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  1. Hello Russ,C, Awesome good looking F-8E. So real photographed that you would think, I am going to board it and have a look inside. So, museum quality and excellent photos. Regards, Orion.
  2. Hello Paul, My compliments regarding the excellent result. Regards, Orion.
  3. Hello Perdu, A stunning result on this RoNAF AW 101. I did keep up with your WIP. Thanks for all the effort to keep us informed. Regards, Orion
  4. Hello Greg, I very much enjoyed your contribution. Also your photography is outstanding. Good commercial for Kitty Hawk. Regards, Orion.
  5. Hello Giovanni, A perfectly finished B-52. I make a deep bow for your patience and skills to get this job done. It was good to see, that the bomber is under "Anti Dust"cover. Regards, Orion.
  6. hello Clouds, Fabulous Raspberry Ripple. Regards, Orion. P.S. Are these two serials still around!
  7. Hello Navy Bird, Colorful and constructed/painted to the highest levels of perfection. Regards, Orion.
  8. Hello Zibbit, You have seen, what your contribution has done. Interesting build and lots of interesting comments. Regards, Orion.
  9. Hello 85, Fantastic build. Not to forget, good photos. And what is also pleasant to note, this little important trainer brings out lots of other real pictures. Thanks for sharing, Regards, Orion.
  10. Hello Plasto, Always good to see the Monogram brand being constructed in fine models. Your model shows very clearly what you can achieve, when the model is in capable hands. Regards, Orion.
  11. Hello Padre, Museum quality. Very impressive. Regards, Orion.
  12. Hello CT, Nice pair of Meteors. Regards, Orion.
  13. Hello Tail, Fantastic job in this tiny scale. Regards. Orion.
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