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  1. Hello Rizon, Top model. Not the most easiest type to build. The real one is old, but the mold from heller is also aging. Regards, Orion.
  2. Hello Marcel, Clean and fast looking bird. Job well done. If it aint Dutch, it aint much Regards, Orion.
  3. Hello Sversky, Stunning job on this bird. Stunning job on the photography. Regards, Orion.
  4. Hello Avgas, Your restart seem to have worked very well. Superb detail and finish+photography. Regards, Orion
  5. Hello Z, Nice. I see you have Randy Cunningham in the driver seat. famous USN pilot. Regards, Orion
  6. Hello Moa, Never knew that this model was active in South America. Excellent construction. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Orion.
  7. Hello Goon, This is modeling with history in mind. It makes my day, that this specific helicopter is constructed on this scale. The model, despites it's dull color, looks great in every aspect. The flight crew LT.CDR. Ian Stanley RN, LT. Chris Perry RN and CPO RN Fitz Fitzgerald, showed no fear under the most dangerous conditions. Taking in account, that this type of helicopter was already outdated. "Operation Paraquat" had a disastrous start. In the end it was nipped in the but by the Fleet Air Arm crew from this Wessex HAS3, that was operated to the ultimate maximum of it's flight envelope To my opinion, all the credit for this operation goes to the crew of "Humphrey" They kept their heads cool and showed extreme craftmanship under the most extreme weather conditions. I was also very pleased to read, that "Humphry" will be restored to its old glory. Book: Operation Paraquat by Roger Perkins. Published 1986 / ISBN 0 948251 13 1. Regards, Orion.
  8. Hello Jose, A delight to study this model, with all it's details. Regards, Orion
  9. Hello HL-10 Brilliant!. Regards, Orion
  10. Hello Mike, Considering the history (kit-Bashing) the end result is stunning. Especially, because this aircraft is not seen very often. Regards, Orion.
  11. Hello Russ, As usual, excellent construction with a breathtaking background. And, not to forget the platform. Regards, Orion.
  12. Hello Flyer, Master Model, from the Master Modeler. Regards, Orion
  13. Hello Z, Great to see a Wessex. The most beautiful helicopter ever designed Regards, Orion.
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