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  1. Hello 72modeler, Thanks for responding to my search for the book. I am going to look at the links this very moment. Highest Regards, Orion (Dirk)
  2. Dear Britmodelers, The 343 Bomb Group (North Africa WWII) was famous for its Snow White Walt Disney nose art caracters. These were mostly all done by Aircraft Mechanic Amos Nicholson. Just before he died, he finished as co-author on an book titled "Snow White goes to war". Any (I think) American WWII modelers can help me with tracing down were this book is available. For those interested: The link with a very intering history. Actually, the nose art saved his live. http://www.usaaf-noseart.co.uk/artist.php?artist=nichols Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  3. Hello Dan, Masterpiece and a joy to have you seen at work via your building log. Your skills are an inspiration to most of us. By each build trying to put the build and finish a little bit higher. Highest Regards, Orion.
  4. Hello Calum, The Firefly is popular, as can be seen by all the very positive responses. Nothing more needs to be told. One question: The baseplate representing a WWII RN Carrier flightdeck. Could you respond to this please. Regards, Orion.
  5. Hello RCMS, This is a masterpiece and must have taken a lot of cafefull decalling. The result is stunning. Regards, Orion.
  6. Hello HSR, My compliments on starting and finishing this old Fujimi model. I say: You did a great job". Very good example, not to hide these old models, but build and show them on this website. As for decals and other goodies, always check on Scalemates. The best site for "parts" - (info) Regards, Orion
  7. Hello Chris, Graag gedaan. It was a real pleasure to get these questions answered. The Falkland/Malvinas conflict always has had my interest. (Land-Sea and Air) Above all, it shows that the level of modeling on this website is off a very high standard. I am looking forward to see the "Ready for Inspection" Grumman S-2E Tracker on this website. Highest regards, Orion (Dirk)
  8. Hi Chris, Thanks for your response. The PM is on its way with text and pictures. The help from the Staff of the Argentine Naval Air Arm Museum was great. Thanks (Jungli, Uncle and 71) for thinking with us. I leave it up to Chris, to post the Argentine information on this website. Regards, Orion The Netherlands.
  9. Hello Chris and Jungli, I received the information from the Naval Air Arm Museum in Argentina. To send the information I did send a separate mail to Chris. Regards, Orion (Dirk)
  10. Hello Gary, Very impressive build and presentation. In first instance I thought I was looking to the real aircraft. You did put a lot of effort into this all, but take it from me, it was worth it. Regards, Orion
  11. Hello Jurek, You made my day with this superb finished airplane. Just the camou alone is already a piece of artwork on itself. Regards, Orion
  12. Hello Al, Thanks for sharing this little gem with us. It looks fantastic. Special Hobby is on the right track and more in on the way. Regards, Orion
  13. Hello Gary, Monogram, always good. even today. You turned it into a very respectable IDF chopper. Regards, Orion
  14. Hello Nanond, Master Modeler. To my knowledge, everything is finished to perfection. As mentioned above, the wake line is in line with the sleek lines of the destroyer. Your photographic skills have also to be mentioned. It was a pleasure to look at your contribution. I am going to loop up some more information regarding this class of ships. Regards, Orion.
  15. Hello Jeff, Thanks for sharing your ship-model with us. I personally find this type of destroyer the best designed ever. Sleek lines, lots of power, high speeds and good sea keeping conditions, as long as the oil tanks are topped up.Build from balsa wood. My compliments. Regards, Orion
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