking for. Highest Regards from The Netherlands. Orion.
  5. Hello RR (Chris). Thanks for your extra effort in getting me the measurements of the elevator. That saves me a lot of work. Almost there. Highest Regards from The Netherlands. Orion (Dirk)
  6. Dear RoofRat, Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Indeed a very clear story concerning the operational use of the elevators. As you described it was a "Pain" to handle the Gannet on the forward elevator. I received a message from a member that handled the Gannet for four years on the Ark Royal. (849 Flight) This is what he wrote to me: "I was on 849D flight for 4 years and can't remember a time when we ranged or struck down a Gannet on the after lift, it was always the front lift, always." I was confused, because my plan was to put the AC on the aft elevator in diorama 1/72 scale. Although it was good to read that both could be used. With your operational experience I can go forward with my plan of the aft elevator. I am still looking for the area directly around the fore and after elevator. This gives me a chance to make the baseplate larger. Highest Regards from The Netherlands Orion
  7. Hello CJP and bootneck, Appreciated your contributions. These are of much help with placing my Gannet COD (1/72 scale) on the aft elevator. It was also good to read that the Gannet could be brought down on both elevators. So no limitations regarding the size of the aircraft. I also contacted the builder of the 1/200 scale HMS Victorious. Hopefully this good man has some pictures from the area directly surrounding the elevator. Like the first arrester wire.This should be right in front of the aft elevator. Again, thanks for your thoughtfulness. Highest Regards from The Netherlands. Orion
  8. Hello David, As mentioned above, exceptional craftmanship on this historic model. Regards, Orion
  9. Hello CJP. Wow, this is the kind of pictures I was looking for. Thanks so much for the effort of putting it on line. Much appreciated. I like the combination of the F-4K and the Gannet AEW. It rolls of the printer in seconds. Highest Regards from The Netherlands. Orion.
  10. Hello Ewens, Thanks for your kind response and explanation of the handling of this very special aircraft.. Much appreciated. If by coincidence, you find some additional pictures, please contact me. Highest Regards from The Netherlands, Orion
  11. Dear Fellow Modelers, For the realization of a diorama, showing the Fairy Gannet on the aft elevator of a British Large Aircraft Carrier, I am desperately searching for some detailed pictures of the elevator area and if possible, some pics with the Gannet on the elevator. Important are dimensions of the elevator in connection with the Gannet. A gentlemen, that had worked with 849 Flight told me, that Gannets were only brought down or up from the flight deck on the forward lift. If so, can some specialist explain to me what was the reason for this sequence. To me, the aft elevator looks larger than the front one. As for pictures: I did search the internet and even a fellow modeler came by to bring his 4+ Publication. Hundreds of beautiful pictures, but none of them on the elevator. Any comments are most welcome. Highest Regards, Orion The Netherlands.
  12. Looking forward to the 1/72 scale Rivet Joint from the USAF/RAF.
  13. Hello Faraway, Thanks for your kind response. Highest Regards from The Netherlands.
  14. Hello Faraway, thanks for your response. let me start repeating, that your model does not looks OK, it looks superb. Historically: "On the 22 May 1941, in Korsfjord the swastikas and the top of the main and secondary turrets were painted over." Areal identification was of most importance during the operations near Germany and the Norwegian coastal areas. On departing for the operation "Rhineübung in the Mid-Atlantic this aerial identification for "own troops" was no concern anymore. So on the 21 or 22nd of May 1941 the swastika's and top turrets of main and secondary armament were painted over, while anchored in the Korsfjord. It could be very well, that overtime, on the sea bed the top layer of this hastily done job, has become undone. Is this important, for me personally it is. But at the end, I agree fully with you. Modelling is a hobby that gives us all a lot of joy. I am looking forward to your next project.
  15. Thanks for sharing this perfect ships-model with us. It looks great, especially taking in mind the scale. One question. The swastika on the fore and after end. Was this painted on to the deck in the last voyage? To my knowledge this was removed during her last and final operation in the Atlantic.
  16. Hello Master Modeler, hello Martian Just like you, I have been off course to for a while. No focus, no interest. Slowly getting back into gear. Today I had some questions asked regarding the 1/48 S2F modelling aspects, and it reminded me of "The Last Cruise" from Martian. I must say, it is very inspiring to see your craftmanship displayed on this site. The follow topic is active. I wish you and your family a safe and happy 2022. Yours Sincerely, Orion The Netherlands.
  17. Hello Tom, Job well done. This aircraft design always had my special attention. It did Stirling service with the Marine nationale. Regards from Holland, Orion.
  18. Job well done. Always good to see this workhorse. Regards, Orion.
  19. Hello Pelican, Striking result.. My compliments also on your photographic skills. Regards, Orion
  20. Operation "Bulls Eye" Mossad, Israeli Air Staf and planning cell did the preps. But getting there was another thing. Flying a large part close to the deck to avoid radar detection form neighboring country's. It clearly showed the world, you can send the IAF for some fast delivery in that part of the globe. Your model looks fantastic. I tried the scheme ones on a C-130, but had to bin it. Did not work out at all. Thanks for sharing this excellent model with us. By the way, the book is also titled "Bulls Eye" Regards, Orion
  21. Hello Ghost, Monogram has always been and still is one of my favorite model company's. Your F-105 shows that refined design. Like no filler needed on the wing roots. My compliments. Regards, Orion.
  22. Hello Ray, Your model shows, it does not need to be a heavyweight to get the right attention. Job well done. Regards, Orion
  23. Hello Erik, A great pleasure to see these RNLAF Starfighter airframes coming together. Will be a powerful (model) sight parked next to each other. Looking forward to the other examples still in progress. Met vriendelijke groet, Orion.
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