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  1. Hello TrickyDick, Excellent build and very colorfull indeed. You invested quite alot of pocket money into this build, but it shows off in the end. Regards, Orion
  2. Hello Gengriz, Museum master piece. Especially when I did read it was hand painted. Regards, Orion
  3. Hello Jurek, What can I say. It just looks fantastic. Regards, Orion
  4. Hello Adam, Enjoyed your contribution to BM very much. Impressive trio. The K2 looks impressive. Regards, Orion
  5. Hello Sir, Thanks for this very useful information. Indeed, you must be the first one to tackle this problem. Regards, Orion
  6. Dear fellow modelers, and management from Whirlybird Thanks for the overwhelming info and ;pictures I received, in regards to my topic. I have purchased the set by the Aviation Megastore in Amsterdam. I am proud to be a member of this excellent website. Q&A is working on this forum. Highest Regards to All, Orion.
  7. Hello Planebuilder 62,


    Got the link trough facebook. Your model looks outstanding.

    Have to look at some more of your contributions.

    Highest Regards,


    The Netherlands.


  8. Hello Toby, Thanks for your response. Much appreciated. Regards, Orion. (Dirk)
  9. Hello ROBOT, As mentioned above, not seen this airplane before. I know for sure, this will come out perfectly. The F-28 is still going strong worldwide as we speak. Regards, Orion / The Netherlands.
  10. Hello HL, Excellent job on the whole plane. As mentioned above: The pilots look great in de cockpit. It reminds me many-many years ago, looking through the model shop window at the large Airfix box. And yes, also for me, financially out of reach. So, your model will some of us do remind when we were born. Very happy with your contribution to this medium. Regards, Orion
  11. Hello Shaun, The end result on this small scale is stunning. Also for the photography. Regards, Orion
  12. Hello Alan, Your finished model looks like a beast also. Proper work. Regards, Orion.
  13. Hello Matt, Airfix should be proud of you. Outstanding finish. Excellent photography. Regards, Orion
  14. Dear fellow modelers, Anybody out there familiar with this set from Whirlybird. I cant find any clue on their facebook page, neither can I find any reviews. What I am looking for is quality and content of the box in regards to the real subject. Is it complete, or does it need additional items, I did send a mail to the management, but I can understand they are to busy with the start of the new year. Any comments are most welcome. Best to all of you modelers all over the globe. Orion The Netherlands.
  15. Hello Seamus, Wow, what a high standard finish on this Sea King. Museum craftmanship. Regards, Orion
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