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  1. Hello Alex, The most beautiful designed helicopter ever. You captured it well. Regards, Orion.
  2. Hello IvanP, You mastered the construction and the color scheme to a very high standard. It looks fantastic. As mentioned:'Slow, but we get there." Even as we speak, there are still some examples flying around in the world, still making money for their owners. Regards, Orion.
  3. Hello Diamant, Most interesting contribution to this forum. And what a collection/knowledge regarding this subject. The models look fantastic. Regards, Orion
  4. Hello jenko, Excellent and crisp build. The tail makes it for me. Nice break in the color scheme. Regards, orion.
  5. Hello Ghost, Monogram is my favorite company concerning 1/48 models. It shows again in your F-105. Despite the mentioned problems, it looks fantastic. Your article left me with one question. The retarder is something I have never used. Also I do have (sometimes) some problems with getting the right consistency for spraying. Would appreciate some explanation regarding this subject. I have to get the decals you mentioned in your article. And yes, I have the same AC in the stash, already for many, many years. Regards, Orion.
  6. Did take the time, to study the 17 pages regarding this build. I must admit, that it gave me a lot of new information regarding this type of helicopter. Besides that, the construction of the model is a study on itself. Thanks to the builder and the members that made contributions to this article. Take it from me, these articles are highly appreciated by the members of this excellent website. Highest Regards and succes with the further construction of your cab. Orion / The Netherlands.
  7. Hello Dolphin, Excellent presentation of the whole setting. Regards, Dirk.
  8. Hello Steve, Beautiful Hunter. Construction, finish and photography = I wish I would/could keep to one subject. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands
  9. Hello Tony, Welcome back to this magnificent hobby. Looking at the excellent result, we will hear and see more from you. As mentioned above, the US stars and bars are upside down. I did not notice this, until I went trough all the reply's from the fellow modelers. And indeed, the best forum on the planet. proud to be a member of this website. Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.
  10. Looks fantastic to me. Great model. Regards, Orion.
  11. Hello Kevin, Master Modeler. A joy to study your workmanship. Regards, Orion.
  12. Hello Gamevender, Excellent build. I did my first one in the sixtys. Brings back lots of memories. Regards, Orion
  13. Hello Andrew, My compliments with the end result of HMS Legion. Fantastic. Regards, Orion
  14. Hello TuanNA, The ship, base and photography are all of a very high standard. It was a pleasure to study all the details. Going to look up some more of your contributions to this marvelous website. Regards, Orion
  15. Master Modeler. It goes to the right spot. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Orion
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