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  1. Hello Pat, British designs have their own distinction. But I have to say, this Gannet design is very impressive. Getting even more interesting if you see the sequence of starting up this double Mamba. My compliments with the excellent result of this AEW in scale 1/72. Also a big to Sword for bringing these models on the market. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  2. Hello Petetasker, Incredible finish on this warbird. Masterpiece. As mentioned before, a color can break or make a model. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  3. Hello Bobek, Very impressive build and finish. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  4. Hello Iceman, Tremendous project. Your masterpiece in progress, together with all the information, videos and pictures makes this a real topper on this website. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands (Old sailor from the "K" serie "Khassiella" from Shell Tankers Netherlands. Luxury sailing at full load, a different story, when in transfer with the minimum of ballast."
  5. Hello Mathy, Masterpiece presentation. Looking at the aircraft, it shows that it is a powerhouse. Great color scheme. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  6. Hello Daktari, Outstanding model. especially the detail and color scheme. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  7. Hello Robin, Monogram, always a pleasure to see on this website. The replica looks great. It was worth all the work. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  8. Hello Skodadriver, Immaculate finish on these former civilian workhorses. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  9. Hello Andy, Striking performance and presentation. Looking forward to the second example. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  10. Hello Fabrice, What a very professional diorama. It is a museum piece. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  11. Hello Brian, Excellent model. Excellent weathering. Super dio. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  12. Hello Heather, I have looked at this model (shelf) several times. Was not impressed. Looking at your finished models, I changed my mind. Job well done. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands
  13. Hello Diablo, This is modeling on the highest level. Superb model and excellent photography. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  14. Hello Lada, Museum piece. A joy to study your work. Excellent photography. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  15. Hello Lada, Thanks for sharing this Aoshima/ModelCollect built with us. Well done job. Your choice was the HEMMT and not the standard JGSDF (I think (Isuzu) truck. Indeed, the HEMMT looks like a power beast. As a tip for construction. Preparation start with the original pictures. Everything you want to add on has to be prepared before airbrushing the project. Preparing means dry fitting, drilling and all other preps. I like to work in modules. Railing, antennas,wheels mirrors are there to be ready to be placed completely at the very end. As for super glue. When p
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